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release date: Nov 22, 2017
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Cleaning and Home Organization Box-Set (10 Book Series)
From Book 1:





BOOK 1: Clutter Free In Only 3 Days


If you’re the type of person who wants to de-clutter your home, who wants to know the secrets of how to be clutter free in only 3 days, then you are about to discover a proven strategy, now! Millions of people suffer from feeling out of control, hopeless, frustrated, overwhelmed and just tired of the mess that surrounds them, never being able to find anything. The truth is, if you’re suffering from a cluttered home, then this book will provide you with proven steps to help free yourself from the clutter in just 3 days.


Preview Of What You'll Learn...


How to Clear One Room at a Time

How to Sort First, Buy Later

How to Designate a Halfway Point

How to Create The One Year Rule

How to Be Careful of Sensitive Information

How to De-Clutter Your Closet

How to De-Clutter Your Work Station

How to De-Clutter your Bathroom

How to De-Clutter Your Living Room

How to De-Clutter Your kitchen

How to De-Clutter Your Attic, Basement and Garage

Much, much more!


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BOOK 2: The True Art of Minimalist Organization: Secrets to Organize and Keep Your House Clean, De-Stress And Simplify Your Life


If you are looking for a book that will help you to get your home organized, de-cluttered and clean, then this book is for you! Get this practical guide to help you plan your Minimalist Lifestyle and you will see the results, so why don’t you download today! So, If you're serious about reducing your stress, eliminating that feeling of being overwhelmed and getting your home clean and organized fast!


Preview of What You will Learn


All about Minimalism and Minimalist Organization

The First steps for Minimalist Organization

The Minimalist Blueprint

Minimalizing your Living Room

Minimalizing the Rest of the House

Much, much more!




release date: Nov 22, 2017
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The Domino Decorating Books Box Set: The Book of Decorating and Your Guide to a Stylish Home (DOMINO Books)
From the editors of domino magazine, two essential guides to interior design and decorating, now in one gorgeous gift package.

Since launching in 2005, domino has attracted a fiercely loyal following, which looks to the brand as the definitive source for decorating and style. domino: The Book of Decorating, now with an updated resource section, takes readers room by room through a home, breaking down the elements of a successful design. domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home dives deep into the specifics of home decorating, showing how to use key elements like rugs, lighting, and fabric to build a design. These two complementary volumes, both in the friendly and authoritative voice of domino, are full of lavish, four-color photography and art; sidebars; tips; tricks of the trade; and resources, making this boxed set the perfect gift for any home decorator.
release date: Nov 22, 2017
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"ils" parlent
✔ « J’aime ton T-shirt Jérôme. :) »
✔ « C’est triste mes faut le supporter ♥ courage a tout ceux
a qui sa leur arrive ♥ »

••• télécharger gratuitement l’extrait (à droite)

➜ Un livre espiègle...

"Ils" parlent, une collection de commentaires glanés sur internet
à propos de l’amour. Sans pudeur.

Un strip-tease en quelque sorte.

➜ + « troller », mode d’emploi...
« Sélectionnez un intervenant qui argumente souvent, passionné par le sujet.
Ensuite... »
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release date: Nov 22, 2017
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Baby & Toddler Size & Shape Books
Learn about triangles through the beauty of examples. This basic book of triangles is perfect for little ones just starting to get to know the different shapes. With plenty of examples, he/she should be able to take to heart what triangles look like. This will lead to identification by sight. Grab a copy of this triangle-filled book today!
release date: Nov 22, 2017
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Directing Games (Reihe in 4 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: Games entstehen im kreativen Prozess. Doch allzuoft werden projektmanagementmethoden aus dem Bereich der Softwareentwicklung entliehen, ein Umstand, der die kreativ-chaotischen Prozesse ignoriert.
Directing Games stellt ein Modell vor, welches verwandt mit dem Schaffensprozess der unabhängigen Filmemacher des 'New Hollywood' ist. Game Directing beschäftigt sich mit den Hürden und Anforderungen an einen effizienteren Ansatz, der sowohl Kreativität der Medienkünstler, wie auch wirtschaftliche Aspekte berücksichtigt.

Über den Autor: Prof. Dr. Michael Bhatty wurde 2010 zum Professor für Game Design an der MHMK in München berufen, wo Serious Games ein wichtiger Bestandteil seines Ausbildungskonzeptes waren. 2013 wechselte er an die Mediadesign Hochschule, MD.H, in Düsseldorf.

