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release date: Nov 25, 2017
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The Dark Corner Archives (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Don't Move. Don't Breathe. Don't Die

Dana Johansen is being watched. Someone has been following his every move for months. Each month that's passed, they have been getting closer. He doesn't know who they are or what they want. He just knows that they are after him.

Now, they're in his house. His refuge. His safe haven. It's been invaded. If he leaves, the visitor will follow. He's not sure what to do. One thing is certain — if Dana doesn't do something, the visitor will.

The Visitor is the first in a line of short stories, novelettes, and novellas in a series titled The Dark Corner Archives. There are five stories in all, the series progressively getting longer with each story. Those who are a part of his Reality Imagination Universe have special access to all the books in the series as they are released.

Easton Livingston is a published writer, having written articles for national magazine publications, newspapers, online websites, and graphic novels. His foray as a fiction author has him specializing in urban fantasy/supernatural, sci-fi, fantasy, action-adventure, and suspense, often weaving different elements of those genres together. He describes his writing as The 4400 meets Stranger Things. It is all a part of his Reality Imagination Universe which you can find out more details about at his website which you can link to at his author page.
release date: Nov 25, 2017
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Rattler Trilogy (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: ‘Read all about it! ‘Manor Murderer’ strikes again!’

On March 13th 1896, a renowned artist, Charles St Claire, wouldn’t have believed that a simple family portrait of his nephew would lead to death and destruction. A select few believe there is a curse, which hangs over Charles’s brush strokes.

115 years later, a family of four are packing up and moving to Chelsea. Zoe isn’t best pleased with her family moving, after all she moved to London from Leeds the previous year for some space. It isn’t, until, she’s left home alone, that ‘someone’ starts to play with her mind. But, are the voices in her head? Or is the house haunted? And, what secrets is her new home hiding?

Includes an extract from the sequel, Unleashed (released fall 2015)
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release date: Nov 25, 2017
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Tales of the Executioners (6 Book Series)
From Book 1: Short Story. Not for children. The first in a collection about the “Executioners”; vampires in the elite “police force”. As one of the newest, Aine gets the job nobody wants: arresting a vampire for breaking The Laws. While everything goes wrong around him, he discovers his target has broken yet another that could get him into trouble, too.

Takes place during the novel Heart of the Raven but can be read as a stand alone.
release date: Nov 25, 2017
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The Vampire Brothers Hunger (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Looking For My Soulmate

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Vampires and love are always a mysterious combination. But if you live in the modern world, it’s a bit harder to accept that they can live amongst us.

Fatima never thought it was possible, but she met not one but two of them. Saul and Gael are stuck in a blood pact that makes them brothers even if they are really not. One owes the other a great debt because of the law of returns. Saul needs to repay Gael before the century turns, or he would have to be Gael’s slave for the next century.

Fatima would be left with very little choice when she finds herself the target of Saul’s playful smile and Gael’s stern stares.

Meet vampires different from the ones you have seen. Nothing sparkles, and there isn’t a need to be turned!

WARNING: This ebook contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language. Only for adult eyes!

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release date: Nov 25, 2017
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Arcane Court (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: My name is Cimmerian. I’m a dragon shifter living in New Orleans. Someone is screwing up my pre-Mardi Gras plans by leaving mutilated human bodies all over town. I have to find out whether or not a demon is behind this. If so, are they building a human to animate with demon magic? If not, we have a human serial killer just in time for the town to flood with tourists.

Things were so much quieter on vacation.

Damn, I’m glad to be back at work.
release date: Nov 25, 2017
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Spirits of Saoradh (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Feisty twenty-four year old Holly, or Miss Greedy as her friends call her, receives a wooden cube as a gift from an enigmatic elderly lady, who happens to be her mother’s new neighbour in Lossiemouth, a small Scottish fishing town.

What she doesn’t expect, is for the cube to contain Blayne, a Spirit of Saoradh only she can see and touch. Blayne is a playful, headstrong ghost with no recollection of his human past and an ability to grant Holly’s wishes whenever she calls for him — as long as said wishes don’t raise any questions from the public that is. So a shiny new car might be out of the question, but the possibility of a flat stomach, a consistently spotless house or a perfect daily hairstyle more than make up for it.

Through their incessant banter, Holly and Blayne grow closer while fighting against their mutual attraction since they have no possible future together.

