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release date: Feb 29, 2016
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The Art Of Letting Go
We often struggle to let some people go especially when they made that decision. We question the universe, we question ourselves and we question everyone around us but we never truly get our answers. Letting someone go takes time, patience and commitment to actively stop ourselves from relapsing and thinking about that person again. The Art Of Letting Go helps you understand why, how and when you should let someone go so you can move on and never look back.
release date: Aug 09, 2015
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Too Young to be Old: From Clapham to Kathmandu
When Frank starts working with old people, he rediscovers a young dream. And sets out to make it come true.

“…a hilarious memoir about enlightenment and old age…”
“…a superb lead-in to Frank's travel memoirs proper…”
“…honest, whimsical, and keenly observing…"
"...Frank is a wonderful storyteller...I really warmed to him..."

As Frank Kusy turns 27 he is unexpectedly put in charge of an old people’s home in Clapham, South London. Driven to distraction by a crazy cast of characters he seeks solace in Buddhism, only to find himself up to his ears in plasticine pigs and marathon chanting sessions. Will he make his mum happy by holding down a ‘proper’ job? Will he make her unhappy by becoming a writer? Will he get to share cheese sandwiches with Kevin in Kathmandu? And will he be forced to exchange his underpants in Japan?
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release date: Jun 20, 2017
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Healthy Fruit and Veggie Smoothies for Kids: On the Go Nutrition for Your Child - Without all the Sugar (Andrea Silver Healthy Recipes Book 14)

Get away from the nasty food corporations force feed our children. Begin preparing healthy smoothies for your kids that will ensure their long-lasting health.

In this day and age it’s extremely important to get away from sodas and sugary fruit drinks. This guide will help you do that. Children need nutrients badly. The modern diet has setup kids to eat greasy, fried foods, French fries and chicken nuggets of dubious origin. It’s time to fight back.

These recipes are designed for kids. This means nutrients masked with sweeter fruits that keep it tasty enough for them to enjoy (and forget the smoothie contains a day’s dose of spinach). That’s the trick for parents who try to get their kids to eat right.

This cookbook presents many unique smoothie recipes you won’t find anywhere else and that are tailored for kids especially. We know you’ll love this one.

Don’t forget, you can read this for FREE on Kindle Unlimited, or buy for a couple of bucks by clicking ‘Buy Now!’

When you download The Best Healthy Fruit and Veggie Smoothies for Kids you’ll have a great, handy guide to help you prepare nutritious liquid meals for your kids every day.

Discover recipes like:

  • The Honeydew Melon Cucumber Smoothie

  • The Kid Friendly Green Smoothie

  • The Creamy Date Smoothie

  • The Sparkling Fruit Smoothie

  • The Red Cherry Smoothie

And a lot more!

We took extra care and time to create this cookbook for you, which we hope will improve the lives of families and spread good nutrition. Order Your Copy of The Best Healthy Fruit and Veggie Smoothies for Kids today!

You’ll be very happy with this cookbook, or my name isn’t Andrea – the Internet’s most prolific recipe creator (mild exaggeration, but possibly true).

>>> Scroll up and Download a Copy Straight to Your PC Now, Or Enjoy a High Quality Paperback Edition <<<

release date: Jun 13, 2017
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Toddler Discipline: A Guide To Nurture and Discipline Your Child (Partenting, Child Care, Nurture, Discipline, Patience)
Parenting is not just consuming physically, but spiritually and emotionally as well. In fact, parenting is one of the most stressful jobs in the world.
However, it can also be one of the most satisfying and rewarding, if we learn to look beyond the immediate frustrations, troubles, and heartaches and begin to see things from a positive perspective. The more we comprehend our kids, the more we can help and support them.
This book teaches ways to handle the stress of parenting, how to improve as a parent and provide the support your child needs from you
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release date: Jan 24, 2016
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Pride and Prejudice (Wisehouse Classics - with Illustrations by H.M. Brock)
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is a novel of manners by Jane Austen, first published in 1813. The story follows the main character, Elizabeth Bennet, as she deals with issues of manners, upbringing, morality, education, and marriage in the society of the landed gentry of the British Regency. Elizabeth is the second of five daughters of a country gentleman, Mr. Bennet living in Longbourn.

Set in England in the early 19th century, Pride and Prejudice tells the story of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet's five unmarried daughters after the rich and eligible Mr. Bingley and his status-conscious friend, Mr. Darcy, have moved into their neighborhood. While Bingley takes an immediate liking to the eldest Bennet daughter, Jane, Darcy has difficulty adapting to local society and repeatedly clashes with the second-eldest Bennet daughter, Elizabeth.

