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release date: Mar 25, 2017
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Mission (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: This story was originally written as a free download for the M/M Romance Group's 'Love Has No Boundaries' Event.

Tags: Light BDSM, geeks/nerds, age gap, snarky humor, giant bears, brazen twinks

Xander like things simple. He tried to keep up with the big boys, and failed disastrously. Now, he's sworn off the bad boys he's always been drawn to so irresistibly. But he's finally forced to admit that his determination to play it safe has resulted in nothing but a string of bad (read: boring) dates.Luckily, his friend Lara knows what he really needs. Losing to her strategically played bet sees Xander stepping into a whole new world.

Paul is on a mission: Make Xander his. After months spent quietly falling for him from a distance, Paul is a more than willing pawn in Lara's hands. He'll pull out all the stops -- sexy kilt and all -- to introduce Xander to the beauty of submission at a loving Dom's feet. But even if the sting of deceit is deemed forgivable, Xander can't imagine what a sexy powerhouse like Paul wants with a quiet, unassuming boy like Xander.

Author’s Note
There is hot sex in this story, but the issue of protection is left somewhat ambiguous. The author does not condone unprotected sex. In real life, be safe without question.
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release date: Mar 25, 2017
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This Crazy Universe (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Myrha wins a poetry contest for a free vacation to Lieval: a world supposedly made of beaches, babes and barbecue. But when guests start disappearing, it quickly turns into a world of mayhem, mystery and muscle-munching zombies!

This novella contains swearing, talk of sex and descriptions of violence.
release date: Mar 25, 2017
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Unfinished Liaisons (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Disappointed by politics and coverups, Father Esteban Hidalgo leaves the church, regardless of his conservative family’s tradition. The real trigger for his decision is losing his best friend, Mauricio, who died of AIDS, and whose last letter asked Esteban to look out for his widower, Javier Lozano.

Without Mauricio's love, Javier collapses, and the only thing which keeps him going on is to fulfill Mauricio's last wish. Javier has to personally return twenty years of letters to Mauricio's pen pal and best friend, Esteban.

The meeting between Javier and Esteban changes their lives, stirring forbidden desires, but between them is a lethal virus, Esteban family’ prejudice, a twenty plus age gap, and the memories of the man—both once loved.

This book is part of the Unfinished Liaisons Series, but every book in the series stand alone, and it’s independent than the others. What is the Unfinished Liaisons Series about?

Everybody had a secret, a kiss, a dream, or a memory that would never be told, a name that could have been part of our lives, but never was. Maybe an affair that should have never happened. Secrets that nobody would guess, with a person that no one would imagine for us. Deep in our hearts, we all keep forbidden wishes, fade illusions, that would never be, but what if we were offered a second chance?
release date: Mar 06, 2017
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Possession 1
The demon possessed man Jonah has fallen under the dark authority of Priest Sabaste, patron of the four gods of Rainor. Sabaste crosses boundaries that no priest should, forcing Jonah to confront the vulnerability of his condition. He's thrust into the intrigue of the Rainor court, while at the mercy of its diabolical priest.

The start of a dark sensual slow-burn series by the author of Maelstrom!
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release date: Mar 19, 2017
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SEX: Lonely Wife's Menage 2: 3 Books Special Bundle: Hot Girl Love Stories - When She's Absolutely, Totally TOO Lonely...

3 Books Special Bundle: Rough Fits and Messy Finishes - for Girls with Extra Demands Only...

BURNING HOT STORIES in this juicy bundle - off limit hot girls pleased in absolutely unexpected ways: When she's absolutely, totally too LONELY...

What the heck is going on at the moment?

LOOK INSIDE to find out now!
This collection is only suitable for readers of age 18 or above.

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release date: Nov 08, 2014
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Relic: The Morelville Mysteries - Book 1
Cases collide for two star-crossed ladies of law enforcement!

Customs Special Agent Dana Rossi was forced to start her life anew after a bad breakup with her former girlfriend and the loss of a job that she loved. These days, she spends life on the road, moving from one case to another until one day when runs run right into the path of Sheriff Mel Crane. The feisty, sexy butch cop is as determined to uncover a counterfeiting ring in her county as Agent Rossi becomes to stop a stalker obsessed with Mel and hot for her company. Dana is under the added pressure of conducting an undercover investigation of her own with a tight deadline: finding and then stopping a ring of smugglers bringing high end designer knock-offs into the states.

