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release date: Sep 18, 2018
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Feline Frolics (9 Book Series)
From Book 1: You won’t find another book about cats as funny as this one! For cat lovers old and new – particularly those whose lives are ruled by their feline friends!

When Doreen Tovey brought home her first Siamese kitten she had no idea what she was letting herself in for…

Animal lovers Doreen and Charles Tovey were used to opening their doors to various pets: from Shorty, their highly-strung budgerigar to Blondin, a mischievous squirrel.

One animal they had never owned was cats, but when their country home became overrun with mice they decide to bring in a kitten.

But Siamese pedigrees are not like normal cats…

Before long Doreen’s world is turned upside down by the new arrival, and from that moment on she never looked back...

CATS IN THE BELFRY is the first of Doreen Tovey’s memoirs about living with Siamese cats: set in the British countryside, it is told with wit, mischief, and above all humour.

‘The most enchanting cat book ever’ - Jilly Cooper

‘If there is a funnier book about cats I for one do not want to read it. I would hurt myself laughing, might even die of laughter’ – The Scotsman

‘expect to laugh out loud, shed a few tears and be totally captivated by Doreen’s stories of her playful and often naughty Siamese cats’ – Your Cat Magazine

'This is a funny and poignant reflection of life with that most beautiful, elegant, and haughty of felines.'- The Good Book Guide

‘Doreen has a wonderful, warm, and witty way with words that bring the personality of each cat to life and perfectly describe her love of them.’ - Life With Siamese Cats

‘A chaotic, hilarious and heart-wrenching love affair with the most characterful of feline breeds’ – The People’s Friend

‘A book for those whose world is bounded and ruled by cats; even those who can take-them-or-leave-them will find a generous serving of amusement here’ - Kirkus Review

‘Every so often, there comes along a book — or if you’re lucky books — which gladdens the heart, cheers the soul… Just such books are those written by Doreen Tovey’ – Cat World

‘A warm, witty and moving cat classic. A must for all cat lovers’ – Living For Retirement

Book One: Cats in the Belfry

Book Two: Cats in May
Book Three: Donkey Work
Book Four: Raining Cats and Donkeys
Book Five: The New Boy
Book Six: Double Trouble
Book Seven: The Coming of Saska
Book Eight: A Comfort of Cats
Book Nine: More Cats in the Belfry
release date: Sep 18, 2018
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[まとめ買い] 大いなる西部に抱かれて

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release date: Sep 18, 2018
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Commodore's Messenger (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: At age 12 Janis was thrust into a role that no one, not even L. Ron Hubbard himself, could have predicted the outcome, for within not too many years Janis and her fellow Commodore’s Messengers, as they were called, would be running the whole of International Scientology. But that is the story of a later book. Commodore’s Messenger begins by taking the reader into the life of the first family of Scientology in Australia, Yvonne and Peter Gillham and their three children, Peter Jr., Terri and Janis. Life for the Gillhams is not without its challenges in Australia, but nothing compared to what happens when the family moves to England after dealing with the banning of Scientology in Victoria.

Things spiral out of control as Hubbard leaves England and takes to the sea, to continue his research into higher spiritual states for mankind, as he puts it, or to escape the long arm of the law as many critics contend. Yvonne and her children soon find themselves enmeshed in Hubbard’s inner circle, Yvonne with Hubbard himself as one of his trusted aides, and the children with Hubbard’s own family. When Yvonne joins the newly established Sea Organization, to support Hubbard in his seafaring adventures, her children find themselves aboard what would become the flagship of Hubbard’s burgeoning navy.

Having children underfoot does not fit well with the serious nature of Hubbard’s plans to expand Scientology’s worldwide impact. So, he determines to make these children useful. He begins using them to send messages to various parts of the organization aboard the Apollo, hence the name Commodore’s Messenger.

With this as a background, know that the story Janis has written comes from the earliest days and the epicenter of Scientology’s Sea Organization. As a messenger, Janis was with Hubbard a minimum of 6 hours a day and often times much longer. She was privy to all his moods from sunny to thundering; as a messenger, she was intimately familiar with everything happening on board the ship as well as throughout the Scientology network.

But Janis was also her own person and as a teenager, she lived a life that few of her peers could ever hope to have lived. I found myself literally agog at some of the early experiences that Sea Org members somehow survived in the organization’s early years. Hubbard’s cavalier regard for the lives of others was astonishing, as Janis relates some of the storms encountered by Sea Org vessels ill-equipped to be piloted by those with so little seamanship training. It is a wonder no one was killed.

This is the first of three books.
release date: Sep 18, 2018
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True stories of child slavery survivors (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:

- Reader's Favorite 5-Stars Award

- World Premiere of Daddy's Curse 2 - 20 Aug 2018

A Harrowing True Story of an Eight-Year-Old Girl Human Sex Trafficking and Organized Crime Survivor

Have you ever experienced total despair? Yuna was just an eight-year-old girl when she experienced total devastation. Growing up in the Mongolian countryside, she wasn’t ready to face the darker side of the world. And yet she had to.

After she was kidnapped by an organized crime gang, Yuna had to overcome her fears at a young age and start taking care of herself. She tried to escape from slavery, but everybody that she encountered wanted to take advantage of her. Yuna and other girls just like her were constantly abused, beaten, raped and sold as sex slaves. Human trafficking is the worst kind of humiliation, especially for a young woman. She tried to escape and find freedom, but it wasn’t easy.

In this emotional and heart-shattering true story, author Luke G. Dahl will let you behind the curtains of sex trafficking gangs and into the soul of abused women, who try to glue the broken pieces of their soul together, in order to survive. By understanding what they have had to endure, you can find a new perspective and respect for life.

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release date: Sep 18, 2018
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[まとめ買い] 漫画仕事人参上!!
release date: Sep 18, 2018
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The Truth is Within (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:

A brave and captivating book that takes you into the heart where Love is stronger than death.   

This is the amazing true story of how one young woman, survived the sudden and unexpected deaths of 3 partners, all vibrant men in their 40s. How she picked herself off the floor and asked for help. And how she gazed into the eyes of her soul and questioned why she was surrounded by so much death.

For 5 long years, the author Dee Delaney struggles to make sense of her life as she pushes, screams and battles with the dark shadows of grief that weave their way into the fabric of her very being, until one day on March 21st, 2015, she stops everything and surrenders.  

In this honest, raw and sometimes humorous account, Dee explains how she finds the way back to her true self, through the richness of Eastern spirituality, and the wisdom of Western psychotherapy. As her story unfolds, Dee realises this suffering didn’t happen to her, it happened for her, and her ‘ordinary’ life is transformed forever. Dee leaves her comfortable middle class life in England and starts a new life for herself and her little boy, in Goa India, where she discovers that her story is really only just beginning……..

The Truth – My Journey to the Other Side is part of an exciting trilogy of inspirational books called The Truth is Within. Books 2 & 3 will be released later this year.

release date: Sep 18, 2018
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On The Fence (5 Book Series)
From Book 1: A second generation British / English girl, the daughter of first generation Indian & Sikh immigrant parents. The author effortlessly captures the reality any second generation immigrant can relate to. The story follows the author from her early childhood, navigating the pressures of teenage life and "trying to remain cool" by sneaking out of the house to go to clubs and parties, getting drunk with her friends in the park or winding up her "very" Indian and "backwards" grandparents. The writing style flows coolly from her early teens to her adult years, as she learns how to "get around her parents" to live a normal, happy life. Remember to subscribe to the Author's page and other books in the series, as well as the subsequent series through her thirty-something adult life.
release date: Sep 18, 2018
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