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release date: Jun 28, 2017
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Doctor's Assistant (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Julie Swanson is recommended by her mother to do an internship with her genecologist, Doctor Steven Bloomburg during her last summer before attending nursing college at St. Francis. She is very interested, having already done an interview with him, but when she learns that part of the job requirement is undergoing a complete gynecological examination, she suddenly gets cold feet. Her mom convinces her otherwise and she gets up the nerve to go to the final phase of the job application process, which is a thorough in-depth physical exam.

The first in a new series by Taylor David
release date: Jun 28, 2017
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Camille Carter Mystery (5 Book Series)
From Book 1:

For a special introductory price, this is the first book in the Camille Carter Mystery Novel series.

Returning to the United States to finish up her Field Training Epidemiology Program at the CDC, Camille Carter gets a part time job helping her mentor and professor, Dr. Anderson. At first, Camille likes the attention that Dr. Anderson gives her, but soon she is drawn into a mystery that has her doubting her relationships and those that she holds in the highest of esteem.

Pick up your copy today!

Author Note: This is a shorter story that is the first book in a series about a strong young woman who has decided to enter the field of helping others on a global level. Mystery and Romance surround her on her adventure.

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release date: Jun 28, 2017
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The Bachelors Of Shell Cove (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: She's chasing her dream.
He's chasing the woman of his dreams.
Together they're Chasing Ava.

Ava Walters is a pediatric nurse who doesn't do relationships. An abusive past has left her wounded, but determined to pursue her dream of becoming as a Navy Nurse. Ava is in the midst of rebuilding her life, when she is targeted by a sexual harasser who wields the power to destroy her dream before it sets sail.

Logan Masters, is an ambitious specialty surgeon whose past is riddled with betrayal. His trust in women is conditional- no secrets and no boundaries. When he comes to Ava's rescue, there is no denying the spark of attraction. Things get complicated when Logan pursues Ava, rather than the arranged relationship that holds the key to his future.

After years of being alone Ava starts to believe that love is possible under Logan's skillful touch. But Ava is harboring a secret she doesn't want exposed. Determined to guard her heart, Ava soon discovers Logan is as focused on winning her heart as she is at shielding it.

When secrets and broken alliances threaten to torpedo both their futures, how will they learn to trust and chart a new course to lasting love?

WARNING: ALPHA MEDICAL DOCTOR meets NURSE IN DISTRESS. What will happen when these two people crash into each other?

BOOK 0.5 - A DOCTOR FOR CHRISTMAS, a Shell Cove Novella (a sweet holiday prequel)
release date: Jun 28, 2017
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Nolan Kilkenny (6 Book Series)
From Book 1: They call it Spyder: a supposedly undetectable intelligence-gathering computer program that can easily penetrate heavily-encrypted computer networks. When ex-Navy SEAL Nolan Kilkenny discovers its existence, Spyder has already been stolen by three indusrial spies in a heist that quickly escalates to murder and treason. Suddenly, Kilkenny is leading the FBI and CIA in the search for Spyder... and is in the crosshairs of those who will stop at nothing to possess the ultimate spy weapon.
release date: Jun 28, 2017
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Dr. Richards' Littles (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: At twenty-four, Zoey has struggled for several years to pay off her mother's hospital bills. While living in her car and working at a restaurant have been challenges, Zoey maintains a cheerful and optimistic attitude. Two endearing customers alert Zoey Geller to a job opportunity that changes her life. Jon and Cecily have a very different relationship in which Jon appears to be more of a father than a husband. Zoey is the only waitress in the diner who enjoys serving them. The others are uncomfortable interacting with the age-play couple. When Cecily suggests that Zoey would be a perfect companion of her physician, Jon agrees and encourages Zoey to contact Dr. Richards.
Calamities occur as Zoey attempts to get to her interview and Dr. Richards rescues the petite blonde from a night in the rain. Dr. Richards treats her injuries with the methods he uses with all his Little patients: thorough examinations, rectal thermometers and medicines including suppositories and enemas. Zoey soon learns that Dr. Richards is looking for a companion whowill be his Little (an adult that lives as a child.) She will be required to follow his directions, use diapers, and allow him to treat her medical needs. Zoey is soon introduced to his age-play patients and their parents as his daughter and a whole new world opens up for her.
This complete novel introduces a series of books featuring Dr. Richards' patients and their parents. The books in this series will feature invasive medical treatments including thorough examinations and enemas when required as well as diaper changes, bottle feedings, spankings and other punishments. If you are offended by any of these or by age-play, this is not the book or series for you.
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Trauma Series (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: On the twenty-third day—he hunts, bringing the scum of the earth to justice; his justice. Ending up as a patient on Dr. O’Reilly’s table could either save your life or end it in the most horrific way.

New York City. The infamous city that never sleeps; the place where dreams either shine brightly or shatter into razor sharp pieces of metal. For Dr. Cian O’Reilly, it’s the perfect city to disguise his dark alter ego. As a top surgeon at Lincoln Hospital, he has access to resources far beyond the reach of the average person; the ideal cover for his double life. By day, he’s the epitome of professionalism. By night, the facade is stripped away and his true depraved self is revealed.

