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release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Brevier-Reihe Hirnschrittmacher (Reihe in 5 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: ***Mehr als 40.000 "Trottelfallen"-Breviere haben bislang ihre LeserInnen gefunden***
Hier ihr Feedback: Authentisch, interessant, kurzweilig, humorvoll, nie oberlehrerhaft, regt zum Nachdenken und Nachmachen an, mit der nötigen Tiefe, fachlich fundiert, empfehlenswert, hat Spaß gemacht zu lesen! Allerdings auch: keine große Literatur, habe mir mehr erhofft, unwissenschaftlich, gruselig, lesenswert aber ausbaubar. Sie wissen, es gibt oft unterschiedliche Bilder und Meinungen. Bilden Sie sich doch Ihre eigene Meinung!

Dieses Buch hält Ihnen humorvoll einen Spiegel vor, damit Sie Ihre Gewohnheiten und eingefahrenen Muster besser erkennen können. Welche davon reduzieren Ihre Lebensqualität und wie können Sie sich davon befreien? Sie wollen sich z.B. regelmäßig bewegen, Ihr Gewicht reduzieren oder aufhören zu Rauchen, aber Ihr Gehirn findet immer wieder Gründe, morgens lieber liegen zu bleiben, dieses kleine Stück Schokolade zur Ausnahme zu erklären oder Ihre Nichtraucherkarriere auf später zu verschieben? Spätestens ab Vierzig sind wir nicht nur für unser Gewicht, sondern auch für unser Gesicht und unsere Haltung verantwortlich. Gewohnheiten "nisten" sich in unser Denken, unsere Beziehungen, unsere Mimik und unsere Körperformen ein.

Die ersten Schritte sich zu befreien:
1. Schritt: Eine Bestandsaufnahme im Zoo unserer "Gewohnheitstiere".
2. Schritt: Die Analyse der Gewohnheiten und Muster.
3. Schritt: Wie ersetzen Sie lästige Gewohnheiten durch positive?

Die Erkenntnisse:
1. Unser Gehirn ist oft eine hervorragende Rechtfertigungsmaschine, damit möglichst alles im alten "Trott" bleibt.
2. Wir sollten unseren inneren Schweinehund nicht niederringen wollen, sondern zum Tanz auffordern und durch die Gegend schwingen.
3. Befreien Sie sich von Ihren Trottelfallen, von Naivität, Inkompetenz, Ignoranz, Inkonsequenz und schädlichen Identifikationen.
Freuen Sie sich auf vergnügliche Lesestunden, die sich für Sie lohnen werden!

release date: Mar 23, 2017
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From Book 1: What if you could achieve the financial freedom to do whatever you wanted at your own leisurely pace? Timothy Ferriss talked about working a 4-Hour Workweek in his book of the same title. Well, what if you could support your entire lifestyle working a 1-hour workweek or less (since I’m talking about 10 minute workdays – and only on days when the stock markets are open)? How wonderful would that be? Well, you’ll be able to do all of this and more once you gain the knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience resulting from the material presented throughout this financial planning, management, and investing series of books
Book One, the book you’ve presently selected, will empower you with investment related information, help you get organized, and provide you with the tools, techniques, strategies, and discipline needed to effectively manage risk and promptly recognize and capitalize on key investment opportunities. This book will educate you on how to effectively: (1) plan and prepare for financial success, (2) track and organize investment information, (3) empower success with key investment tools, (4) manage risk, and (5) develop and execute successful investment strategies. The remaining building blocks for becoming a highly skilled, highly successful investor will be presented within books two, three, and four of this series. Completing each book will increasingly empower you with the knowledge, skills, techniques, expertise, and experience needed to achieve consistent success as an investor.
This series of financial planning, management, and investing books is well worth the cost - the cost of four trades or less - and will probably be one of the best financial investments you make in your entire life. Not only will you be able to recoup the cost of this entire series within hours of investing by applying the knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience you gain, but you will avoid thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars of losses by not making the mistakes investors typically make. Especially unseasoned ones. And the steady and substantial and consistent investment gains you will experience over the years and decades as a result of what you learn will be astronomical compared to the token amount you pay. It will make you wonder why you didn't start this series of books sooner. So don't delay. Start creating your financial freedom and brighter future today.
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release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Successful Blog Series (5 Book Series)
From Book 1:

STEP-BY-STEP: A Proven, Easy-to-Follow System for Starting a Blog from Scratch

You have thought about starting a blog, but always put it off, because tech stuff really scares you?

