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release date: Jan 19, 2018
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Sailing How To With Followtheboat (2 Book Series)
Are you ready to sell up and set sail? Do you dream of sailing round the world in your own boat? Liz and Jamie started their adventure in 2006, and they are still on it. This guide pulls no punches about the liveaboard cruiser lifestyle. It will prepare you for what to expect. And it will tell you how to start your adventure...

Why this guide?
What is a liveaboard?
Why become a liveaboard?
Who can become a liveaboard?
The psychological leap
Gain experience
Learn from the experts
Dealing with A reluctant partner
Financing your new lifestyle
Just do it!

“Another exceptional video, guys. I follow maybe three sailing channels and followtheboat is by far the most informative. The style, scope and balance of content never disappoints...”
Judd _S6 on YouTube

“One of the most interesting and informative sailing vlogs out there. Liz and Jaime tell it like it is and we benefit from their hard work.”
Dierdre Dunne Landucci

Liz writes for a number of print publications including Yachting Monthly and Sailing Today. Jamie is a member of the Royal Photographic Society and is LRPS accredited. Their home is SY Esper, an Oyster 435 cutter-rigged ketch built in 1989. They picked up Millie-the-cat in Turkey, then sailed through the Red Sea, stopping in Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Yemen and Oman before heading to India, Maldives, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
They upload weekly episodes to their popular sailing channel, followtheboat, in which they tell it like it is and are not afraid to show the less glamorous side of cruising. Their videos have helped inspire many wannabe-liveaboards to make the leap.
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release date: Jan 19, 2018
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Prose & Lore (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: There are as many truths about the sex trade as there are people who participate in it. In this new collection of creative nonfiction, people who’ve tangled with the sex industry write about the complications that arise in the mix of sex and money. From the accounts of love and loss, occupational hazards and tricks of the trade to personal stories of hope, resistance and survival, Prose & Lore is a fiery collection of narratives by people who have walked the walk, and are now telling their tales.
release date: Jan 19, 2018
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The Culinary Library (6 Book Series)
From Book 1: Arguably the first culinary tool invented by man, the Mortar and Pestle remains a world wide favorite unaffected by time, culture or gender. From professional chefs to amateur home cooks the definitive Mortar & Pestle book by D & P Gramp is an absolute must. Covering history, selection, pre-prep and recipes from sauces, curries, pastes, compound butters and marinades to unguents and elixirs, you will be spellbound by the unfolding magic of this Alchemical food tool.
release date: Jan 19, 2018
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The Secret of Now (7 Book Series)
THIS WORKBOOK FOR BEGINNERS contains 7 basic lessons and exercises you can apply NOW to begin to slow down and stop your "chattering mind" and begin to enjoy living in "The Now", an experience that will grant you inner peace and freedom from illusion starting TODAY.

It presents the basic concepts, principles and methods behind the spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Dalai Lama, Krishnamuti and Meister Eckhart, among others, based on the premise that “In essence there is and always has been only one spiritual teaching, although it comes in many forms”. This is truly a beginning workbook recommended for searchers of the Truth wanting to escape from illusion and experience the joyful inner peace that only brings Living in "The Now".

The seven spiritual lessons and exercises you will find in this workbook are based on the following ancient premises:

*Human suffering and unhappiness are produced by our “chattering mind”, which unceasingly produces an inner dialogue or chatter, preventing us from experiencing the Now.

*There is a way to slow down and stop our chattering mind. Once you learn how to do this, you too will be able to slow down and stop it when needed (especially when you sincerely need to stop it and end your distress and self-inflicted suffering.

*You cannot stop your thoughts completely, nor is it desirable. Even enlightened beings need to live and interact with society, like all humans.

*By actually slowing down your chattering mind, you can make them lose their power. Simply recognize them as “illusions”, that is, products of a psychological phenomenon common among humans and allegedly known in India since prehistoric times: the phenomenon of mental illusion caused by what for thousands of years has been known as “the veil of Maya”.

*Only by breaking yourself free from this mental veil you can gradually awaken and free yourself from the psychological illusion that causes human suffering and unhappiness, opening the doors of your inner peace and discovering the joy of Living in the Now!


