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release date: Sep 22, 2018
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Forbidden Bookshelf (27 Book Series)
From Book 1:
A look at America in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and the capitalists who changed the world—setting the stage for the most devastating global financial collapse in history—from “a diligent and perceptive reporter” (Forbes).

In the decades following the Civil War, America entered an era of unprecedented corporate expansion, with ultimate financial power in the hands of a few wealthy industrialists who exploited the system for everything it was worth. The Rockefellers, Fords, Morgans, and Vanderbilts were the “lords of creation” who, along with like-minded magnates, controlled the economic destiny of the country, unrestrained by regulations or moral imperatives. Through a combination of foresight, ingenuity, ruthlessness, and greed, America’s giants of industry remolded the US economy in their own image. They established their power and authority, ensuring that they—and they alone—would control the means of production, transportation, energy, and commerce—creating the conditions for the stock market collapse of 1929 and the Great Depression that followed.

As modern society continues to be affected by wealth inequality and cycles of boom and bust, it’s as important as ever to understand the origins of financial disaster, and the policies, practices, and people who bring them on. The Lords of Creation, first published when the catastrophe of the 1930s was still painfully fresh, is a fascinating story of bankers, railroad tycoons, steel magnates, speculators, scoundrels, and robber barons. It is a tale of innovation and shocking exploitation—and a sobering reminder that history can indeed repeat itself.
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release date: Sep 22, 2018
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Roosevelt (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:
“A brilliant full-length portrait of Franklin Roosevelt the politician”—the first in an award-winning two-volume biography (The Christian Science Monitor).

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the longest serving president in United States history, reshaping the country during the crises of the Great Depression and World War II. But before his ascension to the presidency, FDR laid the groundwork for his unprecedented run with decades of canny political maneuvering and steady consolidation of power.
In this remarkable New York Times–bestselling biography, Pulitzer Prize–winning historian James MacGregor Burns traces FDR’s rise and the peculiar blend of strength and cunning that made him such a uniquely transformative figure. Weaving together lively narrative and impressive scholarship, Burns reconstructs his youth and education at Groton and Harvard, his relationships with his cousins Theodore and Eleanor, his immersion in New York State politics, and his rise to national prominence, all the way through his first two terms as president, which saw the historic New Deal take hold and the drumbeats of World War II begin.
Originally published in 1956, The Lion and the Fox was among the first studies of Roosevelt—and it remains a landmark record of his ambitions, talents, and flaws. Hailed by the New York Times as “a sensitive, shrewd, and challenging book” and by Newsweek as “a case study unmatched in American political writings,” Burns’s stunning achievement is the life story of a fascinating political figure.
release date: Sep 22, 2018
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Revealed Conspiracies (5 Book Series)
From Book 1:

"Barack Hussein Obama, The Unauthorized Diary of a Muslim President"

A realistic look at how Barack Hussein Obama is aiding and abetting Islamic supremacists to "destroy America from within, by our own hands".

The book reveals the lie behind the phrase "Islam is a religion of peace".

Obama's "fundamental transformation" of the USA is revealed to be the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and the total elimination of the rights and freedoms Americans have lived with for over 200 years.

"Barack Hussein Obama, The Unauthorized Diary of a Muslim President" reveals an all-encompassing conspiracy to:

• Destroy the balance of power between the three divisions of the federal government, by illegitimately usurping power from the Supreme Court and Congress, and bolstering the powers of the Presidency to never-before-heard-of levels.

• Allow infiltration into the highest levels of government by communists, socialists and Muslim extremists, including into positions of national security and defense.

• Create massive and bitter divisions between all segments of our society. Rich, poor and middle class are pitted against each other. Divisions along racial, ethnic and gender lines are the worst they’ve been in years.

• Secretly give away the sovereignty of the United States to the United Nations, or some other One-World-Government.

• Grow the federal government so huge that State’s right are being left in the dust, as are parental rights and the family as a whole.

• Encourage illegal immigration of Muslim jihadist activists and weapons through our borders, while using the Department of Justice to STOP individual states from protecting their own borders.

