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release date: Jun 23, 2015
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Organization: The Declutter Challenge - Cleaning And Organizing Your Life With Feng Shui For A Stress Free & Organized Environment (organization, organizational ... organization for beginners, organize)


The Declutter Challenge - Cleaning and Organizing Your Life with Feng Shui For A Stress Free & Organized Environment

Learn How To Organize, Declutter and Control Your Life Using The Most Advanced Organization Strategies Known Today!

There are a myriad of different organization principles in use in the world today. They come in all shapes and forms and are meant to help people realize their full potential and be as successful as possible. In this book, we shall be taking a look at some of these techniques and the benefits that they can provide in our lives.
There are many reasons to get organized. The main reason is to make life easier and to be able to live a hassle-free life, but there are also many other benefits. Gaining organizational skills will allow you to live a stress-free life, and enable you to work better with whatever it is you may choose. These skills help to instill discipline and ultimately help you gain control of your life and, therefore, your destiny.

The techniques outlined in this book also promise to assist you cut down on things like debt, clutter, and anxiety, and help you relax and see things from a different perspective so that you can solve problems better. The philosophies outlined in this book have been tried and tested and have benefited millions of people around the globe.

Organization does not necessarily mean having a strict routine! In fact, some organizational theories demand that you break your routines and get out of your comfort zone to be able to enhance creativity. Others encourage you to get to know yourself and your surroundings better so that you may become a better more organized person. Some of these ideologies propose that by living a minimalist lifestyle you actually benefit more as a person, and, therefore, will be more successful in whatever endeavor you choose to follow.
These techniques are more relevant now than ever before. As the world becomes more and more competitive, it is important to not only have an edge in your field, but also to be able to handle the pressure that comes with it. This book promises to give you the tools to do just that and more

What You're Going to Learn:

  • The Decluttering Challenge For Your Home Or Office
  • Understanding Feng Shui
  • Feng Shui Techniques
  • Utilizing Feng Shui To Its Full Potential
  • Zen Organization And Design
  • Zen Techniques
  • BONUS: Application of Zen Principles in Design and Organization

So, are you ready for your NEW Organized Life?!

release date: Sep 03, 2018
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Offshore Adriatico: Opportunità di riutilizzo delle strutture esistenti (Italian Edition)
L’obbiettivo di questa ricerca è quello di proporre una possibilità di riutilizzo delle piattaforme estrattive offshore destinate alla totale rimozione a seguito della chiusura dei relativi giacimenti di idrocarburi.
Lo studio di Agnese Paci ha innanzitutto il pregio di avere sviluppato una proposta applicata ad un caso reale - la piattaforma Angela-Angelina installata di fronte alla costa ravennate - e che, da un punto di vista tecnico, risulterebbe realizzabile con relativa facilità. Questo studio va quindi oltre, recuperando il concetto di "isola artificiale" e proponendo una transizione verso una seconda vita post-industriale che potrebbe trovare nel turismo e nella ricerca scientifica una sintesi originale e sostenibile se supportata da uno specifico inquadramento legislativo e, non in ultimo, da investitori lungimiranti.
In definitiva, la filosofia che sta alla base di questa proposta è quella che interpreta qualsiasi riconversione di un insediamento produttivo come un caso di archeologia industriale meritevole di salvaguardia. L’obiettivo felicemente raggiunto nello studio di Agnese Paci è stato quindi quello di avere coniugato, anche nel settore dell’oil&gas offshore, temi apparentemente dissonanti - industria e turismo - proponendo una soluzione che, oltreché tecnicamente realizzabile, si dimostra anche sostenibile da un punto di vista ambientale, sociale ed economico.
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release date: May 16, 2014
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Burn Chambers for Rocket Mass Heaters: A short introduction to 4 types of burns chambers for rocket mass heaters
Bricks or barrels? Pre-fab or pour your own? How do you decide what to make your heater out of? Are they all safe? Do they all really work with the same efficiency?

What works best? Ever ask yourself that question?
When it comes to build a rocket heater have you considered what type of building materials would make for the best burn chamber?
Are you good with brickwork? We weren't.
Ever use refractory cement? We hadn't.
What do the pros build with? Is there a plug and play type of system?
Well, welcome to our world. Inside this booklet are various versions of burn chambers currently be used by backyard builders to the pros.

