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release date: Oct 04, 2017
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1971 - It’s a clear sunny day in a New York park as families and children enjoy the day. A mother and father tend to their son as their younger daughter strays off away from the park drawn to a figure in the distance. Before either parent realizes, she is mysteriously gone, nowhere to be found.

Present Day - Every year, thousands of people go missing with no explanation, often never to be found. For Blake Collier, losing his wife Casey...with no answers, was not an option. Blake is determined to find those answers, leveraging every resource available to him. Along the way, Blake discovers the shocking truth to not only his wife’s disappearance, but to practically every missing person from the last 50 years.

MIRRORS is the story of one man’s journey from a seasoned, war-torn life of killing to one of love and compassion; only to be forced back into his old ways to get back the only thing he’s ever loved. Getting Casey back will take Blake further and farther than his training has ever taken him and force him to question everything he knows and has come to learn.
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release date: Aug 27, 2017
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All In: A Prequel (The Sagittan Chronicles Book 0)
Quin Black is bored. All he does is work, sleep, and work some more. When he gets reassigned to the menial task of categorizing old, confiscated Doors, he slips back into one of his old habits--gambling. His first night out, the venue explodes and Quin leaves thousands in debt to the dealer. But the dealer makes him an offer--go through three Doors and find out what's on the other side, and he will erase Quin's debt, free and clear.

Meanwhile, Jo Nash wants out. Her father, a con man and petty crook, refuses to allow her to attend horticultural school and be a normal person. He would prefer she stayed in the family business. So when her father offers her a deal--do one last assignment for him and he will pay for her schooling--she jumps at the chance.

Together, Quin and Jo step through a series of Doors to visit other worlds, and not only find themselves caught up in a bigger mess than they could have imagined, they learn a little something about themselves along the way.

This soft science fiction novella is a prequel to the Sagittan Chronicles series.
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release date: Jun 28, 2015
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Early Byrd (Clan Gonther Cycle Book 1)
Lost wars have consequences, and it's usually the innocent who suffer most. Young Robert and Timothy Byrd learn this firsthand when empire-building aliens threaten the extinction of all humanity via asteroid strike. Resistance proves futile, and the twin brothers are ripped from the bosom of their loving family to grow up among the Artemu, mankind’s haughty new overlords. But is the fighting really over yet? Or is time for the human race to accept the bitterest of defeats— at least temporarily— as the only possible road to survival?

What is it like to be forced to fight against your own people in alliance with their most terrible enemy, because doing anything else means the death of everyone everywhere?

Book one in the Clan Gonther Cycle.
release date: Nov 19, 2011
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Uncharted Territory: A Father Son Mountain Climbing Adventure in the Pacific Northwest
Uncharted Territory is a coming-of-age story for young adults and adults who enjoy a triumph of life over fear. Jack is a high school track star and a mountain climber -- skills he shares with his famous, but demanding father. In his junior year, a climb with his father in the Oregon Cascades becomes a disaster, almost killing Jack and threatening to destroy his family.

While recovering, Jack must develop the courage to confront his emotionally remote father and forge a deeper relationship.

Uncharted Territory has been called "a remarkable novel, evoking, with fresh insight, the complexity and fragility of families, of relationships, and of life itself. It's heart-wrenching, funny, profoundly real, and unforgettable --a book that will have a long afterlife." Molly Gloss, author of The Hearts of Horses.

Jennie Shortridge, author of When She Flew, writes, "Uncharted Territory is the story of a son and father who face challenges in the physical world with skill and great strength, and who must learn to do the same with the people they love, including each other. Told in fast paced, meaty prose, this story pulls the reader along from harrowing adventure to adventure, with sensitivity and an eye for beautiful detail. A great read for teens and parents both, especially when shared."

