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release date: Apr 29, 2017
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Erotik Kunst Fotos (Reihe in 2 Bänden)
Aus Band 1:

Wunderschöne hochauflösende erotische Aktfotografien optimiert für Kindle Fire sind nur einen Klick entfernt!

Erotik Kunst Fotos Band 1:
Foto Erotika Mit Sexy Nackt Modell "Chiva" you are getting the best of the best from my photoshoot with beaitiful nude model "Chiva".

Dieses Buch ist nur für Erwachsene und beinhaltet vollständig deutliche Nacktheit,
jedoch ist es nicht pornografisch, sondern es sind vielmehr geschmackvolle erotische Aktfotos und Aktfotografien, oft erinnernd an Pin-up-Girls Fotografie.

Es wurde professionell geschossen, editiert und retuschiert mit meiner künstlerischen Vision im Kopf, mit einem wunderschönen hochkarätigem Nacktmodell in sexy und erotischen Posen. Dies ist Qualität über Quantität, da es 30 hochwertige Bilder optimiert zur Vollbildansicht auf dem Kindle Fire enthält.

Optimiert für Kindle Fire

Was Sie kriegen, wenn Sie jetzt sofort kaufen sind...

  • 30 qualitative erotische Kunstbilder

  • Die besten Bilder vom Shooting, editiert und retuschiert zu meiner künstlerischen Vision.

  • Bilder die für Vollbildansicht auf dem Kindle Fire zugeschnitten wurden.

  • Große Bilder im Format 1024 x 600 für Kindle Fire, Ipad oder Kindle PC oder Mac Betrachtung.

  • Bilder die minimal komprimiert sind um Qualität und Klarheit zu erhalten.

Sie werden auch Sammler meiner Arbeit und helfen und unterstützen mich als Künstler und ich bedanke mich im Voraus bei Ihnen, für Ihre Unterstützung.

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release date: Apr 29, 2017
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Lucky Luke (Issues) (32 Book Series)
We all know that Lucky Luke has a busy life. When it's not Washington calling upon him for some national project, it's the local penitentiary asking him to recapture the Daltons. But not every moment is spent in such grand adventures. Here is a collection of smaller stories depicting the everyday life of our cowboy, from taking a child to the dentist to helping passing settlers - and even attending a classical concert in Houston! What a full life he leads!
release date: Apr 29, 2017
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Nude Miami Hot Sex Girl (12 Book Series)
From Book 1: Totally Nude and Uncensored - For Adults only
High Resolution Pictures - Nothing censored
Quality Artwork - Gorgeous Models
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release date: Apr 29, 2017
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Playing With Plays (12 Book Series)
From Book 1: Midsummer like you have never read it before: fun and easy to understand, for kids of all ages who want to enjoy and loosely understand Shakespeare's play.

What you will get:

3 melodramatic modifications for group sizes:


Actual lines from Shakespeare's play mixed in.
Creatively funny interpretations of the remaining script.
A delightfully funny rendition that is easy for ADULTS to understand too!
A kid who loves Shakespeare!

This mini-melodramatic masterpiece is sure to be a doorway for your child to
love all the classics. Shakespeare is difficult enough in class or watching on
stage, let alone trying to teach the stories to children, but as the author's
mantra states in the book, "there is no better way to learn than to have fun!"
Kids who have read this have also eventually purchased the entire Shakespeare
works, and have completed 'hero' reports on Shakespeare at school. Guaranteed to
have you coming back for more!
release date: Apr 29, 2017
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Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: Trivia Madness is the ultimate Trivia book filled with one thousand trivia questions and answers, funny facts and quizzes. This book contains trivia questions from the entertainment industry, prepare yourself and your friends for some amazing movie trivia!

Do you know which part Charlie Chaplin insured?
Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith starred together in which 1997 film?
“The Final Countdown” was a number one hit for which hard rock band?

If you do know the answers or want to know the answers to fun trivia like this, this book is for you! Celebrity trivia, movie trivia or music trivia, this book got it all!

Quiz time!
by: nude69
release date: Apr 29, 2017
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Nude Young Horny Hot Sex Girl (10 Book Series)
From Book 1: All persons and characters they portray pictured on this ebook and/or in any materials associated with it were at least 18 years of age at the time of photography. With respect to any picture appearing on this ebook and/or any graphical materials associated with it, any depiction of sexually explicit conduct is simulated, as those terms are defined in connection with 18 U.S.C. § 2257 and associated regulations, and the depictions are therefore exempt from the record-keeping and disclosure requirements thereof.
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release date: Apr 29, 2017
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Wayne Shelton (Issues) (3 Book Series)
When a high-ranking official of a small nation in the Caucasus is killed in a car accident, the plans of a massive multinational corporation are derailed by one man: the unfortunate French trucker who caused the accident. Pressure from the unions in France and the military in Khalakjistan prevents a quick diplomatic solution. So, to secure its own interests, the corporation calls upon the one man who can break the trucker out of prison and disarm the confrontation: Wayne Shelton.
release date: Apr 29, 2017
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From Book 1: From Elvis Presley's first singles at Sun, the early classics on RCA, through the movie years, to the triumphant comeback of 1968 and the glamour of the Vegas years, this brand new E-book series will look at every single song Elvis recorded in his lifetime. We will tell the stories behind the songs, the people who wrote them and who else covered the songs. We'll look at the albums released after Elvis' death including why Felton Jarvis re-recorded backings to several Elvis tracks in 1980, the global success of the remixes A Little Less Conversation and Rubberneckin', the family duets with Lisa Marie Presley, the Christmas songs with the country stars of today and more recently the pairing of Elvis' amazing voice with the talents of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for two number one albums in the UK. Join us on a journey through the music recorded by one of the greatest singers ever...this is ELVIS PRESLEY: STORIES BEHIND HIS SONGS - We start with the important year of 1969...
release date: Apr 29, 2017
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Tohyo Game (Issues) (3 Book Series)
The class popularity contest was supposed to be for fun...but now the unpopular ones are dying grisly deaths. The classroom has become a horrific struggle for survival. Someone is keeping the game going, but who? Can anyone survive the game and expose the truth?
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by: Ingres
release date: Apr 29, 2017
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Nude Female (12 Book Series)
From Book 1: Real Artistic Quality
Nothing is Censored
The Most Beautiful Women
High Resolution Erotic Photos
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