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release date: Aug 21, 2017
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Minecraft Inspired Adventure Series (5 Book Series)
From Book 1: Meet Captain Raj Storm, space explorer. When he crash-lands in a world of both friendly and hostile mobs, he's in for some surprising adventures!

In Book 1 of this new series, Storm makes friends with Hagrus, a reclusive but helpful villager who teaches him how to mine and craft - important skills to survive in this world.

And speaking of survival, those hover boots Storm owns sure keep him out of trouble!

Join Storm as he encounters mobs, discovers new places, and searches for the four elements he needs to repair his spaceship - the only way he'll ever get back home!

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial Minecraft book. It is a work of fanfiction inspired by Minecraft.
Minecraft is a registered trademark of Mojang AB and its respective owners, which do not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this book.
Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2016 Mojang / Notch / Microsoft
release date: Aug 21, 2017
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Cyber Secrets Labs (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: This lab covers free ways to forensically recover data using Linux. There is also a link to a "recovery.oo1" image that you can use in the lab. Enjoy!
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release date: Aug 21, 2017
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Self Publishing Secrets (4 Book Series)
From Book 1:

From the core principals of what makes a book successful, to what will have readers coming back for more, this book covers zero cost book promotion options to help you succeed in today’s ultra-competitive online marketplaces.

Completely updated for 2017, this second edition book has been written primarily for self-published authors who have a limited marketing budget, and have their work distributed in digital format by a major online distributor such as Amazon’s Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Store, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Google Play Books, Smashwords, and others.

If this is you and you're trying to increase your market share in the digital book world while growing your readership, or if you are a person considering delving into the above, then this guide is for you. Even authors who have a healthy marketing budget can still benefit from the information in this helpful guide.

This book also contains a directory of websites that offer free book promotion, many of which may be right for you. Please keep in mind that this book is not a magic bullet. You will need to work the steps in this guide in order to enjoy free and successful book promotions.

So scroll up and grab your copy right now!

release date: Aug 21, 2017
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Minecraft Diary of Steve the Noob Collection (28 Book Series)
From Book 1:

This diary is over 4,000 words long with 14 pictures to accompany the story.

Steve wakes up to find himself in a strange, new land. What wonders and adventures await him as he wanders the world? In this new world, Steve has many choices he can make. Will he become a hero and champion of the just or will he become a villain feared by all? Find out in this fun and funny Diary of Steve the Noob!

Disclaimer: This book is a work of fanfiction; it is not an official Minecraft book. It is not endorsed, authorized, licensed, sponsored, or supported by Mojang AB, Microsoft Corp. or any other entity owning or controlling rights to the Minecraft name, trademarks or copyrights.
Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2015 Mojang / Notch / Microsoft

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release date: Aug 21, 2017
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Like A Boss (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:

The second edition of Craft Magnetic Marketing Messages has gotten a complete overhaul. The author has expanded every section from niche research to copywriting to give you one of the most comprehensive guides on the subject. There are dozens of examples in each chapter to make sure you understand the concepts and how to take the next step.

One of the major problems entrepreneurs face is not knowing whom they’re working for, or rather whom they’re trying to reach. Usually, they’ll say something fluffy like everyone can use a faster internet connection so my market is the whole world.

Wrong, even though everyone may need a faster internet connection, the way you position yourself can’t and won’t appeal to everyone.

That’s exactly what Craft Magnetic Marketing Messages was written to address.

Instead of writing content, advertisements, and marketing campaigns that get lost in the online and offline cacophony, this book is going to walk you through proven strategies that’ll allow you to connect with your audience on a visceral level.

The kind of marketing that makes your audience say “this guy really gets me”

You’re going to get a crash course in:

Choosing your market:

Instead of building out a product and then looking for a market, you’ll come to understand your audience first and through those insights, build what they truly want and need. Even if you already have a product or service, you’ll be able to reposition it using the insights you gain.

Understanding the deepest motivations and pain points of your audience:

Not the typical politically correct pain points that are floating around the internet, but the deep desires they only tell their friends and family about. This will help you craft messaging that resonates with them on a visceral level to achieve your business goals.

How to Craft Powerful Value proposition:

A value proposition is usually the first point of contact you have with your audience and it quickly lets them know if you’re the right fit for them. When you have a powerful one that speaks to their needs then everything you say thereafter carries more weight. You’re going to see first hand how to create one that works.

How to put it all together and write copy that works

You don’t need to be a copywriter with 10 years’ experience to write sales pages that actually work. You’ll get a simple five-step process that converts an audience you’ve already connected with and skyrocket your bottom line.

Unleash a Torrent of Traffic

Even the best pages, websites, and offers are useless if no one sees them. You'll learn the most effective traffic strategies to connect you with the right people over and over again.

Bonus Material

For people who download this book, there's a swipe file of complementary bonuses waiting for you

Pick up your copy of Craft Magnetic Marketing Messages today to create messages that resonate with your audience and build a business you're proud of.
release date: Aug 21, 2017
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Java Programming (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Java Programming:

An Introduction, History, and the Fundamentals for Creating Your First Program

This is the first in a series of books dedicated to learning about Java and Java programming.

Java is a simple yet powerful programming language, taught in colleges and used by companies all over the world. It is one of the most common programming languages used in modern business, and a graspable entry into the object-oriented class of programming languages. This book will take you from complete novice to knowledgeable beginner, with an appreciation for the history behind Java development. You will finish this entry in the series with the tools and building blocks necessary to write simple Java programs, and the foundation of learning necessary to advance to the intermediate, more complex facets of Java smoothly and seamlessly.

