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release date: Oct 14, 2017
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Conversación: Tácticas y estrategias de conversación a las relaciones de maestro para una mejor comunicación con personas difíciles, Cómo comunicarse con ... libros de éxito nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

¡Conviértete en un super comunicador!

Este libro contiene pasos comprobados y estrategias sobre cómo convertirse en experto en la conversación.

Alguna vez se preguntó por qué algunas personas parecen que poseen cada conversación que tienen? ¿Sueña con convertirse en una persona más sociable y simpática que no será tímida de algo tan simple como acercarse a un extraño?

Solía ​​ser extremadamente tímido. Tenía miedo de iniciar una conversación con mis compañeros de trabajo y amigos, y mucho menos con gente que no conozco. Afortunadamente, descubrí algunas tácticas de conversación a prueba de balas que me convirtieron en lo que soy hoy en día - un maestro de conversación!

Como alguien que ha pasado por todo eso, siento que soy competente para guiarle a través del proceso y compartir tácticas de conversación que le ayudarán a mejorar sus habilidades de hablar con otras personas y, por lo tanto, mejorar sus relaciones y su vida!

No pienses que esto es pura teoría. Traté de hacer hincapié en consejos prácticos, consejos y ejercicios que le ayudarán a convertirse en un maestro de conversación.

Cubriremos todo, desde lo básico hasta lo experto. Usted aprenderá a:

  • Superar la timidez al iniciar una conversación

  • Aumente la confianza de su conversación

  • Dirija conversaciones memorables

  • Sube la escalera de tu empresa creando relaciones con compañeros de trabajo

¡Y mucho más!

Esto se tradujo directamente desde el inglés y puede sonar anormal.

release date: Jan 13, 2017
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Persuasion: Mastery- How to Master Persuasion, Mind Control and NLP (Persuasion Series Book 2)

Persuasion Series Book #2

Do you want to know exactly how to get the upper hand in conversations, debates, and negotiations? Do you desire the ability to persuade individuals as well as audiences? Persuasion often gets a bad rap; naysayers call it a manipulative scheme. However, persuasion is all around us. You are affected by it every day. Simple choices like the colors of a company logo influence the way you think. You may already practice persuasion without even realizing it.

Over the years, researchers and experts have discovered and perfected a multitude of methods of persuasion. From the comfort of your own home, you can get in on their findings. Many, many proven persuasion methods have been collected and placed in the pages of this book. Even if you do not plan on practicing persuasion, you still owe it to yourself to make yourself aware of the persuasion methods that institutions, organizations, and individuals could utilize in order to affect how you think.

Benefits of Persuasion Mastery: How to Master Persuasion, Mind Control, and NLP

  • The methods are proven to persuade others to go along with suggestions.
  • You will no longer be left frustrated when other people fail to agree with you.
  • You will be wary of the persuasion methods that you might be susceptible to.
  • Learn historical and contemporary uses of a variety of persuasion methods.
  • Discover how to make anyone believe your viewpoint.
  • And much more..

Curious about persuasion?

Grab your copy of Persuasion Mastery: How to Master Persuasion, Mind Control, and NLP today!

release date: Oct 14, 2017
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Conversation: tactiques de conversation et stratégies pour les relations de base pour une meilleure communication, comment communiquer avec n'importe qui ... Leadership, succès t. 1) (French Edition)

Devenez un Super Communicator !!

Ce livre contient des étapes et des stratégies éprouvées sur la façon de devenir habile à la conversation.

Vous êtes déjà demandé pourquoi certaines personnes semblent avoir toutes les conversations qu'ils ont? Est-ce que vous rêvez de devenir une personne plus sociable et sympathique qui ne sera pas timide de quelque chose de si simple que d'approcher un étranger?

J'étais extrêmement timide. J'avais peur de lancer une conversation avec mes collègues et amis, et encore moins avec des gens que je ne connais pas. Heureusement, j'ai découvert des tactiques de conversation à l'épreuve des balles qui m'ont transformé en ce que je suis aujourd'hui - Un maître de conversation!

