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release date: Jun 17, 2017
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The very Worst Riding School in the World
Who would be stupid enough to open and run a riding school when they are terrified of horses, can't ride, without insurance or capital, and with not the faintest idea of how to care for horses. Add to that, two of the four horses are not fit for the knacker's yard. Yes, that's exactly what I did - like so many of my adventures I 'fell' into this one as well with hilarious results.
release date: Sep 02, 2014
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Keeping a Backyard Horse
Hay is for horses! Everyone knows that, but do you know how much hay they need? Or how much water? Did you know your horse can talk to you with his ears? Or that he can sleep standing up?

Follow along with Athena the horse as she explains the basics of keeping a horse in your backyard. She’ll teach you the basic necessities of caring for your equine friend, from what kind of fencing you can use, to tips and tricks for keeping water thawed in winter weather, and even fun stuff you can do with your horse. Keeping a backyard horse can be fairly simple, and even if you have a tight budget, it can be done!
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release date: Jun 04, 2018
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Cold Backed: A Dream Horse Mystery Prequel (short story/prologue)
Viola Parker can’t land a job since the famous jumper, Wastrel, crashed to his death with her aboard. She can barely afford her whipped-cream-in-a-can addiction.

When she finds her mentor unconscious, she suspects foul play and wonders if her old friend, Harry, has answers. But Harry disappears with the truth, leaving behind a mysterious delivery and cryptic confession.

A short story prequel/prologue to the Dream Horse Mysteries with a preview of On the Buckle: Dream Horse Mystery #1.
release date: May 01, 2012
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The Animal Psychic eBook Story Selection: Free
A selection of stories from The Animal Psychic collection. This is a chance for you to read about Jackie Weaver's work with Celebrities' pets and also how she has made a difference to animals' lives. She has helped solved their problems by being able to psychically communicate with them and let them tell her what was wrong and how they wanted to be helped. Incredible but true!

I hope you enjoy and it helps spread the word about Animal Communication too.
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release date: Jan 05, 2014
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Bittersweet Farm 1: Mounted
You never outgrow your love for horses.

Last junior year. As the chance to qualify for the equitation finals seems increasingly more elusive at Bittersweet Farm, will the new trainer be the catalyst for success?

Lockie Malone finds that each sister is difficult in her own way and hurting for her own reasons. Talia can’t place over her sister and has been forcing herself to try. Greer is desperate for approval she can’t get.

With problems of his own, Lockie is committed to the job he was hired to do, but quickly realizes that teaching the young women how to ride isn’t nearly as important as teaching them how to live.

With mature themes, loving but often tumultuous relationships and a deep respect for horses, this series is not the pony mad books of your childhood. Read it now and see if you'd like to live at Bittersweet Farm like so many other readers.
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release date: Feb 15, 2016
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Race Horse Training: Compared
Follow the passion and the dream will come true…
Author Marion N. Seidel understands the power of passion and the reality of dreams coming true! Her first life dream was to work with horses. Realizing that dream as a jockey is all that she could ever imagine. Her second dream was to live in sunny South Florida which she accomplished a few short years later! Fantasy has no place in Marion’s life other than to create the beautiful canvas from which she paints her dreams.

In a touching part memoir, part training guide, author Marion N.Seidel opens the doors and our hearts to the exciting world of thoroughbred horse racing! In leaving her beloved Germany to live in America, Ms. Seidel soon realized working in the U.S. horse racing market is vastly different than working in the European market. Not knowing the English language is only one barrier she overcomes — just as easily as she sails across the finish lines as an exercise rider!

