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release date: Sep 24, 2018
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Daughter of the Mara (The Mara Chronicles Book 1)
“You are a creature of nightmares. The visions, the fits, the madness that these people have tried to treat: it is what you are.”

Jay knows she’s insane. After all, most people don’t have nightmares when they’re awake.

Locked away at thirteen for a crime she doesn’t remember committing, Jay has spent the last five years in a psychiatric hospital unable to distinguish between real life and her waking nightmares.

But then she meets Harvey and everything changes. Harvey breaks her out of the hospital, telling her that she isn’t crazy, that she is the living embodiment of a nightmare: a mara.

As Jay struggles to control the nightmares within her, she is faced with opponents outside her own mind: Harvey’s brother Edmund, whose affection for Jay seems too good to be true, the mother who abandoned her as a child, and an entire court of mara who want to kill her for merely existing.

In this dark YA fantasy, Jay is torn between the waking world and the realm of nightmares and must work to control her powers and achieve her destiny before forces darker than her own nightmares lock her away for good.

Fans of Leigh Bardugo and L.J. Smith will love this story of romance, madness, and nightmare fairies.

This book is for anyone who loves:
* A new spin on Norse and Viking legends
*Tales of dreams and nightmares
*Stories about madness and insanity
*Teen and Young Adult Paranormal Romance
* New Adult Paranormal Romance
* Magical Powers and Supernatural Creatures
*Psychological Thrillers
*Coming of age tales with a paranormal twist
*YA set in the Pacific Northwest
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release date: Feb 21, 2016
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Swords and Sorcery (The Faerie Tales Book 1)
Swords and Sorcery is the first book of The Faerie Tales, tales of adventures of the twelve knights of Albion, and their quest to find the Faerie Queene, to bring aid to the realms of Midguard and of Faerie. In a world with echoes of Norse mythology, Swords and Sorcery begins as Arch-mage Aldwyn Lufgren casts an ancient spell. This spell requires twelve brave knights. Swords and Sorcery tells the tale of the first of these knights, Otto and Colin. They find that things in Albion are not as they expected, and they are tested to the limits of their training and abilities.
A story for lovers of epic fantasy and magical tales.
(For ages 12 and up)
release date: Jul 10, 2017
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Wintersee: Fantasy - Flammen auf Wintersee (Red Axe, Black Sun 2) (German Edition)

Die Fortsetzung des Nummer Eins kostenfreien Amazon Fantasy Bestsellers "Red Axe, Black Sun" - empfohlen für Sword & Sorcery Fans!

Die junge Hexe Thaena Ashcroft tritt aus dem Schatten der Helden der Zeit der "Roten Axt und schwarzen Sonne" hervor, um das Schicksal ihrer Freunde und der Zauberschule in die Hand zu nehmen und selbst zur Heldin zu werden.

Thaena verlor ihr Kind und ihren Mann an den Drachendämon, der das Königreich zu verschlingen droht.
Die Kirche des Heiligen Feuers verfolgt die ‚verunreinigten‘ Überlebenden.
Ausgerechnet ein ehemaliger Inquisitor hilft Thaena, nach Wintersee auf die Nordmänner-Inseln in die Schule der Zauberei zu fliehen.

Dort befinden sich auch Thaenas letzte Freunde: der vergiftete Dryston und die Zauberin Kyra.
Doch ein abtrünniger Elf zieht die Fäden aller Schicksale. Nur er kennt Drystons Gegengift.
Mit seinem Wissen um Magie, wird Wintersee das Hauptziel dreier Mächte - des Drachen, des Elfen und des Königs.

Wie kann es Thaena also je gelingen, ihren vergifteten Freund zu retten und den Drachendämon zu bezwingen, bevor Wintersee in Flammen versinkt?

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