Pride and Prejudice retains a fascination for modern readers, continuing near the top of lists of "most loved books". It has become one of the most popular novels in English literature, selling over 20 million copies, and receives considerable attention from literary scholars. Modern interest in the book has resulted in a number of dramatic adaptations and an abundance of novels and stories imitating Austen's memorable characters or themes.
release date: Apr 28, 2015
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47 Little Love Boosters For a Happy Marriage: Connect and Instantly Deepen Your Bond No Matter How Busy You Are (Amazingly Simple Little Things Successful Couples Do Series - Book 1)


Discover the 47 Amazingly Simple Little Things Successful Couples Do To Connect and Have a Happy Marriage In Just Minutes a Day

>>> Why do you need to read this book

Whether your relationship is a new romance, or one that has passed the test of time, there might be days when you wonder how to keep the fire burning.

As you read this book, you’ll discover amazingly simple little things successful couples do to show their love and connect with their loved one in just minutes a day, even if they’re busy parents with young kids!

We call them the “Little Love Boosters for a Happy Marriage” because they:

✓ require no cooperation from your spouse

✓ take very little of your time—sometimes only seconds!

✓ you can do them at home

✓ are free!

>>> Your secret to lasting love

When you download the book, you’ll get the complementary, beautifully designed golden collection with 47 little love boosters and a FREE success checklist. You can save it to your phone or print it out and have a quick peek anytime and anywhere you want.

This will become your little secret to achieving a lasting love and a happy marriage even if you’re not an overly creative person or a hopeless romantic.

>>> No fancy jargon

You won’t be wasting your time sifting through useless jargon. Instead, you’ll find straight-to-the-point advice, proven by the author and his wife themselves.

>>> Bonus Audio Book Included!

This book comes with a complementary audio book. You can listen to it while driving the car, cleaning the house, working out, or going for a jog—when your mind is available. This way you don’t have to take any extra time out of your life to make the happy marriage you and your partner deserve.

>>> The results are magical. Download this book now to find out how you can achieve them too.

If you’re serious about taking your marriage from “just fine” to “the marriage we’ve always wanted” and you want that feel-good sensation to last and just keep growing by the day, download this book today.

Scroll up and grab your copy today

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release date: May 23, 2017
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Indoor Games: 21 Fun Indoor Games for Kids
Get The Amazing Benefits Of Fun Indoor Games
** Get this book by Amazon Best Selling Author Camelia Gherib**

How many times have you heard the phrase, “I’m so bored” on a rainy day or even worse on a sunny day? Are you ever tempted to plop your children in front of the TV or a video game system?

Perhaps you feel you have tried it all. Maybe your kids have never liked games. Are you out of fun ideas to try? Whatever your situation you are sure to find some amazing games in this book!

Would you like your child to get up and get moving? You will find lots of amusing games that incorporate all types of movement to get the wiggles and giggles out of your child.

  • Does your child love watching stories where the hero beats the bad guy?
  • Would your kid enjoy hunting for lost treasure?
  • Can you imagine playing basketball inside?
  • Are you interested in helping your child learn new things while having fun?
No problem! This book includes different games for a variety of interests.

If you are looking for new ideas or want an update on an old game, there is something here for you to share with your kids to keep them entertained for hours! Most of the games are designed to be played alone, with a parent, or with a group. If you have an only child, don’t worry about inviting a whole brigade of neighborhood children into the house to play these games.

Another great thing about the indoor games you will find in this book is that they are played with relatively few items. Most of the parts are made from items lying about your house, like construction paper, paper plates, masking tape, ping pong balls, bean bags, pool noodles, and a timer. This means there’s no need for you to run out and get anything before you can begin playing. So even if a rainy day catches you by surprise, you will be ready to roll, hop, hide, kick, and toss with just a few household items.

21 Fun Indoor Games for Kids Book Includes
  • Baskets, Balls & Drinking Straws
  • Stand Up, Sit Down, Turn Around, Touch the Ground
  • Don’t Stand By . . . Let It Fly
Indoor games will have you laughing and playing in all new ways with your child! In the process of learning the games, you will spend quality time teaching and learning from each other. Isn’t that what every parent wants? Extra special time set aside with their kids to connect and have fun? You bet it is!

So take a few minutes to read through the instructions and then pick out one game to try today. You will not regret the time invested in creating meaningful and active play experiences for your child!

>> Download This Book NOW and Get Your Limited-Time FREE Book <<

Tags: Indoor Games, Children, Kids

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release date: Jun 10, 2015
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Self-Love: The 21-Day Self-Love Challenge - Learn how to love yourself unconditionally, cultivate self-worth, self-compassion and self-confidence (self ... happiness) (21-Day Challenges Book 6)

The 21-Day Self-Love Challenge, the sixth book in the 21-Day Challenge series!

Are you tired of being shy and uncertain about yourself? Tired of negative self-talk that makes you feel bad and stops you from living your life to the fullest?

Are you ready to learn how to truly love and accept yourself as the perfectly imperfect person you are NOW?

