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release date: Oct 17, 2017
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Bright Dreams Journal (9 Book Series)
From Book 1: Gary R. Hess has lived most of his life in Kansas. The long summers, cold winters, and the great outdoors has had a lasting impact on his life.

In this volume of Bright Dreams, Gary offers 10 contemporary poems through the eyes of a Kansan. He brings us through the great nature of the state all the way to the small towns that inhabit it.
release date: Oct 17, 2017
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Lyrik Limericks & Co (Reihe in 2 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: Verlagstext kurz:
Beim Sterben ist jeder der Nächste. Nichts zeigt diesen dramatisch ernsten Sachverhalt besser als Didier Desmerveilles' makaberes ABC. In 26 Limericks und anderen gedichteten Geschichtchen mit garantiert tödlichem Ausgang präsentiert sich Desmerveilles gleichsam als "Final Destination"-Lyriker, als Heinz Erhardt des schwarzen Humors. Denn hier verlässt keiner lebend das dicht gewobene Netz seines ganz privaten Geschicks. Keiner.

„Du hast“, so befand Dirks Ma Doren, „in Kneipen so jung nichts verloren!“ und schloss voller Sorgen die Tür bis zum Morgen. Vor der fand sie Dirk dann erfroren." Und nicht nur Dirk ereilt wie in diesem Limerick ein ganz und gar unbarmherziges Geschick, auch Alma, Björn-Olaf, Yvonne, Zoltan und die anderen in diesem schaurigen ABC des Untergangs verlassen nicht lebend das von dem schwarzhumorigen Schicksalsbüchlein abgesteckte Terrain.
Didier Desmerveilles' Dichtung ist eine Kreuz- und Entdeckungsfahrt quer durch den Gemüsegarten der Reimkunst - vom ganz normalen Schüttelreim bis zum listigen Limerick. Heinz Erhardt lässt grüßen. Und Gevatter Tod steht finster grinsend daneben.
Für ABC-Schützen der Dichtkunst, Lyrik-Zyniker und alle, die Limericks mögen.
Außerdem ideal geeignet für alle, die noch witzige Beiträge für Hochzeits- und Jubiläumszeitungen suchen oder sonstwie unter Reimzwang stehen. Denn die in jedem Gedicht bzw. Limerick verwendeten Vornamen lassen sich natürlich austauschen.
release date: Oct 17, 2017
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The Tree Series (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: It's summer and, instead of storing acorns for winter, a carefree squirrel, named Stick, enjoys eating junk food at the park. In winter, when people don't eat at the park, Stick depends on his family to feed him. Later, when an owl moves into the squirrel’s only acorn tree, will Stick risk everything to save his family from starving?

★★★★ "This author is fast becoming one of my favorites given the great illustrations and clever story lines. I was also happy to see the "Dancing Owl" made an appearance in this book as well. Nicely done!" -Don Kidwell

★★★★★ "This made my daughter and I laugh and laugh. Now she wants all the other books in the series!"-Catie Hilding

★★★★★ "This was so much fun! I probably enjoyed it more than the kids."-Sarah Yacks

A fun addition to your children’s bedtime stories.

Delightful illustrations bring giggles and compliment this fun and thoughtful book for kids!

Read this children's book FREE as part of your Kindle Unlimited membership.

Great for preschoolers, kindergartners, and 4 to 8 year olds.

A favorite children's book for bedtime!

