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release date: Oct 21, 2017
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Kapital und Christentum (Reihe in 3 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: Immer mehr, immer schneller, immer weiter: Die derzeit herrschende Wachstumsdoktrin ist nicht nur schädlich, sie ist ruinös. Es werden immer mehr Produkte auf den Markt geworfen - zu Lasten der armen Bevölkerung und der Natur. Eugen Drewermann zeigt auf, dass eine nachhaltige und damit nicht länger wachstumsbestimmte Wirtschaftsform die einzig realistische und tragfähige ist. Leicht verständlich erläutert er wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Zusammenhänge und deutet die derzeitige Weltlage tiefenpsychologisch fundiert. Ein unverzichtbares Werk für alle, die die Problematik der aktuellen ökonomischen und damit ökologischen Entwicklungen erkennen und etwas ändern wollen. Klimaneutral gedruckt.
release date: Oct 21, 2017
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The Vikings and The Islamic World Series (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: This unique and pioneering work takes the reader through a fascinating and rich odyssey of the more than two centuries of links between the Vikings and the Islamic world. Whilst the term Viking conjures up notions of marauding warriors, in actual fact the Scandinavians in the Viking Age were accomplished farmers, craftsmen, traders and much else in addition to able warriors. The substantive links between the Vikings and the Islamic world resulted in very insightful writings by a number of Muslim travellers, scholars and many others, of the Vikings and many aspects of the Viking Age ranging from physical descriptions of Vikings and their places of habitation in Scandinavia and elsewhere to Viking customs, commercial activity and much else as addressed in this work. Moreover this work provides a vast range of archaeological in addition to historical evidence of the vast links between the Vikings and the Islamic world – a relationship that served to contribute to the Viking Age and served to enrich the Islamic world and the many lands and peoples that were also a part of this unique story. Islamic artifacts unearthed in Iceland, Faeroe Islands, Ireland, Britain, Scandinavia, Russia and the Ukraine all feature in this rich study of the Vikings as masters in trade between the Islamic world and much of northern and western Europe in the 9th and 10th centuries in addition to serving as intermediaries in trade between Byzantium and the Islamic world.

This major work (the full 3 volumes of which comprise over 200,000 words) is comprehensive in scope and rich in approach, drawing upon various aspects of archaeology, history and associate areas and the Cultural Interaction Theory and Approach (CITA) of the writer of this work that addresses gaps in knowledge and understanding of history, archaeology and heritage and serves to build bridges between people across society and across the world. This work is of great value in providing insight into a major yet largely absent branch of history and archaeology and provides rich case studies for a wide range of disciplines from archaeology, ethnography, philology and anthropology to micro-history, economic history, history of science and technology, cultural and inter-faith relations, dialogue of civilizations, cultural ecology, regional studies and international history. A range of illustrations including colour maps are featured in this work that deals with a vital and major part of British, French, Scandinavian, Russian, European, Islamic and world history and heritage in a very cohesive, lucid whilst also scientific and scholarly manner – of value to scholars, students and the public sphere the world over. This unique work is based upon thorough research and fieldwork from Scandinavia and Spain to Arabia.

Volume 1 includes coverage of field archaeology, various approaches used in this work including the Cultural Interaction Theory and Approach (CITA), the Viking and Islamic World on the eve of contact with one another, early contact between the Vikings and the Islamic world, Muslim and Scandinavian views of one another, the Vikings and Muslim Spain, Muslim Spain’s envoys to the Scandinavians, the Vikings in Russia and Ukraine, the formation of Russia, Vikings in Baghdad, Muslim contact with the Vikings in Russia including the writings of Ibn Fadlan and Ibn Rustah, the Vikings in the Mediterranean, and a range of many other fascinating issues that arise from this unique and exciting branch of history and heritage.

The writer is a qualified and acknowledged specialist historian, archaeologist, sociologist, conservationist and educationalist from the United Kingdom (educated in a vast range of branches and approaches to history, archaeology and related areas from a range of universities including London, Cambridge and Edinburgh - holder of 10 Master's degrees) who has undertaken fieldwork, studies,
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release date: Oct 21, 2017
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The War in the West Trilogy (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:
The Second World War is one of the most significant conflicts in history, but for seven decades our understanding of the war has remained mostly fixed, framed by the accounts of participants and an early generation of historians. James Holland, one of the leading young historians of World War II, has spent over a decade conducting new research, interviewing survivors, and exploring archives that have never before been so accessible to unearth forgotten memoirs, letters, and official records. In The Rise of Germany, Holland draws on this research to reconsider the strategy, tactics, and economic, political, and social aspects of the war. The Rise of Germany is a masterful book that redefines our understanding of the opening years of World War II. Beginning with the lead-up to the outbreak of war in 1939 and ending in the middle of 1941 on the eve of Operation Barbarossa, the Nazi invasion of Russia, The Rise of Germany is a landmark history of the war on land, in the air, and at sea.
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release date: Oct 21, 2017
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Trivia and Facts about the Countries (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: Do you want to read interesting facts about the USA that will blow your mind? If your answer is YES, this book is for you.

