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release date: Aug 19, 2017
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The Hunt (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Loki, the Norse God of Mischief and Lies is always getting into trouble... especially when he is the King! A beautiful and strange silver-haired Elf Huntress is apprehended riding toward the Asgardian Palace, carrying a message of impending war tucked into her armor. She can’t remember where she came from or who sent her, and Loki is going to make it his sole duty to find out and save Asgard. What will happen when Loki discovers that the beautiful Elf is as stubborn as he is? The two characters clash in the first part of The Hunt... Who will win?
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release date: Aug 19, 2017
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Asgaroon (Reihe in 7 Bänden)
Aus Band 1:
Nea macht gerade Pause von ihren Außeneinsätzen und verrichtet Mechanikerarbeiten auf Sculpa Trax, dem Planeten aus Stahl. Doch als es wieder zum Einsatz kommt, begegnet sie verschwunden geglaubten Kreaturen, sogenannten Gothreks, die über telepathische Fähigkeiten verfügen. Allerdings scheint das erst der Anfang zu sein. Nichtgeahnte Probleme brechen über diesen und weitere Planeten herein und mit den Erfolgen wachsen für Nea Herausforderung und Verantworung.

Die Teile der Science-Fiction-Serie:

ASGAROON (1) - Der stählerne Planet

ASGAROON (2) - Weltenbrand

ASGAROON (3) - Unter Piraten

ASGAROON (4) - Im Labyrinth der Unterwelt

ASGAROON (5) - Die Sterneninsel

ASGAROON (6) - Inferno

ASGAROON (7) - Die Geheimnisse des Kadaj

Weitere Folgen aus dem SciFi-Universum:

ASGAROON - Der unendliche Traum

ASGAROON - Zug um Zug


ASGAROON - Die Piratenkönigin

ASGAROON - Ein dunkles Geheimnis
release date: Aug 19, 2017
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Children of the Republic (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Nick Papagous has learned his father’s secrets and they have driven him to hate the man he once admired. Nick sets off for Nexus Station, a gateway to humanity’s frontier. Stripped of all of his money, he’s forced into the employ of Max Cabot, an old freighter pilot with a tragic past of his own. To pay off his debts, Max has been running the same route for ten years, running back and forth from Nexus to Dust, the final colony the Republic established.

Dust is remote and isolated from the rest of society, a place abandoned by the Republic due to the high costs associated with operating the colony. Sand storms regularly sweep the planet’s vast plains, making Dust a place few want to go. For Nick, it’s a perfect place to lay low and find his way. However, Nick soon discovers that Dust has its own secrets that will challenge everything he believes.
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release date: Aug 19, 2017
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Pirates of the Badlands (5 Book Series)
From Book 1: In the Badlands, everyone has their own agenda. Local solar system governments, planetary authorities, and large corporations want to increase their size, power, wealth, and authority. They are not shy about the methods they use to achieve these goals. Killing, robbing, and intimidation are accepted methods of persuasion and governance. Slavery is viewed as a money maker with low overhead.
The Goldenes Tor Imperial Empire borders a large portion of the Badlands and has long coveted the raw materials and trade possibilities here; they claim the area as their own and continually use their military and commercial might to gradually bring this wild region under their control. The Aurora Empire opposes the Goldenes Tor and maintains a small squadron of Royal Navy ships under Captain Skyler Mallory in the Badlands to dispute their declaration.
Raferty Hawkins, captain of the pirate vessel Predator, also has an agenda. He wants to drive out the hated Goths of the Goldenes Tor, rein in the local governments and corporations, and give the natives a chance to live in freedom and control their own destiny. He is quite willing to kill people to achieve these ends. With the dedication of key crewmembers such as Tactical and Baby Doll, the support of Captain Shane Delacruz of the Vindictive, and the crazy Captain Killian O’Hare of the Nemesis, Hawkins has been fighting the oppressive forces in the Badlands for years.
But now the ever changing status quo is about to be turned upside down. The Orion Confederation is far away with no interest in the Badlands; however, an Orion squadron crossed Goldenes Tor space and entered the Badlands intent on destroying Mallory’s command as part of a series of broad, sweeping attacks on the Aurora Empire.
The Orion squadron and their Goth escort ships make one fatal mistake. They destroy a pirate settlement composed of women and children. Now Raferty Hawkins and the ships of Pirate Flotilla One ally themselves with Captain Mallory in a series of battles with the intruders and their Goth supporters. Two forces of unlikely allies maneuver for advantage across a dark, cold battlefield. The outcome of this campaign will shape the Badlands for decades to come.
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release date: Aug 19, 2017
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Up From the Depths (6 Book Series)
From Book 1: Where will you be when the world ends?

