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release date: May 01, 2005
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The Pilgrim's Progress
John Bunyan's A Pilgrim's Progress is a quest story filled with drama, excitement, and adventure. On his journey of a lifetime to the City of Gold, a young man named Christian meets an extraordinary cast of characters, including the terrible giant, Despair, and the monster, Apollyon. Together with Hopeful, his steadfast companion, Christian survives snipers and mantraps, the Great Bog, Vanity Fair, Lucre Hill, and Castle Doubting. But will he find the courage to cross the final river to the City of Gold and his salvation?
This remarkable retelling of the classic novel, by the award-winning children's author Geraldine McCaughrean, brings Bunyan's story to life for a generation of young readers as McCaughrean neatly draws the drama out, gradually allowing the reader to conclude that Christian is not so different from latter day heroes after all. The engaging contemporary illustrations by Jason Cockcroft bring an added poignancy to the story of a youth with a mission in life. This volume is an ideal gift and a great introduction to the full work.

release date: Apr 01, 2005
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Romeo and Juliet (Arkangel Shakespeare - Fully Dramatized)
[Full-Cast Audio Theater Dramatization. In this production, Romeo is played by Joseph Fiennes and Juliet by Maria Miles. Elizabeth Spriggs is the Nurse.]

In the world's most celebrated and lyrical love story, the sublime devotion of two young lovers transcends their earthly fate.

The noble Veronese houses of Montague and Capulet are locked in a bitter feud. When Romeo (a Montague) and Juliet (a Capulet) fall in love, they are swept up in a series of violent events and cruel twists of fortune. Despite the passion and innocence of their love, they fall victim to the enmity between their families, and their story ends in tragedy.
release date: Mar 24, 2020
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Dr Jekyll i Pan Hyde - Robert Louis Stevenson 1CD
Format: 5.70" x 4.92" (14,5 x 12,5 cm), pudelko
- Rok wydania: 2000
- Wydawnictwo: RTW

Nagranie oryginalne, dokonane w czerwcu 2000 r. Wystepuja: Narrator, Utterson -- Krzysztof Chamiec, Jekyll, Hyde -- Adam Ferency, Enfield -- andrzej Ferenc, Poole -- Jan Matyjaszkiewicz, Newcomen -- Krzysztof Stelmaszyk.

In Polish Only!

- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
- Format: 5.70" x 4.92" (14,5 x 12,5 cm)
- Release year: 2000
- Publisher: RTW
- On 1 CD

The classic tale of kindly scientist Dr. Jekyll who becomes the evil Mr. Hyde by night.

release date: Oct 04, 2011
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The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True
Richard Dawkins, the world’s most famous evolutionary biologist, presents a gorgeously lucid, science book examining some of the nature’s most fundamental questions both from a mythical and scientific perspective.

Science is our most precise and powerful tool for making sense of the world. Before we developed the scientific method, we created rich mythologies to explain the unknown. The pressing questions that primitive men and women asked are the same ones we ask as children. Who was the first person? What is the sun? Why is there night and day? The myths that address these questions are beautiful, but in every case their beauty is exceeded by the scientific truth.

With characteristic clarity and verve, Dawkins answers these big questions. Looking first at some of the myths that arose to answer the question, he then, dazzles us with the facts. He looks at the building blocks of matter, the first humans, the sun—explaining the life and death of stars; why there’s a night and a day—ranging from our solar system to the inner workings of our planet; what a rainbow really is—going from the rainbow in your backyard to the age of the universe; and finally, he poses a question that still baffles scientists: When did everything begin?
release date: May 05, 2005
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Star Wars Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith (Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi (Audio))
Ulic Qel-Droma and Nomi Sunrider and young Jedi Knights drawn into a battle for the survival of the Old Republic. But as the power of the evil Sith spreads across the galaxy, it threatens the existence of the Jedi themselves, and draws one of their greatest allies over to the dark side!Written by John Whitman, based on Tom Veitch's and Kevin J. Anderson's comicDirected by Arthur G. InsanaMusic by John WilliamsStarring:John Cygan as Ulic Qel-DromaGlynnis Talken as Nomi SunriderJim Ward as Arca JethPeter Reneday as Exar KunJack Noseworthy as Cay Qel-DromaJocelyn Blue as Aleema KetoPhilip Clarke as Freedon Nadd
release date: Jun 17, 2014
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The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains CD: A Tale of Travel and Darkness with Pictures of All Kinds

