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release date: Jun 24, 2017
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Mission (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: This story was originally written as a free download for the M/M Romance Group's 'Love Has No Boundaries' Event.

Tags: Light BDSM, geeks/nerds, age gap, snarky humor, giant bears, brazen twinks

Xander like things simple. He tried to keep up with the big boys, and failed disastrously. Now, he's sworn off the bad boys he's always been drawn to so irresistibly. But he's finally forced to admit that his determination to play it safe has resulted in nothing but a string of bad (read: boring) dates.Luckily, his friend Lara knows what he really needs. Losing to her strategically played bet sees Xander stepping into a whole new world.

Paul is on a mission: Make Xander his. After months spent quietly falling for him from a distance, Paul is a more than willing pawn in Lara's hands. He'll pull out all the stops -- sexy kilt and all -- to introduce Xander to the beauty of submission at a loving Dom's feet. But even if the sting of deceit is deemed forgivable, Xander can't imagine what a sexy powerhouse like Paul wants with a quiet, unassuming boy like Xander.

Author’s Note
There is hot sex in this story, but the issue of protection is left somewhat ambiguous. The author does not condone unprotected sex. In real life, be safe without question.
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release date: Jun 24, 2017
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This Crazy Universe (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Myrha wins a poetry contest for a free vacation to Lieval: a world supposedly made of beaches, babes and barbecue. But when guests start disappearing, it quickly turns into a world of mayhem, mystery and muscle-munching zombies!

This novella contains swearing, talk of sex and descriptions of violence.
release date: Jun 24, 2017
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Unfinished Liaisons (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Disappointed by politics and coverups, Father Esteban Hidalgo leaves the church, regardless of his conservative family’s tradition. The real trigger for his decision is losing his best friend, Mauricio, who died of AIDS, and whose last letter asked Esteban to look out for his widower, Javier Lozano.

Without Mauricio's love, Javier collapses, and the only thing which keeps him going on is to fulfill Mauricio's last wish. Javier has to personally return twenty years of letters to Mauricio's pen pal and best friend, Esteban.

The meeting between Javier and Esteban changes their lives, stirring forbidden desires, but between them is a lethal virus, Esteban family’ prejudice, a twenty plus age gap, and the memories of the man—both once loved.

This book is part of the Unfinished Liaisons Series, but every book in the series stand alone, and it’s independent than the others. What is the Unfinished Liaisons Series about?

Everybody had a secret, a kiss, a dream, or a memory that would never be told, a name that could have been part of our lives, but never was. Maybe an affair that should have never happened. Secrets that nobody would guess, with a person that no one would imagine for us. Deep in our hearts, we all keep forbidden wishes, fade illusions, that would never be, but what if we were offered a second chance?
release date: Dec 15, 2014
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Fire and Water (Carlisle Cops Book 1)

Carlisle Cops: Book One

Officer Red Markham knows about the ugly side of life after a car accident left him scarred and his parents dead. His job policing the streets of Carlisle, PA, only adds to the ugliness, and lately, drug overdoses have been on the rise. One afternoon, Red is dispatched to the local Y for a drowning accident involving a child. Arriving on site, he finds the boy rescued by lifeguard Terry Baumgartner. Of course, Red isn’t surprised when gorgeous Terry won’t give him and his ugly mug the time of day.

Overhearing one of the officer’s comments about him being shallow opens Terry’s eyes. Maybe he isn’t as kindhearted as he always thought. His friend Julie suggests he help those less fortunate by delivering food to the elderly. On his route he meets outspoken Margie, a woman who says what’s on her mind. Turns out, she’s Officer Red’s aunt.

Red and Terry’s worlds collide as Red tries to track the source of the drugs and protect Terry from an ex-boyfriend who won’t take no for an answer. Together they might discover a chance for more than they expected—if they can see beyond what’s on the surface.

release date: Jun 05, 2017
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Fearless (Less Is More Book 2)
“I snap a picture and realize that this is the first time I’ve seen him this excited about something as small as catching a fish. This is the first time I’ve seen him not have a care about anything in the world. In this moment, he’s fearless, and I’m in love.”

