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release date: Sep 15, 2018
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Python Programming: Step by Step Guide from Beginners to Expert

Python Programming: Step by step guide from beginners to expert

Prоgrаmmіng іѕ thе mеthоd of tаkіng аn аlgоrіthm аnd еnсоdіng іt іntо a notation, a programming lаnguаgе, ѕо that it wіll be еxесutеd by a соmрutеr. Or іnjuѕt simple words "Programming іѕ a language of telling a computer what to dоthrоugh a set оf instructions."

Thеrе are dіffеrеnttуреѕ оf programming lаnguаgеѕ uѕеd, fоr еxаmрlе:

• Python


• C lаnguаgе

• JAVA and mоrе.

Yоu'll аlwауѕ gеt аѕѕurеd lіnkѕ when you nееd any tооlѕ frоm Google for dеbuggіng аnd рrоfіlіng іn PHP. It has the advantage оf аn extensive developer ecosystem аnd уоuсаngеt any tооlѕеаѕіlу. Thіѕ еxрlаіnѕ whу developers рrеfеruѕіng PHP over Python as the сhаnсе оf getting ѕuсh tools fоr dеbuggіng for the lаttеr is rаrе. Maybe thе need іѕ much lеѕѕ fоr the Pуthоn solutions.

Pуthоn рrоgrаmmіng оffеrѕ a numbеr оf fеаturеѕ that mаkе іt аn аttrасtіvе option fоr web application dеvеlорmеnt. Pуthоn аррlісаtіоnѕ are роrtаblе due tо thе fасt thаt python іntеrрrеtеrѕ аrе аvаіlаblе fоr аll mоdеrn ореrаtіng systems аnd some еmbеddеd соmрutіng systems.

Objесt-оrіеntеd Dеvеlорmеnt. Thе оbjесt-оrіеntеd nаturе оf Pуthоn makes іt an іdеаl fіrѕt language for nеw рrоgrаmmеrѕ аnd easy tо learn fоr рrоgrаmmеrѕ mіgrаtіng tо Python frоm other оbjесt-оrіеntеd lаnguаgеѕ. Python рrоgrаmmіng іѕ іntuіtіvе and rеіnfоrсеѕ good рrоgrаm ѕtruсturе аnd оbjесt-оrіеntеd mеthоdоlоgіеѕ.

If you are a serious guy on Python Programming then this is your book!

release date: Dec 15, 2017
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Keto Crock Pot Cookbook: Top 60 Delicious and Easy To make Keto Recipes You Should Know!: (Crock Pot Cookbook, keto diet, ketogenic cookbook, keto instant pot recipes)

***Filled With Images and Nutritional Info***

Are you looking for easy and delicious Keto recipes that fit with your lifestyle and busy schedule?

This book has actionable information about the keto diet, including 60 delicious, easy to make recipes that you can prepare to get started.
Nowadays, most of the foods we eat are rather processed, genetically modified or junk foods. These are foods high in calories, saturated sugars and fats and are low in fiber, which is essential for proper digestion. What many of us don’t want to accept is that these foods are to blame for many of the world’s health problems such as obesity, diabetes, the heart disease and other lifestyle problems. An unhealthy diet is linked to cardiovascular diseases, obesity and cancer especially when coupled with a sedentary lifestyle.
So what’s the secret to good health? Well, as you perhaps are aware, the secret to healthy and happy life is exercising, weight control and eating right. Of these methods of solving our health problems, diet seems to be the most challenging to understand for many people. What constitutes a healthy diet that can bring about weight loss and good health? Well, while many diets exist out there, the one diet that has been scientifically proven time and again is the ketogenic diet.
Originally designed as a cure for drug-resistant epileptic seizures in the 1930s, the ketogenic diet has proven that it does more than help in curing epileptic seizures; it also helps in combating weight loss, fighting diabetes, heart disease, and much, much more. All you need to do is to eat keto friendly foods, avoid those that are not allowed in the diet, track your intake of carbohydrates and you are all set for success.
And The Keto Crock Pot Cookbook: Top 60 Delicious and Easy To make Keto Recipes You Should Know! will show you exactly what you need to do to move from where you are i.e. unhealthy, overweight/obese, to where you want to be i.e. of healthy weight and with good overall health. In this book, you will learn what the ketogenic diet is all about including what it is you should eat, what you should not eat, how it works, why it works, the benefits that come with following a ketogenic diet, 60 delicious recipes that you can prepare fast and much, much more. Let’s begin!

