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release date: Mar 23, 2017
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From Book 1: GET THE E-BOOK FREE WHEN YOU PURCHASE THE PAPERBACK! Gorgeously illustrated full color 36 page 8x10 book.

This book recently received a "Reader's Favorite" 5 star review! By Alyssa Elmore

"Children have bad days too. Lolli & The Lollipop by Elena Paige is a cute meditation book for children. The reader is given step-by-step instructions on how to breathe, relax, and send love before going into each meditation. As the child is transported through various "meditation adventures," they are gently instructed to release old habits and beliefs that no longer serve them, and are reminded that they are fun and creative, and so much more. The meditations are written in such a way that the child will be able to cultivate these important habits and values without triggering ego and causing over-thinking. The adventures are fun and help to calm the child while guiding the use of their active imaginations.

I loved your book! The first part of the meditation was so helpful to me, I almost cried as I released a bad week. I will be practicing it every night before going to bed. It is so simple, that no matter how tired I am, it is possible. I loved the idea of the Lollipop that washed away negative emotions before they start on their adventure. I could tell that you know how to meditate properly. That in itself is refreshing! I am the mother of an autistic little boy, who sometimes feels things intensely. He has communication issues, so can easily be misunderstood. I am constantly looking for creative ways to help him process his emotions in a more positive manner. As a result, I have searched for fun meditation books that will teach him meditation in way that will help him more easily process his emotions and return him to love. After reading the first adventure, I was certain that your books could help my son. Thank you for creating such a great series and making so accessible! Many Blessings!"

Lolli comes from the Land of Color and speaks directly to children guiding them through stories that they themselves adventure on and feel a part of. Kids love the whimsical nature of following where Lolli takes them and learn things incidentally along the way. A fun and creative approach to mindfulness for children.

Parents, use these meditations to help increase your children's self esteem, enhance your child's imagination and encourage positive thinking. Helps kids with self acceptance and increases confidence. Lolli's meditation adventures help kids to be happy and make great choices. Lolli helps kids with their emotions and feelings, guiding them to deal with anger, worry and fear. Perfect for creating a wonderful sleep routine with your children. Includes three original guided meditations: Lolli and the Lollipop; Lolli and the Polka Dot Undies; and Lolli and the New House.

Three guided visualizations cleverly crafted to heal and transform, whilst being incredibly fun and adnventurous for kids. Creatively unique and fresh stories sure to delight.

Find more stories by Elena Paige at
release date: Mar 23, 2017
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The Apophis Lectures (10 Book Series)
From Book 1: In mid 2015, Michael Kelly, founder of The Apophis Club, and author of many books on Draconian Magic, began delivering a series of half hour lectures on magical subjects, two every month.

These lectures cover a wide range of themes pertinent to Draconian magicians. They were initially offered by private subscription, and are now accessible through Michael's Patreon to his backers and supporters. The series is ongoing.

The earliest lectures have now been taken down to make room for new ones. To ensure that these valuable pieces of magical instruction and insight are not lost to posterity, they are being released in book form, both print and ebook.

In this first volume, Michael talks of the Void and Reality, the cosmic forces of Creation and Destruction, Order and Chaos, illustrating the concepts through both mythic sources and modern scientific notions, to show how Reality is shaped, sustained and changed.
release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Brevier-Reihe Hirnschrittmacher (Reihe in 5 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: ***Mehr als 40.000 "Trottelfallen"-Breviere haben bislang ihre LeserInnen gefunden***
Hier ihr Feedback: Authentisch, interessant, kurzweilig, humorvoll, nie oberlehrerhaft, regt zum Nachdenken und Nachmachen an, mit der nötigen Tiefe, fachlich fundiert, empfehlenswert, hat Spaß gemacht zu lesen! Allerdings auch: keine große Literatur, habe mir mehr erhofft, unwissenschaftlich, gruselig, lesenswert aber ausbaubar. Sie wissen, es gibt oft unterschiedliche Bilder und Meinungen. Bilden Sie sich doch Ihre eigene Meinung!

