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release date: Dec 12, 2017
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Coloring to Life (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:
IMPORTANT - KINDLE edition of this book is a coloring BOOK PREVIEW only and it is NOT intended for coloring within the device.
It is a preview - its main intent is to show the designs that are available in the physical copy of the book.
However, we've added a BONUS link at the end of the book which lets you download a high quality PDF VERSION with of 3 A4 illustrations ready for PRINTING.

Coloring works as an anti-stress activity, and it is one of the best alternatives to meditation as it achieves similar effects. It relaxes, eases, enhances creativity and connects you with higher power, your higher spiritual self.

This is not your usual coloring book; it is infused with spiritual power from 27 Archangels & Ascended Masters.  As you color, these lighted entities surround you, sharing their energy with you for instant healing, guidance and spiritual power.

Clear your schedule put a ‘do not disturb me” sign outside your door and some relaxing tunes on the radio, and allow the pages ascend you as you color them to life.

Inside you will find the following sketches:


  • Michael
  • Gabriel
  • Raphael
  • Haniel
  • Metatron
  • Jeremiel
  • Raguel
  • Uriel
  • Chamuel
  • Ariel
  • Jophiel
  • Sandalphon
  • Raziel
  • Zadkiel
  • Anael
  • Orion
  • Barachiel

Ascended masters:

  • Jesus Christ
  • Mother Mary
  • Buddha
  • Lakshmi
  • Saint Germain
  • Francis of Assisi
  • John the Baptist
  • Quan Yin
release date: Dec 12, 2017
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Diary of a Minecraft Dork Steve (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: You can't tell what's in store for you when you're kept in the dark…

Timid but plucky young Steve is having a bit of trouble at school, and things are about to get even worse. After some school bullies trick the naive boy into getting lost in a forbidden, dank, dark cave, he thinks all hope is lost. Luckily, he has run into Alex, an independent and brave, equally plucky classmate who is ready to lend a hand.

The new duo explores the dangerous cave, running into spiders, skeletons – even zombies along the way! As Steve slowly builds confidence maneuvering the depths of the cave, it seems like the team might be on their way out...that is, until a chance meeting with Freddy, a member of the gang of bullies, throws a wrench into their plans…

Will Steve and Alex be able to make it out of the cave intact, or has Steve's luck begun to run out? Read Forbidden Cave to find out!

A heartwarming tale of newfound courage in the face of adversity, The Forbidden Cave will have any fan of Minecraft rooting for the heroes from beginning until the end, a perfect holiday pick for your child.

Disclaimer: This book is a work of fanfiction; it is not an official Minecraft book. It is not endorsed, authorized, licensed, sponsored, or supported by Mojang AB, Microsoft Corp. or any other entity owning or controlling rights to the Minecraft name, trademarks or copyrights.

release date: May 31, 2016
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Frosted Sweets (A Taste of Love Series Book 1)
Bestselling Title - Frosted Sweets a contemporary romantic comedy.

Morgan Lewis, a hopeless romantic and the bubbly owner of the Polka Dot Bakery, couldn't wait to wed the man of her dreams. Feeling giddy as she walks through the park carrying her beautiful wedding dress over her shoulder, she sees a sight no soon-to-be bride should ever see. In that moment, the wedding of her dreams becomes a story fit for a gossip magazine. As tears stream down her face, she wonders who to cancel first; the church or the caterer.

Insert Jayden Rivers whose career in production has him relocated to Atlanta. His mother always said it would take a special woman to lure him away from his work, but he felt like someone sucker punched him when he saw her... the sweet smelling goddess carrying a wedding dress through the park. Will Jayden be able to set the camera aside and restore Morgan's faith in love?

Frosted Sweets brings women a pinch of contemporary romance, a dash of romantic comedy, and a sprinkle of chick lit in one delicious treat.

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release date: Dec 03, 2017
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Calisthenics: This Book Includes - Calisthenics AND Bulletproof Diet - A TWO Book Bundle

This Book Includes 2 Manuscripts


The "Simple-Six" Body Workout

We have never had a better understanding of the importance of physical activity than we have today. Knowing we need to exercise and actually finding the time to get active, however, seem more difficult than ever before. When we drive down the street, it may appear that there is a gym on every corner, and a quick online search will find an amazing number of exercise programs out there, but perhaps, you do not want to commit to sharing your workout time with strangers or do not have time to complete that 60-minute training video. The need is greater than ever to find a simple system that travels anywhere you do, doesn’t take a lot of time, and meets your health and wellness goals. That’s where calisthenics comes in!

Calisthenics, also known as Body Weight Training, has been the backbone of strength and conditioning workouts for more centuries than you can count on both hands. Whether it was ancient Chinese warriors, the Greek Spartans, or even your fourth-grade gym class, there probably is not a generation in history that hasn’t found strength and wellness simply by working against one’s own body weight. 