You often wondered how top bloggers actually make money? - and what training they had to become successful?

Or you might be a freelancer / business owner trying to use the internet to spread the word about your products and services?

This book will teach you how to start a cool blog the smart way - no prior experience is necessary - and you might even have fun along the way….

Building a Foundation for Success

While some guides promise to get you started with a blog in under an hour - or even 5 minutes - the reality is quite different. Like with anything new there is a small learning curve and the occasional frustration.

Sure, you can rush through it and quickly set something up - without any design or features. But that’s probably not a good success strategy. This book is not about starting a “quickie” blog, but about building a solid foundation for long term success.

This includes advice from some of the most successful bloggers in the world, like the guys behind ProBlogger, CopyBlogger, Moz and BoostBlogTraffic who have generated a combined income of more than 50 Million Dollars through their blogs.

A well-thought-out Strategy will get you there a lot faster

Starting a successful blog is not just about learning the technical aspects. That is only the beginning - and even there your choices can make or break you, right from the start.

We will cover the different aspects you need to consider for each of the 7 Steps described in this book, including choosing a marketable domain name, a good hosting company, mailing list services - and monetizing strategies.

You will find that - with a few pointers - starting a successful blog is - by far - not as complicated as you might think. Though it will take more than just an hour…;-)

Thanks to an amazing software called WordPress, it has become very easy to start and manage a blog without paying expensive designers or learning complex “code”.

If you are comfy with MS Word, this will be a breeze…

More importantly, it will soon become fun to design your own site and update it yourself. You might even help others to start their blog….

This book follows a proven 7-Step formula with numerous screenshots to illustrate each step.
It will give you the tools to get started with your new blog in easy-to-understand language and provide you with a massive resource chapter for further training.

Here is what you will learn:

Step #1: Web Software - What is WordPress and why do most successful bloggers use it?

Step #2: Hosting - Finding a good home base for your blog

Step #3: Creating your Brand - Choosing and registering your domain name

Step #4: WordPress Set up:
release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Business Warriors (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Have you ever wished that you could read people’s minds to see their true thoughts?

Have you wished that you could understand others in a quicker and deeper way? Are you interested in knowing what others are thinking before they even know it? Then this book is perfect for you. You can gain the valuable secrets behind analyzing others by learning how to read their words on a deeper level, interpret their nonverbal cues, and using your own emotions to better understand others.

This Book will Benefit you by:

  • Giving you Insights: In this guide, you will learn to gain insight into the emotions, fears, desires, and general psychology of those around you. Having access to this information, which is often hidden to others, will heighten your general intelligence and observation skills.

  • Helping your Career: Whether you are a salesperson, performer, or office worker, can learn how analyzing people will help you. You will be able to provide better customer service and cut through a lot of unnecessary confusion once you gain this knowledge.

  • Aiding Personal Relationships: Relationships (of any kind) can be a struggle when you don’t know how to read others, and reading others isn’t always easy, even when you’ve known them for years. By honing your analytic skills, you can know what your partner, friend, or boss needs.

  • Helping Others: When you know how to read the feelings and emotions of others, you can help them understand their own minds better and perhaps guide them through tough times or simply give them what they need in that moment (some space, for example, or a listening ear). When you can analyze the behavior of others, you catch the cues that would normally go unnoticed.

We permanentely receive hundreds of signals per minute from our peers - we just can't read them. Are you ready to get to level up? Take action now and grab your copy of How To Analyze People

release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Business Professional Series (8 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Professional Business Ethics – Skyrocket Your Career Without Sacrificing Your Integrity

As a moral and upright person, you might worry about the temptations of cutting corners, smudging a few details, or going behind a few backs to make it in today’s cutthroat business world. But what if you could gain tremendous business success, without sacrificing ethics, brown-nosing the boss, or sacrificing the most important things – family, friends and personal life?

Yet in today's world, you must resolve ethical dilemmas in the workplace every single day. Do you report the coworker who used racially charged language just out of earshot of an African American employee? Should you refuse to work long overtime hours without additional pay - choosing between impressing your boss or being with your family? And what about useless meetings, using cell phones and texting on the job, or even viewing pornography from work computers?

Your Integrity is Important

Your own personal integrity is as important as your education or your skills in how well you progress through your career.  You implicitly teach others how to act by example - your team will follow your lead and act as you act. By remaining professional at all times on the job, your team will get the message about to act as well. This applies regardless of your position; you can manage up as well as down the organization board. In other words, you train your boss, to a certain extent, by your own actions.