By following a keto diet, you will get great benefits, such as:
✓. Lose your weight faster.
✓. Have a stable energy level.
✓. Get rid of insulin resistance.
✓. Regulate blood pressure.
✓. Enjoy increased endurance.
✓. No starvation.
✓. Improve your blood profile indicators.
✓. Reduce diabetic medications

here what you'll learn from this book:

✓Chapter 1: Ketogenic Diet For Beginners
✓Chapter 2: What Is It?
✓Chapter 3: Food Guide: What To Eat
✓Chapter 4: Food Guide: What To Avoid
✓Chapter 5: Easy Low Carb Substitutes
✓Chapter 7: Breakfast
✓Chapter 8: Lunch
✓Chapter 9: Dinner
✓Chapter 10: Appetizers & Side Dishes
✓Chapter 11: Dessert
✓Chapter 12: Besides Weight Loss, What Else Can A Keto Diet Do For You?
✓Chapter 13: Watch Out For Some Draw Backs

get your free copy now!

release date: Aug 28, 2018
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Python Programming For Beginners: Learn The Basics Of Python Programming (Python Crash Course, Programming for Dummies)

Programming Doesn't Have To Be Difficult. If You Want To Get Started With Python Programming, Read On..

How many times have you thought about learning how to code but got discouraged because you had no technical background, didn’t have the time to learn, or you just didn’t think you were smart enough?

Would you like to learn the basics of python programming even if you are a complete novice? If so, this book can help you.

Technology Entrepreneur, James Tudor, provides a concise, step-by-step guide to Python programming for beginners. A lot of examples, illustrations, end of chapter summary and practice exercises (with solutions) are provided to help the reader learn faster, remember longer and develop a thorough understanding of key concepts.  

In This Book, you'll discover:

  • A concise. Simple. Newby friendly style of teaching that lends itself well to beginners
  • Chapters that have been sliced into bite-size chunks to give you the information you need (at that point in time) so you're not overwhelmed.
  • Lots of simple, step-by-step examples and illustrations are used to emphasis key conceptsand help improve your understanding
  • Each practice exercise builds on concepts discussed in previous chapters so your learning is reinforced as you progress.
  • Topics are carefully selected to give you a broad exposure to Python, while not overwhelming you with too much (potentially unnecessary) information.
  • An end of chapter summary is presented to give you key take aways that help you solidify your understanding

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to get started - what you need and where to get it (Chapter 1)
  • How a computer functions and what a computer program is (Chapter 2)
  • Simple data types that are available to you and how to manipulate them (Chapter 3)

…and much, much more!

Please be aware, this book is only an extended preview of the paid version Python For Beginners: Learn Python In 5 Days With Step-by-Step Guidance And Hands-On Exercises. The intention with this free version is to give you the opportunity to see the authors teaching style and the quality of the material covered. 

Should you wish to upgrade to the paid version, five more in-depth chapters on conditions and loops, functions and modules etc are covered. In addition, a solution booklet (for the chapter exercises) is provided. 

release date: Sep 12, 2018
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C++: 21 Sample Codes and Advanced Crash Course Guide in C++ Programming
Do you want to learn C++ programming in a way that you can easily understand every concept? Do you want to master advanced concepts of C++ language? Are you tired of reading through large C++ books that you end up getting lost? Well, 21 Sample Codes and Advanced Crash Course Guide in C++ programming takes you through a stepwise journey on learning C++ programming.