In this book you'll find:

  • Starting at Your Baseline 

  • Getting Your Train on the Right Track 

  • Beginner Level Calisthenics Exercises 

  • Increasing the Intensity with Advanced Calisthenics

  • Developing the Simple Six into a Completely Customized Workout

  • Overload vs. Overtraining and Best Practices to Avoid Injuries 

  • Additional Options for Integrating Calisthenics and Other Types of Training Methodologies 

By the time you are finished reading, I am confident you will have all the resources you need to work out whenever and wherever you find works best for you. Whether you are at home, on vacation, on a business trip or in the local park, you are sure to find your best workouts are ahead of you!

Bulletproof Diet

Lose Fat, Get Fit & Live A Better Life

The Bulletproof Diet is one of the best diet plans out there. While other diet plans make you feel deprived or have rules that are hard to follow, this one is simple and can easily fit into your daily life. With the Bulletproof diet, you won’t just learn about the foods that you are allowed to eat and the ones that you need to avoid, but also about the right times to eat to see the best results. This guidebook will delve into this diet and explain why it is the best one for your needs!

This guidebook is going to bring up many of the great topics that you need to know to gain an understanding of the Bulletproof Diet and how it works. 

Some of the topics that we will discuss include:

  • What is the Bulletproof Diet?
  • What foods are allowed on this diet plan
  • The health benefits of following this diet plan.
  • The importance of thinking positively
  • How getting enough sleep can help with your health journey
  • Bulletproof Diet approved cooking methods

The Bulletproof Diet is one of the best diet plans that you can choose to go on for your overall health and to ensure you finally lose weight without having to try so hard. Make sure to check out this guidebook and learn everything that you need to know to make the Bulletproof diet work for you.

Combine the best bodyweight workout exercises with a diet that works!

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release date: Oct 12, 2017
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3:AM Kisses, Hollow Brook: Boxed Set
***THREE BOOKS!*** This Boxed Set includes Low Down & Dirty (3:AM Kisses, Hollow Brook 1),
Dirty Disaster (3:AM Kisses, Hollow Brook 2), The Social Experience

From the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author, Addison Moore!
Cosmopolitan Magazine calls Addison's books, "...easy, frothy fun!"

Low Down & Dirty (3:AM Kisses, Hollow Brook 1)
***A best friend’s brother romance*** ROMANTIC COMEDY****
Meet Levi Masterson…
I’ve never had a problem with the ladies. I’ve got all the right equipment and I know how to use it.

But my life just landed in a blender and my head is still spinning. So when Harlow Hartley comes jackknifing into my world like a tornado, I try to steer clear. She’s my sister’s best friend. She’s having a tough time right now, and I was asked to let her move in with me until she can get on her feet. With Low at the house, dripping with attitude, dancing around in those tight jeans, that T-shirt that stretches in all the right places, I’m ready to lose what’s left of my mind. Sure she’s beautiful and smart, but she’s mouthy and feisty as can be. As tempted as I am to try to land my mouth over hers, my sister made it clear that Low is off limits. As much as I’d like to think that’s a good thing, I can’t seem to shake the need to have her. Maybe it’s time to scratch that itch—something quick and dirty that takes the edge off for the both of us and we can call it a day. But nothing in life is ever that simple—sometimes your heart gets in the way.
***A 3:AM Kisses Series *SEXY* spinoff! Welcome to Hollow Brook!***

Dirty Disaster (3:AM Kisses, Hollow Brook 2)
Meet Axel Collins…
I’ve had my fair share of women. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve sent them all away with a smile on their face.

Just one night is all I need to put that spring in their step and leave them begging for more. But more isn’t something I’m willing to give them. I don’t let them stay the night, and I don’t do relationships—not since Lex, not after Lex.

But Lex comes barreling into my world like a hurricane, destroying everything in her path as she makes her way back into my life—she never did leave my heart.

No, now that Lex is back I’m not letting her go—not out of my world or out of my bed. She’s back and this time I’m determined to keep it that way.

The Social Experiment
Two Strangers. Six Weeks.

*A romantic comedy from the New York Times bestselling author Addison Moore*
Rowen Garret is a jackass of the highest order. I knew signing up for some experimental dating experience would not pan out to be a good thing, but after kissing a stranger in the dark for five solid savory minutes only to have the lights come on and expose him for the jerk he is, I have the sudden urge to strangle my new roommate who talked me into this nightmare.

Sophie Meyer is a handful. I should know, I hung out in her living room for so long I became a fixture. But that was when her older brother, Braden, and I actually got along, before he snatched my long time girlfriend out from underneath me and stopped speaking to me as if I were the one who hijacked his life. And now here I am with his feisty little sister in my arms, her face lit up in horror at the thought of what we’ve just done. I would never kiss Sophie Meyer under normal circumstances, never even entertain the thought. Nope, this was a bad idea through and through. This is one social experiment I never want to think about again. But one thing is for sure. I will never forget that kiss.

Two strangers, six weeks, the social experiment says the odds are in their favor, Rowen and Sophie says they aren’t.
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release date: Aug 24, 2017
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Bad Choices Make Good Stories: Going to New York (How The Great American Opioid Epidemic of The 21st Century Began)
The incredible true story of a teenage hacker from Germany who goes to New York, looking for love. What could possibly go wrong?