Written by Ray & Randi Dudley, authors of "Lessons from Our Rocket Mass Heater", this is a primer for folks that have never built a heater and are just starting their research. PACKED with photos, links, websites, stats and resources we take a look at everything from the tried and true brick builds to the cutting edge materials and shapes employed by the innovators and pros. We present the pros and cons plus we talk about things like cost, ease of use and we even look at some unique builds.
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release date: Feb 27, 2016
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Living Off-Grid

Do you want to break the shackles and stop giving your hard earned money to large multinational utility companies?

What would you do if there was an extended blackout spanning a month or more? How would you feed yourself and your family if the shelves in your local supermarket were suddenly empty? By becoming self-sufficient you will never need to worry about these things.

Don’t worry; there is no need to suddenly jump into an off-grid lifestyle. You can begin slowly and increase your self-sufficient abilities over time.

This book is packed with useful tips and tricks that can help you begin with the enjoyment and rewards that come with off-grid living. You will learn how to grow your own food, harvest your own water and generate your own power.  With a heavy focus on off-grid living within an urban environment, you are sure to find something to suit your needs, available space and individual skills.  The techniques described can be easily expanded to account for country living.

Here are some of the things you will learn about:

  • Solar power generation

  • Wind power generation

  • Hydroelectric power generation

  • Kinetic power generation

  • Rainwater harvesting

  • Sinking a well

  • Water from rivers and streams

  • Growing vegetables

  • Growing fruit

  • Growing herbs

  • Keeping livestock

  • Household waste disposal

It’s relatively easy to live off the grid. Do you want to learn how to become self-sufficient? Great … then what are you waiting for?

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release date: Mar 11, 2013
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100 Contractor House Plans Construction Blueprints - Spec Homes, Cabins, Condos, 4 Plexs and Custom Homes
100 Contractor House Plans Construction Blueprints is a catalog of home plans built into a kindle book. All styles of homes are in this book
Spec Home Plans
Cabins Plans
4 Plexs
Custom Homes
Small Starter Homes

This book is a catalog of home plans for Specialized Design Systems

100 House plan Spec sheets and renderings of homes that have been designed and drawn by the author. In the book you are shown how to get full house plans that are ready for construction for as low as $1 per plan if purchased as a set on DVD on or $20 each if downloaded individually. This is a great set of plans for any contractor or do it yourself people that are looking to save money on plans from high end custom homes to smaller starter homes or cabins.
release date: Jan 03, 2018
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Interior Design: Dream Design on a Shoestring - A Guide to Feng Shui, Decorating, and Interior Design on a Budget (interior design, interior design books, ... for dummies, interior design for beginners)

Interior Design: Dream Design on a Shoestring

A Guide to Feng Shui, Decorating, and Interior Design on a Budget

An interior designer plays an important role in making a place beautiful, cozy and functional, whether it is a commercial space or a home. To accomplish such a vital tasks, it is important to understand the basics.

Today, a large number of people are involved in this profession, and even more people are interested in joining. Some are just left behind because they don't have a way to start. Here in this book, our target readers are those who have a passion for interior design and just need some guidelines on where to start. Whether you want to design your own house or step into the world of interior design profession, this book will provide the foundation for that goal.

We have tried to focus here on the basics of interior design: how to prepare yourself to be an interior designer, the basic principles and elements of interior design, etc. We also discuss some popular interior design styles that can serve as an inspiration for beginners. Instructions are also given on how to start a business as an interior designer. A careful reading of this book will provide a variety of useful information for beginners.

Our goal is to present the basic ideas and rules of interior design to the readers, whether they are designing their own house or working for others. Hopefully the information in this book will help you design your first project successfully.

What You Are Going To Learn

  • Basic Elements of Interior Design

  • The Importance of Color and Lighting in Interior Design

  • The Seven Pillars of Interior Design

  • Basic Styles in Interior Design

  • Tools

  • Step Into the World of Interior Design

  • Much, Much More!

