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release date: Jan 19, 2018
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Red Sky Series (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Red Sky Anthology: Reading Aloud in Northern Michigan/ Red Sky Series, Book 1

Refreshing, compassionate, funny, Randy Evans's border-crossing collection (light verse to novels) never loses Randy's voice or identity as he shifts from one genre to another.

Enjoy poetry about the beauty of northern Michigan. Read a short story about Big Little Hawk, a single mother who lives on a promontory overlooking Little Traverse Bay during the Bronze Age; a second story about Mikage, a Japanese American woman who shoots her way out of a bad marriage to save Gino, her parakeet; a one-act play about Stanley Sly, the worst boss you can imagine.

Experience magical realism in a love fable about Trella, a cottonwood tree. Find hope and redemption in Out of the Inferno: A Husband's Passage Through Cancerland (novel excerpt), Randy's memoir about his decade as a husband caregiver for his wife who died of breast cancer (contains important lessons for those who care for others with chronic illness, or cancer patients who need information about how long-term cancer survivors manage their quality of life).

Laugh you head off at Leo Zitzelberger who buys a bankrupt golf course to found The Lawnmower Club for men like himself who have lost their homes, but are obsessed with cutting grass (novel excerpt). Leo battles Gloria Fitting, a social worker, who wants to place poor Leo in Mallard Pond, a nursing home, stuffy Hazard Pembrook who wants to restore his family's golf course to its former glory, and a rogue cougar who looks for a new territory in northern Michigan after attacking a dental hygienist in Wisconsin. Avid grass cutters in your life will enjoy this fun and original story (novel excerpt).

Read about laid-off Rebecca who finds love, mystery, and adventure in northern Michigan after she decides to visit her father, a war-damaged recluse, who lives on Devil's Elbow, a sharp bend in The Crooked River (novel excerpt).

Red Sky Anthology is the first of four books in Red Sky Series: Out of the Inferno: A Husbands Passage Through Cancerland (Book 2), Crooked River: Love and Adventure in Northern Michigan (Book 3), and The Lawnmower Club: How Leo Zitzelberger Lost and Found Paradise on Earth (Book 4).
release date: Jan 19, 2018
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Legacy (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Tsunami Monroe is a colored woman, who goes to stay with some family members in the segregated town on Lexington, Virginia in the 1960’s.
Even though she is an introvert and desires to remain reclusive, her quiet demeanor attracts the attention of two white men in town, whom happen to be best friends. As Tsunami struggles to understand her own unresolved emotional issues, the tenacious Paul Morrison pursues an improbable romance with her. Amidst the social taboo of the time, jealousy and bigotry began to flourish. Paul’s best friend, William Baker, and the townspeople become aware of what has been developing between the two. Paul gets put to the absolute test when he has to reckon between his friend, his town and what he found the summer of Tsunami
release date: Jan 19, 2018
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Reid Place (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Reid Place Series Book 1

Ahhh...Reid Place...!

Who wouldn't want to live in the most idyllic location known to fiction-kind, where family, friendship, and love abound?

Delilah Rose Taylor grew up on this perfect cul-de-sac, watching and learning about life, love, and relationships from the legends of the Indelible Love Series: Donovan and Delaney Taylor, Jake and Emily Reid, Max and Jane Davis, Nick and Bee Reid, Michael and Chloe Bennington, and her great-grandmother, Estelle Cowper Reid Ascot Bennington. Armed with copious heroes and heroines, our beautiful, bright, and kind Delilah should be an expert in life, love, and relationships, right? WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Engaged right out of college, Delilah is drowning in a sea of problems, namely Rhys Kent and Nolan O'Shaughnessy.

Rhys is the man of any girl’s dreams. He speaks with a beautiful accent, he’s handsome, he’s rich, and he’s a perfect gentleman. However, just because two perfect people exist, it doesn’t mean they’re meant for one another.

That’s what Nolan is out to prove! Nolan O'Shaughnessy is in a class of his own. He's not the typical handsome man. He's atypically smart, and he's believed, since age five, that he and Delilah were meant to be man and wife. He’s sure of himself, but not exactly. He loves Delilah, or so he believes. He has ideals for his life, but isn’t positive that his ideas are going to win him his bride. What to do with a man who's this (un)sure of himself?