Dieses Buch hält Ihnen humorvoll einen Spiegel vor, damit Sie Ihre Gewohnheiten und eingefahrenen Muster besser erkennen können. Welche davon reduzieren Ihre Lebensqualität und wie können Sie sich davon befreien? Sie wollen sich z.B. regelmäßig bewegen, Ihr Gewicht reduzieren oder aufhören zu Rauchen, aber Ihr Gehirn findet immer wieder Gründe, morgens lieber liegen zu bleiben, dieses kleine Stück Schokolade zur Ausnahme zu erklären oder Ihre Nichtraucherkarriere auf später zu verschieben? Spätestens ab Vierzig sind wir nicht nur für unser Gewicht, sondern auch für unser Gesicht und unsere Haltung verantwortlich. Gewohnheiten "nisten" sich in unser Denken, unsere Beziehungen, unsere Mimik und unsere Körperformen ein.

Die ersten Schritte sich zu befreien:
1. Schritt: Eine Bestandsaufnahme im Zoo unserer "Gewohnheitstiere".
2. Schritt: Die Analyse der Gewohnheiten und Muster.
3. Schritt: Wie ersetzen Sie lästige Gewohnheiten durch positive?

Die Erkenntnisse:
1. Unser Gehirn ist oft eine hervorragende Rechtfertigungsmaschine, damit möglichst alles im alten "Trott" bleibt.
2. Wir sollten unseren inneren Schweinehund nicht niederringen wollen, sondern zum Tanz auffordern und durch die Gegend schwingen.
3. Befreien Sie sich von Ihren Trottelfallen, von Naivität, Inkompetenz, Ignoranz, Inkonsequenz und schädlichen Identifikationen.
Freuen Sie sich auf vergnügliche Lesestunden, die sich für Sie lohnen werden!

release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Counselling and Psychotherapy: "A" graded essays (9 Book Series)
From Book 1: Welcome! Do you wish to write top class essays? Find out how I did it right here...A collection of essays written by myself for a Counselling and Psychotherapy Diploma at undergraduate level, rewarded by Distinction. The essays are suitable for Level 4 and "A" level students.
The modules by which this essay cover: The principal differences between counselling and psychotherapy,Requirements to be a counsellor; The conditions that would be appropriate for seeing a counsellor.
release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Business Warriors (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Have you ever wished that you could read people’s minds to see their true thoughts?

Have you wished that you could understand others in a quicker and deeper way? Are you interested in knowing what others are thinking before they even know it? Then this book is perfect for you. You can gain the valuable secrets behind analyzing others by learning how to read their words on a deeper level, interpret their nonverbal cues, and using your own emotions to better understand others.

This Book will Benefit you by:

  • Giving you Insights: In this guide, you will learn to gain insight into the emotions, fears, desires, and general psychology of those around you. Having access to this information, which is often hidden to others, will heighten your general intelligence and observation skills.

  • Helping your Career: Whether you are a salesperson, performer, or office worker, can learn how analyzing people will help you. You will be able to provide better customer service and cut through a lot of unnecessary confusion once you gain this knowledge.

  • Aiding Personal Relationships: Relationships (of any kind) can be a struggle when you don’t know how to read others, and reading others isn’t always easy, even when you’ve known them for years. By honing your analytic skills, you can know what your partner, friend, or boss needs.

  • Helping Others: When you know how to read the feelings and emotions of others, you can help them understand their own minds better and perhaps guide them through tough times or simply give them what they need in that moment (some space, for example, or a listening ear). When you can analyze the behavior of others, you catch the cues that would normally go unnoticed.

We permanentely receive hundreds of signals per minute from our peers - we just can't read them. Are you ready to get to level up? Take action now and grab your copy of How To Analyze People

release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Life Hacks (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: Whether you need DIY help in the kitchen, garage, bathroom or den, we've got you covered with creative hacks, environmentally-friendly tips and time-saving advice, all delivered in Eric Duck's signature style.
This volume of Home Hacks will teach you a thing or two (besides giving you a chuckle) about handy uses for common household items that can help you stay green and clean. The book is divided into handy sections for easy reference, perfect for if you're in the kitchen needing a quick way to clean that filthy garbage disposal or in your bathroom hurriedly trying to get rid of that nasty lingering odor before company arrives.


