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release date: Oct 16, 2018
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7 Minute Change (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:

WARNING: Your Life Needs To Change...

Whether you know it or not, your life is subpar.

I don't say that to point fingers or anything.

But it's true.

Your life is not nearly as great and happy as it could be. As it should be.

Don't believe me?

How many days do you come home from work, completely beat and feeling like crap?

How many days are you too tired to play with your kids and create memories that are actually worth something?

How often do you feel like you're just wasting your time, and not accomplishing anything worthwhile?

If you're like most people the answer to all of those questions is: too often.

But I'm Here To Help You Make The Changes You Need!

You see, I used to be exactly where you are now.

Each day seemed like a dreary, worthless...nightmare.

I was never happy, didn't exercise anymore, barely got anything done, and was a complete wreck.

But then one day everything changed...

See, one day I discovered something that completely changed everything, and allowed me to do things I had never thought possible before.

With one simple technique I was able to:

  • Double and sometimes TRIPLE productivity.

  • Relieve the mountain of stress on my shoulders.

  • Pack on some much needed muscle.

  • Feel great 24/7.

  • Sharpen my talents. (And learn new ones.)

  • And much, MUCH more.

And the best part?


How is this possible, you ask?


The 7 Minute Superhuman Method

If your life is lacking, (which, to be blunt, it undoubtedly is) then the 7 Minute Superhuman technique could be the ONE thing you're looking for to turn your world right side up.

The 7 Minute method incorporates the use of snazzy little 7 minute routines that help motivate you, prepare you, inspire you, and destine you for success!

That may seem over-simplistic -- but that's the point!

Most self-help books and courses teach you how to use long elaborate techniques and programs to supposedly change your life.

The problem?

They're too complex, so you get bummed out and quit.

And never make any lasting improvements in your life.

7 Minute Superhuman will change that.

While simple enough that a child could use them, the techniques in this book will change your life dramatically and help you break out of the "dreardom" that is your current lifestyle.

If you want to break away from unhappiness and become FREE -- NOW is your chance!

This book contains the simple and easy to implement techniques and methods that you need to change your life.

All you have to do is buy the book, read through it one time, apply what you learn, and then reap the rewards for years to come.
release date: Oct 08, 2018
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Empath: The #1 Made Easy Guide for Developing The Powerful Gift of Empathy. Grow Your Sense Of Self, Evade Draining Relationship and Achieve a Complete ... Lot for Highly Sensitive Person at Work)

★ ★ Buy the Paperback version of this book, and get the kindle eBook version included for FREE**

Do you tend to burden yourself with other people’s problems and feel overwhelmed by others’ emotions clashing with your own feelings? Do you feel drained after being surrounded by too many people? Or constantly find the urge to seek out quiet locations to re-energize? Do you get the impression that you experience joy or pain more intensely than others?

Whether you’re consciously aware or not, if you answered yes to any of these questions you may carry the great and powerful gift of being an Empath.

Empaths are like unicorns. They are special people that understand others on a deeper level than most. However the constant absorption of other’s people emotions could often cause them to feel overwhelmed which as a result leads to issues such as exhaustion, anxiety and depression. One may find it difficult to control such emotions especially if they are new or they haven’t yet realized their gift.

So how could a hypersensitive person understand and transform all this into something wonderful and helpful?

In Empath: The #1 Made Easy Guide for Developing The Powerful Gift of Empathy, Tina Madison, a well know psychologist and psychotherapist, has concentrated all her knowledges, best practices, techniques and practical exercises to help you achieve inner peace that will lock up a new life of positive and abundant feelings.

Whatever you are struggling with – your personal relationships, your emotional stability, your movement forward in life – you can give yourself a major advantage and break through your blocks by honing your sense of empathy. By improving your grasp of what your empath identity means, you can unlock countless doors and opportunities for yourself, opening up a whole new world that you may have sensed but couldn’t quite describe.