Interior Design: Dream Design on a Shoestring

release date: Mar 24, 2011
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Ellen Middleton—A Tale
This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.
release date: May 17, 2015
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Luminary (Paranormal Romance Mystery Novel) (Best E. Edition): (Soul Mate Selling Series)
Enjoy the best selling, award winning, soul mate series that has everyone falling for Emily Wren. Luminary will transport fans of Twilight, The Mortal Instruments and The Vampire Diaries to a world unlike any you’ve ever read about…

Who says you have only one soul mate?
And you thought your life had drama.

Emily is a girl waiting to find Mr. Right and fall in love. But she’s unaware that a great tragedy has happened, killing her soul mate and the backup one-- two young men that she's never met. Does that mean she’s doomed to a life without true love?

A supernatural race known as Paragons-- who work in the shadows must do something unthinkable. They must retrofit a new soul mate for her. Change the make up of a human’s soul so that he’s her perfect complement in every way. It's their only option for insuring a soul mate match -- which releases much needed magic into the world. Magic that advances the causes of mankind.

Reshaping the precious hallmarks and soul markers is a nasty painful business without guarantees. But they must try-- if the girl is to have any shot at real happiness.
Emily Wren is focused on school and her budding career. Smart, confident, feisty and too modest to realize her own beauty, she’s never had a boyfriend. If her protector is successful that could all soon change.

But life in the supernatural world, even the secret world of Paragons, is never quite that simple.
Treachery from an unsuspected quarter threatens the super immortal’s plans. Even more baffling-- vampires, werewolves, a shapeshifter, witches and a psychic have suddenly developed a not so subtle interest in the love life of the girl. Will she meet her soul mate? Or is something else going on? Is there more at stake than the happiness of one special human?

Buy now to find out…

★★★★★ "I'm exceptionally picky about young adult novels, seeing as how I am one. I was blown away." --The story siren

★★★★ "I'm addicted to these books!"

★★★★ "A group of likable characters, only some of which are human with a super immortal hero who focuses on duty above all else." --A life in books

★★★★★ "Entertaining and clever. Characters are believable and the conversations are full of detail." --TheWritersClub

★★★★★ "An exciting universe -- within a universe --that had a brilliant ending." -- IWriteWell

Read Luminary, for a truly unique perspective on soul mates and the role of coincidence in finding “the one.” Book 1 in the Luminary Saga by P.S. Meraux.

Newly edited & revised -- Endearing characters, suspense, true love, plenty of twists, this epic fantasy will keep you guessing as it jumps between worlds.
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release date: May 04, 2018
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New Vision 2050: A Platinum Society (Science for Sustainable Societies)
This book presents the 'New Vision 2050,' which adds the concept of the “platinum society” to the “Vision 2050”.
The 20th century was a century in which energy led the development of material civilization, resulting in deletion of resources, global warming and climate change. What form should sustainable material and energy take to protect the Earth? The 'Vision 2050' was established 20 years ago as a model that we should pursue for the next half century. Fortunately, the world is on course for the Vision 2050.The 21st century will be a century in which we seek qualitative richness, with the Vision 2050 as the material basis. That is, a “platinum society” that has resource self-sufficiency and resource symbiosis, and where people remain active throughout their lives and have a wide range of choices and opportunities for free participation. Since the author presented the concept of 'Vision 2050' in 1999, the idea has been introduced in two books entitled Vision 2050: Roadmap for a Sustainable Earth (2008) and Beyond the Limits to Growth: New Ideas for Sustainability from Japan (2014). The latter includes a chapter that sheds light on the concept of a “platinum society”. In this publication, the author presents the 'New Vision 2050' in more detail.
release date: Nov 07, 2006
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The Frightened Land: Land, Landscape and Politics in South Africa in the Twentieth Century

An investigation into the spatial politics of separation and division in South Africa, principally during the apartheid years, and the effects of these physical and conceptual barriers on the land. In contrast to the weight of literature focusing on post-apartheid South Africa, the focus of this book includes the spatial, political and cultural landscape practices of the apartheid government and also refers to contemporary work done in Australia, England and the US. It probes the uncertainty and ambiguity of identities and cultures in post-apartheid society in order to gain a deep understanding of the history that individuals and society now confront.

Drawing on a wealth of research materials including literature, maps, newspapers, monuments, architectural drawings, government legislation, tourist brochures, political writing and oral histories, this book is well illustrated throughout and is a unique commentary on the spatial politics of a time of enormous change.

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