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release date: Sep 26, 2018
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release date: Sep 26, 2018
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Cemetery Photography (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Book 1 in the Cemetery Photography series.

A haunting stroll through a cemetery in the old Imperial City of Aachen, Germany.
release date: Sep 26, 2018
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Rob In Russia (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: Thousand of years of history helped Russia develop into one of the most culturally intriguing countries in the world. Not the least of which is the amazing Russian Orthodox churches and cathedrals. This photography book captures that beauty as I travel various cities and regions within Russia.
release date: Mar 15, 2016
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Understanding Exposure, Fourth Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera
This newly revised edition of Bryan Peterson's most popular book demystifies the complex concepts of exposure in photography, allowing readers to capture the images they want.

Understanding Exposure has taught generations of photographers how to shoot the images they want by demystifying the complex concepts of exposure in photography. In this newly updated edition, veteran photographer Bryan Peterson explains the fundamentals of light, aperture, and shutter speed and how they interact with and influence one another. With an emphasis on finding the right exposure even in tricky situations, Understanding Exposure shows you how to get (or lose) sharpness and contrast in images, freeze action, and take the best meter readings, while also exploring filters, flash, and light.

With all new images, as well as an expanded section on flash, tips for using colored gels, and advice on shooting star trails, this revised edition will clarify exposure for photographers of all levels.
release date: Feb 14, 2017
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Insomniac City: New York, Oliver, and Me
Amazon's Best Biographies and Memoirs of 2017 List

A moving celebration of what Bill Hayes calls "the evanescent, the eavesdropped, the unexpected" of life in New York City, and an intimate glimpse of his relationship with the late Oliver Sacks.

"A beautifully written once-in-a-lifetime book, about love, about life, soul, and the wonderful loving genius Oliver Sacks, and New York, and laughter and all of creation."--Anne Lamott

Bill Hayes came to New York City in 2009 with a one-way ticket and only the vaguest idea of how he would get by. But, at forty-eight years old, having spent decades in San Francisco, he craved change. Grieving over the death of his partner, he quickly discovered the profound consolations of the city's incessant rhythms, the sight of the Empire State Building against the night sky, and New Yorkers themselves, kindred souls that Hayes, a lifelong insomniac, encountered on late-night strolls with his camera.

And he unexpectedly fell in love again, with his friend and neighbor, the writer and neurologist Oliver Sacks, whose exuberance--"I don't so much fear death as I do wasting life," he tells Hayes early on--is captured in funny and touching vignettes throughout. What emerges is a portrait of Sacks at his most personal and endearing, from falling in love for the first time at age seventy-five to facing illness and death (Sacks died of cancer in August 2015). Insomniac City is both a meditation on grief and a celebration of life. Filled with Hayes's distinctive street photos of everyday New Yorkers, the book is a love song to the city and to all who have felt the particular magic and solace it offers.
release date: Sep 04, 2018
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In Paris: 20 Women on Life in the City of Light
"If the Internet could create its version of the perfect girl, Jeanne Damas would probably be her. . . . She's nailed that French girl je ne sais quoi." --Vogue

A window on the world's most stylish city, with more than 100 full-color photos and profiles of 20 diverse and inspiring Parisian women, by "the coolest, most beautiful French girl in France" (GQ) and a former editor in chief of French Elle

"We've always been crazy in love with this city. . . . We love its arrogance, its clumsiness, its simplicity. And especially the women who live here."

Two quintessential Parisian women--model and fashion designer Jeanne Damas and journalist Lauren Bastide--shine a spotlight on twenty real-life women of Paris, dispelling the myth that there's only one type of Parisian woman and introducing us to the city that real Parisiennes live in. They're booksellers, singers, writers, activists, and antique dealers; they live in small studios, spacious apartments, or houseboats; their ages range from fourteen to seventy . . . and all embody the effortless chic and insouciant spirit of the legendary Parisian woman.

In Paris takes us into these women's lives, telling us about their careers, families, favorite nightlife spots, shopping habits, and beloved books and films. Full-color photos taken by Jeanne herself accompany charming lists of advice on the French art de vivre--from the best places to people-watch with a glass of wine after work to the perfect Parisian playlist to the ten things that a French woman would never, ever post on Instagram. Witty, elegant, and modern, In Paris is an ode to Paris through the eyes of its eternally cool women--for everyone who has ever dreamed of one day living in Paris.
release date: Jul 05, 2018
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Business Techniques for Real Estate Photography: How to make money shooting homes
In this fourth book in his real estate photography series, Nathan explains how to successfully start, manage, and grow your real estate photography business. Attracting clients and keeping them for the long-term are some of the more salient themes, yet Nathan also explains how to judge viability for your region, set prices, raise prices, and collect payments as well. By explaining aspects of human psychology that relate to clients and the industry, Nathan shows traps and scams to watch out for, and ways to deal with problem situations while maintaining the high ground. Staying on budget, Nathan explains how to efficiently market yourself without breaking the bank, how to efficiently construct your schedule, and techniques to get your business started quickly while addressing longer term goals and growth strategies. Safety is also paramount with advice on how to stay safe on the job, and how to protect and insure your business as well. Nathan steers clear of hype and focuses instead on what works (and what doesn’t) to create and maintain a successful real estate photography business. While the art and technical aspects of real estate photography can be challenging, doing it for money can be even more daunting. Nathan makes it simple though and gets right to the point, showing how you can make money shooting homes.
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release date: Oct 13, 2017
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Cities of Gold: A Journey Across the American Southwest  in Pursuit of Coronado

This new ebook edition includes for first time over 100 never-before-published photographs taken during the author's epic, thousand mile horseback journey across Arizona and New Mexico. It also includes rare and extraordinary historical photographs of the Old West, Native Americans, pioneers, prospectors, Indian pueblos, and vanished landscapes.  

“The Old West’s last glimmers flicker through this piercingly beautiful adventure, an unforgettable saga in which Preston, astride his horse Popeye, traverses the desert and mountain wilderness of Arizona and New Mexico retracing the trail-blazing 1540-41 expedition of Spanish Explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado in search of the legendary Seven Cities of Gold … In place of the mythical winning of the West, Preston unfolds a harrowing tale of loss.” –Publishers Weekly

“The entire book is a sheer pleasure to read.” –The San Diego Union-Tribune

“A Blue Highways on horseback, well worth the trip.” –Kirkus Reviews

“A riveting yarn, with as many turns as a switchback road.” –The Christian Science Monitor

“A fearful, fascinating tale.” –Los Angeles Times

“A journey of historical importance.” –The New York Times

“By setting out with a companion and four horses to track Coronado’s army across a thousand miles of brutal desert and mountain country, from the Mexican border through Arizona and New Mexico, the author is ready to risk his life to try to see with his own eyes, as it were, ‘that moment, 450 years ago, when the peoples of the Old World and New World first encountered each other’ and quickly began the strife-torn redefining of America. Throughout the book, Preston intersperses the original reports and memoirs of Coronado’s adventure with accounts of his own party’s hard progress, making the centuries dissolve into a common, first-person, present-tense narrative. And along the way he records stories of the people and places he encounters, making brief excursions into mining booms and busts, the history of livestock ranching, the impact of barbed wire and windmills, the first mail routes, homesteading, the destruction of the Indian nations, and much more.” –Smithsonian magazine

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