• Allow Muslim supremacists to dictate to our law enforcement agencies what they can and can’t say in their training.

The divisiveness and rage among groups of citizens that is being fostered and encouraged by this administration simply makes us more vulnerable to attack from outside forces. When those outside forces have successfully infiltrated our own government, with the tacit approval of Barack Obama, we can see that a fuse is waiting to be lit.

When the explosion occurs, America as we know it will be devastated unless Americans become informed in time and unite to stop the destruction of the USA as a sovereign nation.

Why all the attempts to deceive the American public?

  • Why would Democrats claim a phony "War on Women", instead of publicizing the REAL War on Women being waged by Muslims?
  • Why have Americans been told by this administration that the "War on Terror" is over when terrorists are continuing to plot our overthrow by violence and stealth?
  • Why is so much information about Barack Hussein Obama still unavailable for inspection?
  • Where is the birth certificate? Is Obama's grandmother in Kenya just a confused old lady?
  • Can Obama be a Muslim and a communist?
  • What exactly does "fundamental transformation" mean?

These questions and more are answered in "Barack Hussein Obama The Muslim President, The Unauthorized Diary of a Muslim President", which was written for families, neighbors and all patriotic Americans.

release date: Sep 22, 2018
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America's Forgotten History (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: History is written by the victors. But do the victors in America’s forgotten debate really have it right? Do they even think about whether it is America’s destiny to be both a nanny state and garrison state? American’s Forgotten History questions standard understanding from a constitutionalist point of view.
This, the first of five volumes, looks at the English Civil War, fought between Puritans and Cavaliers. It then follows Puritans as they flee Cavalier power to Massachusetts and later Cavaliers as they flee Puritan power to Virginia. Puritans and Cavaliers allied against the mercantilism of England to form a new system based on the Magna Carta, the Glorious Revolution of 1688, the English Bill of Rights, and the Enlightenment philosophy of Locke and Montesquieu. They would maintain their uneasy alliance until they fought another civil war on a new continent.
After the American Revolution, parties formed around Jefferson and Hamilton that would frame American’s philosophical debate until the collapse of Jeffersonianism at the Democratic convention of 1896. The debate, so important in the 19th century and so important if America is to rediscover itself, is ignored by the victors of the debate, those who give us standard American history. Modern historians extol activist war-like presidents, high taxes, super government, and aggressive international militarism. The Constitution, as it was written and intended, makes all that impossible.
This volume, Part One of American’s Forgotten History, covers English roots, the colonial period, the Revolution, the Constitution, and the first four presidential administrations, those of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison.
release date: Sep 22, 2018
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Making of the President (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: A Harper Perennial Political Classic, The Making of the President 1960 is the groundbreaking national bestseller and Pulitzer Prize-winning account of the 1960 presidential campaign and the election of John F. Kennedy. With this narrative history of American politics in action, Theodore White revolutionized the way presidential campaigns are reported. Now back in print, freshly repackaged, and with a new foreword written by Robert Dallek, The Making of the President 1960 remains the most influential publication about the election of John F. Kennedy.
release date: Sep 22, 2018
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The Years of Lyndon Johnson (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: This is the story of the rise to national power of a desperately poor young man from the Texas Hill Country. The Path to Power reveals in extraordinary detail the genesis of the almost superhuman drive, energy, and ambition that set LBJ apart. It follows him from the Hill Country to New Deal Washington, from his boyhood through the years of the Depression to his debut as Congressman, his heartbreaking defeat in his first race for the Senate, and his attainment, nonetheless, at age 31, of the national power for which he hungered. In this book, we are brought as close as we have ever been to a true perception of political genius and the American political process.

Means of Ascent, Book Two of The Years of Lyndon Johnson, was a number one national best seller and, like The Path to Power, received the National Book Critics Circle Award.
release date: Sep 11, 2018
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Fear: Trump in the White House
“Explosive.”—The Washington Post
“Devastating.”—The New Yorker


With authoritative reporting honed through eight presidencies from Nixon to Obama, author Bob Woodward reveals in unprecedented detail the harrowing life inside President Donald Trump’s White House and precisely how he makes decisions on major foreign and domestic policies. Woodward draws from hundreds of hours of interviews with firsthand sources, meeting notes, personal diaries, files and documents. The focus is on the explosive debates and the decision-making in the Oval Office, the Situation Room, Air Force One and the White House residence.

