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release date: Apr 19, 2016
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The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats!)

Lesbian sex has been confounding people since the dawn of time. What is it that two women do together exactly? The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats!) is a humorous guide to lesbian sex, dating rituals, and relationships, and aims to dispel all myths. Haiku paired with hilarious watercolor illustrations of cats in various stages of sexual awkwardness will enlighten, demystify, remystify, and most importantly entertain as you learn about all the aspects involved in girl-on-girl action.

From lesbian pick-up lines:

Pronounce Annie Proulx's
name correctly—watch lady's
cargo pants fall off.

To icebreaker haiku for first dates:

It has been MANY
years, but I'm not done griping
about The L Word.

To, of course, the mechanics of lesbian sex:

It's like straight sex but
afterwards we ask ourselves,
"We just had sex, right?"

Lesbian sex is
like water polo—no one
really knows the rules.

This laugh-out-loud book is the perfect gift to amuse and educate your friends, loved ones, and lovers.

release date: Mar 25, 2014
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Suburban Haiku: Poetic Dispatches from Behind the Picket Fence

Peyton Price understands the psyche of the suburban mother. Once an ambitious go-getter with a respected career, Price veered off the fast track and into the carpool lane. Wanting what's best for two kids and a husband, Price finds it hard not to keep up with the Joneses—especially when they are living right next door. Yet, unlike other micro-managing mothers, Price does not
unwind with a glass of wine, but with haiku.
True to form, every haiku is a 17-syllable catharsis—capturing the frustration and elation of daily suburban motherhood. Price's topics, or rather, targets, range from boring PTA meetings and kids' sports to the elusive spa day, and everything in between.

release date: Sep 23, 2010
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Color My World
Interactive children's book designed to nurture creativity, and self-expression while fostering independent thinking skills, building self-confidence, tolerance and acceptance (self and others).

The author gets creative juices flowing and unlocks hearts and minds using fun exercises that teach children to write poetry and journal their feelings.
release date: Sep 19, 2016
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A poetic saga of fun,humor,laughs and frolic. each page would make you rofl,lol & you may scream that you are lmfao.
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release date: Apr 04, 2014
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You Can't Be Anything
"Sharp, Funny, and Extremely Witty!" -S. Ghaffarian

"Not only a completely hilarious idea, but so fantastically executed. This will be a permanent fixture on our coffee table!" -Greg C.

"I need to get this book for everyone in my life who has kids. Because it's brilliant." -N. McBride

In an age where people are babied and told, “You can do it!” “Never give up!” “Just believe in yourself!”, You Can't Be Anything gives it to you straight. Life is hard. Most of your dreams are out of reach. Might as well laugh about it!

Satire and cynicism draped in rhyming verse and adorable illustrations, You Can't Be Anything is a wolf in sheep's clothing... a "children's book" for adults that will make you howl. Visit for more!
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release date: Nov 19, 2017
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Trumpericks: A Doggerel Journey Through the Twisted Mind of Donald Trump
Finally! Here it is, the treat you've been waiting for -- a covfefe table book for the coastal elite in you. It's a compendium of more than 150 limericks conjuring the bizarre musings of the Tweeter-in-Chief, written in his own voice. They were inspired, or provoked, by the almost daily onslaught of strange occurrences marking the first nine months of the Trump presidency. From the inauguration crowd size kerfuffle through Trump's characterization as a "moron" by his own Secretary of State, we cover it all. These are limericks the likes of which you've never seen, believe me! Colorful illustrations as well as related tweets and photographs accompany the poetry. And to help bring back some of the gory details you might have forgotten, informative endnotes are provided. These satirical verses document and attempt to bring some humor to very challenging times. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll sigh that existential sigh. We sincerely hope there will be no need for a sequel.
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release date: Nov 01, 1994
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Hanukcats: And Other Traditional Jewish Songs for Cats
They're back! The same cats that added joy and mayhem to familiar Christmas carols are now ready to celebrate Hanukkah and other Jewish holidays with 20 hilarious new parodies. From "Have a Burrito" ("Have Nagila") to "Kmart, Kmart" ("Kmeh, Kmeh"), these are the songs that reveal the true feline meaning of celebration: food, naps, petting, and more food. Each set of lyrics is delightfully illustrated, and all are carefully synchronized to their better-known counterparts. So hum a few bars, and get a new perspective on the holiday -- and cat -- you thought you knew. Oy!
release date: Oct 27, 2011
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Cranky, grouchy, snotty and mean haiku. SnarkyKu is a collection of senryu (haiku-style poems) providing snarky commentary for every occasion. Feeling like snapping someone's head off? Do it with wit: quote a snarkyKu.
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release date: Nov 05, 2016
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The Schmillustrator's Coloring Book: A Book of Poems for Coloring
A wise person once said, "The world would be a better place if we all just took some time to color weird pictures or enjoy a poem or two."   With The Schmillustrator's Coloring Book, you can do both - at the same time!   Take in the joys of short poems about aliens, monsters, monkeys, old guys, a wizard, a turtle, an aspiring president, a bizarre character named Crackersauce, and many others while you bring the drawings to life with splashes of color.
The Schmillustrator's Coloring Book is a collection of more than thirty goofy poems in the spirit of Shel Silverstein, accompanied by equally goofy and detailed illustrations to color.   Perfect for kids and adults, boys and girls, dogs and cats, heroes and villains, and everyone in between.
release date: Oct 28, 2017
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Down the F'n Tubes: an ode to fertility futility
A hilarious, adults-only story about some very frustrated Sperm and Eggs. 

If you're looking for a sweet depiction of how Mommies and Daddies make babies... THIS AIN'T THAT F'N BOOK. 

 Making babies should be easy. 
     "Any caveman can do it, it's no special feat.
     Insert dick in vagina and gametes will meet!"

Most colonies of Sperm and Eggs have no trouble traversing wide seas to start their new civilizations in fertile lands. 

But for some guys and gals, nothing comes easy. Month after month, cycle after cycle, they send expeditions into the sea, trying to reach the distant New World. And month after month, THEY DROWN in the ocean's bloody waves. No matter how many times they try, their efforts keep going down the fallopian/f**king tubes. 

But they won't give up!

If at first you don't conceive, try-try again!

Written in the rhyming, illustrated style of Dr. Seuss, Down the F'n Tubes is hilarious, profane, and brutally honest. For anyone struggling with infertility, this book is here to help you vent. For all of their friends and family, this book is here to help you understand.  

Sperm & Eggs. 
All of this in one book??? Inconceivable!

(Note to e-book buyers: A free preview (aka "Look Inside") is available under the "paperback" option!)
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