Ethan Alexander has finally found the love of his life in Cody Monroe: the muscled nurse who, by all accounts, is exactly what Ethan deserves in his life.

When Ethan’s past comes back to haunt him, however, the love these two have created may not be enough to save him.

**Intended For Mature Audiences Due To Adult Language and Sexual Content**
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release date: Jun 16, 2017
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Straight into His Arms: An MM Straight to Gay First Time Romance

“Sexuality isn't black and white, Nathan. It’s a spectrum that can defy all attempts at labeling it.”

Nathan has it all—at least that’s what he thought. He’s worked his ass off his whole life to build an enviable career as an investment banker, and now he’s finally been given the big-time promotion he’s been coveting since he moved to NYC. But when he doesn’t have a single soul to call on to share in his big news, Nathan starts to wonder if his priorities need reorganizing.

Determined to set things right and actually start living his life—tonight—Nathan wanders into a hot and steamy nightclub and discovers that the list of things he’s been missing out on is much longer than he ever could have imagined…

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release date: Jun 17, 2017
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Rough Riders: Paranormal MMM Biker Romance

Threesomes With Bad Bays Is Sure To Add Some Excitement In Mitchell's Sex Life

Mitchell didn't really have much excitement in his life until his friends convinced him to sign up for a dating site. He expected boring dates with men who just wanted to get in his pants like he'd always had, or to be turned down for the fact that he was introverted, but when a pair of big muscular boys sent him a message, he knew he had to reply.

Now, he has to balance his old life of being an innocent man in a boring job, with the excitement of being the love-toy for a pair of hunks, and not just that, but bear shifters! Keeping their secret, when disaster strikes, he has to decide; will he go beyond just having a bit of fun and become their mate?

This story contains over 8000 words of a man being ensnared in the sexual fantasies of two powerful, dominant men, bear shifting, threesomes, and dominant/submissive play.
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release date: Jun 17, 2017
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LESBIAN ROMANCE: Teasing the Teacher: Lesbian Romance
The younger naive girl's soft, succulent skin will bring out Tammy's most primal desires. When she comes out of the closet there is a price to pay for looking so good.


Tammy is a hot-blooded college professor in her early 30s. She should know better. She should know, that any sort of any of inappropriate relationship with a student, let alone multiple students, would eventually land her in a lot of trouble. Despite realizing how dire the consequences of getting caught could be, Tammy's primal nature, which keeps her in a constant state of desire, pushes her to seek out new and more exciting thrills.

Every young, sweet, innocent girl that passes before her stirs the rumblings of sexual desire deep within her. And when she's truly taking over by desire, when her body becomes racked with sexual ecstasy as she slowly approaches the brink of a powerful orgasm, her body begins to change.

She begins to shift. It's something that she's tried to control for years but never been able to. Her latest conquest a 20-year-old innocent, naïve, inexperienced curvy, BBW, will push her to the edge. The young girl's soft, succulent pale flesh will bring out Tammy's most primal desires. Teasing the Teacher is full of sexy surprises... a taboo lesbian FF romance that will have all your sense tingling!

Enjoy FREE samples of Angel Romance Publishing's other popular titles!

WARNING: This book contains FF paranormal mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

Please Note: You Don't Need A Kindle Device to Buy this Book. It's Available for Immediate Reading By Downloading A Free Kindle Reader to Your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer.

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release date: Aug 02, 2014
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Transformation (M/M, Gay Merman Romance) (The Merman Book 1)
The Merman is a 5-book gay paranormal romance series from Raythe Reign. This series contains psychic powers, a mostly-naked merman lover, an evil scientist, and true love beneath the waves.

Gabriel Braven’s destined love is a merman, Prince Casillus Nerion. Problem is Gabriel doesn’t believe mermen are real. And worse, Gabriel’s parents died of drowning so he has no love for the sea.

