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release date: Oct 23, 2017
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SEG Completes (5 Book Series)
From Book 1: “Toli looked at Delareux askance.
“I just need you to drive a truck,” Toli said.
“Why?” asked Delareux, leaning forward, “The truck have gremlins?”
Toli stared at Delareux.
“No, Mr. Delareux,” he began, “I need you to make retrievals and deliveries. My normal employee stopped showing up two days ago and I need you to fill in. Your ad says you do ‘odd jobs,’ correct?”
“What’s so odd about driving a truck?” asked Delareux.
“Look, Mr. Delareux, can you drive my truck or not?”
“Are you implying I can’t drive a truck? Because I can learn....”

New Orleans 1939

When Anatoli Palazzo, a business man who harbors a distaste for everything supernatural, occult, or illogical, hires Voodoo P.I., Thomas Jefferey Washington to drive a truck, things don’t go as planned.

Goblins are everywhere, a new drug threatens to destroy the city, and Rasputin? Really?

The Crescent City Creeps is one of the monthly serials featured at The Saturday Evening Ghost.
release date: Oct 23, 2017
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The Dark Corner Archives (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Don't Move. Don't Breathe. Don't Die

Dana Johansen is being watched. Someone has been following his every move for months. Each month that's passed, they have been getting closer. He doesn't know who they are or what they want. He just knows that they are after him.

Now, they're in his house. His refuge. His safe haven. It's been invaded. If he leaves, the visitor will follow. He's not sure what to do. One thing is certain — if Dana doesn't do something, the visitor will.

The Visitor is the first in a line of short stories, novelettes, and novellas in a series titled The Dark Corner Archives. There are five stories in all, the series progressively getting longer with each story. Those who are a part of his Reality Imagination Universe have special access to all the books in the series as they are released.

Easton Livingston is a published writer, having written articles for national magazine publications, newspapers, online websites, and graphic novels. His foray as a fiction author has him specializing in urban fantasy/supernatural, sci-fi, fantasy, action-adventure, and suspense, often weaving different elements of those genres together. He describes his writing as The 4400 meets Stranger Things. It is all a part of his Reality Imagination Universe which you can find out more details about at his website which you can link to at his author page.
release date: Oct 23, 2017
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Tales of the Executioners (6 Book Series)
From Book 1: Short Story. Not for children. The first in a collection about the “Executioners”; vampires in the elite “police force”. As one of the newest, Aine gets the job nobody wants: arresting a vampire for breaking The Laws. While everything goes wrong around him, he discovers his target has broken yet another that could get him into trouble, too.

Takes place during the novel Heart of the Raven but can be read as a stand alone.
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release date: Oct 23, 2017
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The Silver Springs Cooking Competition Mysteries (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: The Richest Cooking Competition Ever Shown on Television.

Throw together eight talented chefs, an extremely egotistical, philandering judge, a billionaire resort owner, a capable production crew, the possibility of romance and three precious kids -- put them all on a beautiful Island in the Pacific Northwest, throw in a quarter of a million dollar grand prize and you have the recipe for a funny book.

Throw in sabotage and murder, and it isn't quite as funny.

If you like your mysteries to have great characters as well as entertaining plot twists and turns, you're going to love M'lissa Moorecroft's latest book, Mary Cooked A Little Lamb, the first book in her new series, The Silver Springs Cooking Competition Mysteries.
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release date: Oct 23, 2017
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Gypsy Magic (3 Book Series)

The old woman’s enemies had taken her most precious possession—her son, Carlo. He was lost to her now. Lost by trickery and deceit. But the three people who had cut out her heart would pay in kind. They would feel the pain she had felt. For they each had a son: Wyatt Boudreaux, Garner Rousseau, and Andrei Sobatka. Each would suffer a fate worse than death. A fate that would follow him till the end of his days.

Part 1: Wyatt

Justice is Blind

An old murder case comes back to haunt Wyatt Boudreaux. Sent by his dad to make sure the gypsies don’t interfere with the conviction of Carlo Mustov, Wyatt runs into the woman he loved and lost, Alessandra King. She blames his father for Carlo’s conviction but she’s shocked to discover Wyatt is blind. Can they bury their differences and work together to find the real killer? And can the embers of passion smoldering between them flame to life again despite the gulf between their worlds?