As she compares the two styles of horse racing, European and American, Marion N. Seidel creates a captivating portrait offering a tantalizing glimpse of luxury, sport, and equestrian excellence! Get your copy of RACE HORSE TRAINING: COMPARED and enter the breathtaking world of thoroughbred horse training from a professional who knows her industry and her handsome horses like nobody’s business!
release date: Sep 17, 2015
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Boys Don't Ride
Boys Don’t Ride is a standalone novella for young adults by the author of Eleanor McGraw, a pony named Mouse and a boy called Fire, The Boy with the Amber Eyes and Cooking with Caroline

17-year-old Tull has loved horses ever since he can remember but as the son of a single mum with more pressing things to pay for than riding lessons he’s never got closer than stroking them over the fence. Until one day a chance encounter with the most unlikely of girls opens the door to his dream. The question is, is it still the same dream? And is he tough enough to prove he’s worth living it?

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release date: Sep 09, 2014
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Hide & Seek: a Short Story
Anna Docherty loves the woods. Until the night a game of hide and seek sends her running a little too far, a little too fast.

Lost in the dark, it doesn’t take long for Anna’s love of the forest to turn to terror.

When Ryan finds her, huddled in his childhood hideout, and leads her back to safety, Anna is forever grateful to him.

But is she grateful enough to fight her fear when Ryan’s the one who needs help?
release date: Sep 23, 2012
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Kentucky Derby IQ: The Ultimate Test of True Fandom

New in this edition:
  • 60 additional, brand new questions
  • improved layout for questions and answer keys makes it easier than ever to quiz family and friends
  • brand new chapters on Orb, California Chrome and American Pharoah
  • improved functionality for Kindle, smartphones and tablets
  • print edition includes 17 B&W photographs - Kindle edition includes 25 full color photographs
  • 320 total Kentucky Derby trivia questions 
Spying the twin spires, hugging the rail, hearing the snap of the gate, the crowd takes a nervous deep breath in unison. The horses lunge, the jockeys crouch. Now the race for the roses is run and timelessness has begun. 

Long-shot odds, winning tickets, record crowds, Hall of Fame statistics, and historical dates all add up to the "most exciting two minutes in sports." Think you know Kentucky Derby history? 

Think again. 

This IQ Series book will test even the best horsemen and trainers who have been around the sport their whole lives. 

Test your skills. Wrack your brain. It's the ultimate Kentucky Derby IQ test. 
release date: Jan 12, 2018
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FERNE RUFE  Abenteuer eines Appaloosa Hengstes: Auskoppelung (German Edition)
Eine romantische Erzählung, die den Leser nicht nur in ein mitreißendes Pferdeabenteuer entführt, sondern auch Einblicke in die Historie der berühmten Appaloosa Rasse bietet. Farbfotos von wertvollen Zuchttieren bringen den modernen Appaloosa dem Betrachter näher. Spannende Unterhaltung und wertvolle Informationen in einer bunten Mischung, präsentieren Jung und Alt eine liebenswerte und stolze Pferderasse, die immer noch das Geheimnis und der Mythos einer indianischen Abstammung umweht.

Black Snow, Schwarzer Schnee, heißt ein wertvoller Appaloosa Zuchthengst, der nach einer dramatischen Geburt und der erfolgreichen Erziehung zum außergewöhnlichen Schau- und Turnierpferd, von Erpressern entführt wird, entfliehen kann, und einen entbehrungsreichen, gefährlichen Heimweg beginnt. Er lernt alle Schattenseiten eines Pferdelebens kennen. Unbeirrbar folgt Snowy seinem Instinkt auf dem Pfad nach Hause, denn der Hengst hört den Ruf der Heimat und fühlt, sein junger Reiter und Freund, Piet, wartet auf ihn. Snowy findet aber auch einen neuen, hilfreichen Verbündeten. Einen Verhaltensforscher mit indianischer Abstammung, der Studien unter Wölfen durchführt, bei dem der Appaloosa im harten, langen Winter von Montana Zuflucht findet, und der später Recherchen über die Wanderung von Black Snow betreibt, und uns nun diese spannende Geschichte erzählt.
27 Illustrationen - Copyright: Dagmar Wagner
32 Fotos der berühmten und erfolgreichen Appaloosa Zucht, George Contos,
KONDOS Appaloosa Stud, South Africa
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