But the sea is Gabriel’s destiny in more ways than love. Caught by high tide in a cave, Gabriel drowns, but does not die. Casillus brings him to the surface, but tells Gabriel that he must return to the waves or perish.

For Gabriel is becoming a merman.

Raythe Reign produces escapist, romantic M/M shifter, fantasy, scifi, adventure, and urban fantasy books and graphic novels.

Other books in The Merman M/M Paranormal Romance Series:

The Merman: Acceptance (Book 2)


Gabriel Braven has gills and yet he still won’t believe mermen are real. But the beautiful and powerful Mer Prince Casillus Nerion is determined to make Gabriel see the truth of his merman nature and their love …

For Mers have a psychic connection that allows Casillus to see all of Gabriel’s true feelings and desires.

But while Gabriel is starting to open his heart and mind to the merman who saved him, the mysterious Professor Johnson Tims already seems to know all about the Mers and Gabriel’s connection to them. Is the professor a friend or a foe?

The Merman: Caller (Book 3)


With only three days left on land, Gabriel Braven has accepted that he is becoming a merman with the help of his destined love Mer Prince Casillus Nerion. But Gabriel’s life has a new complication: Professor Johnson Tims.

Professor Tims seems to know more than he should about Mers. He eagerly leads Gabriel to an ancient temple his team has discovered, a place where Mer and humanity came to blows.

Not even his psychic bond with Casillus can sustain Gabriel when he experiences visions of terrible events between the Mer and the humans at the temple.

But what Gabriel discovers about himself is even more shocking.

The Merman: Undersea (Book 4)


Gabriel Braven now believes his destiny is with his beloved Mer Prince Casillus Nerion, but he cannot quite imagine a life under the waves and leaving his best friend Corey and Grandma G behind on land.

Through their psychic bond, Casillus lets Gabriel experience the wonders of the Mer capital city of Emralis from the home of his ancestor Aemrys Liseas to the Mer palace. But even in the midst of all this love and beauty, Gabriel’s nature as a Caller draws darkness to them.

Cthulhu, the alien entity whose presence means destruction and madness for the human race, warns Gabriel that Johnson Tims will stop at nothing to expose the Mers’ existence and something must be done about him.

The Merman: Landfall (Book 5)


Johnson Tims has captured Mer Prince Casillus Nerion and Gabriel’s friends!

Twisted by exposure to the magical statue of the dread creature Cthulhu, Johnson intends to start a war with the Mers. He wants Gabriel to use his power as a Caller to bring Cthulhu itself to land, something that Gabriel has sworn never to do for if he does, everyone on the East Coast will die.

Gabriel must find a way to rescue the ones he loves while not destroying the human world.

About Raythe Reign

Raythe Reign produces mostly M/M works following the classic advice - write what you most want to read! As a result, our stories are works of entertainment and fantasies, full of action, adventure, sexy romance, heroes, and villains. Visit the X. Aratare author page for more of our series and stand-alone works!
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release date: Jun 17, 2017
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Boys In The Field: Gay Sports First Time Romance

These Teammates Play Hard On The Field And In The Bedroom

Will McVitch is one of the star players on his baseball team – but he’d never consider himself a celebrity. He’s just an athlete. Why people are even interested in his personal life, he has never really understood – so when it turns out that a new member of the team, Canadian import Gabriel Marten, has a crush on him already, he can barely comprehend that Gabe even knows who he is.

The fact that he’s straight and Gabe is gay barely occurs to him, at least for a little while.

As for Gabe’s part, he’s frustrated that this is even an issue. When he got the offer to play for this team, he was thrilled to be getting a spot on a professional US team. His career means the world to him. It was just the cherry on the cake that he’d be playing alongside long-time crush Will – and in the warm California sun to boot. But as it turns out, Will is even more appealing in person, whether he’s straight or not.

Tensions in the team are running high, and media interest is spiralling. But most important of all is how Will and Gabe feel in themselves. If they can’t work that out, then everything else crumbles – and they’re out at the first base, never mind the last.

This Is A Romance Short Story With A Free Romance Short Stories Collection Inside
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