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release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Patty Cakes Bake Shop Cozy Mystery Series (5 Book Series)
From Book 1: Sometimes weddings can be murder.

Bakery owner Joy Cooke is known around town for her scrumptious cakes, flaky pastries, and her killer chocolate tart. But when Joy's client, a batty bride-to-be, learns her ex-boyfriend is dead after eating one of Joy's desserts, the bakery becomes the center of a murder investigation. With the help of a spacy assistant and a fluffy cat named Cheesecake, Joy sets out to find the murderer. Her investigation points to her number one competitor in town, but would Joy's rival Maple McWayne resort to murder to put her out of business?
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release date: Mar 23, 2017
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[まとめ買い] シックスサマナ
もうまっぴらだ! 我慢の限界だ!








release date: Mar 23, 2017
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The Culinary Library (5 Book Series)
From Book 1: Arguably the first culinary tool invented by man, the Mortar and Pestle remains a world wide favorite unaffected by time, culture or gender. From professional chefs to amateur home cooks the definitive Mortar & Pestle book by D & P Gramp is an absolute must. Covering history, selection, pre-prep and recipes from sauces, curries, pastes, compound butters and marinades to unguents and elixirs, you will be spellbound by the unfolding magic of this Alchemical food tool.
release date: Mar 23, 2017
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The Wellness Solution (12 Book Series)
From Book 1: This book is the first part of a 12-book series based on the online health education course, It is designed to help people to understand what is needed in order to maximize their wellness over the course of their lives. It can be confusing out there. Every day we hear something about health and wellness that either conflicts with what we thought we knew or is a new concept we were unaware of. The Wellness Solution will guide you through urban legends and misinformation being promoted today as health and wellness. This-one of-a-kind wellness program was created Dr. Daniel Lonquist and Dr. Greg Haitz.

Treating disease once it shows up has not been an effective strategy in health care. Together, Dr. Lonquist and Dr. Haitz have a mission to take their experience and approach as field doctors, and bring it to everyone. Although they’ve discovered simple and attainable secrets to health and wellness, it is impossible for them to reach everyone – until now. The Wellness Solution: How To Achieve Optimal Health and Wellness contains, is the first of a 12 book series with implementation strategies that cover all aspects of health and wellness. The Wellness Solution series will give you access to your own exercise and fitness professional, nutritionist, and stress management lifestyle coach – all wrapped up and delivered in convenient and easy to follow and implement modules.

With the rise in obesity, lack of fitness and pervasive stress, we need to proactively address lifestyle issues and prevention.
release date: Mar 23, 2017
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"ils" parlent
✔ « J’aime ton T-shirt Jérôme. :) »
✔ « C’est triste mes faut le supporter ♥ courage a tout ceux
a qui sa leur arrive ♥ »

••• télécharger gratuitement l’extrait (à droite)

➜ Un livre espiègle...

"Ils" parlent, une collection de commentaires glanés sur internet
à propos de l’amour. Sans pudeur.

Un strip-tease en quelque sorte.

➜ + « troller », mode d’emploi...
« Sélectionnez un intervenant qui argumente souvent, passionné par le sujet.
Ensuite... »
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release date: Mar 23, 2017
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The Big Fish Tails (10 Book Series)
From Book 1: New bonus Chapter now included.
Remarried in 2004 Down-Under, this tale tracks the adventures of The Big Fish and his good lady on their travels to some exciting destinations and some not so exciting ones.
Not backpacking in places where they still point at aircraft. Not just a tale of one particular visit, but a colourful insight into what some may describe as a once in a lifetime adventure, along with some other places that will remain just once in a lifetime for other reasons.
Caught up overseas during that bloody volcano in Iceland, sailing serenely down the Nile, crossing the Atlantic Ocean in boats, the All-Inclusive experience, the good old US of A and City-Breaks; they all take a hit with some barbed comments as The Big Fish has a different take on the usual grandiose waffle served up in the brochures.
Using some of his reviews from the Tripadvisor and CruiseCritic websites as a basis for his tales, The Big Fish takes you on an enthralling journey, giving a colourful account of his travels and firing lighthearted broadsides at so many targets.
The Big Fish does… and having done so, he'd like to share it with you in this 67,000 word book.
release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Nach Großmutters Art (Reihe in 4 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: *** Auf allen E-Readern & Smartphones mit der Kindle App lesbar! ***

Der Herbst ruft und mit ihm die fabelhafte Zeit der Kürbisse.

