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release date: Feb 12, 2018
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Greeley: Seven Generations of Hustlers, Harlots, and Heroes
Greeley, Texas--a frontier town with a bad attitude and a reputation to match. Who lived in such a wicked place? Several compelling answers spring to life in this story collection spanning more than a century of life, love, and lust in the west Texas dust.

Greeley plays host to seven generational tales, each focusing on a special time, not just for this hardscrabble frontier town, but for the entire country. The timeline stretches from the Civil War to the aftermath of Vietnam. Sin, it seems, never goes out of style.

Some characters come and go; others appear in multiple stories, and some of the most memorable aren't even human. GREELEY takes readers on a tour they'll enjoy from beginning to end and leave them hungry for more.

GREELEY also includes the first chapter of Josh Langston's fascinating new novel, OH, BITS! a paranormal mystery thriller set in Atlanta, Georgia, during WWII.
release date: May 30, 2015
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The Gypsy Sacrifice (The Gypsy Pearl Book 3)
At last Caz has made it to the third planet in the Granbo System, the watery world of Tye. She and her friends must make their way from the polar ice cap to the tropics, passing through a diverse array of colonies along the way. Caz would love to relish these new experiences, but time is running out as her various enemies draw nearer. To make matters worse, the ingredients she has gathered along the way have a terrifying side effect--any adrenaline spikes lead to temporary paralysis!

In the race to complete her quest that will save the entire alien fanep species, she discovers that leadership requires self control, determination, and the ultimate sacrifice!

NOTE: This book was previously titled "The Gypsy Pearl Book 3: Tye".

Look for book 4: "The Gypsy Ambassador" in 2019.
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release date: Jun 06, 2015
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Male Power Fantasy Vol. One: Dino-Storm
Two tough talking street smart professional wrestlers are earth's only hope against an invasion of dinosaurs from outer space.
Ages ago Earth's last surviving dinosaurs boarded an enormous space arc and ascended to the heavens in order to escape the impending ice age, now they're back and they want their planet back! America's only hope lies in the muscular hands of professional wrestlers turned super scientists, Archer Ass-kick, and "Bad" Rock-Hard. Join them as they face off against the evil Cesar-Saurus and the evil Dinosaur Empire in this prehistoric action packed thrill ride of finders-keepers!
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release date: Jun 26, 2017
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Traitor's Honor (Hydronia: Crux Rising Book 1)
The undersea world is divided by war. On one side: The Hydronian loyalists, seeking to maintain their control. On the other: The Crux separatists, seeking to set up a nation of their own.

For Nex Dalvor, the war has always been a simple matter. One of the Crux Brotherhood—an elite warrior group that fights in mechanical exosuits rather than regular combat armor—he is the “poster boy” of the rebellion. To him, it has always seemed black and white. He believes as he’s always been taught to believe: That Hydronians are hateful and dangerous, little better than animals, and that the Crux is the epitome of goodness and justice.

Until one small incident, in the heat of battle, changes everything.

When he witnesses a Hydronian soldier sacrifice himself for a civilian, Dalvor’s beliefs are shaken for the first time. This small spark becomes a chain-reaction of doubt as he begins to see the Crux for what it truly is. And yet it’s not so simple as just leaving, or refusing to do what he’s told: Even talking about such things is far too dangerous to do openly.

As he tries to cling to the familiarity of his old beliefs, as politicians in his home city of Armidon try to come between him and the woman he loves, he finds himself in a tightening noose of doubt and treachery.

Because, even for the most dangerous warrior in the undersea world, nothing is as easy as it seems.

