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release date: Oct 20, 2017
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release date: Oct 20, 2017
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The Animal Kids’ Books Series (11 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Sea Turtles is the first in a series of books exploring the animal kingdom using both words and amazing pictures of animals.

The world of animals

Animals come in all shapes and sizes and include mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. And, whether we are talking about wild animals or their more familiar domestic counterparts, we are looking at a fascinating world that you can spend a lifetime exploring, and only scratch the surface.

Sea Turtles - Amazing Pictures and Animal Facts Everyone Should Know looks at what many people consider to be weird sea creatures. It would however perhaps be more accurate to describe them as prehistoric sea creatures, because they represent some of the oldest living creatures known today. The relatively small number of endangered sea turtles that share this planet with us today are the most amazing animals, and this book of animal facts and animal pictures contains a wealth of information about these intriguing air-breathing reptiles.

With an ancestry dating back to the early days of the dinosaurs here on earth, the book looks at the life of 7 of the world's oldest and most incredible creatures:

  • The king of the marine turtles - the leatherback sea turtle.
  • The stunningly beautiful hawksbill sea turtle.
  • The big-headed loggerhead sea turtle.
  • The grazing green sea turtle.
  • The heart-shaped olive Ridley sea turtle.
  • The Australian sea turtle - the flatback.
  • The baby of the marine turtles - the Kemp's Ridley.

After a lifetime spent studying the animal kingdom at first hand as she has traveled the globe, Ann Lawrence brings the world of these marine creatures to life with some of the most amazing pictures you will find anywhere.

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Please note that this Kindle version of the book includes a free downloadable Sea Turtles Quiz book (in PDF format). Details of how to download your copy of the Sea Turtles Quiz can be found inside the Kindle book.

release date: Oct 20, 2017
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Amazing Animals Adventure Series (4 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Welcome to the Amazing Animals Adventure Series!

Come with us around the globe to explore the animal world.

In this book we will be visiting our underwater friends.
You will dive into the deep to swim with the fishes and other amazing sea creatures.

The salty ocean is vast, deep and full of variety. Water near the surface is lit by the sun and is warm. Water deeper down is dark and cold. In this book we will be looking at the sea creatures that live in all these types of environments.

What you will discover in this book:
  • How fish and other sea animals breathe underwater and out of the water.
  • You will learn a thing or two about aquariums and the study of marine animals.
  • All underwater animals are different in so many ways. You will learn why these creatures are a certain shape and size and how it helps them in their environment.
  • Did you know some fish are not actually fish? It's true! You are about to find out the truth about these underwater imposters!
  • How do fish move around in the water? It is not as simple as just moving their tail from side to side. Find out their secret.
  • Why are some sea animals bright and colorful and others are just boring and dull? Want to find out?

This book is fully illustrated with fun and interesting animal images.
There is much more to find out too!
Also, to make sure you are paying attention you will be asked a couple of fun questions within the book. By asking and answering these questions it is a great way to interact with the subject matter and absorb the information within the book freely; and in a fun way!

If your child loves marine life and sea animals then take a look at this amazing sea animals series with fun, bizarre and very interesting information and facts.
Your kids can have fun while learning!

This book is part of a series called, "Amazing Animals Series" all of which are great for long bedtime reading.

Collect the series!

release date: Oct 20, 2017
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Globaloonies (6 Book Series)
From Book 1: Joey Papagopolis is your typical 10-year-old. Like most boys that age, Joey has a pet chameleon named Larry and a mysterious Big Red Button that can transport the two of them through time and space to the far reaches of the planet...

Hey, wait a second, that's not typical at all! In fact, that's pretty amazing — which is why you will want to follow along as Joey and Larry set off on their first Big Red Button adventure.

An absent-minded wish and an accidental pressing of the button land Joey and Larry smack in the middle of a conflict between a Native American tribe and some English settlers. Are their lives in danger? Can Joey resolve the conflict? Will Larry teach them all how to line dance? Does Larry even know how to line dance?

The answers to these questions and more await you in the fun and fantastic adventure of The Big Red Button.

- - -

70+ illustrated pages (may vary by device).
Humorous illustrations by Anne Zimanski.
Genre: children's adventure and fantasy chapter books, ages 6-11.

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release date: Sep 19, 2017
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Why Dinosaurs Matter (TED Books)
What can long-dead dinosaurs teach us about our future? Plenty, according to paleontologist Kenneth Lacovara, who has discovered some of the largest creatures to ever walk the Earth.