In this book you will find:

  • how to understand scientifically if you’re an empath and what are the most common traits

  • become aware of your incredible and powerful potential that is locked up in you

  • best strategies to overcome and release negative mental states such as insomnia, adrenaline fatigue and depression

  • how to set boundaries and deal with energy vampires

  • best ways to behave and take care of your empath child

  • amazing tools for normalizing your daily life

  • best practices for nurturing your gift and developing empathetic abilities and dramatically improve your relationship with everyone you meet

  • And many more..

Maybe you have tried to learn about empathy before, or maybe you have dismissed someone’s claims about empaths in the past. There is no reason that any of that should hold you back from learning about and benefiting from the truths of empathy right now. You can let go of everything that is dragging you down and learn to manage your emotions more effectively with the content that you will find herein. Laid out in an easy-to-follow way, this is empathy that you can apply to every day in your future! Get in touch with yourself – and know yourself as the empath you are!

So why wait? Buy Empath now, just SCROLL UP AND CLICK THE “BUY” BUTTON and add it to your cart!

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release date: Jan 16, 2017
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Growing the Good Life: Lessons in Parenting, Gardening, Health, and Meaningful Living
Have you ever looked around and said, "This is not the life I intended to create?" A young family with everything begins to question their choices. Are making a living and making a life two very different things? Can they allow their true values to take center stage and choose a different path?

Mike and Alison Buehler bought fully into the American Dream. Two doctoral degrees, successful careers, three children, and a big house should be a recipe for happiness. But something is missing, and the wheels are coming off. Join this family as they journey toward health and happiness based on a very different set of values.
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release date: Jul 28, 2014
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No More Negative Thinking: How to Be Positive, Optimistic, and Happy All the Time
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to have such control over your emotions that you could be happy practically all of the time? Well, it's actually possible, and this book describes multiple different ways that you can "train your brain" to be happy and positive all the time, regardless of your current circumstances. Happiness is available to all of us, but for many of us it is buried under many layers of negative thoughts. No More Negative Thinking: How to Be Positive, Happy, and Optimistic All the Time will show you how to eliminate your negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones that bring you happiness and peace of mind. In a few short weeks, you can be the master of your emotions.

Topics covered in this book include:

Awareness: The foundation and first step towards positive change.

Affirmations: 3 ways to use affirmations to train your brain for success and happiness, plus a free affirmation audio track you can listen to for faster results.

Visualization: Advanced visualization techniques that allow you to create positive change in your life in a very short amount of time.

Find your bliss: The power of living in the moment and how to find activities that bring you peace of mind and long term happiness.

Healthy body = happy mind: The importance of giving your body what it needs and how it leads to dramatic increases in happiness.

Human relationships: How to repair damaged relationships and how to know when you should let go and move on to better things.

Many years of relentless study of some of the happiest and most successful people in the world have preceded me writing this. I bring this to you with hopes that you can use it to enhance your life and go on to live the life you always dreamed of. You deserve to be happy.

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release date: Oct 09, 2015
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Positive Thinking: The scientific and practical guide to change your thinking and change your life: Discover the Power of Positive Thinking and Remove ... for Good (Life Psychology Series Book 4)

Positive thinking

The scientific and practical guide to change your thinking and change your life

Part of the Life Psychology Series, books written by Psychologists who have practical experience, bringing together the latest thinking and practice in a simple and easy to read format aimed at people who need a simple but effective guide for addressing their problems and improving their life.

  • Finding it hard to overcome the inevitable setbacks that life throws at you?

  • Going through a difficult set of personal challenges or changes in your life?

  • Starting a new job and feeling nervous and anxious?

  • Feeling miserable and unmotivated in life?

  • There has been a huge amount written about positive thinking and how by changing your thoughts you can change your life, following extensive research by leading psychologists in the new field of positive psychology it has been shown that this is indeed the case. Just by changing how you think, you can change your life. By changing how we think we then change how we feel as our feelings follow on from our thoughts, it is these renewed feelings of hope, confidence and motivation that then change our lives as we can then make the changes we want in our lives and discover our own true potential that lies within us.