Could their cases be related? When repeated vicious attacks on Mel and on her home accelerate the danger for her and also their attraction to each other, they become desperate to find the truth and solve the two mysteries. Can they find a way to work together to resolve both cases while coming to terms with their growing feelings for one another? Can Dana move beyond her jilted lover past and find true happiness with a small town Sheriff?

The debut novel from Anne Hagan, her Mel and Dana characters in Relic are a great addition to the pantheon of lesbian women sleuths like Jane Lawless in the novels of Ellen Hart, the characters of Gerri Hill like Detective Tori Hunter with the hard boiled edges of the Sara Paretsky private detective, V. I. Warshawski.

Please use the ‘Look Inside’ feature to view the book contents and remember you can download a sample of “Relic” to your Kindle for free.

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release date: Mar 16, 2017
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Straight into His Arms: An MM Straight to Gay First Time Romance

“Sexuality isn't black and white, Nathan. It’s a spectrum that can defy all attempts at labeling it.”

Nathan has it all—at least that’s what he thought. He’s worked his ass off his whole life to build an enviable career as an investment banker, and now he’s finally been given the big-time promotion he’s been coveting since he moved to NYC. But when he doesn’t have a single soul to call on to share in his big news, Nathan starts to wonder if his priorities need reorganizing.

Determined to set things right and actually start living his life—tonight—Nathan wanders into a hot and steamy nightclub and discovers that the list of things he’s been missing out on is much longer than he ever could have imagined…

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release date: Mar 19, 2017
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Final Resolution (Pretty Stranger Book 3)

Free with Kindle Unlimited

Angela Lopez, creative powerhouse behind Galapagos Theater and happily married mother of one, suddenly finds her perfect life falling apart around her when she sees suspicious texts from another woman on her wife’s phone. Afraid that her beautiful younger wife, Jill, would one day get bored of their marriage, Angela worries that her fears have come true as she begins to see signs of her wife’s infidelity in every aspect of their lives. Heartbroken over Jill’s betrayal and the possible loss of her beloved son, five-year-old Jacob, Angela is left with no choice but to confront her wife. But what Jill tells her could not be further from what she’d been expecting.

AUTHOR NOTE: This is book 3 of the Pretty Stranger Series. This book serves as a stand alone but is also the final book of the three part series. It is an HEA with no cliffhangers. Hope you enjoy it.
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release date: Mar 08, 2017
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Omega's Flight: Gay Freedom
A former pack Omega, Aiden, tired of living at the bottom of the rung, treated like dirt and a slave, has escaped the fixed life of werewolves to roam around the strange world of humans. The city isn't the forest, and adjusting to it is rough. After meeting another of his own kind, a rather friendly and upbeat wolf by the name of Lance, Aiden finds himself in the midst of a dangerous feud. They find themselves bound together in a battle for their lives and in order to survive, Aiden must find his true self. Will he find it, or will they both perish before their passion for one another is known?

Disclaimer: This is a short M/M (gay) Paranormal Shifter Short Story. Very steamy M/M eBook for a mature audience ONLY.
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release date: Mar 10, 2017
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Omega and the Alpha Billionaire: Dane and Lorenzo Book 1: An MM Gay Paranormal Mpreg Romance

It's tough at the top...

...and for Dane Ronalds—CEO of Global Freight, a multi-billion dollar transport company—things just got tougher.

Dane's company is making headlines for all the wrong reasons, as rumors of nefarious activity have begun to fly; and though he is a strong, commanding and charismatic alpha, even Dane cannot stand against the slanderous onslaught that threatens to take down his business.

Slim, smart and sweet, Lorenzo is an award-winning journalist, and knows that an interview with him can make or break Dane's business. A sensitive omega, Lorenzo finds big shot bosses arrogant, uncaring and unprincipled.

But when alpha and omega meet for an interview in Dane's office, sparks fly and the two are soon falling deeply in love. And when Lorenzo discovers he is carrying Dane's pup, he wonders if his article will be enough to absolve Dane of any wrong-doing—or will the public believe that Lorenzo is trying to orchestrate a cover up to keep his lover out of jail?

Will their union mean the end of Dane's company? And if it does, what will that mean for the unborn pup that is growing inside of Lorenzo?

This is a stand alone story with a HEA with no cliffhangers.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This books contains mature language and explicit content, including male breeding and knotting, and is intended for audiences over 18 years of age.
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