"Bad Choices Make Good Stories" is a darkly funny coming-of-age novel based on true events. Oliver, a teenage hacker living in Germany, meets Donna online. She's an American girl living in New York. After chatting and talking on the phone for months, he finally decides to surprise her with a visit. But he soon finds out that things are not what they appeared to be, and that this visit will change his life forever.
release date: Oct 31, 2017
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Why Men And Women Can't Be Friends: Honest Relationship Advice for Women (Educated Rants and Wild Guesses Book 1)
With candid honesty Oliver Markus Malloy explores the age-old question: "Can men and women ever really be just friends?" Women think so. But every man knows that it's impossible. Read this book and find out what really goes on in a man's mind. You will never look at opposite-sex friendships the same way again.


One in two marriages end in divorce. Often because a couple doesn't notice how they slowly drift apart, because we have more in common with someone else and develop emotional intimacy with that someone else. We find some other shoulder to cry on, or  we can't wait to tell that someone else about our day. And then eventually people cheat with these co-workers or friends of the opposite sex.

Your marriage has a 50% chance of falling apart. So when you feel insecure and jealous about your significant other's close opposite-sex friend, you're not being paranoid, you're being realistic. And if you have a close opposite-sex friend, you can't blame your partner for worrying that sooner or later it will break up your relationship somehow.

Divorce statistics don't take into account all your other relationships that fell apart. If you dated nine men before you got married, that means your relationships so far had a 90% failure rate. And most likely meeting someone of the opposite sex (maybe when you went to college, or started a new job) and getting close with him had something to do with that. Do you really need a close intimate friend of the opposite sex that increases the odds even further that your current relationship will break apart too?

We men know that most of you women want to have an emotional connection with someone before you  sleep with him. We men know that a lot of you women think it's romantic to be friends first, and then the friendship blossoms into a relationship. Men know that we have to jump through all these hoops first, before we can get laid. And that's really all romance and courtship is to a man: hoops we have to jump through to get laid.

We men pretend to be "just a friend" at first, even though we want to sleep with you from day one. Otherwise we wouldn't be spending any time, money or attention on you, because these are limited resources and we need these resources to attract a mate. We can't afford to squander them. So we apply these resources to the female that looks to be our best bet to get laid. But we also know that we can't tell you on day one that we want to sleep with you, because you'll think it's creepy. So we play along with the illusion that it's "just a friendship" that "suddenly" developed into more, when you finally feel inclined to sleep with us "because we have a deep connection." But that was really our goal from day one.

You can do a simple test: Next time you talk to your best male friend, tell him that you feel very close to him and that you have been thinking about what it would be like to sleep with him, because you two have this deep connection. Ask him if he would be open to that. Of course he will say yes. Because that was the whole reason why he was courting and wooing you in a slow process that you mistook for "just being friends."
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release date: Jul 18, 2015
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30 Interactive Brainteasers to Warm up your Brain (Riddles & Brain teasers, puzzles, puzzles & games)

A Fun Mini Edition by Puzzleland!!!

"30 Interactive Brain teasers to Warm Up your Brain" is a mini edition by Puzzleland, containing 30 easy and short brain teasers to get your mind warmed up for the day!

This little fun book is ideal for teens and adults who look for some creative ways to spend their free time, entertain their mind or simply keep themselves busy while waiting in public locations!

The difficulty level of the brainteasers in this mini collection is appropriate for beginner teens or adults, and even for smart kids.

This book is specially formatted to provide clues, simply with a click, before providing the answer! You can ask for a clue before seeing the answer which is really great and makes the game a lot more fun!

Download your Copy and start having fun right away!
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release date: Nov 28, 2017
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The Greatest Ghost and Horror Stories Ever Written: volume 3 (30 short stories)
If you were looking for the Holy Bible of the horror anthologies, consider yourself lucky, because you just found it!
Cosmic horror, supernatural events, ghost stories, weird fiction, mystical fantasies, occult narratives, this book plunges you into dark domains and brings you face to face with surreal monstrosities.

This third volume of “The Greatest Ghost and Horror Stories Ever Written” features 30 stories by an all-star cast, including Ambrose Bierce, Algernon Blackwood, Robert W. Chambers, M. R. James, H. P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, W. F. Harvey, Sheridan Le Fanu, E. T. A. Hoffmann, O. Henry, Edith Nesbit, Charles Dickens, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and A. M. Burrage, among many others!
release date: Nov 25, 2017
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The Complete Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft
Written between the years 1917 and 1935, this collection features Lovecraft's trademark fantastical creatures and supernatural thrills, as well as many horrific and cautionary science-fiction themes, that have influenced some of today's writers and filmmakers, including Stephen King, Alan Moore, F. Paul Wilson, Guillermo del Toro, and Neil Gaiman. Included in this volume are The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, "The Call of Cthulhu," "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath," "At the Mountains of Madness," "The Shadow Over Innsmouth," "The Colour Out of Space," "The Dunwich Horror," and many more hair-raising tales.
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