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release date: Mar 25, 2017
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Gold KID Minecraft Series (4 Book Series)
From Book 1:

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Escape all of your problems as you enter into a new never discovered world of Minecraft with your best friend Jake the Stoic, for those of you who don't know what stoic means. It is a word used to describe someone who can take pain.

release date: Mar 25, 2017
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Python Programming for Complete Beginners (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Yes - You really can learn Python - Even if You've Never Written Code Before!

Would you like to learn Python? Are you worried it will be too difficult? Do you need the right instruction and advice to help you succeed?

What this book offers:

Python Programming Tome 1 provides many useful screenshots and graphs to help you make sense of even the most even the most difficult concepts. This is the book for you - even if you're a complete beginner!

How this book is different...

Unlike other Python methods, Python Programming Tome 1 gets you started FAST, and makes sure you understand every step of the process!

5 Solid Reasons to Learn Python:

  1. Python Is Easy to Learn

  2. Python Is a Great Stepping Stone to Other Languages

  3. Python Programmers Make Top Dollar

  4. Modern Python Runs Very Fast

  5. Python's Popularity Makes It Easy to Find Add-ons

Click the BUY button and download Python Programming Tome 1 TODAY!

release date: Mar 25, 2017
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Quit Your Job in 6 Months (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Ordinary Job, Ordinary Life

“Quit your job? But I thought having a job was a good thing!”
Jobs feel safe. We show up, do what we’re supposed to do, and a check for the same amount comes in every couple of weeks. We can feel safe, secure, and comfortable with that. We can budget for housing, transportation, and food. We might even get a few weeks of vacation each year and have enough left over to go somewhere nice. So what’s the problem?

Average Isn’t Satisfying, and Repetition is Drudgery

The problem is that average just isn’t satisfying. We can be thankful that we’re not homeless or completely impoverished all we want, but that still doesn’t scratch the itch we all have to live an extraordinary life—to spend more time doing what we love, less time doing what we don’t love, and have more financial wealth to support our adventures.

On top of that, most jobs involve doing the same things over and over again. You don’t learn. One day blends into the next. You don’t grow. Your life lacks richness, diversity, and excitement. All put together this doesn’t make for a very inspiring way to live the one life you get.

Quit, and Do Your Own Sh*t

In Quit Your Job in 6 Months: Why You Should Quit Your Job and How You Can, author and internet entrepreneur Buck Flogging reveals all of his internet business secrets to help you build a business from zero to $100 per day or more in 6 months or less—all in your spare time using time-efficient tactics that work, with minimal startup costs.

If you want a shot at achieving real wealth and living the dream life of freedom to work anywhere in the world with an internet connection, the four book Quit Your Job in 6 Months series will teach you everything you need to know.

Available in paperback, audiobook, and as an eBook for instant download on major book retailers everywhere.

To get insider information that can help show you the way, go to:

release date: Jan 12, 2017
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Html: HTML & CSS: For Beginners: Your Step by Step Guide to Easily HtmL & Css Programming  in 7 Days

Are You Ready To Learn HTML & CSS Easily?

HTML is an acronym for Hyper Text Mark-Up Language. It is the main programming language used to develop websites. It acts as a framework of sorts where different elements like color, video, images, flash animation, etc. could be added later on.

Back in the day, website creation and development would only go as far as one's imagination. Website developers of yesteryears had to get specialized education just to be able to learn a programming language and start developing websites, applications, etc. This was an extremely grueling process and would often times become the deterring factor for students. However, when HTML was introduced, website creation and develop got a whole lot easier.

This book will help you understand HTML's syntax and semantics, which will allow you to create a website completely from scratch. We'll teach you how to lay down the foundations—the backbone—of a website and then add aesthetic elements later on using Cascading Style Sheets or what’s commonly known as CSS.

Here’s What You’ll Learn From This HTML & CSS For Beginners Book:

✓ Introduction
✓ HTML Fundamentals
✓ HTML Fundamentals 2
✓ HTML Fundamentals 3
✓ CSS In-depth
and much more

What Are You Waiting For?

Start Coding HTML & CSS Right Now!

release date: Jan 12, 2017
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Java: Programming: Your Step by Step Guide to Easily Learn Java in 7 Days (Java for Beginners, Java Programming for Beginners, Learn Java, Java Language)

Are You Ready To Learn Java Easily?

Java is actually a decent programming language developed at Sun Microsystems. It was originally used for Internet applications or applets. Those applets are embedded on web pages and run in the browser. Java uses a special format known as byte code instead of an ordinary machine code.
Java is not limited to Internet applications. It is technically a complete general object-oriented programming language which can be used to develop all sorts of applications. The syntax of Java is very much similar to the syntax of C++ but removes its error-prone features and complications.
Throughout the eBook, we will discuss the basics of how Java programs are compiled, simple expressions and declarations, classes, objects, and statements, until you are able to learn, understand, and write a complete Java program in just one day.

Here’s What You’ll Learn From This Java For Beginners Book:

✓ Introduction
✓ Chapter 1: Basics of Java
✓ Chapter 2: Conditional Statements, Iterative Statements, and Branching Statements
✓ Chapter 3 Arrays
✓ Chapter 4 Methods, Objects, Classes
✓ Chapter 5 Interfaces and Inheritance
✓ Chapter 6 Packages
✓ and much more

What Are You Waiting For?

Start Coding Java Right Now!

release date: Mar 03, 2017
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Windows 10: The ultimate Windows 10 user guide and manual!


Download This Great Book Today! Available To Read On Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet!

Windows 10 is the newest operating system created by Microsoft, which has some new features when compared to previous Windows versions.