What will you do to save the lives of people you love?

When a genetically modified virus is released to eradicate the disease known as Man, survival is all that matters.

In the first book of this epic saga, follow the men of ODA-141, the Outlaws and the SEALs of Shark Platoon in this hard-hitting, real-world look at life before, during, and after an apocalyptic event.

With the world now inhabited by crazed cannibals, will their skills, training and experience be enough?

This is the way the world ended.
release date: Aug 19, 2017
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The New Prometheus (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: Shot and left for dead, you wake up in a new entirely cybernetic body, and now the Corporations want you dead. What would you do???

In a world ruled by faceless, uncaring mega corporations, Frankie, a young woman who has resisted cybernetics, becomes the victim of a lethal “Jacker Gang” attack.

Shot, and left to die in the slums of Neo-London, she is found by a genius cybernetic doctor who is on the run from a powerful Corporation. Seeing an opportunity to finish his latest cybernetic masterpiece, he transplants Frankie’s brain into a powerful prosthetic body.

Frankie has barely woken up when the Corporation’s forces attack and kidnap the doctor, forcing Frankie to go on the run in her new cybernetic body. Pursued by corporation Special Forces, cybernetic agents and hulking Mechs, Frankie must fight to survive and choose what to do with her new body and its incredible abilities.

Frankie must overcome the shock of her new body, survive ruthless attacks and figure out who to trust if she is to save the doctor's life and strike her first real blow against the tyrannical Corporations.

This new Cyberpunk action thriller is a must read for fans of Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, Appleseed, Akira, The Matrix, Robocop and Total Recall.

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release date: Aug 19, 2017
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Commander Reilly (Reihe in 20 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: Commander Reilly #1: Ferne Mission
Chronik der Sternenkrieger
Science Fiction Roman von Alfred Bekker

Der Umfang dieses Buchs entspricht 133 Taschenbuchseiten.

Im Jahr 2234 übernimmt Commander Willard J. Reilly das Kommando über die STERNENKRIEGER, ein Kampfschiff des Space Army Corps der Humanen Welten. Die Menschheit befindet sich im wenig später ausbrechenden ersten Krieg gegen die außerirdischen Qriid in einer Position hoffnungsloser Unterlegenheit. Dem ungehemmten Expansionsdrang des aggressiven Alien-Imperiums haben die Verteidiger der Menschheit wenig mehr entgegenzusetzen, als ihren Mut und ihre Entschlossenheit.

Alfred Bekker ist ein bekannter Autor von Fantasy-Romanen, Krimis und Jugendbüchern. Neben seinen großen Bucherfolgen schrieb er zahlreiche Romane für Spannungsserien wie Ren Dhark, Jerry Cotton, Cotton reloaded, Kommissar X, John Sinclair und Jessica Bannister. Er veröffentlichte auch unter den Namen Neal Chadwick, Henry Rohmer, Conny Walden, Sidney Gardner, Jonas Herlin, Adrian Leschek, John Devlin, Brian Carisi, Robert Gruber und Janet Farell.

