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release date: Mar 23, 2017
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The New Rulebook (7 Book Series)
From Book 1:

"Absolutely Delightful Christian Suspense..." - Readers' Favorite. 


10.000 copies downloaded.


"My name is Ruby. I've been framed for murder by The New Rulebook. Though I've never heard of or seen it, its masterminds hotly pursue me..."

Ruby Masters just saw a woman die. And discovered The New Rulebook--something she knows nothing about. But it knows everything about her--enough to frame her for murder. Ruby calls on the one person she trusts, her best friend, Robert Towers. Robert will find a way out. He always has. But she didn't count on him falling in love with her--and turning Christian.
His unrelenting grip on a newfound faith irritates Ruby--until she finds herself captured behind enemy lines, helpless, alone, and with no way out.
When all human effort fails, what she gets at the end, is the one thing she didn't see coming, completely changing her life and Robert's.

Interview with the Author

Q: What makes The New Rulebook series special?

A: Thank you for asking. I simply had this amazing, God-given story that I couldn't wait to share with readers. Though a tough time personally, I persevered and wrote this novel and it was quite fulfilling to hit publish after getting the final proof from my editor. Not only has The New Rulebook become a #1 bestseller in Christian thrillers, mystery and suspense on kindle, it has warmed hearts and its FREE! You can’t beat good and free. 

The New Rulebook is fast-paced, and one of multiple thrillers and mysteries bestsellers. It shares some elements found in political thrillers, some financial thrillers, and private detective novels except its fully Christian. It keeps you turning the pages. I would easily recommend this series to anyone who loves free Christian mystery and suspense kindle ebooks and free Christian thrillers.

Q: Why should readers pick up The New Rulebook?

A: Thanks :) The New Rulebook is a #1 bestseller on kindle in the Christian suspense bestsellers list. It also topped the Christian Mystery & Suspense Romance bestsellers list on kindle ebooks and remains among the top 20 free Christian thrillers. More than 10.000 copies have been downloaded. Simply put, I love my readers and they can hardly wait to dig into my books!

Q: In what order should the books be read. Are they stand alones?

A: Well, it’s a series and I highly recommend you begin with the first book and read them in order to maximize your enjoyment and understanding of the story:

-The New Rulebook 1 (RED)

-The New Rulebook 2 (SNOWY PEAKS)

-The New Rulebook 3 (THE WEDDING)

-The New Rulebook 4-coming soon (VANISHED)

I didn't plan beyond book three, but readers clamored for a fourth book coming soon. There’s a boxed set of the first 3 books available at a steep discount.

The New Rulebook series eBook categories:

Christian Fiction

Mystery Series

Crime Thrillers

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release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Love in Lenox (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:

2014 American Christian Fiction Writers' Genesis Award Finalist
Winner of the 2014 Swoony Award for Best Christmas Romance

Writing happy endings is easy. Living one is the hard part.

Georgia Cole—known in Hollywood as the “Holiday Goddess”—has made a name for herself writing heartwarming screenplays chock-full of Christmas clichés, but she has yet to experience the true magic of the season. So, when her eccentric grandmother volunteers her to direct a pageant at Georgia’s hometown community theater, she is less than thrilled. To make matters worse, she’ll be working alongside Weston James, her childhood crush and the one man she has tried desperately to forget.

Now, facing memories of a lonely childhood and the humiliation of her last onstage performance, seven years earlier, Georgia is on the verge of a complete mistletoe meltdown. As Weston attempts to thaw the frozen walls around her heart, Georgia endeavors to let go of her fears and give love a second chance. If she does, will she finally believe that Christmas can be more than a cliché?

release date: Mar 23, 2017
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The Vision Of Love Series (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Rachel Brenner has sworn off men, happily divorced and free. Love and marriage are not in her remit. As far as she’s concerned, being a strong, Christian, independent businesswoman without the need of a man to complicate things is enough. She soon discovers that God has other plans for her life, and so does David Anderson with his devastatingly handsome good looks, which make him irresistible to her. But her doubts and fears become her stumbling block, which ultimately lead to disobedience. Unable to see the possibilities, when two love as one.

David has been praying for a wife for a while; however, after suffering the pain of his ex-wife’s betrayal, he doubts he will ever trust again. Rachel opens his eyes to a new world of dreams, visions and angels, and a spirituality that he has never before been exposed to. But will his love for Rachel bring about feelings from an unwanted source? A source that has been a thorn in his side for most of his life…

About the Author

Dionne Grace is a romantic at heart whose love for reading books in her early teenage years enhanced her vivid imagination. She would often invent fascinating love stories to entertain her school friends involving famous pop stars. She loves to write and when she is not writing, she is reading and juggles this with her full-time job.
She hopes her love for God and everything spiritual shines through in this book. She has had this book on her heart to write for many years and finally found the courage to do so. It is her hope that this story touches you in some way.

Visit the author's website at -
release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Kinship and Courage (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Based on an actual 1852 Oregon Trail incident, All Together in One Place, Book One in the Kinship and Courage series, speaks to the strength in every woman and celebrates the promise of hope that unfailingly blooms amidst tragedy and challenge.

Their lives would be tempered by adversity, expanded by faith, polished by perseverance.

For Madison "Mazy" Bacon, a young wife living in southern Wisconsin, the future appears every bit as promising as it is reassuringly predictable. A loving marriage, a well-organized home, the pleasure of planting an early spring garden--these are the carefully-tended dreams that sustain her heart and nourish her soul.