Reid Place begins a new dynasty of Reids, Taylors, Davises and Benningtons. Watch how this generation proves that growing up with perfect love means not a damn thing when trying to find his and her own perfect love.
release date: Jan 19, 2018
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Lost in Japan (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: “I’m taking the kids and moving to Japan –”
My Japanese wife Miya (Me-ya) dropped it on me, staring me down for my reaction.
It was September 18th of 2011, and we stood – arms crossed, three feet away from each other – in the living room of our 1200 square foot, first-floor condo.
As she peered through me, I looked past her at the earth tone walls we’d painted together.
I turned my head away from her peering eyes and stared through the double-pane sliding glass door.
In our backyard, the brown and gold autumn leaves swirled in the wind against the muddy suburban grass and the gray Plymouth, Minnesota sky.
She’d been threatening to run to Japan since she’d been pregnant with our son Kazuki (Kah-zoo-key) in 2004, but this had last reached a breaking point when she’d been eight months pregnant with Mae (May) back in 2006.
Back then, she’d smashed our Chinaware into the kitchen floor, run to the living room, dropped to the carpet, and pounded her fists, screaming.
“I’m not gonna stay home with two kids! Kazuki can’t even fall asleep by himself. I need my mom’s help!”
Standing in the kitchen, looking at the smashed shards of glass all over the floor, I’d given her my last best option.
"Miya, I can change my work schedule and stay home with the kids.”
Miya had retorted, sitting in a heap, her head down, combing through her two feet of black hair with her fingers.
“If you can’t really do it, I’ll have an abortion.”
I had sat down on the tan carpeted floor next to her.
“No Miya. You can’t. That’s my baby too. Nobody aborts an eight month pregnancy.”
She’d looked up at me.
“You’re so stupid. I can even do it myself. Nobody will ever even know.”
I had put my face in my hands and looked out at her through my fingers.
“I’ll change my schedule… I’ll do all the kids’ stuff, okay?”
Then, she’d looked up and begun pulling her shedding hair out in clumps, as though milking a cow. She’d sifted it through her fingers, laying the long, black clumps of hair in a pile on that light tan carpet, tears and mascara and sweat all over her face.
“If you don’t really do it, and I have this baby, I’m taking the kids and moving to Japan. You can’t stop me.”
So… I did it. After Mae was born in late 2006, I had changed my schedule so that I could be home with the kids. And my relieving Miya had made her happy… for a while.
But, after a few years, Miya started asking me to change my schedule again so that she could stay home with the kids.
I had refused –
Dressing and bathing and cooking and housework; she would have started raging again that she’d run to Japan for her mom’s help.
And so, here we were. It was September 18th of 2011, and Miya had just told me that she was taking our kids to Japan.
I walked over to her – her arms crossed – and put my hands on her shoulders.
“Miya, what are you talking about? Are you really doing this?”
She squinted and pulled back from me.
“I gave two weeks-notice at work and bought three one-way tickets.”
Apparently, she really was doing this.
I took my right hand off her shoulder, turning it to the ceiling.
“Where will you go?”
She swatted my left hand off her shoulder, and backpedaled toward the front door, crossing her arms in fists over her chest.
“We are moving to my parents’ house in Misato.
release date: Jan 19, 2018
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Secret Genealogy (7 Book Series)
From Book 1: Secret Genealogy is a “must read” for those who want to trace their ancestry into antiquity. Suellen Ocean believes that many American surnames were originally of Jewish descent. “There are millions of people out there who don’t know who they descend from. Americans should reopen their family albums and look deeper into the meanings of names in their family trees and symbols in their coats of arms. Names like Levi, Jacob, Benjamin, Rebecca, Sarah, Ezekiel and Hester and symbols such as the lion may have been the last opportunity many parents had to lay claim to a heritage that stems back thousands of years.”
Does your Grandfather have an Old Testament Biblical name? If the author’s hypothesis is correct, America was built on a much stronger Jewish foundation than what was originally thought by historians.
You’ll be fascinated with the origins of your surname and you’ll comprehend the names of rivers and streams, oceans and continents in a different light, wondering… what do they really mean?
Be prepared to let go of all your previous assumptions. Have fun with Suellen Ocean while she brainstorms through Secret Genealogy.
release date: Jan 19, 2018
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Get The Bubblewrap, Jae (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Eager Fans on social media have already laughed their heads off or remembered compassion from most of these ‘funny and wrong’ stories. They convinced public figure Jae Byrd Wells that these stories not only belonged on social media, but the adventures needed to be shared with others. See no evil… hear no evil, but it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Join Milady Jae as she tells you about the strange thing that happened to her, her family, and those around her. She will tell you all about her daily adventures of being a mom, wife, sister, daughter, farmer, student, author, and radio/tv personality. According to fans, this book should be categorized as fiction, but they say nobody would believe her. Wells keeps a straight face when she inwardly laughs at herself. You might have already read the first half of 2015, but this is the second so stick around. Yes, the Princess is dragging on her other writing projects, but wait . . . there’s more to come! #JaesFunnyButTrue 2015 is collected and divided into two parts; January through September and October through December.
release date: Jan 19, 2018
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Miriam's Life (12 Book Series)
From Book 1: Miriam’s Early Years tells the beginnings of her Edwardian, East London family. From her welcome birth to her newly married parents in the summer of 1907, we follow her through her early childhood, her schooling, the Great War, and the births of her three sisters, Emily, Sarah and Penelope.
Upon reaching the gay twenties, she meets, Ray, her first husband, and gives birth to Peter. Then, with World War Two approaching, darkness settles over her once happy life. When the electrical accident occurs, her life disintegrates until the fateful Saturday when two policemen knock at her door...
release date: Jan 19, 2018
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The Coach's Boys Series (8 Book Series)
From Book 1: A murdered groom. An unexpected baby. A vengeful father. Can the killer’s brother save the day?

