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release date: Jan 19, 2018
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From Book 1: Does your child struggle to get to sleep at night? Suffer from fears, anxieties, anger or worry?

Lolli and the Lollipop includes three cleverly crafted meditations, designed specifically to promote healing and transformation while being incredibly fun and adventurous for your child. Lolli is an endearing character that guides children into imaginary places encouraging them to think positively while increasing their self-esteem and helping them relax at bedtime. Also perfect to use in a school environment to help kids relax and focus better. The meditations are designed to boost confidence, increase self-acceptance, and help kids make great choices in life. 

The feedback from parents, grandparents, and teachers who have used the meditations with autistic and ADHD kids, suggest it is a particularly useful resource to calm children down and help them self-regulate their behavior. 

The main character, Lolli, speaks directly to children; making them feel part of the stories and helping them explore their emotions and feelings in a healthy way.

Don’t wait to explore the whimsical nature of the Land of Color, a beautiful world that leads your children through stories that they can feel a part of. 

Three original guided meditations include: 

Lolli and the Lollipop, helps your child wash away fears and worries by visiting the Land of Color and standing under the magical giant lollipops. Children love the crystal cave where they are taken next and find a special crystal waiting for them.

Lolli and the Polka Dot Undies helps your child overcome embarrassment and fear of not fitting in by visiting the Land of Silly and releasing anger. A lot of giggling happens during this meditation.

Lolli and the New House works with the metaphors of the mind. In psychology, certain metaphors represent things - the house represents your child's self-esteem. In this meditation as your child builds their very own house next door to Lolli's, they release bad memories and build their confidence and self-esteem all without realizing it!

Three guided visualizations cleverly crafted to heal and transform, whilst being incredibly fun and adventurous for kids. Creatively unique and fresh stories sure to delight.

Gorgeously illustrated in full color 8x10 with 36 pages.
Recently received a "Reader's Favorite" 5-star review! By Alyssa Elmore-

"I am the mother of an autistic little boy, who sometimes feels things intensely. He has communication issues, so can easily be misunderstood. I am constantly looking for creative ways to help him process his emotions in a more positive manner. As a result, I have searched for fun meditation books that will teach him meditation in a way that will help him more easily process his emotions and return him to love. After reading the first adventure, I was certain that your books could help my son.
Thank you for creating such a great series and making it so accessible!
Many Blessings!"

Book one of seven, your children will love adventuring with Lolli. Especially ideal for children aged 5-9 years of age.

release date: Jan 01, 2018
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The Sober Entrepreneur: Change Your Family Tree
The Sober Entrepreneur is an unedited tale of Russ Perry's journey from the bottom of the bottle to the top of a seven-figure empire in less than three years. Discover the ultimate life hack on living life to its fullest potential. This book's powerful tale will uncover the exact steps Russ took to forever change his family tree.

Our relationship with alcohol can be complicated, to say the least. Most of Western civilization has glorified the experience into the upper echelons of social agreements, yet millions of us struggle with the substance.

For the married, entrepreneurial man, things are only more difficult. As pressures mount from our home, family relationships, and business demands, addictions are rampant. Addiction to alcohol, substances and even worse, finding ourselves addicted to a professional prison of our own creation.

The Sober Entrepreneur is a powerful book uncovering one man's journey from the pits of rock bottom and through his commitment to the ultimate life hack: sobriety. Russ Perry shares an unedited account of his decision to quit drinking and break the cycle of addiction with his dysfunctional business.
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release date: Oct 10, 2015
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Never Binge Again(tm): Reprogram Yourself to Think Like a Permanently Thin Person(tm). Stop Overeating and Binge Eating and Stick to the Food Plan of Your Choice!

If you struggle with binge eating, emotional eating, stress
eating, or if you repeatedly manage to lose weight only to gain it all back, you
may be approaching things with the wrong mindset.

Most contemporary thought on overeating and bingeing focuses on healing and
self-love. But people who've overcome food addiction and weight
issues often report it was more like capturing and caging a rabid dog than
learning to love their inner child...

Open the cage even an inch—or show that dog an ounce of fear—and it'll quickly
burst out to shred your healthy eating plans, undoing all your progress in a

From his perspective as a formerly food-obsessed psychologist—and previous
consultant to major food manufacturers—Dr. Livingston shares specific techniques
for isolating and permanently dis-empowering your “fat thinking self.”  He
reveals much of his own personal journey in the process.

If despite your best intentions you find yourself in one or more of the
following situations then this book is for you...