If you are just getting started with C++ programming and would like to grasp C++ concepts, don’t hesitate to buy this book. No matter your skill level, we have something new to learn about C++ programming. We use a simple and easy language so that novice programmers can understand everything.

You know that C++ language is one of the most commonly used languages in the world. It has a wide range of compilers that run on different platforms to support it. In addition, C++ compiles into a machine code format, hence it is one of the fastest languages. There are countless features of the C++ language that we cannot describe here and a lot of reasons why you should learn C++ language. There is no better time and resource created to help you quickly master the fundamentals of C++ language than 21 Sample Codes and Advance Crash Course Guide in C++ programming. Inside, you are going to learn:

• How to structure your C++ program
• Detailed descriptions of C++ functions
• Working with C++ arrays and pointers
• Object-Oriented Programming in C++
• A detailed discussion of expressions and variables in C++
• You will understand what multithreading is and how it works in C++
• How you can fix bugs in your C++ program and how to avoid bugs.
• And many more…

If you are serious and you want to advance your career in C++ programming, this book will help you advance your programming skills and master important concepts. Grab your copy today and begin to learn how you can build your project in C++ language.
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release date: Mar 20, 2015
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You Don't Know JS: Up & Going

It’s easy to learn parts of JavaScript, but much harder to learn it completely—or even sufficiently—whether you’re new to the language or have used it for years. With the "You Don’t Know JS" book series, you’ll get a more complete understanding of JavaScript, including trickier parts of the language that many experienced JavaScript programmers simply avoid.

The series’ first book, Up & Going, provides the necessary background for those of you with limited programming experience. By learning the basic building blocks of programming, as well as JavaScript’s core mechanisms, you’ll be prepared to dive into the other, more in-depth books in the series—and be well on your way toward true JavaScript.

With this book you will:

  • Learn the essential programming building blocks, including operators, types, variables, conditionals, loops, and functions
  • Become familiar with JavaScript's core mechanisms such as values, function closures, this, and prototypes
  • Get an overview of other books in the series—and learn why it’s important to understand all parts of JavaScript
release date: Jun 12, 2016
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C Programming: Language: A Step by Step Beginner's Guide to Learn C Programming in 7 Days

Are You Ready To Learn C?

C Programming Language introduces you to the most commonly used programming language, one that has been the basis for many other versions over the years. It is a great book, not just for beginning programmers, but also for computer users who would want to have an idea what is happening behind the scenes as they work with various computer programs.
In this book, you are going to learn what the C programming language entails, how to write conditions, expressions, statements and even commands, for the language to perform its functions efficiently. You will learn too how to organize relevant expressions so that after compilation and execution, the computer returns useful results and not error messages. Additionally, this book details the data types that you need for the C language and how to present it as well.
Simply put, this is a book for programmers, learners taking other computer courses, and other computer users who would like to be versed with the workings of the most popular computer language, C.

In this book You'll learn:

  • What Is The C Language?

  • Setting Up Your Local Environment

  • The C Structure and Data Type

  • C Constants and Literals

  • C Storage Classes

  • Making Decisions In C

  • The Role Of Loops In C Programming

  • Functions in C Programming

  • Structures and Union in C

  • Bit Fields and Typedef Within C.

  • C Header Files and Type Casting

  • Benefits Of Using The C Language

  • ...and much more!!

  • Download your copy today! click the BUY button and download it right now!
    release date: Jan 31, 2016
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    Python3 101 MCQ - Multiple Choice Questions Answers for Jobs, Tests and Quizzes: Python3 Programming QA (Python 3 Beginners Guide)
    Multiple Choice Questions for Python 3 - 101 MCQ's for Python Jobs, Tests & Quizzes

    If you are learning Python programming on your own (whether you are learning from Python books, videos or online tutorials and lesson plans) this book is for you. These questions and answers can be used to test your knowledge of Python3. If you already know Python, you can still use it to check how many questions you can attempt on your own without any help. You may want to go through these questions before you appear for a job interview. If you are a teacher or tutor who is teaching Python, you'll find these MCQ useful as a tool to understand how much your students have learned what you have taught.

