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release date: Jun 28, 2016
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Slay It with Flowers (Flower Shop Mystery)
Law school drop-out turned flower shop owner Abby Knight has been asked to be a bridesmaid by her cousin. But before the couple says "I do," a groomsman disappears, and another member of the wedding party is found dead. Abby has to hurry down an aisle of suspects to unveil the truth and make sure the bride still gets to the church on time.
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release date: Sep 30, 2007
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The Tenderness of Wolves
As winter tightens its grip on the isolated settlement of Dove River, a woman steers herself for the journey of a lifetime. A man has been brutally murdered and her 17-year old son has disappeared. To clear her son's name, she has no choice but to follow the tracks leaving the dead man's cabin.
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release date: May 17, 2005
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Drive Time: Spanish (CD): Learn Spanish While You Drive (All-Audio Courses)
Now anyone can learn a foreign language while commuting to work, running errands, or even taking a trip with the family. The new all-audio Drive Time series starts with an ingenious “On-Ramp” CD that eases language learners into Spanish, French, Italian, or Japanese with simple, practical expressions and engaging warm-up exercises. Three additional CDs contain 18 lessons that cover all of the essentials—vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and basic conversation.

Drive Time also includes a 64-page reference guide for anyone who would like to see spellings or read dialogues as a review—from the passenger seat, of course!
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release date: Nov 04, 1997
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Essential Spanish for Healthcare : A Quick, Easy-To-Use Program for : Nurses, Doctors, Clinic and Hospital Administrators, Ems Personnel and Home Healthcare Workers
A Quick, Easy-to-Use Program for:
Nurses, Doctors, Clinic and  Hospital Administrators, EMS Personnel and Home Healthcare Workers

NO Previous Knowledge of Spanish Required.

Ready to use on the job, Essential Spanish for Healthcare is a vital tool for anyone who works with Spanish-speaking clients in hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare-related areas. This program has everything you need to communicate immediately and effectively, including a phrasebook, two cassettes, and a quick reference guide. Essential Spanish for Healthcare covers common situations, such as reception and sign-in, taking medical history, discussing symptoms, delivering the prognosis, and dealing with family and friends.

The phrasebook includes more than 2,500 essential Spanish words and phrases, organized by topic.
                Phonetic transcriptions help you pronounce Spanish correctly.
                Culture notes address sensitive issues.
                Spanish-English/English-Spanish glossary and grammar summary are great for reference.

The two 90-minute cassettes can be used to improve your conversation and comprehension skills - while you're in the car, exercising, or at home.

The reference guide fits in your pocket and contains the most important words and expressions you'll need on the job.
release date: Oct 12, 1987
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One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (Beginner Book)
Children will read along swimmingly with Dr. Seuss's absurd and endearing fish.  A "fabulous book of easy words, exciting pictures and inviting rhythm." --Elementary English  The accompanying cassette has a listening side for nonreaders and a read-aloud side with page-turn signals for youngsters just learning to read.
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release date: Mar 18, 1997
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Living Somewhere Between Estrogen And Death

Barbara Johnson reveals her hilarious anti-aging remedy.

"They say the best way to grow old is not to be in a hurry about it―and Lord knows, I've put it off for as long as I could," says Barbara. But old age happens without any effort on our part. If you're alive, you're getting older. So what happens when you find yourself between menopause and LARGE PRINT? This best-selling author offers a delightful recipe for living life to the fullest in your later years and spices it with loads of laughter. She shows how she came to her own decision to age ferociously instead of gracefully.

Living Somewhere Between Estrogen and Death is a lighthearted and encouraging book on the joys and problems of growing older. You'll laugh at Barbara Johnson's zany insights on aging.

From savoring the "here and now" to preparing for our glorious future in heaven, Living Somewhere Between Estrogen and Death is your wise and witty guide to the joys and challenges of aging gleefully.

release date: May 24, 1991
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No More Monsters for Me! Book and Tape (I Can Read Book 1)

Guess what's growing in the basement... A baby monster! Minneapolis Simpkin is hiding it down there. But a monster is a hard thing to keep secret, especially one that hiccups and cries, and gets bigger every hour.

Children's Choices for 1982 (IRA/CBC)
Children's Books of 1981 (Library of Congress)

release date: Oct 15, 1990
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Dinosaur Time Book and Tape (I Can Read Book 1)

Now young children can read about dinosaurs even how to say their names'by themselves. ‘Shouts of welcome will greet this new addition to the Early I Can Read series.

I Can Read Books are the premier line of -- beginning readers encouraging children to learn and love -- to read. Featuring award-winning authors and illustrators, I Can Read Books offer a full spectrum of entertaining stories for every stage of a child's reading development.

release date: Jun 01, 1999
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Stacks of Stories 3Hr Double (Story collection)
A collection of 11 stories specially commissioned in celebration of national libraries. Each story takes libraries as its starting point, but they all develop in entirely different directions. From fantasy to romance, witchcraft to piracy, these stories should appeal to a wide range of children.
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by: AlikiAliki
release date: Apr 10, 1991
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Digging Up Dinosaurs Book and Tape (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2)
Long ago, dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Then, Suddenly, they died out. For thousands of years, no one knew these giant creatures had ever existed. Then people began finding fossils-- bones and teeth and footprints that had turned to stone. Today, teams of experts work together to dig dinosaur fossils out of the ground, bone by fragile bone. Then they put the skeletons together again inside museums, to look just like the dinosaurs of millions of years ago.
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