This is the first children's book in The Tree Series and while the books are great fun to read together, you don't have to read one to understand the next. Each book stands alone as a complete story with it's own sweet message.
release date: Nov 29, 2010
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Fun Limericks for Children
Fun Limericks for Children is a charming, enjoyable read for children and adults of all ages. Colorful and entertaining, this book will have you or your children wanting to read it over and over again. It is a great bedtime treat that your children will love too! Rhymes about animals, children, and more that will keep you smiling.
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release date: Dec 01, 2010
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Great Australian Book of Limericks
Everyone knows at least one limerick. Here are all the limericks you can remember, and many you can't recall but wished you could—from childhood ones to some very adult ones. Jim Haynes has arranged more than a thousand limericks according to type—witty and whimsical, childish and charming, linguistic and logical, fair dinkum and funny, barmy and British. Australian idols and icons, place names, and prime ministers are paraded in all their historical and satirical glory. Some limericks, however witty, are joyfully risque, vulgar, or even downright crude—thoughtfully placed categories ranging from mildly impolite and immodest to those obscene and odious examples beloved of rugby clubs and teenage boys of all ages. All show that the limerick is a celebration of life, nonsense, and lusciously lecherous energy.
release date: Oct 09, 2017
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Limericks of Doom II
Limericks about global warming, peak oil, nuclear meltdown, human nature, fate, and the Sixth Great Extinction.
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release date: Oct 03, 2017
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Kindergarten Haiku: Amusing observations from a parent’s first year of school
Every fall, children head back to school and parents scramble to get back on schedule and into a routine. Humor ensues, especially for the newest school kids, the kindergarteners. Amusing observations, funny incidents, and an entertaining take on the kindergarten year will have you laughing along as you endure, or recall, your own brushes with kindergarten.
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release date: Oct 01, 2013
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Egghead: Or, You Can't Survive on Ideas Alone
A strange and charming collection of hilariously absurd poetry, writing, and illustration from one of today's most popular young comedians...

EGGHEAD: Or, You Can't Survive on Ideas Alone

Bo Burnham was a precocious teenager living in his parents' attic when he started posting material on YouTube. 100 million people viewed those videos, turning Bo into an online sensation with a huge and dedicated following. Bo taped his first of two Comedy Central specials four days after his 18th birthday, making him the youngest to do so in the channel's history. Now Bo is a rising star in the comedy world, revered for his utterly original and intelligent voice. And, he can SIIIIIIIIING!

In EGGHEAD, Bo brings his brand of brainy, emotional comedy to the page in the form of off-kilter poems, thoughts, and more. Teaming up with his longtime friend, artist, and illustrator Chance Bone, Bo takes on everything from death to farts in this weird book that will make you think, laugh and think, "why did I just laugh?"
release date: Sep 26, 2017
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There was a Young Man from Nantucket...: 100 New Limericks
This is a collection of 100 new limericks to make you laugh. They are not smutty, although there are a few that contain the odd double entendre, which can be interpreted how you wish. So you could let your Granny read it without her being offended. Limericks have been around for long time and in this collection you will find limericks on a wide range of topics. So if you are looking for something to recite to your mates down the pub, or to make you family and friends giggle, then you should find what you are looking for within these pages.
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release date: Oct 04, 2016
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The Rain in Portugal: Poems
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • From former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins comes a twelfth collection of poetry offering over fifty new poems that showcase the generosity, wit, and imaginative play that prompted The Wall Street Journal to call him “America’s favorite poet.”
The Rain in Portugal—a title that admits he’s not much of a rhymer—sheds Collins’s ironic light on such subjects as travel and art, cats and dogs, loneliness and love, beauty and death. His tones range from the whimsical—“the dogs of Minneapolis . . . / have no idea they’re in Minneapolis”—to the elegiac in a reaction to the death of Seamus Heaney. A student of the everyday, Collins here contemplates a weather vane, a still life painting, the calendar, and a child lost at a beach. His imaginative fabrications have Shakespeare flying comfortably in first class and Keith Richards supporting the globe on his head. By turns entertaining, engaging, and enlightening, The Rain in Portugal amounts to another chorus of poems from one of the most respected and familiar voices in the world of American poetry.
Praise for The Rain in Portugal
“Nothing in Billy Collins’s twelfth book . . . is exactly what readers might expect, and that’s the charm of this collection.”The Washington Post
“This new collection shows [Collins] at his finest. . . . Certain to please his large readership and a good place for readers new to Collins to begin.”Library Journal
“Disarmingly playful and wistfully candid.”Booklist
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