For example, there is some value to occasionally putting in extra hours without compensation. but by always longer, you allow your managers to create schedules and projects that depend upon that extra effort. Before long, you'll find these working conditions become normal and expected, and trying to "cut back" to normal will be looked upon with disfavor. You might even find "he's not a team player" or something similar in your review because of your attempts to have a good work/life balance.

How do you prevent this from happening? You'll learn the answers to this and other questions in this book.

Learn from an Expert

Having been a corporate leader and manager for over three decades, Mr. Richard Lowe presents some of the lessons he has learned from managing hundreds of people and leading successful and happy teams. Mr. Lowe has an established code of ethics and business conduct that will enable you to advance your career, make more money, be happier with your career, and yet still maintain a happy life outside of work.

Imagine you could do a few simple steps to actually begin to enjoy your job, come home refreshed, and increase your pay? What if you could do all that without brown-nosing the boss or sacrificing your integrity and personal life?

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • How to get the respect of your teammates without backstabbing

  • What it takes to be seen as an effective leader without using fear as a tool

  • How to handle the bad apples in the workplace

  • Why meetings are unnecessary and time-wasting unless they are carefully controlled

  • What to do about the email black-hole of lost time

  • Why managers love deadlines and how to control them

  • Why your integrity is the most important commodity you possess

How to maintain separate between work and life, even if the boss wants you to work yourself to death.
release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Think Like A Rich Chick (7 Book Series)
From Book 1: Ever dreamt of living the laptop lifestyle, and being able to work, live and play from anywhere in the world, doing what you want, with whom you want and how you want?

In Think Like a Rich Chick! And Live the Laptop Lifestyle, From Anywhere in the World I’ll teach you the exact process I used to create my own ‘location independant’ life, one in which my business makes money for me regardless of where I am and what I’m doing.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to take off at the drop of a hat - even for years if you choose - and travel to anywhere in the world? It’s not an out of reach dream! All it takes is some practical action and a mindset of belief and determination that you can create your lifelong adventure. Let me help you to take action on a dream that really can become true!


Kat Loterzo is a multiple best-selling Amazon author, a speaker and a multi-passionate 'can not focus on one thing' entrepreneur, as well as a slightly over the top enthusiast of all things caffeine and chocolate related!

Kat writes about pressing play and creating the business and life of your dreams,, and she sends out daily 'Messages of Asskickery' via her blog at Kat is currently living location free, in pretty much any sunny place with great wifi that she can find, with her husband and 2 small children.

Ready to start creating your business freedom and live the laptop lifestyle, from anywhere in the world? Scroll back up now to download your copy of this book in the Think Like a Rich Chick Series!
release date: Mar 23, 2017
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From Book 1:

Brand a personal image across the globe

International Business Language (IBL) Code is a premier guide for executives, businesspeople, politicians, celebrities, diplomats, and more seeking to brand a personal image across the globe.Let yourself be understood and appreciated with the help of the IBL Code.

Tami Lancut Leibovitz assists you in your effort to get to know the cultural traditions of foreign countries, you can systematically learn the International Business Language Code of success by using the complete IBL Code series:

Part 1 – The Basic Concepts of Multicultural World

Part 2 – The Wisdom of Networking

Part 3 – Verbal & Non-Verbal Business Communication

Part 4 – The International Business Dress Code

Part 5 – Formal & Informal Hosting Skills

Part 6 – Protocol, Etiquette and Business Culture

Part 7 – Media Communication and Public Performance

Part 8 – Practical Guide to Local Business Culture Per Country

Part 1 – The Basic Concepts of Multicultural World

We live in a multicultural world, which on the one hand employs common codes, and on the other hand practices local customs. In this chapter, we will search for a way to bridge barriers between these worlds and offer valuable tools and rules to enable two people from different cultures to communicate, do business, or cooperate in any joint venture.

This chapter focuses on relocation - moving to a foreign country for professional reasons. We will develop the tools for cultural intelligence, and will also devote a platform to women in the business world. This chapter also deals with the difference between courting and sexual harassment. The last part of the chapter, emphasizes the importance of investing efforts in doing sports and cover the issue of various diets and healthy foods.

A must-have book

This is a must-have book for entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and fundraisers, as well as politicians, diplomats, celebrities, and anyone who wants to understand the inner workings of foreign countries.

Tami Lancut Leibovitz founded the International Institute for Image, Communication, and Etiquette in Business, Society, and Politics. As an advisor to public figures, senior executives, and diplomats, with thirty years of experience, Tami’s books have become mandatory reading for people in business, media, and the public arena. IBL Code is a product of life-long, international expertise in the management of personal image branding.

