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release date: Sep 22, 2018
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Southside collection
Here is the epic story of an American conflict zone: where the death toll for US citizens has climbed twice as high as in Afghanistan and where the staggering majority of homicides go unsolved. From the award-winning journalists at The Marshall Project, these are the true stories of real people fighting for justice in a city struggling to overcome a brutal legacy of violence and corruption.
release date: Sep 22, 2018
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Kids who Kill (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:

The shocking and gruesome murder of 8-year-old Maddie Clifton by 14-year-old neighbor Joshua Phillips in the quiet, leafy suburb of Jacksonville, Florida.

The Cliftons have already forbidden their daughters to play with Joshua Phillips. There is something about him they don’t like, including his talk of sex with their girls. However, Maddie Clifton, bubbly and friendly, considers Joshua to be one of her best friends and they continue to play together. On the evening she disappears he is seen creeping up on Maddie in her front yard. For a while a neighbor watches them talk before going back inside. After that, Maddie disappears into thin air.

For a frantic week the neighborhood is searched, people are interviewed, and yellow ribbons hang from trees in the hope that Maddie will return alive and well.

Little do they know that Maddie Clifton is just across the street encased in a space under the waterbed of Joshua Phillips where she has been the whole time.

"We were raising our girls in a Christian home where we prayed every day. What we didn't know was that the devil himself had moved in right across the street."

A true crime story for readers who like Ann Rule.

This is the first murder case in the true crime series of kids who kill kids. The author is expected to release a further 2 murder cases before the end of the year.

Kathryn McMaster is an accomplished author who specializes in true crime and unsolved cases and explores the darkest side of the human mind.

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release date: Sep 22, 2018
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[まとめ買い] Chocolate

release date: Sep 22, 2018
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The Bregdan Chronicles Historical Fiction Romance Series (13 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Review:  Best Historical Fiction series I have ever read!  Keep them coming! ~ Dotti

I expected to like this book.  I did not expect to be hooked! This series is, quite simply, the best historical fiction I have ever read. I’m in love with the characters, I can’t sleep because I’m too busy reading, I have learned more than I ever thought possible, and I’ve been inspired to become a better person. My advice to you? READ THEM!   ~ Jeri

Storm Clouds Rolling In is the first book in the ongoing Bregdan Chronicles historical novel series. It's readers like you who have turned it into a world-wide best-seller. Thank you! 

Book Description: Carrie Cromwell comes of age as the dark clouds of the Civil War swallow the country. Born with a fiery spirit and a strong mind, this strong woman finds herself struggling between the common wisdom of the South and the devastating truth she has discovered. 

The activities of the Underground Railroad and her close friendships with the Cromwell Plantation slaves create agonizing choices. But when her decisions put her at odds with her heritage, and challenge her dreams, will she be able to give up all that is precious to her? What price will she be willing to pay?

This first book of The Bregdan Chronicles historical fiction series will pull you in and never let you go. You'll experience the Civil War era (and all the years to come) through the eyes of both White and Black, free & slave, Southern & Northern - and you'll fall in love with every character. How many books will there be? Ginny has no idea - she intends to write these character's stories for as long as she can!  

Review:  I never thought I would find a series to enthrall me like The Bregdan Chronicles has. I was wrong! I am struggling to find appropriate words to describe the awe I am in, and I find myself failing miserably. I absolutely could not put these books down. I would finish one, and immediately hop online to go get the next one....sometimes in the wee hours of the morning, when my tail should have been asleep. The writing style of this author brings you right into the story as if you are a part of it. She has amazing talent to capture the imagination, and bring you right into a virtual reality. I have fallen in love with every one of these characters - especially the strong women! - and have become completely entranced with each life represented.

The historical account of this time period was so right on, so very vivid, you almost feel like you've walked right into it. These books became so alive, I actually had dreams at night of battle. (I'm not even kidding.) But it goes further. There were conversations in these books that had me reading over them several times. Life lessons. Sage advice. The kind of wisdom that comes from every day life. Moments that were so profound, they pierced my heart with an accuracy that I can't even begin to explain. Many times, the lives and hearts of each character were changed and rocked with revelation that came about in a moment, yet, so deeply touching the deepest recesses of the heart, that you can't go beyond it, without it having changed you as well, as you read it.