Außerdem in der Serie "Chronik der Sternenkrieger"

Commander Reilly 1: Ferne Mission (Handlungszeit 2234)
Commander Reilly 2: Raumschiff STERNENKRIEGER im Einsatz
Commander Reilly 3: Commander im Niemandsland
Commander Reilly 4: Das Niemandsland der Galaxis
Commander Reilly 5: Commander der drei Sonnen
Commander Reilly 6: Kampf um drei Sonnen
Commander Reilly 7: Commander im Sternenkrieg
Commander Reilly 8: Kosmischer Krisenherd

Terrifors Geschichte: Ein Space Army Corps Roman (Handlungszeit 2238)
Erstes Kommando: Extra-Roman (Handlungszeit 2242)
Erster Offizier: Extra-Roman (Handlungszeit 2246)
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 1 Captain auf der Brücke (Handlungszeit 2250)
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 2 Sieben Monde
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 3 Prototyp
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 4 Heiliges Imperium
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 5 Der Wega-Krieg
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 6 Zwischen allen Fronten
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 7 Höllenplanet
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 8 Wahre Marsianer
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 9 Überfall der Naarash
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 10 Der Palast
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 11 Angriff auf Alpha
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 12 Hinter dem Wurmloch
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 13 Letzte Chance
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 14 Dunkle Welten

release date: Aug 19, 2017
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Play Series (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: **Adult romance/ mature fiction recommended 18+ due to sexual content and explicit language used**

Alexis Roberts is angry. She's a twenty-nine year-old book keeper who is stuck in a dead-end job with the majority of the male chauvinists London has to offer. Apart from a mortgage, there’s little keeping her and her gambling boyfriend together. She always wonders if there’s more to life than this. Alexis knows that if it isn’t bolted down then Stuart will have gambled it, and she no longer cares. Until, Stuart goes too far, gambles too much and now there’s more at stake than the pawned TV. All she can do is take matters into her own hands, and plead with the money sharks that want payback. Sometimes it isn’t the money they want, especially when the shark is someone you already know.

Who said accountants were boring?
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release date: Aug 19, 2017
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Rise of the Mages (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Strange dreams of a beautiful young woman leave journeyman apothecary Alexander “Xan” Conley exhausted. That’s not good since a single mistake could kill a patient. To complicate matters, he’s afraid that finding a way to end the nighttime meetings would mean never seeing the girl again, a horrible thought considering she’s the closest thing to a love life he has.

His existence radically changes when a tenacious catcher bent on capturing and executing Xan forces him and his friends to flee their homes. As Xan quests to rescue his dream girl from the same fate that awaits him, he discovers that the catcher is part of a deadly conspiracy.

Xan’s sole path to safety is to become a mage, thereby embracing forces that nearly destroyed the world during the Wizards War. He must choose between two terrible options—saving the lives of those he loves or risking everyone by ushering in a new age of magic.
release date: Aug 19, 2017
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William Brody African Ocean Adventure Novella Series (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: Rest, relaxation, and cool beers on the horizon…
Former Special Forces Major William Brody is finally due for some R and R. Just trying to clear the brutal shadows of the past from his mind, Brody’s next mission is clear: Spearfishing and Scuba Diving in warm clear tropical waters, with some cold beers on the beach. Living the dream…
As Brody makes friends with the locals settling into the island retreat, his plans for peace and relaxation are suddenly shattered. After weeks of terrorizing the island paradise, a ruthless sea captain finally commits the unthinkable: he kidnaps a group of young girls from the village. Heartbroken and scared for the children, the people look to Brody for help.
Time is running out…
When Brody rallies the villagers to form a rescue team, he realizes he is the only one with the skills for this kind of work. With nothing but basic weapons and a sailing boat, Brody feels the weight of the dire situation. The lives of the girls are on the line, with the slave markets of Somalia only days away, the clock is ticking.
Brody leads his ragtag crew across the rough and lawless ocean, knowing they are the only hope for the young girls. Once Special Forces, always Special Forces, he’s got this! With Brody at the helm, they’ll find the girls or die trying.

This is the first in this exciting Action Adventure Series...
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