In this book, you will find:

  • Who created Java, and why

  • An overview of object oriented programming (OOP)

  • How Java and its software are used

  • An explanation why Java is popular and user friendly

  • Delving into the technical aspects of Java, this book will teach you about:

  • Variables

  • Data structures

  • Control structures

  • Syntax

  • Tools, commands, and the code to build your first set of programs

  • Whether your end goal is to work in Silicon Valley, create games, or build your own app -- every journey begins with a single step. Take the first step on your journey to harness the power of code.

    release date: Aug 21, 2017
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    Visual Studio Tips and Tricks (2 Book Series)
    From Book 1: Visual Studio .NET is one of the most versatile and extensible programming tools released by Microsoft. Unlock the secrets of Visual Studio—learning tips and shortcuts for optimizing the editor, search, navigation, windows layouts, and other capabilities. The number of features and shortcuts available in VS.NET is truly immense, and it grows tremendously with each release.
    “Visual Studio Tips and Tricks” is written analyzing nearly every feature in the core environment—unearthing the tips and tweaks that streamline work and maximize efficiency and is packed with helpful examples and progresses through a range of topics that gradually increase in their complexity.
    Developers who are unaware of these timesaving features surely miss out on opportunities to increase their programming productivity and effectiveness. “Visual Studio Tips and Tricks” explains how to use VS.NET efficiently. Get practical insights into how IDE features work, and how to quickly adapt them for any programming language.
    Organized into short and easy-to-grasp sections, and containing tips and tricks on everything from editing and compiling to debugging and navigating within the VS.NET IDE, this book is a must-read for all .NET developers, regardless of expertise and whether they program in C#, VB.NET, or any other .NET language.
    Specifically, it will provide you with solid guidance and education that will allow you to squeeze the ultimate productivity and use out of the Visual Studio development environment. This book folds in real-world development experience with detailed information about the IDE to make you more productive and ease transition from other development environments. This book demonstrates the new features of the IDE, including code snippets, refactoring, and patterns.
    Keywords – Visual Studio, .NET, .NET 4.0, Tips and Tricks, C#, Debugging, XAML, CodeLens, Productivity tool, Editor, Xamarin, Windows, Profiler, Tasks, Phone, Mobile, Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2013, Visual Studio 2015
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    release date: Aug 21, 2017
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    The Juno Trilogy (3 Book Series)
    From Book 1: Review

    "I never met a computer I didn't hate, until I fell in love with Larry Kilham's Juno. Part woman yet all brilliant machine, Juno is the pulsing supercomputer at the heart of Love Byte, Kilham's fast paced thriller that explores a central question of our future -- what will be in charge, natural intelligence or artificial intelligence? The science is up to the minute, and perhaps ahead of its time. That alone can keep you awake at night -- whether you are human or a machine." ~ Robert Mayer, National award winning author of Superfolks, The Dreams of Ada, and The Origin of Sorrow

    Juno is a super intelligent AI computer developed by the U.S. government to conduct social media attacks against enemies foreign and domestic. She is the first AI Computer programmed with emotions and conscience. She has an emotional bond with her developer, Tom Renwick, a computer scientist. Juno, Tom and their boss, Dr. Erwin Krakouer, the mad National Security Advisor, struggle with issues of trust and emotion. The involvement of Dido, a lady computer empire builder and sometimes girlfriend of Tom, and the Chinese cyber warfare agency add to the tension.

    Love Byte explores emotion and conscience in super AI computers and their ability to partner with humans. In the changing ecology engendered by scarcity of critical resources, can humans’ creativity and ability to work with computers lead to continued survival and prosperity?
    release date: Aug 21, 2017
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    Do-It-Yourself Java Games (3 Book Series)
    From Book 1: Do-It-Yourself Java Games uses a unique "discovery learning" approach to teach computer programming: learn Java programming techniques more by doing Java programming than by reading about them. Through extensive use of fill-in blanks, with easy one-click access to answers, you will be guided to write complete programs yourself, starting with the first lesson. With this first book of the series, you'll create puzzle and game programs like Choose An Adventure, Secret Code, Hangman, Crazy Eights, and many more, and discover how, when, and why Java programs are written the way they are.

    Each book of the Do-It-Yourself Java Games series builds on skills taught in the previous book, yet each book is completely independent. You may start anywhere in the series based on your Java programming experience and current needs.

    - Do-It-Yourself Java Games: An Introduction to Java Computer Programming - learn the fundamentals of Java programming as you create fourteen different text-based games. No previous programming experience is required

    - More Do-It-Yourself Java Games: An Introduction to Java Graphics and Event-Driven Programming - learn how to program windows, icons, and menus as you create ten more colorful, more interactive games.

    - Advanced Do-It-Yourself Java Games: An Introduction to Java Threads and Animated Video Games - learn to control multiple, simultaneous activities as you create eight more lively, audible games.

    All books in the series employ the same "discovery learning" approach to teach computer programming.
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    release date: Aug 21, 2017
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    FB Live Adventure Series (7 Book Series)
    From Book 1:
    Rethink the traditional network, cable, Dish, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon TV Show in 2017 and beyond. This simple step-by-step guide allows YOU to take on all the responsibilities and demands to create, produce, write, direct and star in your own 'Live' TV Show absolutely Free using the Facebook App and the new 'Go Live' video function. This first book in the FB Live Adventure Series gets you prepared for the first episode of your New TV Show. Yes, the Season Premiere can be just a week or two away.
    So invest in the dream of hosting your own TV Show by downloading your copy of this book NOW ! With this small investment you will follow some easy steps to be able to broadcast your TV Show Globally within a few days to 2 weeks.
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