  • You've tried diet after diet with no permanent success...

  • You constantly think about food and/or your weight...

  • You feel driven to eat when you're not hungry (emotional overeating)...

  • You sometimes feel you can't stop eating even though you're full...

  • You sometimes feel guilty or ashamed of what you've eaten...

  • You behave differently with food in private than you do when you're with other

  • You feel the need to fast and/or severely restrict your food to “make up” for
    serious bouts of overeating...

Never Binge Again can help you:

  • Dramatically improve your ability to stick to ANY healthy food plan so you can
    achieve your weight loss and/or fitness goals...

  • Quickly recover from mistakes without self judgement or unnecessary guilt...

  • Free yourself from the prison of food obsession so you can enjoy a satisfying,
    delicious, and healthy diet for the rest of your life!

 "What the Hades is this?  It can't be this simple.  But I'm closer to my goal weight than I've been in decades!"  - Peter Borromeo

"A powerful, thought provoking, and very un-ladylike approach to the problem of bingeing!" – Stephanie King

"A unique and brilliant way to leverage will power; passionate, convincing, defiant and inspiring - all at the same time" – Richard Guy

"Never Binge Again squelched that awful voice in the back of my mind which says ‘you'll backslide eventually, no matter what.'  Thanks to this book failure is no longer an option!" – Warren Start

"I'm still reeling with the revelation I have the ability to Never Binge Again, just like my ability to never rob a bank, never push and old lady into traffic, or never jump off of a perfectly good cliff! [...] This book is THE TOOL I need to conquer ever attempting to satisfy emotional feelings with carbo-laden calories again!" – Traci Rickards

 "If you follow this simple program, you CAN see results without the ‘normal' struggle.  No eating foods you don't like.  No fancy rules, schedules or psychotic workouts.  It puts you fully in charge of your eating…and it's sustainable."   - Keith Duncan CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)

"Refreshingly unlike any other nutrition/healthy-eating/wellbeing title I've ever read...and I've read quite a few!  The total absence of charts, food diaries, calorie counters and so on is fabulous." – Celia Almeida

release date: Jan 12, 2018
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Keto Slow Cooker: 101 Delicious Ketogenic Recipes For The Slow Cooker To Lose Weight Fast And Live Healthier

101 Delicious Ketogenic Recipes You Can Easily Cook In Your Slow Cooker

Imagine putting a bunch of ingredients in your slow cooker before going to work and coming home to a delicious keto approved meal.

In this cookbook, you’ll find 101 delicious ketogenic recipes you can easily cook with your slow cooker. Just follow the simple steps, put all the ingredients in, and let the slow cooker do the rest. You’ll discover recipes for chilis, soups, stews, beef meals, poultry and pork dishes, desserts and other tasty treats that will help you save time without losing the countless benefits of a high fat, low carb diet.

All the recipes include step-by-step instructions and nutritional values, allowing you to know the amount of calories, fats, carbohydrates and proteins contained in each dish. And remember, you don’t have to spend your entire day in the kitchen to cook healthy dishes.

Some recipes you’ll find:

  • Chicken Chorizo Soup
  • Hare Stew
  • BBQ Pulled Beef
  • Balsamic Chicken Thighs
  • Cuban Ropa Vieja
  • Cranberry Pork Roast
  • Poached Salmon
  • Zucchini Bread
  • Chile Verde
  • Summertime Veggies
  • Jamaican Jerk Roast
  • Raspberry Coconut Cake
  • Lemon Frosted Cake
  • Grain-Free Granola
  • And Much More

Enjoy your new recipes today!

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release date: Jan 12, 2018
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How To Analyze People: Ultimate Guild Using Psychological Techniques  to Read People, Body Language, Analyze People, Human Behavior, Human Psychology & Personality Types

The world would be a much better place to dwell if we all took a moment out of each and every day to step away from ourselves and look through the eyes of other individuals.

I truly believe that to change the world, we need to learn how to understand one another. We need to get to know people for more than their skin color, religion, or sexual orientation.

If you wish to join me in this mission, I promptly urge you to read this book! Analyzing people is becoming a lost art. Think about the amazing places you can land yourself if you learn and practice analyzing methods!

The contents of this book include:

  • The awesome list of benefits you get from becoming a better human analyzer
  • A peek inside the human mind
  • A compilation of human personality types
  • Learning to read non-verbal body language
  • How to read “in-between the lines” when people speak
  • Tips to become a more polished analyzer
  • And more!