Grab you copy of IBL Code now!

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release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Recovering Idiot (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: 5.0 out of 5 stars Entertaining and laugh-out-loud
I have enjoyed every minute of this book. It is very entertaining. The format is somewhat chronological and somewhat topical. It is a long book (523 pages) but the pages fly. The series of stories from Ben's life make you shake your head and wonder how his angel wife puts up with his chaos and how he has managed to survive his many misadventures. Take the time to buy this book. It is well worth it.

5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely hilarious!
This book was the most fun I've had since reading Mad magazine as a kid! I laughed and laughed and laughed and then laughed some more. I ordered it after a recommendation from my mom and wasn't sure what to expect. Then I started reading and was absolutely transfixed from page one. Casper is not only an accomplished and hilarious storyteller but he's actually a hell of a writer too. With as many lives as he has I should think we'll have the opportunity of hearing from him and about his exploits for a very long time!

5.0 out of 5 stars Belongs on the Best Seller List
ByMatt Wood
Ben has a real winner on his hands and you won't be disappointed! I find myself laughing out loud, grinning, shaking my head in disbelief and wondering how he survived to write this. Ben's story telling and straight-forward way of speaking are a breath of fresh air. This book should be in Oprah's club and the New York Times best seller list. Pick this book up, read it, laugh and repeat!

5.0 out of 5 stars Super funny book
ByCurt Paulson
Super funny book! I rarely laugh out loud but found myself doing so all through the book. It's a great escape from life and cheers you up when reading. A lot of the stories reminded me of my youth and growing up. Except for getting hit by a car. It brought back great memories of my wild days as well. Neither one of us should be alive right now. I'm really happy I bought the book. My daughter is reading it now. I usually buy serious informative books and this was quite refreshing! Hats off to Ben and his crazy friends!

5.0 out of 5 stars Funniest book ever!
This is the most that I have laughed in a long time! I shook my head plenty of times while reading, also. Not sure how anyone could be so crazy and live to tell about it. The author has way more than 9 lives. Take the time to read it--you won't regret it. It's one of those books that you won't read just once.

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars!!!
Bykaryn bloxham
Fantastic read!described that all can learn from. Comments from his readers include. . ."I laughed until tears ran down my leg!" "We've been waiting for this for 60 years. You don't disappoint!" "I see you haven't learned. You are not recovering!"

Propane dealer, inventor, race-car driver, farmer, paintball-field operator, prankster, extensive explorer of both the North and South Poles (that's why he takes bipolar medication) and 20-year Les Schwab tire store owner-operator are just a few of the hats Ben Casper has worn. Unfortunately, none of the hats was a football helmet or hard-hat so there's been a little brain damage along the way. This nonfiction manuscript is an entertaining and humorous look at the life of a constantly-struggling, accident-prone entrepreneur who barely beats the odds, time after time. Near-death experiences (27 broken bones thus far) are an expected and regular occurrence. Close calls with bankers, lawmen, common sense and the Grim Reaper permeate this side-splitting, fun-to-read account. The eldest of nine kids, Ben was raised in an LDS (Mormon) pioneer farm family in the Columbia Basin in Washington State.
release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Grounded Girl's Guide (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: How do you find your self-respect and confidence when it feels like the whole world is against you?

You did everything ‘right’. You tolerated the bad behavior because that’s what ‘nice girls’ do. Now, the weight of guilt, low self-esteem, and self-loathing has taken its toll. You’re ready to take a stand, put the unhealthy relationships behind you, and take your power back.

Inside, you’ll discover:
  • Why negative people make your life miserable
  • How to manage (or even fix!) your toxic relationships
  • How to stop feeling inadequate and build up your self-confidence
  • And much more!
Forget all the people who haven’t been through the emotional wringer. Gayle Katz has dealt firsthand with many toxic people, including her own abusive father, so she can help because she understands what you’re going through. She has come out the other side, and you can too.

This practical, self-help guide is more than a how-to manual, it’s the friend you can lean on and trust to help you find your voice and live the life you were always meant to live – one free from abusive relationships, devoid of crushing emotional abuse, and chock-full of feel good mantras and exercises to help you take back your life and banish self-deprecation, despair, and misery for good.

Plus, get an exclusive invite to download Gayle’s FREE toxic person survival planner!

Ready to get started? Grab the first book in Gayle’s Grounded Girl’s Guide series today and embrace all the good that life has to offer you!
release date: Mar 23, 2017
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