Bereits während seiner Promotion brachte Michael Bhatty mit dem Medienprojekt Pax Westphalica 1998 eines der ersten Serious-Games-Themen auf den Weg. Michael Bhatty erhielt 1999 die Doktorwürde für sein Pionierthema „Interactive Story Telling“ und entwickelte als Lead Game Designer AAA-Titel wie SACRED (2004) und leitete als Chief Executive Producer die Entwicklung von Casual Games (2006), bevor er sich 2007 mit Michael Bhatty Entertainment selbständig machte und seine Dienste als Consultant anbietet. Als Autor für narrative Games-Welten hat er zwischen 2007 und 2012 fünf Romane zu Blockbuster-Marken wie FARCRY und RUNES OF MAGIC auf den Markt gebracht.
2012 und 2014 folgten die Romane Azarya und Kyle – Im Kreis des Feuers.
release date: Nov 22, 2017
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The Picture Box Set: Very Short Introductions Boxed Set
Books that are perfect to pop in your pocket now packaged to make the ideal gift! Five of the best-selling introductory books on art and architecture from the highly acclaimed Very Short Introductions series packaged in a stylish case to make the ideal gift or way-in to the vast area of art and architecture. This boxed set gives a great introductory overview to the subject of art and architecture, from the fascinating images created by the renaissance artists to the beauty of practical objects in everyday life. Art History: A Very Short Introduction by Dana Arnold ISBN-10: 0-19-280181-3/ ISBN-13: 978-0-19-280181-4 This clear and concise new introduction examines all the major debates and issues using a wide range of well-known examples. It discusses the challenge of using verbal and written language to analyse a visual form. Dana Arnold also examines the many different ways of writing about art, and the changing boundaries of the subject of art history. Renaissance Art: A Very Short Introduction by Geraldine A. Johnson ISBN-10: 0-19-280354-9/ ISBN-13: 978-0-19-280354-2 Botticelli, Holbein, Leonardo, Dürer, Michelangelo: the names are familiar, as are the works, such as the Last Supper fresco, or the monumental marble statue of David. But who were these artists, why did they produce such memorable images, and how would their original beholders have viewed these objects? Modern Art: A Very Short Introduction by David Cottington ISBN-10: 0-19-280364-6/ ISBN-13: 978-0-19-280364-1 As public interest in modern art continues to grow, as witnessed by the spectacular success of Tate Modern and the Bilbao Guggenheim, this much-needed, accessible introduction grapples clearly and provocatively with the complex idea of modern art. Architecture: A Very Short Introduction by Andrew Ballantyne ISBN-10: 0-19-280179-1/ ISBN-13: 978-0-19-280179-1 'a densely fascinating guide' Steven Poole, The Guardian Review This highly original and sophisticated look at architecture helps us to understand the cultural significance of the buildings that surround us. It avoids the traditional style-spotting approach in favour of giving an idea of what it is about buildings that moves us, and what it is that makes them important artistically and culturally. Design: A Very Short Introduction by John Heskett ISBN-10: 0-19-285446-1/ ISBN-13: 978-0-19-285446-9 'This is the best book I have read about the design process and is based on the belief that design matters profoundly to us all in innumerable ways.' Terence Conran John Heskett wants to transform the way we think about design by showing how integral it is to our daily lives, from the spoon we use to eat our breakfast cereal, and the car we drive to work in, to the medical equipment used to save lives. Design combines 'need' and 'desire' in the form of a practical object that can also reflect the user's identity and aspirations through its form and decoration. Plus a copy of the new edition of A Very Short Introduction to Everything
release date: Nov 22, 2017
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Tales of the Dragonfly (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: #1 BEST SELLER

#1 International Bestselling Author (5 #1 Books)
4X Readers' Favorite Book Award Winner
2X Romance Reviews Reader's Choice Award Winner

Separated by circumstances fifteen years ago, Jake Loughlin and Danielle Reardon are fatefully reunited at Dragonfly Pointe.

But the mysterious Dragonfly Pointe has a history of tragedy. A brutal assault and murder of a six-year old girl over twenty years ago has remained unsolved. A successful entrepreneur, Jake has hidden his status as a special investigator for the FBI, and, as owner of the Dragonfly Pointe Inn, he's returned to restore and renovate the abandoned property.

But, unofficially, he's investigating the theory that a ring of human traffickers is operating in the area. With three to five kidnappings occurring each year in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, Jake can trace a pattern going back as far as thirty-five years.