Gypsy Magic: Wyatt…Garner…Andrei…each of these compelling stories ends with an HEA for the hero and heroine. But only the full set will finally get to the bottom of the murder mystery. Be sure to read them all!


The old woman lifted her lantern, the dim glow flickering off the Spanish moss that trailed from the dark branches above her head.

Somewhere in the far reaches of the bayou, an animal called out. An animal whose pain echoed her own.

Sinking to her knees on the damp ground, she threw back her head and gave voice to her anguish. It was all over now. Her only son, her beloved son, was condemned to die. For a crime she knew he could not have committed. He had made mistakes. She had warned him of the consequences, but never in her wildest imagination had she thought it would come to this.

She let her tears flow then. Tears of anger and regret. And when the storm of weeping finally subsided, she gathered her strength for what she must do. From the pocket of her long skirt, she pulled the bandanna with the objects. The pen. The paper cup. The metal tack.

Spreading the cloth on the ground, she stared at the tokens she had stolen. None was of material value. But they held the power she needed. For each belonged to one of the people she was going to curse tonight.

With bony fingers, she touched each object in turn, calling on her inner strength, summoning the dark powers she had learned to control long ago.

For she had the Romany gift of turning the tables on her enemies. She’d done it since she was a child. For small offenses and large, yet never anything so large as this.

Her enemies had taken her most precious possession—her son. He was lost to her now. Lost by trickery and deceit. But the three people who had cut out her heart would pay in kind. They would feel the pain she had felt. For they each had a son: Wyatt Boudreaux, Garner Rousseau, and Andrei Sobatka. Each would suffer a fate worse than death. A fate that would follow him till the end of his days.

In a low voice she began to chant the ancient words of her people, weaving in a curse for each man as she conjured up his face.

Her hand clenched the pen. “Justice is blind,” she whispered, then joined the curse with the name of Wyatt Boudreaux.

“Love is death,” she intoned as she crumpled the paper cup in her hand and said the name of Garner Rousseau.

Finally she picked up the tack, her finger caressing the cold metal as she said, “The law is impotent,” then linked the name with Andrei Sobatka.
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release date: Oct 23, 2017
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Bad Space (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Their spaceship is falling apart. There's a substantial bounty on each one of their heads. Their captain is a stark, raving lunatic.

Making a decent living as a space pirate is hard enough, what with the near-constant spaceship repairs, the dogged bounty hunters and the treacherous galactic underworld one must navigate to survive. The crew of The Unconstant Lover, therefore, have plenty on their plate, attempting to both turn a decent profit and stay one step ahead of the forces of law and order.

Now add Captain Nemo – ace pilot, megalomaniac and complete moron – to the mix.

Hell-bent on becoming the most fearsome dread pirate the galaxy's ever seen, Nemo leads his motley crew with bluster and bravado through planetary blockades, space station shoot-outs and rowdy barroom brawls.

Before long, the galaxy at large starts to take notice. Before long, The Unconstant Lover and her crew are caught in the crossfire of a bidding war between three of the galaxy's most dangerous crimelords.
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release date: Oct 23, 2017
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Dragon City (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: Ten year old friends Alex and Sapphire discover something strange on the city bus map – a street that existed for only one year. As they set out to solve the mystery, they encounter the possibility of another world, another dimension perhaps, lurking in a vacant lot, but they are not the only ones on the trail. Who will discover the truth, and who will pay the price required by the witchcraft of positive thinking? (cover photo by
release date: Oct 23, 2017
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A Section 2 Novel (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: The Cold War was never bleaker in this 36,000 word novella by writer Jock Lewis.

1970, West Germany. Sergeant Talbot, a member of the top secret army intelligence unit, Section 2, is ordered to infiltrate into communist East Germany. His mission: retrieve a stolen field crypto device and the U.S. soldier who delivered it to East German intelligence.

"You’re a thief, a first class shot and God knows what else. I need your skills, the section needs you, the army needs you. You want me to put it to music?”
“For how long sir?” I knew his answer wasn’t going to be to my liking.
“Until the Cold War ends or we both expire. Whichever comes first.” Mac smiled again. It was neither warm or cold. It was just the truth.