This book serves as a complete user guide to Windows 10, and takes you step by step though all of these new features, whilst also showing the complete Windows beginner how to navigate Windows.

With the help of this book, you will soon learn how to customize Windows 10 to your own liking, how to use virtual desktops to increase productivity, and how to use Window’s new personal assistant, Cortana.

Also included is a full breakdown of the security features of Windows 10. You will be taken step by step through customizing these security features to make your computing experience as safe as possible.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn About Inside…

  • What's New About Windows 10
  • How To Navigate Windows 10
  • Customizing Windows 10
  • Virtual Networks
  • Cortana
  • Privacy & Security Settings
  • Much, Much More!

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release date: Mar 15, 2017
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Java For Beginners Guide To Learn Java And Java Programming (Java Programming Books)

Do You Want To Start Programming Quickly? Are You Tired of Your Java Code Turning Out Wrong? Want to Become A Programming Master?

If you have always wanted to know how to program, then this book is your ideal solution!

The book, “Java: Java For Beginners Guide To Learn Java And Java Programming”, contains proven steps and strategies on how to learn basic programming in Java, including lesson summaries for easy reference and lessons at the end of each chapter to help you compound your new knowledge. Java is a simple language, object-oriented and incredibly easy to learn, provided you put your mind to it. Once you have learned the fundamental concepts and how to write the code, you will soon be programming like a pro!

★☆★Read This Book for FREE with Kindle Unlimited – Order Now!★☆★

This book aims to teach you the basics of Java language in the simplest way possible. Unlike other resources, this book will not feed you with too many technicalities that might confuse you along the way. Each discussion was written in simple words. All exercises in this book were carefully chosen to be simple cases in order to make your Java practice easier.

By reading this book you will gain an understanding of the basic concepts of Java Programming including:

  • Conditional Statements
  • Statements – Looping and Iteration
  • Arrays
  • Functions and Methods
  • Classes and Objects
  • Solutions to Exercises
  • and Many More...

This book brings you a concise, straight to the point, easy to follow code examples so you can begin coding in 24 hours or less. Invest in yourself, learn the Java basics, practice Java programming and you will be a programmer in no time.

Begin your journey TODAY, No Prior Programming Experience Is Required!

Don't wait! Download “Java: Java For Beginners Guide To Learn Java And Java Programming” Today and Get Started With Your New Programming Career!!

release date: Jan 14, 2017
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Angular 2: From Theory To Practice
*Updated to the Angular 2.4.3 released in January 2017.

After reading this book, you are going to be able to:-

- Understand the latest features of ES6 JavaScript and TypeScript.
- Build an Angular 2 application from scratch using TypeScript and the Angular command line interface.
- Write code using the paradigm of reactive programming with RxJS and Observables.
- Know how to Unit Test Angular 2 using Jasmine, Karma and the Angular Test Bed

The first chapter in the course is a quickstart where you dive straight into writing your first Angular 2 application. We use the web editor plunker so you can get stuck in writing code ASAP.

In this quickstart you'll get a 50,000 foot view of the major features of Angular 2.

Then chapter by chapter we go much deeper into each of these features. I'll cover the theory for that feature, using plunker as much as possible so you can try out the code yourself in a browser. Then you'll practice what you've learnt with either an online quiz or a set of flash cards.

You are going to learn all about:-

- Typescript & ES6 Javascript.
- Components & Binding
- Directives
- Dependancy Injection & Services
- Angular Modules & Bootstrapping your Angular application.
- SPAs & Routing
- Angular CLI
- Forms
- Reactive Programming with RXJs
- Unit Testing

The ideal student is an existing web developer, with some JavaScript knowledge that wants to add Angular 2 to their skill set. Or perhaps you are an existing Angular 1 developer who wants to level up to Angular 2.

You do need to be comfortable with at least the ES5 version of JavaScript. We'll be using a UI framework called twitter bootstrap throughout the course but you still must know HTML and some CSS.
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release date: Mar 20, 2017
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Python Programming: A Step by Step Beginner's guide to Coding with Python in 7 Days or Less! (Python Programming Language, Web Programming Python, How to Program Python Book 4)

Python Programming in Less Than 7 Days!

When it comes to picking out a coding language that has all the power, and yet still works for a beginner to use without getting confused, nothing compares to the Python coding language.

Inside this book, we’ll discuss many of the language’s features and, coding tips and tricks, that you can use with Python to go from a complete beginner to an expert in no time. Python is an easy language to learn and by the time you are done, you will know how to code a variety of programs on your own. Some of the things that we will discuss in this book include:

  • How to get Python on your computer to start with

  • The regular expressions in Python

  • How to work in the files of your coding

  • The basic syntax and parts found in most codes.

  • How to create conditional statements in Python

  • How to work in loops to save time and make the code look nice

  • How to handle exceptions inside your code

  • And much more

No matter what skill level you’re at, when it comes to learning to code, Python is one of the best coding languages to get started with. It’s simple, a lot of fun, and you can learn it in no time, even as a beginner.

Click the Buy button on this page and learn just how easy the Python coding language can be for you!

release date: Feb 22, 2017
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Programming: For Beginners: 3 Manuscripts in 1 Bundle - Python For Beginners, Java Programming and Html & CSS For Beginners -
In this book you will learn:
- Everything you need to know about Python: from “Python Syntax “and “The Loops” to “Coding a Full Program”.

You will learn:
- Everything you need to know about Java: from the “Conditional Statements” to “Interfaces and Inheritance”

You will learn:
- Everything you need to know about Html & CSS: “The Fundamentals 1,2,3” of Html and CSS in depth
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