By tapping into the ubiquitous wonder that dinosaurs inspire, Lacovara weaves together the stories of our geological awakening, of humanity’s epic struggle to understand the nature of deep time, the meaning of fossils, and our own place on the vast and bountiful tree of life.

Go on a journey––back to when dinosaurs ruled the Earth––to discover how dinosaurs achieved feats unparalleled by any other group of animals. Learn the secrets of how paleontologists find fossils, and explore quirky, but profound questions, such as: Is a penguin a dinosaur? And, how are the tiny arms of T. rex the key to its power and ferocity?

In this revealing book, Lacovara offers the latest ideas about the shocking and calamitous death of the dinosaurs and ties their vulnerabilities to our own. Why Dinosaurs Matter is compelling and engaging—a great reminder that our place on this planet is both precarious and potentially fleeting. “As we move into an uncertain environmental future, it has never been more important to understand the past.”
release date: Apr 21, 2016
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The Tyrannosaur Chronicles: The Biology of the Tyrant Dinosaurs (Bloomsbury Sigma)

'Gripping and wonderfully informative' Tom Holland, New Statesman

Adored by children and adults alike, Tyrannosaurus is the most famous dinosaur in the world, one that pops up again and again in pop culture, often battling other beasts such as King Kong, Triceratops or velociraptors in Jurassic Park. But despite the hype, Tyrannosaurus and the other tyrannosaurs are fascinating animals in their own right, and are among the best-studied of all dinosaurs.

Tyrannosaurs started small, but over the course of 100 million years evolved into the giant carnivorous bone-crushers that continue to inspire awe in palaeontologists, screenplay writers, sci-fi novelists and the general public alike. Tyrannosaurus itself was truly impressive; it topped six tons, was more than 12m (40 feet) long, and had the largest head and most powerful bite of any land animal in history.

The Tyrannosaur Chronicles tracks the rise of these dinosaurs, and presents the latest research into their biology, showing off more than just their impressive statistics – tyrannosaurs had feathers and fought and even ate each other. This book presents the science behind this research; it tells the story of the group through their anatomy, ecology and behaviour, exploring how they came to be the dominant terrestrial predators of the Mesozoic and, in more recent times, one of the great icons of biology.
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release date: Feb 16, 2016
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Dinosaurs - The Grand Tour: Everything Worth Knowing About Dinosaurs from Aardonyx to Zuniceratops

From Aardonyx to Zuniceratops—A Dino-Mite Gathering of All the Dinosaurs (More Than 300!) Worth Knowing About

We live in a golden age of paleontological discovery—the perfect time to dig in to the spectacular world of dinosaurs. From Aardonyx, a lumbering beast that formed a link between two and four-legged dinosaurs, to Zuniceratops, who boasted a deadly pair of horns, Dinosaurs—The Grand Tour details everything worth knowing about every important dinosaur that scientists know about—more than 300 in all.
In Dinosaurs you’ll learn all the gory details—about geology, anatomy, evolution, astronomy, and even Native American and Chinese mythology. Stories of harrowing paleontological expeditions conjure the thrills of history’s most famous dinosaur hunters. Highlights of recent research reveal what’s going on in the world of dinosaurs today, including scientists’ recent discovery of pigments embedded in dinosaur fossils that shed light, for the first time, on dinosaurs’ true coloration. Illustrations on virtually every page bring these prehistoric creatures to life in all their razor-sharp, long-necked, spiny, scaly glory.
And for readers inspired to test their dino-expertise in the field, renowned paleontologist Jack Horner’s field notes will help enthusiasts set out on their own expeditions. Track down dinosaur footprints at Horner’s recommended sites, head out on a cross-country dinosaur road trip using Horner’s list of top North American dinosaurs as your map, and learn what it’s like to be a leading paleontologist who’s been part of some of the most sensational dinosaur discoveries ever—and how you can get involved, too!

release date: Jan 17, 2015
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The Life of a Fossil Hunter (1909)
"I saw the wagon slowly begin to tip, pulling the ponies over sideways, and then the whole outfit, wagon and horses, began to roll down the slope. Whenever the wheels stuck up in the air, the ponies drew in their feet to their bellies, and at the next turn, stretched out their legs for another roll."

Fossil hunter Charles Hazelius Sternberg (1850 – 1943), was recently made famous as a main character in Michael Crichton's best-selling historical novel "Dragon Teeth." Sternberg was an American fossil collector, paleontologist, and participant in The Bone Wars, also known as the "Great Dinosaur Rush", a period of intense fossil speculation and discovery during the Gilded Age of American history, marked by a heated rivalry between Edward Drinker Cope (of the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia) and Othniel Charles Marsh (of the Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale).