“He took the general’s jeep. It was found this morning in the 1 Kilometer Zone near the Tann Pocket.” I whistled. This did sound serious.
“He’s gone over the border, huh? What did he take sir?”
“A Vinson.” Mac fiddled with the slides in the projector. The thing never really worked. Maybe someone, someday would invent something better. I doubted it though.
“What the hell’s that?” My question was answered with a new slide.
“The KY-57, Vinson. The most sophisticated voice and data field crypto device in the world. Compared to the Vinson, Ivan’s using G.I. Joe walkie-talkies. The Warsaw Pact doesn’t have anything that comes remotely close to it. In fact, it hasn’t even been issued yet.”

To those who sent me over, it was nothing more than an academic problem, a simple algebraic equation. In truth, crossing the East German border or the Berlin Wall was a living, breathing nightmare. It didn’t matter how good the odds were or how you were getting across. Things never went according to plan and we were always a tripwire away from death.

My hand was throbbing and I could barely make a fist. It looked like any shooting I might have to do would be done as a lefty. And, no, I’m not ambidextrous. I needed to move around and get my circulation moving. I propped myself up off the ground and walked around in circles, jogged in place and did jumping jacks for about two to three continuous minutes. With my blood pumping, I walked farther into the woods. The sounds of the helicopters had long died. I wondered if the Vopos were still in a frenzy in Meiningen. It was possible, but they might be moving to the west, towards the border or they might be setting up a trap at the base. Or, and what I believed was the biggest possibility; the Stasi had carted Kemp and the Vinson off to Weimar or Moscow or Murmansk with my luck.

Whoever was operating behind that closed cell door, the Stasi or the GRU, or the KGB would beat the daylights out of him and then when they realized all he knew was the price of a Kenwood Hi-Fi set in the PX, they would ship him out. The governments of the East Bloc weren’t too friendly to golden boys either and they would give Kemp a one-way ticket on an eastbound train. Within days, Sergeant David Kemp would be walking in a winter wonderland…forever.

I pulled a Number 10 Delay Time Pencil from the plastic bag I was carrying and crushed the small copper tube. Next, I placed the time pencil inside the C4. I looked at my watch. I would have about ten minutes, but time pencils were notoriously inaccurate.

Jock Lewis served as a military intelligence officer in Europe during the Cold War.
release date: Oct 23, 2017
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Florida Mystery Double Feature (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:


"Intricate and ingenious - make some coffee, because you'll read all night." Lee Child, #1 Worldwide Bestselling author of 18 Jack Reacher thrillers

Double Down with this Florida Double Feature from #1 Amazon Bestselling Authors Diane Capri and Christine Kling!

DUE JUSTICE is the first legal thriller featuring Judge Willa Carson. When a famous plastic surgeon's decomposed body surfaces in Tampa Bay with a bullet in its head, Willa's "little sister" is caught in a high-stakes game of greedy lawyers, blackmail and deceit. Fiercely independent Carly becomes the number one suspect. When Carly asks Willa for due justice, Willa has everything to lose. But she risks it all to uncover the conspiracy and keep Carly alive. Willa Carson knows she's bullet proof, except when due justice rules from the grip of a gun.

SURFACE TENSION is the first sea adventure in this four-book suspense series featuring Florida tug and salvage captain Seychelle Sullivan. Working as she does in a man's world, Seychelle has to work twice as hard just to compete. Some have even called her reckless. In her view, she's just doing her job, salvaging boats and people's lives. Years ago Seychelle Sullivan had the chance to save someone's life. But on that summer night in Florida, lost in a world of teenage resentment and loneliness, Seychelle was not able to feel any pain but her own. Today Seychelle captains her father’s forty-six-foot salvage boat out of Fort Lauderdale’s New River. But she’s never escaped that one moment when she could have made a difference and didn’t. She's never going to make that mistake again.

˃˃˃ Where Florida is Murder and Justice Rules!

˃˃˃ More than 75 combined 5-Star Reviews!!

˃˃˃ For fans of Lee Child, John Grisham, Clive Cussler and John D. MacDonald

Double your reading pleasure! Scroll up and grab your copy today!

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