The world is in dire need of more people like you and me who wish to change the world in simplistic ways. Not only through the information in this book will you learn more about other people as you hone your skill, but you will locate and get in touch with parts of yourself that you didn’t know existed! It’s a win-win for your life, as well as the destiny of humanity as a whole.

You don’t have to be a genius to analyze humans;

you just have to be willing to expand the deepest areas of your own mind to understand the dark recesses of the beautiful minds of those around you! 

release date: Dec 15, 2017
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Keto: Crock Pot Cookbook: Top 60 Delicious and Easy To make Keto Recipes You Should Know!: (keto cookbook, keto diet, ketogenic cookbook, keto instant pot recipes)

***Filled With Images and Nutritional Info***

Are you looking for easy and delicious Keto recipes that fit with your lifestyle and busy schedule?

This book has actionable information about the keto diet, including 60 delicious, easy to make recipes that you can prepare to get started.
Nowadays, most of the foods we eat are rather processed, genetically modified or junk foods. These are foods high in calories, saturated sugars and fats and are low in fiber, which is essential for proper digestion. What many of us don’t want to accept is that these foods are to blame for many of the world’s health problems such as obesity, diabetes, the heart disease and other lifestyle problems. An unhealthy diet is linked to cardiovascular diseases, obesity and cancer especially when coupled with a sedentary lifestyle.
So what’s the secret to good health? Well, as you perhaps are aware, the secret to healthy and happy life is exercising, weight control and eating right. Of these methods of solving our health problems, diet seems to be the most challenging to understand for many people. What constitutes a healthy diet that can bring about weight loss and good health? Well, while many diets exist out there, the one diet that has been scientifically proven time and again is the ketogenic diet.
Originally designed as a cure for drug-resistant epileptic seizures in the 1930s, the ketogenic diet has proven that it does more than help in curing epileptic seizures; it also helps in combating weight loss, fighting diabetes, heart disease, and much, much more. All you need to do is to eat keto friendly foods, avoid those that are not allowed in the diet, track your intake of carbohydrates and you are all set for success.
And The Keto Crock Pot Cookbook: Top 60 Delicious and Easy To make Keto Recipes You Should Know! will show you exactly what you need to do to move from where you are i.e. unhealthy, overweight/obese, to where you want to be i.e. of healthy weight and with good overall health. In this book, you will learn what the ketogenic diet is all about including what it is you should eat, what you should not eat, how it works, why it works, the benefits that come with following a ketogenic diet, 60 delicious recipes that you can prepare fast and much, much more. Let’s begin!

By following a keto diet, you will get great benefits, such as:
✓. Lose your weight faster.
✓. Have a stable energy level.
✓. Get rid of insulin resistance.
✓. Regulate blood pressure.
✓. Enjoy increased endurance.
✓. No starvation.
✓. Improve your blood profile indicators.
✓. Reduce diabetic medications

here what you'll learn from this book:

✓Chapter 1: Ketogenic Diet For Beginners
✓Chapter 2: What Is It?
✓Chapter 3: Food Guide: What To Eat
✓Chapter 4: Food Guide: What To Avoid
✓Chapter 5: Easy Low Carb Substitutes
✓Chapter 7: Breakfast
✓Chapter 8: Lunch
✓Chapter 9: Dinner
✓Chapter 10: Appetizers & Side Dishes
✓Chapter 11: Dessert
✓Chapter 12: Besides Weight Loss, What Else Can A Keto Diet Do For You?
✓Chapter 13: Watch Out For Some Draw Backs

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release date: May 23, 2017
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As a Man Thinketh -- 21st Century Edition
The Best Edition of As a Man Thinketh for Today's Readers
Carefully updated in contemporary language. Beware of copycat editions with this same title but different content. 

As you think, so you are.
As you are, so you act. 
As you act, so you attain. 
Widely considered the greatest self-help book of all-time, As a Man Thinketh reveals how our thoughts determine our character, circumstances, health, appearance, and achievements. The choice is ours: either master our thoughts to create the life we want, or remain mired in frustration and failure.

While James Allen's writing was exceptionally clear for its time, As a Man Thinketh -- like any 100-year-old book -- uses archaic language that can be difficult to grasp. This 21st Century Edition rephrases Allen's ideas in contemporary English, making his wisdom available to today's readers.

The Kindle e-book is FREE when you buy the paperback.
release date: Apr 04, 2016
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Ketogenic Fat Bomb Recipes: A Ketogenic Cookbook with 20 Paleo Ketogenic Recipes For Fast Weight Loss
Snacks, desserts, keto fuel? This ketogenic cookbook has you covered!