Thank you Ginny Dye...not only for an amazing journey....but for those light bulb moments,throughout each book, that reached beyond the pages, and made their home inside the soul. What can I say overall? Well, let me put it like this: these books are like...

release date: Sep 22, 2018
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The Eclectic Collection (6 Book Series)
From Book 1: Some things in life go unnoticed. The fact that there were ruthless, vicious and vindictive female Nazi guards is one of them. This new title from author Stewart Andel hopes to address that issue and open up the stories behind the evil Nazi plague that were the "Notorious Nazi Women". Hear the stories of "The Bitch of Buchenwald", or the "Beautiful Beast" inside this first volume of The Eclectic Collection.
release date: Sep 22, 2018
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Feline Frolics (9 Book Series)
From Book 1: You won’t find another book about cats as funny as this one! For cat lovers old and new – particularly those whose lives are ruled by their feline friends!

When Doreen Tovey brought home her first Siamese kitten she had no idea what she was letting herself in for…

Animal lovers Doreen and Charles Tovey were used to opening their doors to various pets: from Shorty, their highly-strung budgerigar to Blondin, a mischievous squirrel.

One animal they had never owned was cats, but when their country home became overrun with mice they decide to bring in a kitten.

But Siamese pedigrees are not like normal cats…

Before long Doreen’s world is turned upside down by the new arrival, and from that moment on she never looked back...

CATS IN THE BELFRY is the first of Doreen Tovey’s memoirs about living with Siamese cats: set in the British countryside, it is told with wit, mischief, and above all humour.

‘The most enchanting cat book ever’ - Jilly Cooper

‘If there is a funnier book about cats I for one do not want to read it. I would hurt myself laughing, might even die of laughter’ – The Scotsman

‘expect to laugh out loud, shed a few tears and be totally captivated by Doreen’s stories of her playful and often naughty Siamese cats’ – Your Cat Magazine

'This is a funny and poignant reflection of life with that most beautiful, elegant, and haughty of felines.'- The Good Book Guide

‘Doreen has a wonderful, warm, and witty way with words that bring the personality of each cat to life and perfectly describe her love of them.’ - Life With Siamese Cats

‘A chaotic, hilarious and heart-wrenching love affair with the most characterful of feline breeds’ – The People’s Friend

‘A book for those whose world is bounded and ruled by cats; even those who can take-them-or-leave-them will find a generous serving of amusement here’ - Kirkus Review

‘Every so often, there comes along a book — or if you’re lucky books — which gladdens the heart, cheers the soul… Just such books are those written by Doreen Tovey’ – Cat World

‘A warm, witty and moving cat classic. A must for all cat lovers’ – Living For Retirement

Book One: Cats in the Belfry

Book Two: Cats in May
Book Three: Donkey Work
Book Four: Raining Cats and Donkeys
Book Five: The New Boy
Book Six: Double Trouble
Book Seven: The Coming of Saska
Book Eight: A Comfort of Cats
Book Nine: More Cats in the Belfry
release date: Sep 22, 2018
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The $7 Series (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:

She should have been a $7 whore, but she became a Fortune 50 Vice President. 

A true crime memoir of survival and resilience, Never a $7 Whore, is the story of a teenaged single mothers escape from her unscrupulous lover. Part one of the $7 series, NEVER A $7 Whore details Toni’s transition from a girl into a woman while trapped in horrific circumstances.  Developing the perspective to see a different outcome, she develops the will to change her fate. Matching her wits and will against her pimp and his companions, Toni struggles not to fall into the tar pits of prostitution.

Using those same skills that helped her escape. Toni became a tough as nails executive. Today, Toni Crowe is a successful award-winning executive specializing in Operations, Manufacturing, and Productivity.

NEVER A $7 Whore is unforgettable—a well written, heartbreaking memoir reminding us that no matter where you start in life, the American dream is within your reach if you have the desire and determination to change your destiny.

release date: Sep 22, 2018
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Seven Degrees of Wisdom (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: If you’ve ever wished you could sit down with a mother or grandmother – yours or someone else’s - and get their advice or input, here’s your chance to do that. We are seven women – mothers and/or grandmothers - ranging in age from early 20s to early 80s. Between us we have pretty much done and seen it all, burning some bits and gathering pearls along the way. Aging, Having a Voice, Wisdom, Courage, Love, Loss and Risk are the topics you will find within the pages of this book. From poetry to short story and prose, we share our experiences of some of the profound moments of life. Grab a cup of tea, a glass of wine, or mug of coffee. Get comfortable. You just may find the advice you’ve been seeking and even some you didn’t know you needed. 25% of royalties from the sale of this book will go to a women's shelter in Cuenca, Ecuador for women and children who have escaped abusive situations, called Mujeres Con Exito.
release date: Sep 22, 2018
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[まとめ買い] ミレニアム婚活レポ
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