  • General

  • Cleaning

  • Bathroom

  • Repair

  • Kitchen

Can't get enough? Be sure to check out Eric Duck's other volumes for further hacks and humour.
release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Crimes Canada: True Crimes That Shocked the Nation (17 Book Series)
From Book 1: Robert Pickton, inherited a pig farm worth a million dollars and used his wealth to lure skid row hookers to his farm where he confessed to murdering 49 female victims; dismembering and feeding their body parts to his pigs which he supplied to Vancouver area restaurants.


This is the first book in a twenty-four volume series collection by crime historian Dr. Peter Vronsky and true crime author and publisher RJ Parker. Each month they will publish a book of Canada’s most notorious criminals, written by various authors, and published under VP Publications, an imprint of RJ Parker Publishing, Inc.

Chris Swinney worked Narcotics and Homicide cases for the past six years in the state of California. He also has written a crimes fiction trilogy called, "The Bill Dix Detective Series"

Enjoy these top-rated true crime eBooks from RJ Parker Publishing FREE as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription. You can read it on your Kindle Fire, on a computer via Kindle Cloud Reader or on any smartphone with the free Kindle reading app.

Crimes Canada: True Crimes That Shocked the Nation is a twenty-four book collection of Short-Reads between 100 and 180 pages

release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Self-Publishing Without Spending a Dime (4 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Are you making the same costly mistakes that Authors usually make?

Bonus: “How to Translate Your Books WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME” (the second book in the series) FREE with this book for a LIMITED TIME.

The No. 1 mistake most Authors make is that they spend too much money on “finishing” and marketing their books and then they are unable to recover their costs.

If that be so, then here is a book that can help realize your author-entrepreneur dreams WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME.

Fleecing authors has always been a multi-million dollar business from time immemorial.

˃˃˃ So how much should you be prepared to spend to create a really professional looking book?

The answer is: $0. Yes, you read it correctly.

You can create a professional product at ZERO cost, I repeat.

I am an Indian and it is in my nature to be somewhat miserly. But Indians are also known for creating high quality, low cost products, through sheer Jugaad, that can be loosely translated as “improvisation”.

In this book, I’m willing to share all my experiences of starting frugal with you.

I will explain how to start at $0, to ensure that your “business” does not financially cripple you.

And then, the moment you can afford it, to selectively incur costs where they can give you the maximum bang for your buck.

˃˃˃ Is this book right for me?

Please don’t read this book if you are already a best-selling multi-million dollar earning author who has no problems fishing out a cheque for any amount for that fancy book cover design.

Again, please don’t read this book if you believe that you don’t have the time to learn some simple skills yourself.

But if you are an author struggling to make a living but have the dreams of making it big one day at minimum cost, this BOOK IS CERTAINLY FOR YOU.

˃˃˃ What this book covers is:

* How to overcome the dreaded writer’s block.

* How NOT to be a perfectionist and fall into the trap of scams, plans, clubs and memberships which have perfected the art of fleecing desperate authors.

* How to set up a powerful routine and a daily word count so that you can keep churning out the kind of books you love.

* How to edit your book WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME.

* How to proof read/Beta read your book WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME.

* How to design a professional looking book cover WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME and WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE OF PHOTOSHOP.

* How to format and publish your books (both paperback and digital) WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME.

* How to Market Your Books WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME.

* How to build your brand and your audience that loves your books.

And much more, as promised, WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME!

So what are you waiting for? Scroll up and grab a copy today.

release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Fired Up Body (13 Book Series)
From Book 1: Fired Up Body Series - Vol 1 - Power Legs.
Paul Martin & William O'Brien have over 27 years experience in health & fitness and finally decided to open their vast array of knowledge to the public again. After many years of people asking the same questions, a collection of tried and tested exercises and methods are now available.
*William O'Brien MSc, PGCert, BSc(Hons), CertNatSci
Bodybuilding and health & fitness expert, international author and writer of numerous articles
Competitive bodybuilder 1993-1994
Latham's West Coast Championships – Intermediates 2nd place 1993
Latham's UK Championships Men's 80k – 4th place 1994
release date: Mar 23, 2017
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[まとめ買い] 楽痩せ


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