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release date: Oct 16, 2018
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Rom-Com on the Edge Short Story Collections (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Spend Valentine’s Day with characters from the Rom-Com on the Edge series! Enjoy three short stories narrated by Justin, Amanda and Zoe. As always there are hot guys, cute dogs, and lots of laughs and misunderstandings.

Justin’s State of Denial

Justin is an original cast member from There Are No Men, Book 1 in the series. He made another appearance as a POV character in The Juggling Act, Book 3, where he whisked his handsome, charming self to Key West on a business trip with a colleague, and former love interest. Take another journey with Justin as he takes his new girlfriend, Marissa, to meet the family for a big Valentine’s Day weekend. What is he hiding up in the wealthy Philly suburbs? And who does Marissa resemble?

Amanda’s White Lie

Amanda was the receptionist at Bella Donna Press in There Are No Men, and was promoted to the CEO’s assistant in Book 2, Afraid of Her Shadow. Although she possesses the innocence and sweetness of a Disney princess, Amanda is keeping a big secret from her boyfriend, Marcus. Will their Valentine’s Day celebration move their relationship forward, or will she ruin it with deception? Or perhaps she will figure out how to get around the truth and keep her man?

Zoe’s Secret Crush

Zoe was introduced in The Juggling Act as the new female singer in Brandon’s band, Chain. Young, fairly new in town and full of energy, Zoe is sleeping with her boss at the tattoo shop, but secretly in love with someone else. The forbidden crush is eating away at her while she tries to decide – should she leave the band? Tell the truth? Make it go of it with Axl, her sexy boss? Or just leave town and head back to Chicago, where the cold might freeze her illicit thoughts?

Valentines on the Edge is set in time between Book 3, The Juggling Act, and the upcoming Book 4, Accidental Makeovers – coming April 2016!
by: BROcean
release date: Oct 16, 2018
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[まとめ買い] シビアなシリーズ


release date: Oct 16, 2018
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The Matt Dunn Collection
From Book 1:

Livia’s been planning her wedding to Jed for ages. Now, at the venue in beautiful Barcelona, with her dress pressed and the guests all on their way, she’s only left one tiny detail until the last minute: letting the groom know he’s about to get hitched.

But as far as Jed’s concerned, they’ve been bumping along just fine for ten years and even have a baby on the way, so why spoil things with an ‘I do’? Especially when he’d really rather not.

Meanwhile the guests are arriving with plenty of baggage of their own. Fading reality star Liam’s still on the lookout for a plus-one; Rachel’s has refused to come—and dumped her into the bargain; and divorcee Patrick’s date is more of the ‘mid-life crisis’ variety.

But as the ceremony approaches, and with no sign of Jed, there’s only one thing on all of their minds: will there be a bride and groom at the wedding?

release date: Oct 16, 2018
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Guest Bathroom Library Collection (7 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Your guest hit's the point they have to visit your "Powder Room," sometimes known as the "Library." In any good library, there are good books. Though giving them War and Peace suggests much too long of a stay, Powder Room Humor has 50 puns and short jokes to pass the time and encourage a quick, but enjoyable visit. 

Do you have more than one Powder Room? My series has you covered! Buy one for each room in the house...and they make a wonderful housewarming gift

Be the best host ever and take care of your guests by offering this classy looking book, sure to enhance any bathroom decor.
release date: Oct 16, 2018
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The Meantime Stories (5 Book Series)
From Book 1: "I laughed till I cried and laughed some more!" -Montzalee, Amazon reviewer

The President's world is about to turn upside down in this acclaimed and hilarious short story about power, politics and an obstinate toilet.

During a summit, the President faces his biggest challenge yet: A clogged toilet. What’s the man to do? Leave the bathroom and say nothing on the matter? Or, take matter into his own hands?

THE MEANTIME STORIES is a funny short read series that draws inspiration from Terry Pratchett, Monty Python, and Douglas Adams, drenched in Nordic Noir (human folly, plentiful abrupt deaths, snappy dialogue, quirky deep thoughts, and absurd outcomes). It’s glittering darkness, and clouded light.

Each story is a stand-alone, ready to be enjoyed when you yearn for 30 minutes of wacky, brainy, and laugh-out-loud entertainment. Longing for surprises, unexpected twists, and silliness with an edge? Look no further, because in the Meantime, anything can happen!
release date: Oct 16, 2018
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Root Of All Evil (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: It started with one blatant lie

But this lie was broadcast worldwide and picked up by a trader in Hong Kong who made it his business to watch his back. Just as well he did, for within days his life and career were being threatened by the man who had deliberately misled hapless politicians in London.

A whistleblower is born

Step forward Jordan O’Driscoll. When his wife Sophie was knocked off her bike in the City of London few appreciated this minor accident would lead to the potential downfall of a major financial institution. Within hours Jordan knew full well from a whistleblower that the banker who had unwittingly caused his wife to somersault her handlebars could also be a powerful ally in bringing down men who regarded business ethics as a mindless distraction as they made themselves millions in the practice of banking. Whistleblowing invariably brings the house down around your ankles, but in this instance, the young man involved had the wit and contacts to fight his corner.

Hounded by our ‘wonderful’ press

Excitable UK journalists sought to expose him as they were fed scurrilous information by a bank director whose past misdeeds, which amounted to corporate crime at the highest level, threatened to end his career. The resultant publicity rebounded on the bank, with devastating consequences.

An eye-opener

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on inside the heads of those who earn millions as the economy they are supposed to serve suffers, this true-to-life novel reveals all. Blind eyes are turned as criminality bedevils the major financial institutions which plod ahead without a care as the state picks up the bill for their misdeeds. Here is a book that in its lightness stabs at the very heart of a murky world. Mattresses could still be the safest place for your money!