500 Random Facts about the USA is the first book in the new series Trivia and Facts about the Countries.
This book is full of absolutely random facts about the United States of America. The content is unique and family-friendly, although many of the facts are completely crazy. Some of them are unbelievable world records; some of them are about the inventions. Some of the facts describe the modern events but the others have happened somewhere in the USA centuries ago. Some of them are eye-opening statistics that will make you think more about your own life and priorities. In any case, these USA facts will entertain you and your family.

The examples of the random facts about the United States inside this book:

Toilet paper was invented in New York City in 1857 by Joseph Gayetty. In 2016, Statista calculated that 98.98% of Americans use toilet paper.
If the state of California was a country, it would have the seventh largest economy in the world. Also, California’s GDP is twice as big as Russia’s GDP.
The United States is one of only two countries that do not have paid maternity leave. The second such country is Papua New Guinea.
President John F. Kennedy was buried without his brain as it was stolen during his autopsy.

and so on...

The United States of America is a superstate. Everyone has heard of the American Dream. Millions of talented people want to arrive at the country of Mark Twain, Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and to start their own journey. This is the country of opportunities; however, nothing is perfect in the world of humans. There are both great and disgusting things and events happening in every corner of the world, and the USA is not an exception. Facts about America will provide you two sides of this coin.

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release date: Oct 21, 2017
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The Eclectic Collection (5 Book Series)
From Book 1: Some things in life go unnoticed. The fact that there were ruthless, vicious and vindictive female Nazi guards is one of them. This new title from author Stewart Andel hopes to address that issue and open up the stories behind the evil Nazi plague that were the "Notorious Nazi Women". Hear the stories of "The Bitch of Buchenwald", or the "Beautiful Beast" inside this first volume of The Eclectic Collection.
release date: Oct 21, 2017
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Historic Valor (4 Book Series)
From Book 1:


It was the greatest show the country had ever seen. In fact, it was the nation’s crowning achievement, a spectacle of wonder to showcase to the world how far America had come—and how far it was still to go.

The official name was the 1876 International Exhibition of Arts, Manufacturers, and Products of the Soil and Mine, but everyone referred to it as the Centennial Exhibition. It would be visited by almost ten million people—one in five Americans at that time.

On this day, the eighty miles of asphalt walkways were crowded with hundreds of thousands of excited visitors from all over the world. The relentless beating sun was to turn the asphalt into a hot sticky goo that trapped shoes and small animals.

The undoubted star attraction of the entire exhibition was Machinery Hall. Here could be found fourteen acres of new, shiny, and wondrous inventions.

What America had achieved in one hundred years was truly a marvel. Of course, to make such rapid progress they had had to clear the land of many obstacles. The largest and most obstinate was the Native Americans who had stood in their way. But the frontier had been conquered and the Indians had been subjugated.

Or so they thought.

The news began to filter through in whispered tones. In an instant, beaming faces were transformed into incredulous, openmouthed stares.

Surely not.

It couldn’t be true.

Men by the hundreds rushed from Machinery Hall, down the blistering asphalt highways and toward the newspaper vendor. When they grabbed hold of the paper and read the blaring headline, some of them cried. Others gasped in dread. How could this have happened?

Custer and 262 Men Slaughtered

All of a sudden, the machines didn’t seem so marvelous after all.
release date: Oct 21, 2017
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We Were Soldiers Too (5 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Finalist for Book of the Year Military Autobiography in 2015 and Nominated for Best First Book of the Year in 2016


This is a personal account of military service and the historical events that were happening during President Reagan's time in office as the world faced the possibility of nuclear war. The author was in the US Army from November 1980 until March 1988 which coincided with President Reagan's time in office. He quickly went from a naive seventeen year old boy to a dedicated die hard soldier ready to sacrifice his life for his country.

˃˃˃ An assignment that likely would have been at Ground Zero of a nuclear war.

On the verge of World War 3 and nuclear war, "We Were Soldiers Too" is about the difficult job of serving in the infantry during a very critical time of the Cold War.

Serving as the first line of defense for a Soviet invasion in Germany, he found himself assigned the responsibility of defending an area in the Fulda Gap with only one objective, to hold the advancing Soviets until reinforcements arrived.