In 1909, Sternberg published "The Life of a Fossil Hunter," a book which received high praise at the time of its publication:

""There are few hunters of live game who can tell so good a story, who has seen so much adventure, or experienced so many escapes. Such a record would in any case be interesting, but it becomes fascinating from the exuberance of its style and hearty enthusiasm that animates every page." ---San Francisco Argonaut, June 5th, 1909.

"Any body will instantly feel the spell of interest in Mr. Sternberg's autobiography 'The Life of a Fossil Hunter.' Mr. Sternberg writes simply, unpretentiously, entertainingly, and there runs all through his book a curious union of scientific devotion and religious reverence that is as unusual as it is charming." ---Chicago Herald, March 20th, 1909.

"A remarkable book. The author has a way of telling things that is charming because of its simplicity. He uses scientific terms only when necessary, and a child could read and understand this book." ---Lawrence Gazette, March 8th, 1909.

During the early years of the Bone Wars, Charles Sternberg collected fossils in Kansas for Edward Drinker Cope. He wrote two books: The Life of a Fossil Hunter (1909) and Hunting Dinosaurs in the Badlands of the Red Deer River, Alberta, Canada (1917). Fossils collected by Charles Sternberg, including dinosaurs from the western United States and Canada, are in museums around the world.


I. Early Days And Work in The Dakota Group Of The Cretaceous
II. First Expedition To The Kansas Chalk (1876)
III. Expedition With Professor Cope To The Bad Lands Of The Upper Cretaceous (1876)
IV. Further Work in The Kansas Chalk (1877)
V. Discovery Of The Loup Fork Beds Of Kansas And Subsequent Work There (1877,1882-1884)
VI. Expedition To The Oregon Desert in 1877
VII. Expedition To The John Day River in 1878
VIII. First Expedition To The Permian Of Texas in 1882
IX. Expeditions in The Permian Of Texas For Professor Cope (1895-1897)
X. In The Red Beds Of Texas For The Royal Museum Of Munich (1901)
XI. Conclusion

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release date: Mar 28, 2017
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Weird Dinosaurs: The Strange New Fossils Challenging Everything We Thought We Knew
From the outback of Australia to the Gobi Desert of Mongolia and the savanna of Madagascar, award-winning science writer and dinosaur enthusiast John Pickrell embarks on a world tour of new finds, meeting the fossil hunters working at the frontier of discovery. He reveals the dwarf dinosaurs unearthed by an eccentric Transylvanian baron; an aquatic, crocodile-snouted carnivore bigger than T. Rex, which once lurked in North African waterways; a Chinese dinosaur with wings like a bat; and a Patagonian sauropod so enormous it weighed more than two commercial jet airliners.

Other surprising discoveries hail from Alaska, Siberia, Canada, Burma, and South Africa. Why did dinosaurs grow so huge? How did they spread across the world? Did they all have feathers? What do sauropods have in common with 1950s vacuum cleaners? The stuff of adventure movies and scientific revolutions, Weird Dinosaurs examines the latest breakthroughs and new technologies radically transforming our understanding of the distant past. Pickrell opens a vivid portal to a brand new age of fossil discovery, in which fossil hunters are routinely redefining what we know and how we think about prehistory’s most iconic and fascinating creatures.
release date: Mar 04, 2014
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Dinosaurs Without Bones: Dinosaur Lives Revealed by their Trace Fossils
“[Bubbling] over with the joy of scientific discovery. . . . Great fun for anyone looking to revive their childhood dinosaur obsessions.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

What if we woke up one morning all of the dinosaur bones in the world were gone? How would we know these iconic animals had a 165-million year history on earth, and had adapted to all land-based environments from pole to pole? What clues would be left to discern not only their presence, but also to learn about their sex lives, raising of young, social lives, combat, and who ate who? What would it take for us to know how fast dinosaurs moved, whether they lived underground, climbed trees, or went for a swim?

Welcome to the world of ichnology, the study of traces and trace fossils—such as tracks, trails, burrows, nests, toothmarks, and other vestiges of behavior—and how through these remarkable clues, we can explore and intuit the rich and complicated lives of dinosaurs. With a unique, detective-like approach, interpreting the forensic clues of these long-extinct animals that leave a much richer legacy than bones, Martin brings the wild world of the Mesozoic to life for the twenty-first-century reader.
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