Living in "The Now" in Easy Steps

Buddhist Meditation For Beginners

Spiritual Hindu Tales to Calm Your Mind

Christian Meditation in Easy Steps

Meditation in 7 Easy Steps

Stop Negative Thinking in 7 Easy Steps

Mindfulness Meditation, Meditation for Beginners, Mindfulness for Beginners, The Power of Now, Transcendental Meditation, Eckhart Tolle, Dalai Lama, Krishnamurti
release date: Jan 19, 2018
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Kill A Narcissist (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Narcissism is an overwhelming and confusing topic. But when you reveal its mask, you see that it is basically a lie, told to those who are vulnerable.

Narcissistic abuse, by nature, is designed to keep you trapped in shame-based vertigo. It doesn’t just go away because you know it exists. Narcissism creates a set of beliefs, behaviours and paradigms in its target which must be changed from the inside.

‘How To Kill A Narcissist’ is a book with two aims:

1. To reveal the rotten core of the narcissistic personality so you can see it clearly
2. To present you with an inside-out strategy for healing, recovery and freedom

Whether you are dealing with narcissistic parents, husbands, wives, friends, bosses or colleagues, the same philosophy will apply. After reading ‘How To Kill A Narcissist’, you will:

- Become aware of the damage narcissistic abuse has done to your psyche and how to heal it
- See how the narcissist uses shame as a weapon to fool you into feeling inferior
- Understand the playing field which narcissists thrive on and how to stop playing their game
- Learn how the narcissist uses mind control to break down and rebuild your identity for the purpose of subjugation
- Gain tools for disarming a narcissist i.e. starving them of their narcissistic supply
- Have taken a closer look beyond the label of narcissistic personality disorder

‘How To Kill A Narcissist’ takes an enlightening look at the dynamic between a narcissist and their target. It takes you on a deep journey and describes:

- How we unwittingly qualify as targets of narcissists
- The shame/grandiosity continuum and how the narcissist uses it to crush your self-esteem
- The law of grandiosity and how it influences our relationships with the self-absorbed
- The effect that narcissism has on its target including: toxic shame, a dissociated mind and a weakened ego
- The obstacles which keep you trapped in a cycle of narcissistic abuse: the psychological cage, love starvation, low shame tolerance, guilt and conditioning to shamelessness

Using an inside-out approach, ‘How To Kill A Narcissist’ presents the seven practices for recovery and healing:

1. Get allies: Boost self-esteem through limbic resonance
2. Give shape to your true self: Uncover disowned parts of the self and restore wholeness
3. Skill up: Empower yourself
4. Flex your muscles: Challenge the psychological cage and come out of hiding
5. Even the scale: Restore balance to your relationships
6. Boundaries: Foster a strong sense of self and firmly protect it
7. Scorched earth: Disengage from those who wish to manipulate you

Each practice is designed to instil you with independence, strength, emotional resilience and awareness while allowing you to cultivate balanced, loving relationships and pursue a life of passion.

This is the art of killing a narcissist.
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release date: Jan 19, 2018
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The Foundation of Buddhist Thought (6 Book Series)
From Book 1: The four noble truths are well known as the Buddha's first and most essential explanation of his enlightened realizations. The truths diagnose the human existential crisis--suffering and its origin--and prescribe a solution--cessation and the path. To understand the four noble truths is to understand Buddhism as a whole.

In The Four Noble Truths, Geshe Tashi draws on his decades of training in Tibetan Buddhism to illuminate these truths for a modern audience. His respectful engagement with Buddhists outside his own tradition and his insights into Western culture make this book refreshing. It will reward even those already acquainted with the fundamentals of Buddhism.

The Four Noble Truths is the first of six stand-alone volumes in the Foundation of Buddhist Thought series.
release date: Jan 19, 2018
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MIT Press (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:

A person with synesthesia might feel the flavor of food on her fingertips, sense the letter "J" as shimmering magenta or the number "5" as emerald green, hear and taste her husband's voice as buttery golden brown. Synesthetes rarely talk about their peculiar sensory gift -- believing either that everyone else senses the world exactly as they do, or that no one else does. Yet synesthesia occurs in one in twenty people, and is even more common among artists. One famous synesthete was novelist Vladimir Nabokov, who insisted as a toddler that the colors on his wooden alphabet blocks were "all wrong." His mother understood exactly what he meant because she, too, had synesthesia. Nabokov's son Dmitri, who recounts this tale in the afterword to this book, is also a synesthete -- further illustrating how synesthesia runs in families.