< b> A fascinating read reflecting a world that may be closer to the truth than most of us realise!

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release date: Oct 16, 2018
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More Ketchup (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Would you risk everything to start a new life overseas?

"If you buy one book this year... get this!"
"Brilliant book about living in Europe... very funny..."
"Probably the best book I have read this millenium!"

Childhood sweethearts, Joe and Joy are broke and bored. They’re also tired of smelling of fish.
When offered the chance to escape from the dreary market stalls of Bolton, England and buy a bar on Spain's sub-tropical resort island of Tenerife, they recklessly jump at the opportunity, despite a spectacular lack of experience.
In Tenerife, dreams of a better life overseas are soon crushed by mini-mafias, West European prostitutes and biblical-grade cockroach infestations.
Their foreign fantasy turns into a nightmare as they find themselves trapped with a failing bar in a foreign land, pandering to a bar full of expat society misfits 24/7, while trying to stop their relationship crashing into the rocks.
Can they turn their business around, and save their relationship? Buy this comedy memoir now to find out!

"A book full of humor, laughter and tears."
"Fantastic, hilarious, painful. Completely un-put-downable!"
“If you enjoy true stories and Bill Bryson type travel memoirs then you'll also enjoy Joe Cawley's books.”
“Witty and entertaining. Buy this book, it really is worth it.”

A must-read travelogue if you’ve ever thought about starting again and moving overseas.

Voted ‘Best Travel Narrative’ by the British Guild of Travel Writers.

Scroll up to buy now.
release date: Oct 16, 2018
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Swinging Sixties (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: 1966. A weekend in Brighton. Just for fun. And then home.

But what if home is the last place you want to be?

Four young Londoners – Carol-Anne, Jeanette, Terry and Mark – head to Brighton for a weekend of seaside fun. Dancing, drinking, and a whole lot of lovin’ are high on the agenda, not necessarily in that order. It’s the Swinging Sixties, a time of freedom for all, so why not?

But behind the bravado lurk more insecurities than there are pebbles on Brighton beach. Each of the weekenders has a secret. Nobody is quite what they seem, especially Jeanette, whose problems run deeper than anyone could begin to imagine. When she disappears on a night out, tensions rise as her friends struggle to work out what to do.

They agree on two points: no parents, no police – where they come from, people sort out their own problems. But can Carol-Anne, Terry and Mark really handle the situation without help, or is this too big, even for them?

In the midst of the chaos, one thing is certain: after the weekend, nothing will ever be the same again.
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release date: Oct 16, 2018
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Charlie Tiptree (13 Book Series)
From Book 1: Charlie Tiptree is young, wealthy and jealous of his creature comforts. So why on Earth does he take in Lance Savage, someone he last saw at school twelve years ago and now a distinctly unstable ex-soldier? Is Charlie’s altruism going to prove a blessing or a curse? One thing soon becomes apparent; Lance is a catalyst for sudden and dramatic change in Charlie’s idle existence.

When Lance’s skills prove useful in helping a friend of Charlie’s evade justice the pair are asked to ‘keep an eye on’ the very poor, very beautiful but very unsympathetic Rowena Hepple. Is Charlie actually going to help, or end up making an enemy for life? An unsavoury disaster beckons.

Even whilst embroiled in other dramas, is it possible that Charlie could ever stop kicking himself for his own idiocy, or being scared of Rowena? And, even more unlikely, could Rowena ever stop despising him – and, if so, how could this ever happen? And where does Lance, and everyone else for that matter, fit in?

Now here’s the challenge for anyone who’s read this far. Charlie Had His Chance doesn’t sit readily in any category. It’s part buddy movie, it’s part adventure and it’s part romance. Aspects of the book are even funny in a dark kind of way. If you have a taste for the absurd and amoral, leavened with a little drama and sorrow, read it. If you’re looking for a specific genre then best not take up the challenge. Ellis Major would much prefer you have some idea of what you’re getting into and relish it rather than ending up disappointed.

About the Author
Ellis Major has written many books but this is the first to see the light of day. Ellis lives in London, is happily married and has always delighted in the faintly surreal and absurd - and hopes that others might learn to as well.
release date: Oct 16, 2018
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Millionaire Romance (4 Book Series)
From Book 1:
Readers' Favorite Five Star Winner and Amazon Bestselling Novel 
Who will win JT's heart?
Maggie Chambers is used to living the high life, taking trips to Paris, Florence, and Rome with her French lover. She indulges in expensive art, fancy clothes, and expensive food until the money runs out, her lover flees, and her former husband closes down the purse strings. This propels Maggie on a mission to get money before she becomes homeless.
Unprepared for work, her only apparent skill is flirting. Soon she lands on a reality TV show, Millionaire Engagement, finding herself competing with forty other attractive women who want JT's heart.
To make matters worse, JT's a grieving widower who doesn't want to be on the show but is lured into it by his business partner. He's also a cowboy from Tucson who loves the simple life of riding his horse in the hardy desert--a life Maggie can't tolerate.
It doesn't take long for Maggie to realize that despite all her efforts, she can't seem to get along with the other women on the show nor the producer, and they are determined to get Maggie away from JT in any way possible.

Will Maggie be able to capture JT's heart before being kicked off the show?

"Anastasia Alexander weaves an interesting story with characters that readers will love. This is a story with great emotional and psychological depth. Anastasia Alexander succeeds in keeping the excitement of her readers high while building on characters that they can easily connect to. This is, indeed, an engaging and entertaining read." -- Romuald Dzemo, Readers' Favorite
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