Fear is the most intimate portrait of a sitting president ever published during the president’s first years in office.
release date: Aug 14, 2018
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Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House
#1 New York Times Bestseller

The former Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison in the Trump White House provides an eye-opening look into the corruption and controversy of the current administration.

Few have been a member of Donald Trump’s inner orbit longer than Omarosa Manigault Newman. Their relationship has spanned fifteen years—through four television shows, a presidential campaign, and a year by his side in the most chaotic, outrageous White House in history. But that relationship has come to a decisive and definitive end, and Omarosa is finally ready to share her side of the story in this explosive, jaw-dropping account.

A stunning tell-all and takedown from a strong, intelligent woman who took every name and number, Unhinged is a must-read for any concerned citizen.
release date: Jul 24, 2018
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The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett reveals the real story behind Hillary Clinton’s deep state collaborators in government and exposes their nefarious actions during and after the 2016 election.

The Russia Hoax reveals how persons within the FBI and Barack Obama’s Justice Department worked improperly to help elect Hillary Clinton and defeat Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

When this suspected effort failed, those same people appear to have pursued a contrived investigation of President Trump in an attempt to undo the election results and remove him as president.

The evidence suggests that partisans within the FBI and the Department of Justice, driven by personal animus and a misplaced sense of political righteousness, surreptitiously acted to subvert electoral democracy in our country.

The book will examine:

  • How did Hillary Clinton manage to escape prosecution despite compelling evidence she violated the law?
  • Did Peter Strzok, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Loretta Lynch, and others obstruct justice by protecting Clinton?
  • Why was there never a legitimate criminal investigation of Clinton in the Uranium One case?
  • Are the text messages exchanged between Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page evidence of a concerted effort to undermine the electoral process?
  • Was there ever any real evidence of "collusion" between Trump and the Russians?
  • Did Trump obstruct justice in the firing of Comey or was he legally exercising his constitutional authority?
  • Did the FBI and DOJ improperly use a discredited "dossier" about Trump to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump associates?
  • Should Muller have disqualified himself under the special counsel law based on glaring conflicts of interest?
  • Was fired National Security Adviser Michael Flynn unfairly charged with making a false statement?

With insightful analysis and a fact-filled narrative, The Russia Hoax delves deeply into Democrat wrongdoing.

release date: Aug 07, 2018
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Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever

A respected, long-time Republican strategist, ad-maker, and contributor for The Daily Beast, skewers the disease that is destroying the conservative movement and burning down the GOP: Trumpism.

In Everything Trump Touches Dies, political campaign strategist and commentator Rick Wilson brings his darkly funny humor and biting analysis to the absurdity of American politics in the age of Trump. Wilson mercilessly exposes the damage Trump has done to the country, to the Republican Party he served for decades, and to the conservative movement that has abandoned its principles for the worst President in American history.

No left-winger, Wilson is a lifelong conservative who delivers his withering critique of Trump from the right. A leader of the Never Trump movement, he warns his own party of the political catastrophe that leaves everyone involved with Trump with reputations destroyed and lives in tatters.

Wilson unblinkingly dismantles Trump’s deceptions and the illusions to which his supporters cling, shedding light on the guilty parties who empower and enable Trump in Washington and the news media. He calls out the race-war dead-enders who hitched a ride with Trump, the alt-right basement dwellers who worship him, and the social conservatives who looked the other way.

Everything Trump Touches Dies deftly chronicles the tragicomic Trump story from the early campaign days through the shock of election night, to the inconceivable trainwreck of Trump's first year. Rick Wilson provides not only an insightful analysis of the Trump administration, but also an optimistic path forward for the GOP, the conservative movement, and the country.

Combining insider political analysis, blunt truths, and black humor, Everything Trump Touches Dies is perfect for those on either side of the aisle who need a dose of unvarnished reality, a good laugh, a strong cocktail, and a return to sanity in American politics.
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