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release date: Sep 14, 2018
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XXL-Leseprobe: Die Frauen der Kamelien-Insel: Roman (German Edition)
XXL-Leseprobe zu Tabea Bachs "Die Frauen der Kamelien-Insel":

Nach einem rauschenden Hochzeitsfest auf der Kamelien-Insel wünschen sich Sylvia und Maël - bislang vergeblich - ein Kind. Da steht plötzlich Maëls einstige große Liebe Chloé vor der Tür mit ihrem siebenjährigen Sohn, den sie zur Überraschung aller als Maëls Kind vorstellt. Doch das ist nicht alles: Chloé will Maël zurückgewinnen. Kann Sylvia um ihre große Liebe kämpfen, ohne sich zwischen Vater und Sohn zu stellen? Und dann droht der Kameliengärtnerei auch noch das Aus, eine Gefahr, die Sylvia und Maël nur gemeinsam abwenden können.

Band 2 der KAMELIEN-INSEL-Saga

Jetzt herunterladen und sofort loslesen!
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release date: Sep 13, 2018
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The last one leaf (22nd CENTURY ART) (Japanese Edition)




下村 芳男(しもむら・よしお)
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release date: Sep 13, 2018
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Mourir d'aimer (French Edition)
MOURIR D’AIMER est une adaptation du roman sociologique "La beauté des sentiments", qui trouve ses racines dans un contexte social et économique chargé, à la charnière des années 60/70 - la société française et le monde occidental vont connaître des bouleversements majeurs.

En 1968, Marguerite Monfort, surnommée Margot, est une jeune ouvrière de l’industrie textile - intelligente, lucide, idéaliste, elle possède un don qu’elle cache à son entourage - elle s’adonne aussi à l’écriture, avec l’idée de devenir romancière.

Adrien Dujardin, jeune polytechnicien, héritier d’une grande dynastie de l’industrie textile roubaisien en proie au déclin, va croiser l’existence de Marguerite. Ces derniers vont vous faire faire un voyage étonnant dans la vie, le temps, la société, celles d’hier et de demain, sur les chemins de la mondialisation.

Roubaix, Rouen, Paris et Étretat serviront d’escales tout au long de cette aventure romanesque.

Ce roman est inspiré par l'histoire sociale de feu l'empire industriel textile Boussac, par des faits, des personnages et une histoire authentiques.

Roman broché A5 324 pages.

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release date: Sep 02, 2018
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Lohengrin (orlando cimosse Vol. 2) (Italian Edition)
Lohengrin, lo splendido unico figlio di Parsifal, a cui per volere della madre viene nascosta la sua estrazione e il segreto del Sacro Graal; cavaliere preferito alla tavola rotonda, viene inviato in soccorso di Elsa, la figlia orfana del duca di Brabante e Limburgo, ingiustamente accusata da un riottoso pretendente. Quello che avvenne dopo è il dipanarsi di un'altra storia cavalleresca.

Orlando Cimosse è un progetto culturale per aiutare chi vuole migliorare la conoscenza della lingua italiana; con questa idea nasce la collana omonima di traduzioni.
release date: Sep 01, 2018
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Red Tainted Threads
They govern us, control us, devour us.

The ones that pull the threads of political power, of money, of ideology, of religion, with only one purpose: to dominate everything.
Them. The monsters.
Those that live for millennia, who have founded cities and nations, civilizations and cultures, giving form to this world, manipulating everyone’s destiny. Those that were transformed by the means of a dark blood ritual, striping them away from their humanity with every beat, day after day, century after century.
And the one among them, who made himself with the control of all fates, has disappeared. In the vacuum of rule the factions gloat their fangs. They plan, and conspire, and move their influences waiting for the moment to attack. War seems all but unavoidable.

A few brave ones will try to stop them, others will see their wills rendered to an unstoppable force. But…there are no heroes in this story.
Only villains.
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release date: Aug 28, 2018
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Mer Book One: Before the Beginning
It is the greatest experiment ever undertaken in the history of Darigos. Heir to his father's throne, egotistical Nino has always been more interested in science and technology than in being the prince that he is. For the past one hundred years he and his cutting edge team have been creating a planet, a city and two distinct Merans, very much like his race the Daris, and another species which dwells in the oceans of Mera, whom he has dubbed the Mers.

