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release date: Nov 08, 2017
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Real Estate Investing: How to Double The Value of Your Home - for Little, or Even No Money!

If you plan on selling your home in the next 12-18 months, and want to get the highest possible sale price, keep reading…

Every year there are 5 million home sales in the United States.

But how many of these 5 million sellers get the highest possible price for their home?

How many of them miss out on thousands of dollars in extra profit?

Are you one of them?

You see, many sellers makes the same mistakes - with both renovations and their sale strategy

Many even make costly errors that end up losing them huge amount of money.

But now, you can stay informed with insider tips to maximize your final sale price.

Tips the majority of Americans don’t know about.

Real Estate Investing: How to double the value of your home - for little, or even no money Includes:

  • The $600 investment that can sell your home up to 7 times faster, for up to 20% more money! (this is vital if you have a deadline to sell) - Page 80

  • Why being “boring” in this part of your home is the best way to increase value - Page 9

  • How a study by design experts shows which “fatal” paint color could knock up to $1,400 off your home value - Page 11

  • Why your dishwasher panels have a far greater effect on your home value than you think - and how you can fix this for free - Page 19

  • 9 myths about selling your home!…Plus 1 essential truth you don’t want to believe - but should (this could net you up to $60,000 more on your final sale price) - Page 62

  • How to add an entire new room to your house in less than 24 hours, for under $1,500! - Page 15

  • Why the food you serve at an open house can make (or cost) you thousands of dollars - Page 46

  • The strange $43 contraption that unlocks access to a $20 billion house buyer market - Page 28

  • Which $100 kitchen improvement adds up to 8% to your final selling price - Page 25

  • Why this “trivial” detail could net you up to $2,800 more for your final sale price - Page 84

  • How to use FBI negotiation tactics to get a better deal on your home - Page 69

  • Sage advice from an elite real estate investor on what to do when buying a home - Page 73

  • The absolute worst renovation you can make in terms of ROI (avoid this $42,323 mistake if you want to make profit on your home) - Page 50

And much, much more!

If you’re thinking about selling your house in the near future, then this book should be considered a must read if you want to maximize your profits

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release date: Dec 11, 2012
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Real Estate Investing: How to Find Cash Buyers and Motivated Sellers
"Real Estate Investing: How to Find Cash Buyers and Motivated Sellers" teaches real estate investors and those interested in learning to invest in real estate how to define and target ideal cash buyers and motivated sellers. The book covers absentee owners, rehab investors, Section 8 landlords, and other buyer types. Some of the marketing topics include mailing lists, postcards, both online and offline marketing strategies along with examples. Anyone who wants to wholesale a house or is curious about flipping houses should pick this book to get educated on cash buyers and motivated sellers for their real estate investing.
release date: Jul 04, 2014
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25 Real Estate Lead Generating Strategies That Work
Why You Need To Read This Real Estate Book

In the early part of my real estate career I would sit patiently in my office waiting for my next sale to walk in. Well 'next' might be exaggerating it a little. A sale would be more appropriate. Each night I'd return home and let out a bunch of expletives that would make my dog blush. I was often in a foul mood.

Then after 10 years of struggle I discovered, developed and implemented a bunch of real estate marketing strategies which I am going reveal in this book that saw my income virtually double in one year. After 2 years of using these real estate lead generation skills my income shot up another 50%.

The word soon got out that I had discovered a way to make 'easy' (no such thing) real estate sales. Real estate referrals became my method of operation. Companies were approaching me to move camps. In fact one company placed me on a $200,000 package to help boost sales. The strategies worked for me and they'll work for you.

This book is for real estate sales people, real estate agents or brokers who are totally overwhelmed with the complexities of selling real estate. It's for agents seething with frustration at their pathetic sales. And it's also for successful real estate agents wanting to take their real estate career to the next level.

You have two obstacles from making a killing in real estate sales:

1.You have no idea what business you are REALLY in. Most real estate sales people think that they are in the real estate business to assist people with their real estate buying, selling, leasing or managing needs.While partly 'true' unless you have a real estate lead that wants to buy, sell, lease or manage a property through you, you have no business. PERIOD.

2.A belief that you are 'Gods' answer to all things real estate.Let's face it. Real estate agents are an egotistical bunch. How often do you see advertisements stating "Billy Blogs - No. 1 For XYZ Real Estate" or "Cheryl Champion - Top Real Estate Marketer, Mars Tribune"

Who gives a toss. The public certainly don't and nor should you especially if you are a newbie just getting started. With my real estate lead generation tips you'll soon be the 'king' or queen' of your local area.

My real estate lead generation strategies are by no means complete. But they are a good start in raising you from the depths of despair to making you the champion agent you so rightly deserve to be. Here's my appeal to you. Believe in yourself. Believe in your real estate career. Follow my suggestions. Implement those that appeal to you and be consistent. These real estate lead generation strategies take time but they have helped me sell over $400 million of real estate. They will work for you to.
release date: Jan 29, 2015
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Smart Hotel Investors - Learn how to Buy and Finance a Hotel Step by Step Articles on Investing in Hotels: (Articles of Various Hotel Investments)

Finally Revealed.. The Amazing insider Secrets of Investing in Hotels Without Making Costly Mistakes.