Fat bombs are delicious high fat, low carb, ketogenic snacks designed to keep you fueled throughout the day. In this keto cookbook, I've got 20 delicious paleo ketogenic fat bomb recipes that you'll love. From Blueberry Nut Bars to Bacon Avocado Balls and Cinnamon Walnut Cashew Cheese Sandwiches. I'm sure you'll find a recipe to satisfy your keto diet.

I'll also teach you in 3 simple steps how to create your own fat bomb recipes so you can always have fat bombs ready for nom nom eating.
release date: Jan 01, 2016
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MINDSET: How Positive Thinking Will Set You Free & Help You Achieve Massive Success In Life (Mindset, Mindset Techniques, Positive Mindset, Success Mindset, Self Help, Motivation)

LIMITED-TIME BONUS INCLUDED: Download Now To Claim Your FREE Bonus !!

Immediately Achieve Massive Results In Your Life Using These Powerful Mindset Techniques!

Do you ever wonder why some people get to achieve their dreams whereas some people never even get close to that? Well this book will help you learn how to embrace positive thinking in order to achieve success in your life. So, what makes the difference between someone who seems to get things done, achieve success, and seem to have it all and someone who does not seem to get things done? Well, the one thing that has a huge impact on whether you pursue your dreams or not is your mind.
While your mind is a very powerful organ, if you don’t harness its full potential, then you will not live the kind of life you desire. Think about it; when your mind believes that you are already defeated, no amount of practice or training can make you believe otherwise. In fact, even when people keep telling you that you can do it, when your mind thinks you can’t, you won’t make any significant progress in whatever it is you wanted to do.
So in essence, the secret to success in life lies in harnessing the power of the mind. If you are fully aware of that but find it hard to use your mind’s unlimited power to unleash your full potential, this book will help you to achieve just that.
If you are looking for actionable information on how to harness the power of the mind to transform yourself, then this book will teach you how to unleash the full power of your mindset to transform your life.

This Is What You'll Discover Inside...

  • Why The Need To Embrace Positive Thinking
  • Chapter 2: How To Develop Positive Mindset: Understanding That You Possess The Ultimate Power Over Yourself
  • Develop A Positive Thought Process
  • Appreciate Yourself
  • Become Mindful Of The Negative Thoughts To Eradicate Them
  • Finding the Good in Every Bad Situation
  • Step 6- Practicing NLP Techniques For Developing A Positive Mindset
  • And Much, much

Download your copy today and receive your FREE bonus!.

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release date: Dec 14, 2017
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The Effective Low-Carb Instant Pot Cookbook: Fast & Easy Low Carbohydrate Recipes to Help You Lose Weight and Start Living a Healthy Lifestyle

The Effective Low-Carb Instant Pot Cookbook

The link between lifestyle and health has long been established in scientific research. Among the various aspects of lifestyle, dieting is confirmed to be the most significant factor that directly affects the health. A poor diet can increase the risk of many health problems, including heart disease, obesity, diabetes and many others. To avoid all these problems, it’s important to adopt a healthy lifestyle, starting with a nutritious and well-balanced diet.

One of the diet programs that has grown in popularity over the recent years is the low-carb diet, which is a low-carb, moderate-protein, and high-fat diet that’s been proven to have numerous benefits for the health.

This book will guide you through the program, providing not only vital information about the diet, but also delicious and healthy meals that you will love. But instead of providing complicated and time-consuming dishes, you’ll be getting Instant Pot recipes that are very simple and easy to make.

This book will cover:

  • An overview of the Low-Carb diet

  • Introduction to Ketosis

  • The advantages and disadvantages of the Low-Carb diet

  • The amount of carb and fat allowed in this diet

  • Who should follow and who should avoid the Low-Carb diet

  • 50 healthy and easy-to-make instant pot recipes

Some of the recipes include:

  • Beef Stroganoff

  • Balsamic Pot Roast

  • Korean Barbecue Beef

  • Chicken Tikka Masala

  • Creamy Chicken Soup

  • Zuppa Toscana

  • Chicken Vindaloo

  • Jamaican Jerk Pork Roast

  • Cowboy Chili

  • Greek Pork Tacos

  • Shrimp with Coconut Milk

  • Seafood Congee

  • Rosemary Salmon

  • Vegetable Stew

  • Garlic Butter Spinach

Get your copy today and start your exciting Low-Carb Journey right away.

See You on the Effective Side!

-Chef Effect

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