In the inevitable battle for power that ensues between Nino and his elder half-brother, Mado, part of the experiment is destroyed, leaving Nino and his research partner, Aea, fighting for their lives and those of the creatures they brought to life. "Mer Book One: Before the Beginning" introduces you to a world that exists in another time and another place...and mystical, magical beings and technology like no other.
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release date: Aug 24, 2018
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Elf Spirit (Elf Spirit Saga Book 1)
Elf Spirit is about a young human girl named Ann, and she has an Elf Spirit, not a soul like most humans. Ann’s life takes many ups and downs, starting with her birth of being stillborn to having an ancient elven spirit give her a second chance in life.

Through the struggles of losing her family and her hometown to starting a new life in the forest of Harp Woods, Ann embarks on a journey that will change her, both physically and mentally.

With the help of her new friends, Ann changes the lives of many that were wronged well before she was born, and rights those wrongs with the morals and values she has been taught. With her guardian, Joansen, and her best friend, Dox, they face some of the hardest lessons in life. Even with sadness and death, they learn to laugh again and try to find the joys in life.
In Elf Spirit, we watch Ann grow from a babe to a young adult in a medieval setting where old world rules and laws are set. She doesn’t always follow the teachings of her Elders, most of the time she does what is needed to survive to give others hope.
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release date: Aug 11, 2018
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The Paris Seamstress (Free Preview: Chapters 1-4)
For readers of Lilac Girls and The Nightingale comes an internationally bestselling World War II novel that spans generations, crosses oceans, and proves just how much two young women are willing to sacrifice for love and family.

1940: As the Germans advance upon Paris, young seamstress Estella Bissette is forced to flee everything she's ever known. She's bound for New York City with her signature gold dress, a few francs, and a dream: to make her mark on the world of fashion.

Present day: Fabienne Bissette journeys to the Met's annual gala for an exhibit featuring the work of her ailing grandmother - a legend of women's fashion design. But as Fabienne begins to learn more about her beloved grandmother's past, she uncovers a story of tragedy, heartbreak and family secrets that will dramatically change her own life.

Publishers Weekly Most Anticipated Books of the Year

Included in BookBub's "Best Historical Fiction Fiction Coming this Fall"

"This rich, memorable novel unfolds beautifully from start to finish." --Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

"Fascinating and impeccably researched." --Gill Paul, author of The Secret Wife

"A fantastically engrossing story. I love it." --Kelly Rimmer, USA Today bestselling author

"Gorgeously rich and romantic." --Kate Forsyth, author of Bitter Greens

"Intrigue, heartbreak... I cannot tell you how much I loved this book." --Rachel Burton, author of The Things We Need to Say

"If you're looking for a swoon-worthy romance, then The Paris Seamstress is for you. Natasha Lester's novel features not one but two love stories, spanning continents and centuries. ... Fans of historical romance will eat this one up."--Refinery29
release date: Aug 09, 2018
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Rockstar vs Heiress (Love in Illyria Book 3)

Rock legend Tim TC Carter is about to have a child with a woman he doesn't love. He is determined to do his duty and build a life with the mother of his child.

Unfortunately, all his good intentions can’t make him love her...

And when things couldn't get any messier, SHE shows up in his life.

Alice Lewis represents everything TC dislikes, despises and distrusts. The mousy girl is a rich heiress, from the old aristocracy. To top it all, she works with his nemesis, Andrew King.

He should hate her with every fiber of his being. Instead, he finds a kindred spirit. An unexpected friend. An oasis of peace and sanity.

But Alice has a secret.

She never expected to meet TC.

She had just wanted to help a friend.

Now TC becomes her friend and every day she fears he will find out what she did to him...

This is a story of an unlikely friendship turned to love after a detour into a revenge fantasy!

Explore the world of the rich and famous in this thrilling installment of Love in Illyria.

"Rockstar vs Heiress" is the first half of the Rockstar & Heiress Duet. The BOOK ENDS WITH A CLIFFHANGER, which is resolved in a HEA in "Heiress vs Rockstar"

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