And there could be a connection to the death of the young girl at Dragonfly Pointe twenty-two years earlier.

Still grieving after the death of her grandmother, Danielle has finally returned to Crystal Rock to look over her inheritance. A former model and vocalist for a band, Danielle escaped her chaotic life as a celebrity when her boyfriend died of a drug overdose. After obtaining her degree in horticulture, she opened a successful landscape business in New York.

When Jake and Danielle finally meet again, it's magic.

But something odd is going on at Dragonfly Pointe, and when a young girl is kidnapped from a nearby community, the FBI investigation becomes official and Jake is put into action.

And then the eighteen year-old granddaughter of the former police chief of Crystal Rock is kidnapped. Lucy Callahan is like a sister to Danielle.

When the FBI investigation leads back to Dragonfly Pointe, Danielle herself is put in danger.

Indian legends claims Dragonfly Point has a mysterious power to ensure new beginnings. Will Jake and Danielle be able to create their own new magical beginning?

Visit author page at Ferguson
release date: Nov 22, 2017
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Free-Wrench (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Japanese hand towels now found for convenient use in the kitchen, living room and even outdoors are also smart and chic looking in fashion. They have long been considered as a very typical tool used in ordinary Japanese lives. Looking into the creative and diverse usage of tenugui by the Japanese, it also highlights the meanings of the beautiful patterns and traditional dyeing techniques to produce the most beautifully dyed Japanese hand towels. This particular book may provide you with some simple tips on how to live an eco-friendly life.

About this series
The most appreciated characteristics of Japanese slow craft are its fineness and detailed accuracy. How and why are these features created? The series pick-up traditional Japanese items such as “washi” (Japanese paper), “shoyu” (Japanese soy sauce) or “tenugui” (Japanese hand towels) and attempt to precisely illustrate in-depth, on each of these traditional industries into one book. It describes and features the traditional skills and methods passed on from the past generation to the present, exploring the spirit of such craftsmen creating those products. In addition, the encircling atmosphere which furthermore grooms the presence and value of such traditional items is depicted from diverse angles. Also, the features of “high quality” are visualized through numerous photographs. Despite the rapid and growing global transition from hand to digital made items, this e-pub series aim to transmit the significant presence of slow craft to all those worldwide loving hand-made crafts created by hands of skillful Japanese craftsmen.
release date: Nov 22, 2017
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Your Body Shape by Waistplacement (19 Book Series)
From Book 1: Do you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Do you struggle to find the clothing you like? Do you get frustrated when you find clothes you like but then they don't fit your body? Are you over-whelmed by choice?

Veteran merchandiser, buyer and fashion executive Melody Edmondson teaches you the secret to buying clothes you'll love to wear, and it's not about weight.

Your Fashion Guide Based on Body Shape & THE SPACE OF THE WAIST® celebrates the body you have and teaches you how to shop like a professional stylist, breeze through stores with confidence to the clothes that are meant for your body, maximize your Assets, feel great in your clothes and love the body you have!
release date: Nov 22, 2017
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Crafts Series (6 Book Series)
From Book 1: Handcrafted Jewelry Step by Step
5 Advanced Projects – 1 Intermediate Project -- Portable Jeweler's Cart


This book is not for you if you are not already well versed in hard soldering and using oxyacetylene equipment.

Are you looking for jewelry instruction books? Are you looking for Advanced Jewelry Design Projects? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re offering five – count them – five step-by-step artisan jewelry projects designed with the advanced metal jewelry worker in mind and one project for intermediate jewelry ideas. I originally thought these diy jewelry designs could be for beginners or advanced beginners, but several buyer reviews have proven this thought wrong. Beginners looking for instruction books on how to make jewelry should not purchase this book.

And these are not just ordinary, ho hum, anybody can make ‘em but nobody would want to wear ‘em beginner projects. Four of these are projects that were chosen for publication in some of the best step-by-step jewelry magazines in America as well as internationally including Jewelry Artist, Jewelry Arts & Lapidary Journal, Wire Jewelry, and Step-by-Step Beads to name a few.

You’ll also get one step-by-step design that was shown in Jewelry Artist only as a photo, not a completed how to do it jewelry design, and one step-by-step that is totally exclusive to this publication.

We hope you have fun creating and wearing these truly distinctive and original designs by Joyce Zborower, a 40 year veteran in the field of jewelry design and creation.
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