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $9.99. Regularly priced at $14.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

Are you the kind of person that is always looking for the latest unique investment opportunity to add just a little more financial security to your nest egg, have you tried a lot of other investment opportunities such as buying gold and silver or other commodities would find these to be rather boring.

As far as the investment opportunities concern, because they don't accrue a reasonable amount of wealth fast enough? If this is the case for you, then maybe you should consider investing in hotels. This book will teach you everything you need to know about investing in a hotel and hospitality marketplace and how to choose the type and location for investment that best suits your needs. Everything from condo hotels to investing in a franchise such as the Days Inn or Hard Rock Cafe, or a one-of-a-kind independent hotel or condominium style extended stay investment venue.

By the time you finish this book you will have the skills and information necessary to make a wise and lucrative investment in the hotel and hospitality marketplace. Hotels are a smart investment simply because even in a recession or other financial downturn and even though your market shares may be less depending on the area and seasoned educator to. People will still have to travel. Therefore, a hotel is always a wise and liberty of financial investment and you will know all of the insider secrets thanks to this handy investment opportunity guide.

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release date: Jul 22, 2016
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Pick Your Flip: 100+ Picture Guide To Flipping Houses
The 100+ picture guide to flipping houses. Learn how to evaluate and identify properties for flipping. This book explores how to:

•Perform due diligence and internet research
•Research comparable sales (“Comps”) & calculate an ARV
•Walk through a property intelligently
•Identify good vs. bad conditions. Flag negative factors
•Evaluate repair estimates
•Calculate an offer price

I have seen hundreds of houses and this is my accumulated knowledge as a result. And this knowledge could be applied to your local market so you can PICK YOUR FLIP.

"To those hunting for fortune. You are bold and fortune favors the bold."

Table of Contents (Overview)

I. Finding Properties
II. Due Diligence
III. Property Viewing (Process)
IV. Good vs. Bad Property Conditions
V. Rehab Potential
VI. Negative Factors
VII. Repair Estimates
VIII. Calculate Offer Price
IX. Making An Offer
Addendum I: Sample Inspection List
Addendum II: “Black Swan” Cashflow Properties
Addendum III: Helpful Resources
release date: Feb 03, 2017
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Real Estate Investing: 3 Manuscripts: How to become successful on a property Market & How to Flip Houses for Passive Income & How to become a successful Real Estate Agent
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How to invest successfully & Flipping houses for profit & How to become a Real Estate Agent
Book 1: 
This guidebook is going to spend some time talking about real estate investing and how you will be able to make this work to see your income grow. 
Whether you are interested in wholesaling homes, flipping homes, or using them as rental properties, you will find all the answers that you need and more inside this guidebook.
  • There is so much that you can learn about real estate investing include:
  • What is real estate investing
  • The best strategies to make your money grow
  • How to find the perfect strategy
  • Who you need to have on your team for success
  • Selling the property
  • Property updates that increase the value
  • And more
When you are ready to start putting your money to work and seeing where your income can go, make sure to check out this guidebook and see what real estate investing can do for you.

This starter book will provide easy understanding strategies, techniques, and many considerations, when facing options on what type of Real Estate should you invest into.

Main focus will be on the following topics:

  • -The Basics of Real Estate Investing 
  • -Strategies and Options When Investing in Real Estate 
  • -Financing Your Investment 
  • -Finding Your First Property and Making a Profit 
  • -Working with Others Can Make Things Easier 
  • -Easy Ways to Increase the Value of Your Property without Spending Too Much 
  • -Tips Every Real Estate Investing Beginner Should Know

Book 2: 
If you've ever dreamed of flipping a home to make a profit, right here is the place to start. Investment properties can be scary, but they don't have to be when you follow each of the steps that are outlined in the book. 
You will learn everything that you need to know about flipping homes, making a profit and truly creating a business model for yourself to set up the framework for a great future. 
This guide will give you everything that you need to make sure that you are the best flipper possible.
When you are getting ready to flip houses, you need to make sure that you follow certain steps. 
There are different ways that you can do this when you are starting to invest in properties
By making sure that you are aware of all of the aspects of flipping, you will give yourself the advantage over your competition that you need to get the best houses at the best price and sell them for the most amount of money after you have finished the project.
By reading this book before you flip your house, you will have the best chance possible at a successful flip your first time. 
The book will discuss with you what you can do to make your flips go faster and how you can truly speed up your business to increase your profits and make things better for yourself. Remember, every day that you are working on your house costs you the money that you pay your mortgage.
You'll even get a few secrets when you read this book. 
Did you know that you can get a home without any cash or any credit?
It may not be the easiest thing that you have ever done, but the book will tell you exactly how to do it.
This book will cover the following Chapters: 