Gerade in den letzten Jahren hat das vielseitige Gemüse ein großes Comeback hingelegt und das nur zu Recht: die Zubereitungsmöglichkeiten sind nämlich so abwechslungsreich wie sie lecker sind - dieses Rezeptbuch ist das beste Beispiel dafür.

Nach Großmutters Art ist auch tatsächlich Programm für dieses Buch, denn die Autorin bemüht sich, das alte ländliche Wissen über die vielzähligen Zubereitungsformen in dem ersten Band wieder aufleben zu lassen und mit dem Rest der Welt zu teilen.

Denn wie sagt man so schön? Großmutter wusste es am besten!

Die Autorin

Mutter, Hausfrau, Naturheilkundige - Mariella van Beck ist vieles und doch sind das die Bezeichnungen, mit denen sie sich am meisten identifiziert.

Seit Jahrzehnten spielt in ihrem Leben Essen und die Zubereitung dessen eine große Rolle in ihrem Leben und nun sollen die Kinder endlich erfolgreich sein – denn jetzt möchte Muttern ihr Wissen in Rezept- & Kochbüchern mit anderen Kochbegeisterten teilen.
release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Work From Home Series (6 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Life is Too Short to Work for Someone Else!

Are you tired of struggling just to get by with a paycheck that doesn’t quite stretch far enough? Or are you one of the millions of people who are out of work in an economy gone bad? Maybe you long to be your own boss so you can set your own schedule and choose the path your life will take.

Whatever it is that brought you to this page, you’re obviously looking for answers. The good news is you’ve come to the right place.

I've spent the past 20 years working for myself, and I would never dream of punching another clock or trudging to someone else’s office every day to collect a meager paycheck. That’s because I’ve discovered the secret: when you work for yourself, you’re happier, more productive, and you have unlimited earning potential.

After all, why would you want to work so hard to fund someone else’s dreams?

Working for myself has allowed me to live a lifestyle that many people can only dream about. I have the flexibility to create the life I want, take days off when I need to, and I decide how much money I make by choosing the hours I work.

But don’t be fooled. Working from home at a home-based business isn’t easy. It takes hard work and dedication to build a successful business that will make money.

In my book, I’m pleased to offer you 10 proven, realistic ways to work from home and earn a great income. And I won’t just offer you a brief explanation of each method like some other books do.

In each chapter, I provide you with the information and facts you need to determine if that business is right for you.But I don’t stop there. I’ll also give you important links and resources, so if you decide you want to pursue one of the home-based business ideas listed in this book, you’ll have everything you need to begin.

So, the choice is yours. Will you wake up tomorrow morning and spend your day funding someone else’s dream, or will you finally take the steps needed to claim your own success?

Why not start right now by buying How to Work From Home and Make Money? It’s one of the most important things you’ll do to begin the process of achieving your own dreams.

tags: work from home, home based business, make money, make money from home, online business, small business, start a business, startup, startups

release date: Mar 23, 2017
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In Dixie Series (5 Book Series)
From Book 1: “ Honey, there are secrets in this town for sure but I couldn’t believe there were so many-- all buried in one family. And of all places to start digging them up—a funeral.”
~Vivi McFadden Heart

“I was born into a house full of secrets and bad behavior.”

Rhonda Cartwright Bently is having the most important moment of her life. She has finally been asked to help cater the Governor’s ball at the Emmy Awards in LA— But before the big day she has to get home to Tuscaloosa, Alabama and bury her estranged father. What she discovers in the aftermath of the funeral turns her life upside down in a matter of seconds.

A gift from her father from the grave—a dilapidated southern mansion with an old trunk full of family secrets, will transform Rhonda’s life in an instant and make her question everything she’s ever believed about her family and herself. And then there’s that list--the one she made about her dream man when she was just a teenager. Her perfect love may be right here under her nose, but for Rhonda this is one last complication she could do without. She intended to get home, bury Daddy, sell that dilapidated monstrosity and get back to LA, as fast as she could. But plans never quite work out just as we hope.

Rhonda will have to call on her old BFF’s, Blake and Vivi, to help solve the family mystery. But what those original Sassy Belles finally create out of that pile of dust could change Rhonda’s life for good, make her Hollywood dreams fade to black, and maybe even help her uncover her heart right where she left it—in Dixie. But sometimes things aren’t as they seem. And people aren’t always who we think they are.

Beth Albright is at her southern best with this new series of sexy romance, laugh out loud comedy, and edge-of-your-seat mystery—exactly what we have come to love in the Beth Albright brand! So grab your girlfriends and put on your seatbelts for this one-- an exciting, unpredictable joy ride though the Deep South that will keep you guessing until the final shocking pages.
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