Raised in foster homes, when Jess Bentley promised, ‘til death do us part,’ she envisioned many happy decades building a family with Frank. But a desperate drug addict in a dark parking lot ended those dreams before the honeymoon was over. Convinced the empty place in her heart will never heal, she’s ready to give up—until she discovers their brief marriage resulted in a surprise pregnancy.

All Dan Mulholland wants following his brother’s arrest is to relieve the guilt that’s tearing him up inside. He is determined to help the widowed bride in any way he can, especially when he learns she’s carrying her dead husband’s child … and her wealthy father-in-law intends to take the baby.

First in the Coach’s Boys series, The Daddy Pact is a sweet, poignant romance about love lost and new, unexpected beginnings. It’s a heartwarming story of selflessness in the face of tragedy, friendships, and laughter—with a little mystery thrown in for good measure.

Welcome to Charlotte, hometown of the Coach’s Boys romance series. Scroll up, click the “Buy Now” button, then settle back, put your feet up, and enjoy your visit. Who knows? You may want to stay for a while. Or forever.

250 pages, 58,973 words
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release date: Jan 19, 2018
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Massage for Beginners (5 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Massage for Beginners - Book 1: Back Massage

Have you ever given a massage, but wish that you could have done more?

This book is perfect for you, Massage for Beginners is the perfect beginner’s guide to learning massage!

Massage has incredible restorative benefits for the body and mind.

What can massage do for you?
- Enhance your relationship
- Relieve pain
- Reduce stress
- Improve your mental health
- Meet new people
- Help you relax
- Make time for yourself
- Build intimacy
- And more…

One of the most debilitating conditions to deal with is lingering pain. Back pain is an extremely common problem and affects a large number of people on an ongoing basis.

It can be caused by stress, poor posture, unusual sleeping position, straining and more. A highly effective way to relieve back pain and stress is through relaxing massage.

We are going to look at the best areas to target to finally take care of back pain.

This book can help you become a ‘Same-Day Master’ of the best and most effective massage techniques.

The Massage for Beginners series is a collection of the most amazing massage techniques available. The guides are presented so that you can learn and apply techniques instantly.

Being a good masseuse is an extremely valuable talent as massage is as relaxing to give as it is to receive. Discover amazing techniques to relieve stress, tension and discomfort. Learn how to instantly relax muscles and shed off the rush of day to day life.

Massage can be an excellent way to meet new people or to enhance an existing relationship. It is an excellent social talent to have as it can provide sessions of absolute pampering and creates a bonding experience.

Trading massages is a great way to spend your couple time. You both get massages and it is easy for both partners to relax in a safe environment. Feel what it is like to have your partner melt in your hands!

Massage has helped many new relationships flourish as it nurtures emotional and physical needs. Massage is also great for married couples as it enhances your relationship by keeping it sensual and connected.

To learn how to massage the whole body, Read the complete series:

Massage for Beginners Books 1-5 Series Collection

(save 20%)
This complete five book series includes:
- Book 1: Back Massage
- Book 2: Neck Massage
- Book 3: Hand Massage
- Book 4: Leg Massage
- Book 5: Facial and Head Massage

Buy the complete set and save!

Whether you are looking to meet people, enhance a relationship or relieve common pain, massage is for you.

Click “Buy Now” and start massaging today!
release date: Jan 19, 2018
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mrs. Sexy (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: mrs. Sexy is the true story of a devoted wife of 21 years. Juliet Adelaide takes us along on her journey of new found sexual freedom. She and her husband have agreed to open their marriage to new sexual experiences and adventures. They delve into a world of strippers, threesomes, and lovers on the side. Her husband loves his wife’s new sexual excitement and reaps the the beginning. The game changes as Juliet becomes emotionally involved with a variety of younger men who come into her life. She vows to keep her marriage sexy and exciting, but the relationships that develop between her and her younger lovers complicate her life in ways she hadn’t imagined.
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