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release date: Jul 27, 2007
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From Acorns To Oak Trees (Girl)
A young girl compares herself to an acorn. They are both small and each is full of potential. While an acorn can grow into a mighty oak tree, the girl daydreams about all of the different things she can grow up to be; like an astronaut, a doctor, a teacher... or even President of the United States!!! With bright illustrations and a compelling story, this book will capture the imagination of any child.
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release date: Jun 14, 2009
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A Dachshund's Wish
Richly illustrated and full of fun, this tale of wishes and what happens if they come true shows how valuable and enriching friendship is.
In A Dachshund’s Wish, Paws, a delightful dachshund puppy, is so happy with his new family that he wants to become a boy and join them in doing the things humans do. He soon realizes, however, that this idea carries consequences, and he risks giving up some of the things he loves about himself. By almost losing the characteristics that make him unique, he learns that being different is something to celebrate. In fact, all of Paws’s friends are different and wonderful in their own ways, and the friendships they share are all the more special for it.
Perfect for fans of The Ugly Dachshund, How Dachshunds Came to Be, Sled Dog Dachshund, and anyone who loves dachshunds and their wild adventures!

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