˃˃˃ Read what other veterans think of "We Were Soldiers Too"

"An excellent illustration of the lives and sacrifices of our Cold War enlisted service members. I recommend it to all. It brings back memories of those days and what we did during that era." Edward A. Chesky

"I highly recommend this for anyone to read, especially for anyone that has served this great Nation. I suspect that my fellow Cold War Veterans will be able to relate to a lot of what this author writes about." Tracy A Stephens

"An excellent book about those men who served during the Cold War. Excellent insight into how the Army prepared for a possible Soviet invasion. I highly recommend this book." Gary E. Earls

"I too am a Cold War Reagan Soldier and I Enjoyed this Book very much. I think Bob did a great job by putting in writing how we all feel. We were highly Trained and Ready to meet any Challenge and Subdue any Threat. We were part of the Strongest Army in the history of the United States. We were and Still are ....Soldiers. I am Proud to have served with such fine members of the Military." Curtis Nazelrod

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release date: Oct 21, 2017
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The Things Our Fathers Saw (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:

The telephone rings on the hospital floor, and they tell you it is your mother, the phone call you have been dreading. You’ve lost part of your face to a Japanese sniper on Okinawa, and after many surgeries, the doctor has finally told you that at 19, you will never see again. The pain and shock is one thing. But now you have to tell her, from 5000 miles away.

— ‘So I had a hard two months, I guess. I kept mostly to myself. I wouldn't talk to people. I tried to figure out what the hell I was going to do when I got home. How was I going to tell my mother this? You know what I mean?’ ~Jimmy Butterfield, WWII Marine veteran

~From the author of 'The Things Our Fathers Saw' World War II eyewitness history series~

How soon we forget. Or perhaps, we were never told. That is understandable, given what they saw.

— ‘I was talking to a shipmate of mine waiting for the motor launch, and all at once I saw a plane go over our ship. I did not know what it was, but the fellow with me said, 'That's a Jap plane, Jesus!' It went down and dropped a torpedo. Then I saw the Utah turn over.’ ~Barney Ross, U.S. Navy seaman, Pearl Harbor

At the height of World War II, LOOK Magazine profiled a small American community for a series of articles portraying it as the wholesome, patriotic model of life on the home front. Decades later, author Matthew Rozell tracks down over thirty survivors who fought the war in the Pacific, from Pearl Harbor to the surrender at Tokyo Bay.

— ‘Rage is instantaneous. He's looking at me from a crawling position. I didn't shoot him; I went and kicked him in the head. Rage does funny things. After I kicked him, I shot and killed him.’ ~Thomas Jones, Marine veteran, Battle of Guadalcanal

These are the stories that the magazine could not tell to the American public.

— ‘I remember it rained like hell that night, and the water was running down the slope into our foxholes. I had to use my helmet to keep bailing out, you know. Lt. Gower called us together. He said, 'I think we're getting hit with a banzai. We're going to have to pull back. 'Holy God, there was howling and screaming! They had naked women, with spears, stark naked!’ ~Nick Grinaldo, U.S. Army veteran, Saipan

By the end of 2018, fewer than 400,000 WW II veterans will still be with us, out of the over 16 million who put on a uniform. But why is it that today, nobody seems to know these stories? Maybe our veterans did not volunteer; maybe we were too busy with our own lives to ask. But they opened up to the younger generation, when a history teacher told their grandchildren to ask.

— ‘I hope you'll never have to tell a story like this, when you get to be 87. I hope you'll never have to do it.' ~Ralph Leinoff, Marine veteran Iwo Jima, to his teenage interviewer

This book brings you the previously untold firsthand accounts of combat and brotherhood, of captivity and redemption, and the aftermath of a war that left no American community unscathed.

— ‘After 3½ years of starvation and brutal treatment, that beautiful symbol of freedom once more flies over our head! Our POW camp tailor worked all night and finished our first American flag! The blue came from a GI barracks bag, red from a Jap co
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release date: Oct 21, 2017
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The Art of War for Today (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: We use the principles of the Art of War everyday, even if we have never heard of the book. It makes sense that we find out what these principles are so we can use them better. The better we use them, the more success we can enjoy.
Sun Tzu's ideas on strategies and tactics have been read across the world for centuries. The Art of War is a Chinese military treatise, a definitive work on military strategies and tactics that was written over 2500 years ago. Today they can still be applied not just to war, business and politics but in every facet of your life.
Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting. Plan for peace, conflict avoidance while preparing for war, victory. Sun Tzu preferred peace but he knew everyone would have to fight battles so he wrote for that too.
With a better understanding, make better choices to live a better life.
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