But when her husband of two years sells the homestead and informs her that they are heading west, Mazy's life is ripped down the middle like a poorly mended sheet forgotten in a midwestern storm. Her love is tried, her boundaries stretched, and the fabric of her faith tested. At the same time, she and eleven extraordinary women are pulled toward an uncertain destiny--one that binds them together through reluctance and longing and into acceptance and renewal.
release date: Mar 23, 2017
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A Hidden Hearts Novel (6 Book Series)
From Book 1: After Marcus Brolen’s best friend, Rogue Bentancourt, swears that guys aren't interested in trying to keep up with her busy schedule as an apprentice in his tattoo shop and art student with some modeling and waitressing thrown in on the side to make ends meet, he signs her up for an online dating service called

After all, it won’t be all that weird…right? He'll be there to play her wingman as always. Even though he and Rogue have never had chemistry, she deserves the absolute best and he's going to help her find her perfect guy.

When Computer Security Expert, Tristan Macklin, is hired by Ivy Love Montclair, to figure out what's happening to her dating profile, he quickly concludes that the problem goes much deeper than a simple computer glitch and has become an issue of the Identity of the Heart.

release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Fairetellings (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Sometimes one woman’s happily ever after is another woman’s misery. When the charming Prince Caspar abandons his bride Demetria at the altar to sweep Cinderella off her feet, the duke’s daughter is left humiliated and heartbroken. Desperate to lift their daughter’s spirits, Demetria’s parents introduce her to a new suitor from a foreign land. Jaded by being jilted, she questions the very thing she has built her life around and searches for new meaning and healing with two unlikely companions.

The Jilted Bride:A Footnote to Cinderella's Happiness takes readers on a heartfelt journey as is explores the aftermath of the Cinderella’s happy ending in a world where there are no fairy godmothers to magically heal a devastated young woman’s broken heart.
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release date: Mar 23, 2017
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The Brides of Paradise Ranch (9 Book Series)
From Book 1: (Please note that this is the sweet version of His Perfect Bride)

For Corva Collier, life as a mail-order bride in the quirky town of Haskell, Wyoming is her last chance for escape. She longs for a peaceful life away from the darkness of her past where she can create the paintings that are close to her heart, and where she hopes she can grow to love her husband.

But how do you love a man who was persuaded to marry you against his will?

Franklin Haskell never planned to marry. What woman would want a man who was crippled due to his own arrogance? But when he is offered the chance to help a woman in crisis, he agrees to wed. Corva is so much more than he expected, and when a baseball game gives her the chance to shine, he loses his heart.

But how do you tell a woman you love her when she deserves so much better?

The game of love has never been so hard to play…or so worth winning.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Steam Level = Sweet
If you would like to read a version of this story with “scenes,” check out His Perfect Bride.
release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Persevering Pioneer Brides (6 Book Series)
From Book 1: Sometimes life just ain’t fair. First Christine’s pa dies, then her house burns to the ground and, now, it looks like her beloved Aunt Millie is going to lose her house and it’s all because of her. Times are tough in Pittsburgh and Christine can’t find work. Christine has faith that God will provide, but she believes that He doesn’t want her sitting on her backside waiting on Him. That’s why, when she sees an advertisement for mail order brides in the newspaper, it seems like an answer to her prayers.

Christine and her best friend, Holly, agree to marry men in Kansas. Moving out west isn’t so frightening when you’ve got your best friend by your side. However, the young ladies’ future husbands, Eli and Liam, are not neighborly towards one another. In fact, keeping them out of the same room is a downright good idea.

Sure, Eli can be bullheaded when the subject of Liam and the other farmers comes up, but Christine has seen the man beneath that tough exterior. With the love of Christine, will Eli learn that being charitable is its own reward?

Libbie hopes you enjoy reading this clean mail order bride short story.
Please remember, Libbie’s other books are just $0.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.
release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Flowers of Eden (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: As the drought of 1930 burns crops to a crisp, Bryony Linwood dreams of cooling winter snows and the life she would have had if Daddy hadn’t been killed in the Great War and Mama hadn’t moved Bryony and her sisters to their grandfather’s struggling tenant farm in tiny Eden, Arkansas. Now Mama’s gone, too, and as times grow tougher, Bryony will do whatever it takes to ensure her family’s survival.

Michael Heath barely survived the war, and twelve years later all he wants to do is forget. A virtual recluse, his one passion is botanical illustration. Lost in the diversity of nature’s beauty, he finds escape from a troubled past and from his wealthy father’s continual pressure to take an interest in the family plantation.

When Bryony accepts employment at the Heath mansion, it’s just a job at first, a means to ward off destitution until the drought ends and Grandpa’s farm is prosperous again. But Bryony’s forced optimism and dogged determination disguise a heart as dry and despairing as the scorched earth . . . until she discovers Michael Heath and his beautiful botanical illustrations. As their relationship deepens, friendship soon blossoms into healing for wounded souls and a love that can’t be denied.
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release date: Mar 23, 2017
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The Plain Fame Series (6 Book Series)
From Book 1:

While traveling through Manhattan on the way back to her Amish community, young Amanda Beiler is struck by a limousine. The limo’s passenger, Cuban-born superstar Alejandro Diaz, takes responsibility for her injuries and vows to oversee her recovery. Leaving the fame circuit behind, Alejandro returns Amanda to her family in Lititz, Pennsylvania.

Desperate for a break from the stress of the spotlight, the famous singer offers to stay on the family farm for a week to help—an offer guardedly accepted by the deeply religious kin who surround and protect Amanda. As different as they are, she and Alejandro find that a genuine friendship begins to blossom, along with the realization that it might be something more. But if the paparazzi get wind of the superstar’s whereabouts, will they threaten the peace of the faithful community for a sensational story? And in the glare of an unwelcome spotlight, and with the unexpected feelings between them, can this couple build a lasting bridge between their vastly different worlds?

Revised edition: This edition of Plain Fame includes editorial revisions.

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