You ask me if I can forgive myself?
I can forgive myself . . .

And so begins The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains, a haunting story of family, the otherworld, and a search for hidden treasure. In this award-winning story, hear the author's own voice accompanied by FourPlay String Quartet as he relates a tale of color and shadow, memory and regret, vengeance and, ultimately, love.

. . . for many things. For where I left him.
For what I did.

release date: Jun 20, 2005
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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Quintessential Phase

While frequent flyer Arthur Dent searches the universe for his lost love, Ford Prefect discovers a disturbing blast from the past at The Hitchhiker’s Guide HQ. Meanwhile, on one of many versions of Earth, a blonder, more American Trillian gets tangled up with a party of lost aliens having an identity crisis. And, just when Arthur thinks he has found his true vocation on the backwater planet of Lamuella, the original Trillian turns up with more than a little spanner in the works. A stolen ship, a dramatic stampede, and a new and sinister Guide lead to a race to save the Earth again. But this time, will they succeed? Simon Jones returns as Arthur, Geoffrey McGivern as Ford, Mark Wing-Davey as Zaphod Beeblebrox, Susan Sheridan as Trillian, Sandra Dickinson as Tricia McMillian, and Stephen Moore as Marvin. William Franklyn is the Book, alongside a host of famous guest stars. This extended edition features 30 minutes of material not heard on BBC Radio 4.

2 CDs. 2 hrs 30 mins.

release date: Dec 16, 2014
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God is Disappointed in You

God Is Disappointed in You is for people who would like to read the Bible…if it would just cut to the chase. Stripped of its arcane language and interminable passages, every book of the Bible is condensed down to its core message, in no more than a few pages each.

Written by Mark Russell with cartoons by New Yorker cartoonist Shannon Wheeler, God Is Disappointed in You is a frequently hilarious, often shocking, but always accurate retelling of the Bible, including the parts selectively left out by Sunday School teachers and church sermons.

Irreverent yet faithful, this audiobook is a must-listen for anyone who wants to see past the fog of religious agendas and cultural debates to discover what the Bible really says.

release date: Apr 01, 2016
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Doc Savage #3: Skull Island
When King Kong famously fell from his death perch on the summit of the Empire State Building early in 1933, the question on many moviegoers' minds was: Where the heck was Doc Savage? For the tallest skyscraper in Manhattan was also the world headquarters of the famous superman-scientist known as the Man of Bronze. Over succeeding generations, fans of both characters have speculated about a clash between these two titans of the Great Depression. Had Doc Savage been away at his Fortress of Solitude when Kong fell? Or had he been exploring some faraway corner of the world? Eighty years after Doc Savage and King Kong first made their stunning debuts; these questions can now be definitively answered in the third story of Doc Savage.
release date: Jun 01, 2005
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Batman: The Complete Knightfall Saga
Batman: The Complete Knightfall Saga is inspired by the bestselling Batman storylines Knightfall, Knightquest, and KnightsEnd. With Batman crippled by his fiercest foe, a new hero tries to fill his shoes in protecting Gotham City. But his methods are brutal and dangerous, and the future of Gotham City is uncertain. In June 2005, Batman Begins will be released in movie theatres, starring Christian Bale and featuring Michael Caine, Katie Holmes, and Liam Neeson. Interest in the Batman franchise will surge, with a huge marketing campaign and the star power casting.
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