In Wednesday Is Indigo Blue, pioneering researcher Richard Cytowic and distinguished neuroscientist David Eagleman explain the neuroscience and genetics behind synesthesia's multisensory experiences. Because synesthesia contradicted existing theory, Cytowic spent twenty years persuading colleagues that it was a real -- and important -- brain phenomenon rather than a mere curiosity. Today scientists in fifteen countries are exploring synesthesia and how it is changing the traditional view of how the brain works. Cytowic and Eagleman argue that perception is already multisensory, though for most of us its multiple dimensions exist beyond the reach of consciousness. Reality, they point out, is more subjective than most people realize. No mere curiosity, synesthesia is a window on the mind and brain, highlighting the amazing differences in the way people see the world.

release date: Jan 19, 2018
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The Happiness Is Free - Keys to the Ultimate Freedom Series (5 Book Series)
From Book 1: That which every one of us is looking for in this world is exactly the same thing. Every Being, even the animal, is looking for it. And what is it that we are all looking for? Happiness with no sorrow! A continuous state of happiness with no taint whatsoever of sorrow. Now, if this be the Goal, why is it the Goal? The reason why it is the Goal is because imperturbable happiness is our very basic nature!, And what is imperturbable happiness? Complete and total freedom, and that is freedom to do or not to do anything and everything. This is the real natural state, before, we encumber it with limitations. Chapter/ Session Titles for Book One The Basic Goal and Ways to Attainment Problems and How They Resolve Spiritual Growth Happiness Love Realization Love, Giving, and the Christ Consciousness
release date: Jan 19, 2018
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Ed Parker's Infinite Insights Into Kenpo (5 Book Series)
From Book 1: With the accumulation of over thirty years of practical Martial Arts experience the Sr. Grandmaster of American Kenpo Karate Ed Parker Sr. decided to document and share his findings in a monumental series of books. Writing with the intent to expound upon the merits of his American KENPO Martial Arts system, he wrote of it's many facets as, "a discipline, a way of life, a philosophy, and an art and a science." With each book intended to offer a unique and exciting adventure into KENPO knowledge, he called the series of five volumes " Infinite Insights Into Kenpo."
Early in 1982, Mr. Parker completed and published the first book in the "Infinite Insights Into Kenpo" series, titled "Mental Stimulation". He wrote, "I was sensitive to the need of innovations during my early years of training. Analyzing the methods of fighting in Hawaii, the place of my birth and early rearing, verified the unquestionable need for an updated approach to the Martial Arts." Mr. Parker broke the bonds of tradition and experimented with more logical and practical means of combating modern day methods of fighting. What emerged was, in his own words, "my own interpretation of the Art." It was this perspective that he introduced in this initial volume and developed and expanded upon through his subsequent works.
Mr. Parker introduced an unparalleled number of combative predicaments, indicating the need for several viewpoints. Thee mystic "Universal Pattern", introduced to the public for the first time some twenty years earlier, was put into context. In an effort to develop and articulate definable qualities in the Martial Arts, he sought to set the backdrop for the unknown to become known, the intangible to become tangible and for the mysticism to disappear.
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release date: Jan 19, 2018
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Living Myth Series (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Most books on discovering one's "personal myth" focus on uncovering the general patterns or scripts of a life. STORIED LIVES by depth psychologist Craig Chalquist, PhD goes much farther by showing how specific myths play out from cradle to grave. Personal accounts of discovering and working with these myths enliven the book's emphasis on refashioning these plot lines from the inside out.

"This marvelous book focuses on finding one's own mythic story, and then living that myth with full awareness. Dr. Chalquist advocates living in the light of one's myth, and reworking traditional mythologies to tell fresh and vital versions of old stories. Storied Lives is visionary and practical, profound yet reader-friendly. Many of its readers will never be the same again and will thank Dr. Chalquist for their newly inspired life stories." --Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., co-author of Personal Mythology
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