  • How to get financing for deals 
  • Good Investment Properties 
  • Find great deals that will convert your investment 
  • Quickly evaluate deals 
  • Making a competitive offer 
  • Use time management for your benefit 
  • Hiring the right team for the Project 
  • Speeding up your flip 
  • Flipping quickly
Book 3:
Are you ready to begin your career in real estate?
Then give yourself a kick-start in the industry by reading this book.
You'll learn a step-by-step licensing process, and what comes next to bring you success as a Realtor®.
Chapters will cover the following topics:
  • The Attitude of a Real Estate Agent
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Licensed
  • Five Activities Your First Five Weeks in the Business
  • Keys to the Listing Appointment
  • Working as a Buyer's Agent
  • Marketing Yourself in a Digital World
  • Become Goal Oriented & Results Driven
release date: May 18, 2017
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MORE Land Buying Tips From the Pros: How to Buy Rural Real Estate
MORE Land Buying Tips is just that...more! The original Land Buying Tips book was popular, so we did it again with different contributors and topics.

Rural real estate - land - is a unique niche. In our land-related books we speak directly to the specific issues that apply to all types of rural real estate like farms, ranches, timber tracts, recreational tracts, and wooded parcels that can be developed into home sites or camps and retreats.

The contributors in this book - like the first book - are the real deal. They come from specific parts of the land and real estate spectrum. Their backgrounds, locations, education, and experience within the real estate industry give their insights the stuff needed to get right to the point and address common and specific subjects.

This book will explore a wide variety of subjects and issues in a no-fluff manner. Things like financing land, access problems and solutions, water rights, surveying, valuation, investment, due diligence, and more will be addressed. The application of these subjects will be applied to the closing table, western ranches, southeastern timberland, Texas hunting land, and many other types of tracts and situations.

Pat Porter, the author and compiler, is the owner and broker for RecLand Realty. RecLand is the Duck Commander and Buck Commander Endorsed Land Broker. His company of 30-plus land agents sells hunting land, timberland, farms, and ranches in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, Iowa, and Missouri.

This is Pat's 6th land-related real estate book in a year. All his books are available here at Amazon in ebook and audio. Two current books are also in print. Visit Pat's author page.

You'll get a lot of value from this 18,000 word book so give it a try. Be sure you also get the first land tips book: "Land Buying Tips From the Pros - How to Buy Rural Real Estate."

Thank you for considering our books!
release date: Sep 13, 2017
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Passive Income: Complete Guide on How to Make Money and Create Financial Freedom(passive income properties,ideas for passive income,rental property investing kindle,how to make a money machine)



This book helped thousands to create Passive Income.

Are you looking for Wealth and stable Cash Flow?

The book is perfect for individuals and families!

You will find great ideas and tips for :


A must-have book for every person in the modern world.

Buy this book today and get started!

As a GIFT I’m going to give you a BONUS:
"Staying Motivated: A Complete Self-Control Guide on How to Boost Willpower and Develop Mental Strength" E-Book for FREE.

Tags: passive income properties, passive income real estate, ideas for passive income, how to make a passive income, earn passive income online, passive income step by step, how to create passive income, rental property investing kindle,rental property investing business, rental property investing in books, rental property investing taxes, how to make a money machine, the money machine, automated money machine, amazing money machine, stop worrying and start living, personal finance planner, manage your money, passive income strategies, financial freedom workbook, make money machine, rental property, passive income, personal finance, money management

release date: Dec 20, 2015
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Reddick Property Rating: How to Choose the Best Real Estate Investments
With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to decide which investment properties will be the best ones for you. Properties range in age, size, condition, value, and of course, location. Then based on what zip code a property is located, you have some properties that are higher in cash flow but not appreciation, and some that are higher in appreciation but not cash flow. So the question is, how do you pick a property that fits your investment objectives?

It all comes down to the property’s Reddick Property Rating™. After years of research, the principles of Marshall Reddick Real Estate (a residential real estate firm based in Newport Beach, CA) have uncovered trends never before seen in the residential real estate investment world.

In this comprehensive eBook, you will learn how to:

1. Recognize which factors are most important and least important in determining whether a property is a luxury, A, B, C, or D Class property.
2. Look at property and neighborhood characteristics that matter the most
3. Calculate property value and compare it to the median sales price in its Metropolitan area
4. Classify properties and know the type of tenant the property will attract
5. Determine the cost of maintenance and vacancy based on property classes
6. Understand the difference between cash flow and appreciation as it pertains to your situation and investment strategy
release date: Sep 12, 2013
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Buy Properties with My Money - Discover How Real Estate Investors Are Tapping Into a Secret Source of Cash to Buy Hot Deals Before Their Competition Does
I hear that challenge from investors every single day.

Hi, it's Mark Evans DM,DN here – sharing with you one of the biggest hurdles that I hear from people who want to invest in real estate but are held back. Hey, I don't need to tell you what kind of opportunities exist in real estate.

After 17 years of doing this, without any college degree or massive inheritance, I'm the “poster boy” for figuring out how to do deals without money, and I gladly share that info with you – through my wildly successful iTunes podcast show and the 7 bestselling books I've written.

Many folks know about the opportunities available in real estate investing – opportunities to do deals and ultimately achieve time freedom and financial freedom – but there's one thing that holds so many investors back: Lack of funds.
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