Comme quelqu'un qui a traversé tout cela, je pense que je suis compétent pour vous guider dans le processus et partager des tactiques de conversation qui vous aideront à améliorer vos compétences de parler à d'autres personnes et, par conséquent, à améliorer vos relations et votre vie!

Ne pensez pas que ce soit une pure théorie. J'ai essayé de souligner des conseils pratiques, des conseils et des exercices qui vous aideront à devenir un maître de conversation.

Nous allons couvrir tout, de l'essentiel à l'expertise. Vous apprendrez à:

  • Surmonter la timidité lors du démarrage d'une conversation

  • Augmenter la confiance de votre conversation

  • Diriger des conversations mémorables

  • Monter l'échelle de votre entreprise en établissant des relations avec des collègues

Et beaucoup plus!!

Achetez-le maintenant seulement pour 2,99 $ & Préparez-vous pour prendre vos compétences de communication au niveau suivant.

release date: Apr 07, 2016
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We Have a Deal – FREE SAMPLER: How to Negotiate With Intelligence, Flexibility and Power
OF THE FULL BOOK. If you would like to purchase Natalie Reynolds’ We Have a Deal in full, you can do so
with all good ebook retailers. 

In this sampler,
you’ll develop an understanding of why negotiation matters, types of
negotiation, and key mistakes to watch out for when making deals.

We Have a Deal goes beyond negotiation theory, exploring the
unwritten rules of deal-making and influencing. Not only will you master the
practical skills of negotiating like a pro, you’ll also develop an appreciation
of why it matters, and why others react the way they do in certain negotiating
situations. From developing a flexible approach, to overcoming obstructive
behaviour and other obstacles, this book will help you to understand the
underlying motivations and get the best out of every deal.

If you enjoy this free sampler, why not check out the
complete book and master the skills of negotiation?

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release date: Feb 10, 2014
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The Real Deal: Words of wisdom from the Scotwork Negotiation Blog
•Why you should lose some business?
•What surprises and street parties teach us about negotiating?
•When is a negotiation not a negotiation?
•What drinking guidance and bad proposals have in common?
•Is $1.76 million a good price for a fish?
•Why are we persuaded to do stupid things?

Scotwork, the world's number one negotiation consultancy, takes a creative look at what the real world teaches us about the skill of negotiation.
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release date: Apr 14, 2017
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HOW TO SELL WITHOUT SELLING: 7 Secrets to Live from Sales, and not Die Trying

Selling is the number one option I ever found to CREATE TIME. Time for my family, community, hobbies, and to develop my skills. In other words, TO BECOME FREE.

THE PURPOSE OF THIS BOOK is not to transform you into the best salesman or woman, but it will, indeed, help you become that person, which other people will want to buy from. Because SELLING, depends a lot more in who you are, than in what you do.

YOU´LL LEARN, in 7 simple steps, the best information I was given less than a year ago, and that, in less than 2 weeks, allowed me to double and triple my income. The best part is, I didn´t add more work hours. I just came up with better ideas to increase income.

With the 7 Secrets, included in this book, you will gain:

  • A better understanding on how your clients think

  • Learning on how to live from sales

  • Increase income, in the next few days and weeks

  • How to take care of the details of your business or product. Because remember, selling is in the details

  • Practical advice on how to find and keep the best mentors

  • An extraordinary formula to determine thinking and actions required to destroy every goal you possess, in record time

  • And LAST, and most important, I wish you to gain FREEDOM. Freedom to do whatever you want. I want you to never ask for permission to be with your family or friends. I want you to have time to develop your skills to their potential. Selling is a great way to obtain this

QUICK NOTE. I do not want you to buy this book to sell you another program or service. The main information is included inside and your investment will be 100% safe.

BUY TIME. Get this book now!.

FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY: $2.99. Get it before it goes up to its original price at $4.99. Invest in yourself now!.

Keywords: selling, sell, how to sell, the hard sell, entrepreneurship, businesses, money, live from sales, increase income
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release date: Oct 16, 2017
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Review Method: Review & Promote Affiliate Products to Earn Huge Commission Through YouTube or Your Own Website

Did you know that it is predicted by top finance experts that an economic collapse may come anytime soon?

It means lots of people, including you - may lose their jobs…

Protect yourself by starting your own home-based business today.

Here's a preview of what you'll discover:

The YouTube Money Method
- How to make money even without your own product
- Why you don't need to buy the product to review it
- The 3 things to look for when researching a product
- A simple 5 point checklist that will help you decide on whether to promote a product or not
- The 1 thing that your product should always have
- How to create your video review from star to finish
- What to include in each slide for your review
- 5 optimization techniques you should apply to all of your videos
- How to rank your video without any work on your part (and it only cost $10!)
- An example of me researching a product and running it through the checklist

Affiliate Authority Blog
- The top 3 niches to target and the exact sub-niches under it
- How to look for these niches and how to understand your market better
- The 3 point criteria to follow whenever you're choosing a product to sell
- This one secret method that will give you hundreds of keywords to target even without market research
- How to create a WordPress website in 20 minutes or less
- The exact settings to follow for maximum SEO power
- How to systematise your affiliate website flow
- How to write your product review from a-z
- Some examples of website you can copy
- How to rank your website by outsourcing your SEO online


Would you rather be stuck on a position that you hate or would you rather get this book bundle, learn quickly and take action?

The choice is only yours to make.

If you're now ready to start your own internet business while working at home...

Then Scroll Up and Download Your Copy Today!

release date: Oct 14, 2017
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Konversation: Konversation Taktik & Strategien zu Meister Beziehungen für eine bessere Kommunikation mit schwierigen Menschen, wie man mit jedem in sozialen ... Führung, Erfolgsbücher 1) (German Edition)

Werde ein Super Kommunikator!

Dieses Buch enthält bewährte Schritte und Strategien, wie man sich mit Konversation beschäftigt.

Ich habe mich jemals gefragt, warum manche Leute so aussehen, als hätten sie alle Konversationen, die sie haben? Träumst du davon, eine geselligere und sympathischere Person zu werden, die nicht so schüchtern sein wird, wie man sich einem Fremden nähert?

Ich war sehr schüchtern Ich hatte Angst, ein Gespräch mit meinen Kollegen und Freunden zu initiieren, geschweige denn mit Leuten, die ich nicht kenne. Glücklicherweise entdeckte ich eine kugelsichere Konversationstaktik, die mich in dem veranlasste, was ich heute bin - ein Gesprächsmeister!

Als jemand, der das alles durchgemacht hat, fühle ich, dass ich kompetent bin, dich durch den Prozess zu führen und Konversationstaktiken zu teilen, die dir helfen werden, deine Fähigkeiten des Gesprächs mit anderen Menschen zu verbessern und damit deine Beziehungen und dein Leben zu verbessern!

Denken Sie nicht, dass das reine Theorie ist. Ich habe versucht, praktische Tipps, Ratschläge und Übungen zu betonen, die Ihnen helfen, ein Gesprächsmeister zu werden.

Wir werden alles von den Grundlagen bis zu den Fachleuten abdecken. Du wirst lernen wie:

  • Überwindung der Schüchternheit beim Starten einer Konversation

  • Erhöhe dein Gesprächsvertrauen

  • Führen Sie unvergessliche Gespräche

  • Bewegen Sie die Leiter in Ihrem Unternehmen, indem Sie Beziehungen mit Mitarbeitern aufbauen

Und vieles mehr!

Dies wurde direkt aus dem Englischen übersetzt und kann abnormal klingen


release date: Mar 10, 2017
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Gaikokujinwo Ugokasu Amerikahen (Japanese Edition)







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