Most people nowadays suffer from a low self-esteem. And of course we do! We live in a world where we call people who love themselves arrogant, where we encourage children to compete with one another in school and where we immerse ourselves daily in media of all the millions of things we have to do before we are considered adequately lovable.

Low self-esteem, low confidence, self doubt, self hatred, shyness, guilt, shame, soul-crushing depression - call it whatever you want, the idea is the same: you, the person whose opinion should matter to you the most, don’t accept yourself.

Low self-esteem isn’t just High School girls arguing over who is fatter. It’s much more serious than this, and can have pretty devastating consequences. See if you can find yourself in any of the following statements. If you can, then read right on - this book was written for you.

  • You often worry about what other people think of you (and surprise! You usually assume that their thoughts are bad…)

  • You feel that when compared to your peer group, you’re “falling behind”.

  • You frequently embark on “fix up” projects for your life. This could be a promise that no, seriously, you’re really going to go to the gym already, or a makeover, or splashing out on fancy supplements or $400 worth of self help audio books from this Indian swami you found on the internet.

  • You feel crushed by negative criticism. Completely crushed. Your whole day can be ruined if the cashier doesn’t laugh at your joke.

  • In the same way, the minute someone praises you, you’re on top of the world again.

  • You binge on bad food, smoke, take substances or drink more than you know you should.

  • You dream of a point far in the future where finally, finally everything will be better and you won’t suck as much as you do now.

  • You can think of a few things in your life that you’re too old / fat / shy / lazy / uneducated / whatever to try. So you just dream about it instead...

The 21-Day Self-Love Challenge will help you to:

  • Develop self love and acceptance in an easy step-by-step way

  • Realize the importance of taking good care of yourself and your body, and how to bring this in practice

  • Let go of self-talk, behaviors, things and people that do not serve you

  • Understand why most self-love books you've read before didn't work

  • Develop new habits that will significantly boost your feelings of self-love on a daily base

  • ..and much more inside!

Learn how to love and accept yourself unconditionally TODAY! Are you ready to take the self-love challenge?

Update! Now available "11 books in 1: The 21-Day Challenges Box Set"

tags: confidence, depression, self-help, personal transformation, applied psychology, self love, self esteem, meditation, self compassion, journaling, low self-esteem, low confidence, self doubt, self hatred, shyness, guilt, shame, insecurity, self confidence for women, self esteem for women, self love and self esteem, self love and acceptance, overcome anxiety
release date: Feb 04, 2017
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BREAKUP to MAKEUP:  How to Get Your Ex Back: (Dating & Relationship Advice) (FOR WOMEN ONLY Book 4)
Unique, powerful meditations "For Women Only" created for my books available ONLY on my website:

I have been counseling women for over 20 years and many desired to get their "ex" back and I helped them achieve their desire. It is devastating to lose the one you love but you can minimize the damage, and not make critical mistakes, that may cost you the relationship - forever!  

This book will assist you in getting control of your emotions and keep you from making fatal mistakes to your relationship after your breakup.  Get your "ex" back while making yourself the best you can be and it will change the dynamics of your relationship.

* Get your ex back FAST!

* Become a woman that commands respect & gets what she desires from her mate!

* Get the "ex" back but with improved behavior AND more commitment!

* Become the strong, powerful woman you were meant to be!

* Don't be a doormat for any man because you don't need to be!

* Get the love and devotion you deserve and desire from him!

I know you can change the course of your breakup and I can't wait to read your success stories on my forum.  Big hugs, love and power to my "sisters"!

Email: [email protected]

Other books available:
Pussy Whip - Proven, Powerful, "Secret Technique" Controls Your Man
How to Make Him BURN With Desire....Only for YOU
Pussy Power - How to Make Him & You Happy
Manifesting Love: Using the Power of LOA, EFT & a Love Spell
release date: May 10, 2017
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Sensory Processing: Techniques, Tactics & SPD Games To Help Your Child With Sensory Processing Disorder

Your Ultimate Guide to Sensory Processing!

Techniques, Tactics & SPD Games To Help Your Child With Sensory Processing Disorder

Are You Ready To Learn All About Sensory Processing? If So You've Come To The Right Place...

Here's A Preview Of What This Book Contains...

  • An Introduction to Sensory Processing

  • Terms to understand about Sensory Processing Issues

  • Sensory Avoiding and Sensory Seeking Explained

  • Common Myths About Issues on Sensory Processing

  • Observed Behaviors in Children Across Age Groups

  • 5 Common Tough Situations for Children with SPD

  • How to Deal with Clothing Issues

  • Preparing Kids for Social Gatherings

  • Friendly Indoor Activities and Games

  • Sensory Processing Issues and Motor Skills

  • Dealing with Taste Sensitivities

  • Helping Children with Visual Sensitivities

  • Coping With Noise Sensitivity (Must Read!)

  • Dealing with Playground Challenges

  • And Much, Much More!

Order Your Copy And Get Started Now!

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