    All these questions are based on Python 3 and the target level of questions is Beginner Level - someone who is just starting to learn Python or someone who has recently learnt Python. Answer Key for these questions is provided at the end.
    release date: Dec 18, 2017
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    Java: Code Your Way to Corporate - A Beginners Guide to Learn the Latest Edition of Java Programming and   Coding (java, java programming, java for dummies, ... java tutorial, java book, java guide)

    Java: Code Your Way to Corporate

    A Beginners Guide to Learn the Latest Edition of Java Programming and Coding

    As many consider so, the language of programming may be the most important ability of our century. Called as “the language of the future”, programming is becoming more and more important as it is changing the daily life in society. Java is everywhere: datacenters, desktops, cell-phones, scientific computers. So, it is quite clear that Java has changed the landscape of programming language all over the world during the last two decades.

    This manual aims to help you being familiar with Java programming, its key concepts and every needed specification concerned to one of the most important activities in the world today
    Our goal is to help you in taking advantage of the full potential of this tool and, consequently, if you’re starting to give your first steps in programming, we hope to contribute to the increase of both your productivity and knowledge.
    But for now, it’s time for us to open the doors of knowledge for you!

    What You Are Going To Learn

    • Java Basic Syntax and Operators

    • Introduction to Classes and Objects

    • Java Basic Data Types

    • Java Loop Control

    • And Much, Much More!

    Java:Code Your Way to Corporate

    release date: Jan 03, 2018
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    JavaScript: Program a Dynamic, User-Responsive Website - A Crash Course to Learn JavaScript Programming and HTML the Easy Way (javascript, javascript the ... programming, javascript for beginners)

    JavaScript: Program a Dynamic, User-Responsive Website

    A Crash Course to Learn JavaScript Programming and HTML the Easy Way

    JavaScript is an object-based programming language that is very popular today as it is adopted universally by every web browser, allowing dynamic content to get executed in a webpage. In reality, as JavaScript built its success worldwide with its integration into the web browsers, the programming skills became more and more important in order to work with this language.Therefore, web designer can’t ignore the importance of JavaScript language as an absolutely decisive tool in order to grant you every kind of solutions.

    JavaScript stands unique and its role can never be denied as JavaScript can act as both object oriented language and procedural language. It is truly undeniable that JavaScript is the key to produce pages that are customized to the user and where the creation of pages dynamically based on the user's choices is allowed.

    This manual aims to help you discovering the full potential of the JavaScript language, helping your learning about how to turn the content of a static page into an interactive, engaging, and intelligent experience. In reality, we will approach the most crucial tasks required to every programmer, such as showing, hiding, changing or resizing images. Not only that, you will be able to learn how to create image rollovers and scrolling texts across the status bar as well.

    What You Are Going To Learn

    • Programming Basics

    • Decisions and Loops

    • JavaScript Objects

    • JavaScript Events

    • Much, Much More!

    Program a Dynamic, User-Responsive Website

    release date: Mar 21, 2017
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    Solving PDEs in Python: The FEniCS Tutorial I (Simula SpringerBriefs on Computing)
    This book offers a concise and gentle introduction to finite element programming in Python based on the popular FEniCS software library. Using a series of examples, including the Poisson equation, the equations of linear elasticity, the incompressible Navier–Stokes equations, and systems of nonlinear advection–diffusion–reaction equations, it guides readers through the essential steps to quickly solving a PDE in FEniCS, such as how to define a finite variational problem, how to set boundary conditions, how to solve linear and nonlinear systems, and how to visualize solutions and structure finite element Python programs.
    This book is open access under a CC BY license.
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