    But the ability to think positively and keep an optimistic outlook in the face of adversity is not something that always comes naturally. Perhaps you are someone that would like to be more optimistic but find that you struggle with negative thoughts and behaviour, or that you are generally a positive person that is finding a certain life event a real challenge to get over.

    This book aims to help you understand the power of your thoughts, and to learn how to influence them through many easy-to-learn techniques. We also consider how the mind and body are connected and that we should take a comprehensive approach to keep a positive and healthy mind.

    What others say about Positive Thinking

  • "I was going through a difficult time in my life, changes of both a personal and professional nature at the same time and felt pretty overwhelmed, I actually found this book really useful and grounded in some proper techniques in how to change my perspective, feeling much better now, in control and the techniques helped me feel stronger about what I had to do.”

  • “I spent a large part of my life in the misery of pessimism, always worrying, feeling stressed, and expecting the worst so I was ready for it, by changing how I think it has liberated me and I wish I had done this years ago, but in the spirit of my new freedom better late than never! ☺ ”

  • “Positive thinking has been a bit of a buzzword and I was sceptical, but this book and advice is more than just the usual think positive clichés, it has some solid ideas and techniques to help change thinking and not just the fluffy think positive thoughts advice”

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    release date: Jul 07, 2016
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    How to Eliminate Negative Thoughts and Emotions with One Simple but Powerful Technique
    Have you ever achieved a goal of yours and felt really excited for a while? But then witnessed the good feeling wear off and then everything in your life seemed to be exactly the same again?

    The happiness we receive from "achieving success" in the world is always short-lived. We easily get addicted to the high of achieving our goals. This isn't always a bad thing but it can be when we lose sight of the more important things in life.

    Many people never really feel satisfied in their regular day to day living and so they constantly strive for something outside of themselves to make up for their feelings of boredom, unworthiness, or whatever it may be.

    In our success-driven culture, it's very easy to miss out on the simple joys in life. Most people find it very difficult to be happy with a simple existence.

    First of all, there is nothing wrong with striving for bigger things. There is also nothing wrong with living a very simple and ordinary existence.

    What is truly important in the grand scheme of things is how we FEEL and how we make others feel, and this, believe it or not, has nothing to do with the outward circumstances of our lives.

    It costs absolutely nothing to be a kind and loving person. It costs nothing to focus on the brighter side of life. It's all a matter of perspective and our ability to release the negativity within ourselves.

    This book discusses a simple but powerful strategy for releasing these negative emotions that block us from experience the joy of the present moment. It shows you step by step how to be happy regardless of your life circumstances. It's easier than you think. Enjoy :)
    release date: Dec 19, 2016
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    Happiness is a choice: The most important decision in life
    Is there a secret recipe to happiness? There are so many books about happiness, but even the most popular ones usually lack a level of depth. A level of depth that can be developed by listening to the right podcasts, TED talks, motivational speakers, etc. This book provides you with the most relevant theories, examples, ideas, and experiences to take your happiness to the next level. It is short and to the point, so you don't have to spend too much time on reading, which leaves more time for thinking about it and starting to do things differently.

    Go the website to download this eBook for free.
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    release date: Aug 11, 2018
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    Joyful: Free Preview: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness
    Designer and TED star Ingrid Fetell Lee presents groundbreaking research to explain how making small changes to your surroundings can create extraordinary happiness in your life.

    Have you ever wondered why we stop to watch the orange glow that arrives before sunset, or why we flock to see cherry blossoms bloom in spring? Is there a reason that people -- regardless of gender, age, culture, or ethnicity -- are mesmerized by baby animals, and can't help but smile when they see a burst of confetti or a cluster of colorful balloons.

    We are often made to feel that the physical world has little or no impact on our inner joy. Increasingly, experts urge us to find balance and calm by looking inward -- through mindfulness or meditation -- and muting the outside world. But what if the natural vibrancy of our surroundings is actually our most renewable and easily accessible source of joy?