But when the painful reality of Blayne’s existence is revealed, Holly will realize that it’s not always the girl who needs to be saved.

Warning: contains mature scenes not intended for young readers.
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release date: Nov 25, 2017
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Wheel of the Year Anthology (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: These are not your children's fairytales.

Within these pages lies your personal invitation to the mystical, enchanting -- and deliciously dangerous -- realm of Faerie. Prepare to enter a world of magic and wonder, power and deceit, as you explore the myriad facets of the mercurial Fae Realms and a few of its denizens: a dedicated slave, a mermaid in love, an enthralled daydreamer, and an entranced farm boy.
Filled with intrigue, passion, lust, and loss, these spell-binding stories branch from romance, horror, drama, and erotic fantasy to bring you Wisps of Beltane...."

Beltane, originally one of the four great fire festivals, is also a holiday of union. The flames of Beltane celebrate virility, sexuality, and fertility. For each pagan holiday, there will be a corresponding volume in the Wheel of the Year Anthology.

Stories Included-

Slave in Shadows
Castle by the Sea
In a Field of Flowers
Engraved with Honeysuckle (re-released and re-edited)
release date: Nov 25, 2017
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The Haunted Houses of Anderson (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Dr. Jonathan Anderson, chair of the psychology department of Dallas's most prestigious university, received a rejection letter on his life's work. The next day, October 31, 2008, he got a second chance, an article confirming the existence of ghosts at the infamous Reindeer Manor.

The current owner, who only goes by Andy, has been running the property as a Halloween attraction for years. However, it's not the attraction that is of interest to Anderson, but rather its true history.

Upon visiting the manor, he struck a deal with the owner to rent the entire property for five days, under the condition that all Halloween props are removed.

Unfortunately for Dr. Anderson, he got his way...
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release date: Nov 25, 2017
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Shadows of Necrosis Fortress (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Justin hates his new home, his new school and his new life. Staying with his Mom after his parents divorced, Justin tries to make the best of things, dodging the bullies and exploring the woods near his home.
When he finds a rusty sword and a ruby pendant, Justin doesn’t immediately make the connection between them and the crazy dreams he’s been having. But soon he realizes that the new world he travels to when he’s asleep is more than just a dream – its reality and he’s got a mission he needs to complete.
In the Hidden Realm, Justin finds himself battling the Shadows, alongside elves, dwarves, centaurs and lycanthropes. Finding himself becoming more and more immersed in his new reality, Justin struggles to fulfill his destiny knowing that this quest is going to be a dangerous one.

If you enjoy reading J.R.R. Tolkien Lord Of The Rings and J.K. Rowling Harry Potter Books then you will definitely love this book!
release date: Nov 25, 2017
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The Queens of Dragonia (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: As the first volume in the trilogy The Queens of Dragonia, Gwri of Dragonia sets into motion a continuing struggle over who will reign over the realm of magic, and defend it.

Gwri of Dragonia is the rousing tale of a king
whose wife of is murdered by a dragon. A dragon steals the dead queen's crown. The king's search for the murderer and his attempt to find and return the crown leads him to the one true queen, the woman who claims his heart.

The search is fraught with danger and adventure. Demons and evil entities abound as the king battles ever onward against increasingly difficult odds.

This high historical fantasy contains numerous clashes between of a rich diversity of magical creatures. There are dragons, faeries, humans, mermaids, angels, demons, monsters, mythical kings and a host of other beings. The creatures and entities that are out to slay dragons are not kind and gentle folk, and the dragons' responses to their brutal attackers is quite serious.

WARNING! A portion of this novel is a very violent story. In the struggle that leads to the demise of many dragons and humans, there is a significant amount of graphic, fantasy violence. Although there are many positive attributes displayed by several characters, such as courage and honesty and hope, the story of the battle is not for the weak-of-heart. Imagine, for a moment, what it would take to kill one dragon, then turn that into a fight for the survival of dragons.

The novel draws on ancient historical traditions and lesser-known myths, primarily from the Celtic world and the early Viking age. These stories were often changed into something else by those who wrote them down.

The historical accuracy preserves some of the horrors and violence of traditional tales woven throughout the story. The remains of many locations included in the story yet exist in the world today.

This is a tale of not only the fears and horrors of antiquity, but also of love, valor, struggle and hope.
1 - 10 of 2,213 results

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