Larry Brooks, author of the award-winning blog, and of Story Engineering, Mastering the with these thoughts:

"Rae Richen writes with a deft touch that penetrates the reader long after the book hits the shelf for the night. Her story is deep and rich, with a voice not unlike a young John Irving. Highly recommended."
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release date: Jan 20, 2017
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Sand River
Jack Grice had spent his life running. He grew up at a wild time and did what he had to do to survive. The law took one view of it; he took another. And the law wouldn’t get off his back. He did time, broke out of prison. He went north, hoping to leave the past behind. But the past followed him. And now there were murder charges. Whichever way he turned, trouble was right there. This is his account of what happened.
Jack was born in Charleston in 1861. His parents died early of cholera and his guardian died when he was fifteen, leaving him penniless and alone. He went west and got work as a cattle drover. He shot an outlaw who was trying to rob him. Another outlaw, named Ibbetson, got away alive.
Later, he ran across a cowboy called Skeeter on a cattle drive. They met again in a saloon and Skeeter asked him to help drive a herd of horses. Jack didn’t know they were stolen. He was arrested, went to jail. During his trial, he broke out of the courthouse with another inmate, who shot a courthouse constable. After that, a rope was waiting.
He went north and got work on a ranch called Sand River. For a while it looked like he’d outrun trouble. He did the job and stayed clean. But up there, range wars were being fought. Ranchers hired range detectives to handle trouble. To some, they were hired killers. One of them was Ibbetson. When they met again, Jack knew it wouldn’t end well. His past had arrived.
release date: Oct 15, 2017
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Cassidy (A Color of Water and Sky Novel)
The world thinks them dead. But they are very much alive. After a deadly attack from an unknown enemy, Captain Sara Gessetti and Lieutenant Damien Saljov are separated from the Cassidy X20 experimental submarine and left to drown in the depths of the Atlantic. Cut off from society, from technology, even from each other, both pilots struggle to survive in this harsh new world, where danger lurks around every corner. But they are not alone. The surface holds many dangers, and some of them come from within...

From the pages of The Color of Water and Sky, this official spinoff story takes place in parallel to books 1-3 in the series.
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release date: Nov 18, 2013
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The Rescue (Olivia Hart and the Gifted Program Book 3)
THE RESCUE is a young adult fantasy novel and book #3 in the Olivia Hart and the Gifted Program series.

Olivia Hart believes there is no governing body or diabolical force that can keep her and Justin Benz apart. She loves him. Of course, that was before she regains consciousness in Prometheus's Fort Bliss and discovers her friends have been hauled off to the Meta's prison. Olivia is forced to pacify Mr. Dimon and conform to normal high school life in Pandora, but she knows as long as the only female Elste in the world lives there, it is a dangerous place.
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release date: Apr 24, 2015
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The Book of Snow (Flurry the Bear - Book 4)
A mysterious gift bestowed by Christopher Kringle sends Flurry and his friend Honja 7,000 years into the past. They arrive in a land ruled by the evil Jack Frost. Before either of them have time to think, they are thrown into the midst of a raging conflict.

All the land cowers in fear at Jack's name. Flurry dares to challenge the evil red panda's reign of tyranny. His courage inspires many brave samurai to unite and stage an all-out assault on Jack Frost.

This growing band of warriors is led by the legendary Tomodachi. Little does Tomodachi know that Flurry's presence is a brush with fate, and his life will never be the same.

The question remains - should they prevail, will Flurry and Honja make it back to their own time?

Interview with the Author

Q: So, what makes the Flurry the Bear series special?
A: My goal was to create a vast, epic world filled with various cultures for my readers to explore. There’s so much more to my stories than what someone will get from one read through. I’ve developed many nations, tribes, cultures, cities, and languages to name only a few. Flurry’s world has a rich history and a deep backstory to be discovered.

I also have wanted to create my books to be appealing to children ages 7 – 14, but also be something adults would love to read for themselves. There’s a lot there to be enjoyed by all ages.

Lastly, I set out to create something that is full of action and adventure while still being family friendly. My stories teach various lessons that Flurry learns from each adventure.

Q: What order should I read the books in?
A: I’ve written my book series so that you can read the first four in any order. However, book five onward, I assume that the reader knows who everyone is and what had come before it. If you would like to see what my books are like, I frequently suggest that someone read The Book of Snow which is the fourth book in my series. It fills you in on what’s come before. Then, you can always go back and start at the beginning and go through them chronologically.

Q: So, why should readers give these books a try?
A: My books are fun to read, well-paced, and have a rich world to explore. Flurry takes you through this new world filled with swordplay, epic battles, grizzly bear pirates, red panda samurai, armored wolves, cat assassin’s, and a tyrannical villain and much more!

Thanks for reading!

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- Action & Adventure
- Fantasy & Magic
- Coming of Age
- Children & Teens
- Animals
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release date: May 16, 2012
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By England's Aid Or, the Freeing of the Netherlands, 1585-1604
This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.
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