    In Joyful, designer Ingrid Fetell Lee explores how the seemingly mundane spaces and objects we interact with every day have surprising and powerful effects on our mood. Drawing on insights from neuroscience and psychology, she explains why one setting makes us feel anxious or competitive, while another fosters acceptance and delight -- and, most importantly, she reveals how we can harness the power of our surroundings to live fuller, healthier, and truly joyful lives.
    release date: Sep 13, 2014
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    Happiness 365: One-a-Day Inspirational Quotes for a Happy YOU (The Happiness 365 Inspirational Series Book 1)
    We know this to be true: It’s a given that life is not about rainbows and sunshine all of the time. There will be days that it is going to be hard to hold your head high and put a smile on your face. However, happiness is a choice; and sometimes, you just occasionally need a boost to remind yourself of that fact.
    It is intuitive that people who smile and cut out negativity from their life will live longer, healthier lives. You hear it in TED talks, read it on blogs, and physicians (and psychologists) use it as a mantra. Stress and anger cause health complications that make life harder than it needs to be. It will also leave you with higher medical bills, which will cause more stress if you are struggling financially.
    This book is designed to help give you that small happiness boost you may require at any time. It provides a variety of quotes, new and older, to help you put perspective on your mood, regardless of where you are at in your life. It is organized for quotes to be consumed once per day, however we welcome you to peruse through the pages until you find one that resonates with you at that specific moment.
    No matter who you are, be it a teenager or in later stages of life, whether you are married or divorced, an entrepreneur or a career professional, or even unemployed, choosing to be happy helps you in all facets of your life. Take it a day at a time, and find the quotes that speak to your needs for the day. Read, reflect and refocus when the stress and trials of the day attempt to derail your mood.
    You deserve to be happy so find it in your mind.
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    release date: Sep 26, 2016
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    Minimalism Sucks: Ignore the Zealots and Learn a Dogma Free Way to De-Clutter Your Life

    Yes, Minimalism Sucks When You Follow the Zealots on YouTube

    Thus Dogma-Free it Helps You to Live Without Debt and Worrying - Enjoying Your Life Again

    Let's start your minimalism to de-clutter your life and be happier; dogma-free and with the pure essentials only.

    Did you know that you can apply minimalism to books too? It is harder for the author to write those, but much easier for you, the reader, to learn and use the essentials directly without wading through fluffy pages and getting lost - getting lost means you will not take action. And taking action is THE crucial step you need to do.

    Now, and not tomorrow.

    Tomorrow is NO Action land.

    Change your life now and stop wasting time.

    I learned it the hard way and I am thankful that I took action. My mom was a hoarder, and even I was not one, I had a hard time saying goodbye to things. Luckily, that changed one day, and I began my minimalism journey without knowing it at that point. It wasn't a fad yet and YouTube wasn't born. However, it made my life better. And it works fine for our family of three too.

    However, I am not sure if I had even considered it when my first encounter were those YouTubers you see nowadays. Crazy zealots who go nuts.
    It is a nightmare and turns away too many people from an excellent idea. People who can benefit from minimalism and make their life better and living on our planet too.

    Somebody like you.

    Don't go away; minimalism can help you.

    What are your benefits you might ask?
    • Owning less stuff reduces a lot of stress from your life. You don't need to worry about cleaning, managing, and organizing.
    • You will buy less and stop competing with the Joneses next door.
    • Consuming less gets you out of debt
    • Buying less also means we need to produce less and use fewer resources on earth.
    • You will value experiences and quality time with friends and family much more. Give love without buying any stuff.
    • You will free up your mind and get happier.

    You'll get all of that and more in a dogma-free way and without becoming frugal. No need to live in a shack; except you want to.

    Join me in a personal way into minimalism without dogmas. Written with a minimalist mindset and leaving the fluff out.

    Buy Your Copy Now and Use the Fastlane to Action Land and a Better Life.

    Revised Edition: January 20th, 2017
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