Welcome to Hydronia.
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release date: Jan 21, 2018
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The Amber Affliction: A Lachlan McKnight Adventure
For soldier of fortune and Aussie knockabout Lachlan McKnight, his new contract with Great White Global Risk Consulting was supposed to be an easy way to make some sweet cash, catch up with old mates and hang out with hot European chicks.
Unfortunately, when you’re a drunken womaniser, your best mate is a lying, sexual deviant and your contract is in Afghanistan, life doesn’t always go according to plan. In fact, for Big Lachy, trouble always seems to be just around the corner, whether it’s a professional Rugby League player with a score to settle, an Amazonian Marine trying to seduce him, or an online troll trying to destroy him.
In this first of many ‘Lachlan McKnight Adventures’, the action never ceases, as Lachy mixes it with the Green Berets, takes it to the Taliban and makes it home in time for medals and movie night.
If you don’t mind a good yarn, a good laugh, and a good old-fashioned fistfight or two with a few gunfights thrown in, then join Lachy McKnight as he shoots, roots, drinks, fights, laughs and loves his way from the pubs of Cronulla to the Badlands of Afghanistan and back.
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release date: Jun 28, 2015
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Early Byrd (Clan Gonther Cycle Book 1)
Lost wars have consequences, and it's usually the innocent who suffer most. Young Robert and Timothy Byrd learn this firsthand when empire-building aliens threaten the extinction of all humanity via asteroid strike. Resistance proves futile, and the twin brothers are ripped from the bosom of their loving family to grow up among the Artemu, mankind’s haughty new overlords. But is the fighting really over yet? Or is time for the human race to accept the bitterest of defeats— at least temporarily— as the only possible road to survival?

What is it like to be forced to fight against your own people in alliance with their most terrible enemy, because doing anything else means the death of everyone everywhere?

Book one in the Clan Gonther Cycle.
release date: Feb 03, 2015
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An action-packed short read. James battles typhoon and treachery to find his fragrant haven. Only 3,500 words. Perfect if you like racy stories and have half an hour to fill. Contains adult themes.
release date: Jul 25, 2018
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Private contractor Matti Baker's personal quest is to keep America safe. With unwavering loyalty, she was trained to assist government and outside agencies in identifying, locating, and eliminating individuals and nations that pose as threats to the United States. Baker navigates through assignments, that on surface, appear to have no connection. Ultimately Baker finds out that they are all intertwined and will trigger global destruction if not stopped. While sacrificing to keep her family hidden and safe; Baker enlists the help of her best friend and closest colleagues to eradicate double agents.

Whether in Texas, California, the Middle East, or even the foothills of Montana, Baker finds herself in the center of world domination. She keeps her wits about her and those that are lucky enough to be in her inside circle.
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release date: Oct 26, 2013
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A Ballad of Wayward Spectres: Day 1 (A Ballad of Wayward Specters)
Alyson Reid fled from home at the age of seventeen, and has survived off of the wealthy by stealing their identities, and drying out their bank accounts. After a banking executive is murdered, she inadvertently takes on his wife's identity, and draws the attention of the police and the bank's internal investigation staff.

A Ballad of Wayward Spectres: Day 1 is the first volume of a four part serial from William Hill.
release date: Apr 24, 2015
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The Book of Snow (Flurry the Bear - Book 4)
A mysterious gift bestowed by Christopher Kringle sends Flurry and his friend Honja 7,000 years into the past. They arrive in a land ruled by the evil Jack Frost. Before either of them have time to think, they are thrown into the midst of a raging conflict.

All the land cowers in fear at Jack's name. Flurry dares to challenge the evil red panda's reign of tyranny. His courage inspires many brave samurai to unite and stage an all-out assault on Jack Frost.

This growing band of warriors is led by the legendary Tomodachi. Little does Tomodachi know that Flurry's presence is a brush with fate, and his life will never be the same.

The question remains - should they prevail, will Flurry and Honja make it back to their own time?

Interview with the Author

Q: So, what makes the Flurry the Bear series special?
A: My goal was to create a vast, epic world filled with various cultures for my readers to explore. There’s so much more to my stories than what someone will get from one read through. I’ve developed many nations, tribes, cultures, cities, and languages to name only a few. Flurry’s world has a rich history and a deep backstory to be discovered.

I also have wanted to create my books to be appealing to children ages 7 – 14, but also be something adults would love to read for themselves. There’s a lot there to be enjoyed by all ages.

Lastly, I set out to create something that is full of action and adventure while still being family friendly. My stories teach various lessons that Flurry learns from each adventure.

Q: What order should I read the books in?
A: I’ve written my book series so that you can read the first four in any order. However, book five onward, I assume that the reader knows who everyone is and what had come before it. If you would like to see what my books are like, I frequently suggest that someone read The Book of Snow which is the fourth book in my series. It fills you in on what’s come before. Then, you can always go back and start at the beginning and go through them chronologically.

Q: So, why should readers give these books a try?
A: My books are fun to read, well-paced, and have a rich world to explore. Flurry takes you through this new world filled with swordplay, epic battles, grizzly bear pirates, red panda samurai, armored wolves, cat assassin’s, and a tyrannical villain and much more!

Thanks for reading!

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