When Dr. Athena Payne joins the roster as a new surgical intern, Cian’s carefully constructed life is thrown into turmoil. With her sunny smile and wide-eyed innocence, she threatens to break through his iron-like exterior, exposing the man beneath. Following her dream of becoming a cardiovascular surgeon, her internship at Lincoln Hospital is the first step in achieving her goals. Something about the dark air of mystery that surrounds her new boss, Dr. Cian O’Reilly, leaves Athena questioning just what it is that the good doctor is hiding.

A killer on the loose. A doctor wielding a deadly blade. An intern caught in the midst of first love and a lethal web of murder.

Lincoln Hospital. Where the cure can be your worst nightmare.

Warning: Contains violence and graphic situations not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen. This is the first book in a series and ends on a cliffhanger. All books must be read in order to follow the series.
release date: Jun 28, 2017
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Second Chances (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Everything in Duke Grayson’s life was all he could ever ask for: A loving family, loyal friends, a beautiful girlfriend, and a scholarship to his top choice college. It’s his senior year of high school, and all he needs is to focus on his grades, lacrosse, and keeping his girlfriend happy. That is until Raya walks into his life.

From the moment they meet, Duke is drawn to her, not only for her natural beauty and her stunning crystal blue eyes, but because he’s aware there’s more to this girl than just his alluring pull to her. He senses secrecy and fear.

Throughout the year, their bond grows stronger, and his feelings for her become undeniable. Just when he is about to express his love, tragedy strikes and Raya disappears.

For six years, Duke is tortured by his struggles, as he’s unable to find her and blames himself for failing to protect her. Until the day, she’s found, and he’s given a second chance. Will Duke become her beacon of hope and make her see that it’s the little things that make life worthwhile? Can Raya overcome her fears and fight against the terrors that haunt her? Or will her dark and torturous past be too much for her to battle against?

*Warning: This book contains some disturbing situations, strong language and sexual content. Suited for 18 years and over.**
release date: Jun 28, 2017
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Die Zeitreisende (Reihe in 15 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: Das E-Book beschreibt die atemberaubenden Abenteuer einer jungen Frau, die durch Raum und Zeit reist.
Sie ist eine auffallend schöne, blonde und vor allem intelligente Frau aus Schweden, die in München erfolgreich Medizin studiert hat. Die blinde Liebe zu einem Mann stürzt sie in das Abenteuer ihres Lebens. Ihre Erlebnisse in diesem Roman und in seinen Fortsetzungen schildern beklemmend realistisch, was Frauen seit vielen tausend Jahren, zum Teil bis heute, erdulden und erleiden müssen.
Maria Lindström überlebt als einzige einen Flug zum Pluto und landet sicher auf der Erde – allerdings 150 Jahre vor Christi Geburt. Als Aphrodite schließt sie sich Nomaden auf dem Weg nach Karthago an. In die noch unzerstörte antike Stadt zieht sie in Ketten ein und muss als begehrte Hure ihrem Herrn dienen.
Aphrodite hat nicht nur das elende Sklavenleben zu erdulden, noch mehr Sorgen macht sie sich, ob sie den 3. Punischen Krieg und die Zerstörung Karthagos überleben wird. Doch genau dieses Wissen über die Zukunft der Stadt setzt sie für ihre Rettung ein. Wird es ihr gelingen. rechtzeitig Karthago zu verlassen und in das 22. Jahrhundert, aus dem sie als Maria startete, eine Botschaft zu übermitteln?
Das Buch schildert die Ereignisse überaus spannend und macht süchtig auf die weiteren Teile.
Der Autor hat mit der 2. Auflage sein Erstlingswerk sehr stark überarbeitet und die kritischen, trotzdem begeisterten Hinweise berücksichtigt.

Das Unwetter
Zwei Wochen später
Schnelle Hilfe
Erkenntnisse auf Umwegen
Die Radtour
Am runden Tisch
Maria und das Vorstellungsgespräch
Ein Scheißkerl
Die Tücken des Rechts
Maria und die neue Liebe
Inselträume und Trugbilder
Das Tattoo
Der Familienrat tagt!
Hochzeit oder Katastrophe?
Der Morgen danach
Abschied von München
Zu Hause bei Oma
Aufregende Nachrichten
Der große Tag
Alltag an Bord
Außerordentliche Dienstberatung
Das Phänomen
Ein ganz normaler Dienst
Der Geburtstermin
Ein neuer Tag, neue Fragen und immer noch keine aktuelle Zeit
Die Erde
Der erste Tag auf der Erde
Zweiter Tag auf der Erde
Der dritte Tag und der erste Sichtkontakt
Wie geht es weiter?
Der Kontakt
Der Überfall
Die Sklavenhändler
Die Freuden eines Herrn
Der endlos lange Weg
Das Hurenhaus
Der Lehrmeister
Die ersten Freier
Ein neuer Herr?
Das Rennen
Der Sieger, der neue Herr
Aphrodite arbeitet?
Verspielt an Eklasteos!
Wochen später, die große Weltpolitik
release date: Jun 28, 2017
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Gilbert, Co (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: A duty to protect and serve. A love he would die for.

Garren Alexander has been a detective with the Gilbert Police Department for almost a decade, but he's been haunted by the shadows of his past for the last fifteen years. He turned to women, whiskey, and work to drown out those shadows, but they keep catching up to him. When his little sister, Connie, turns up missing, they threaten to drown him.

Lisa Giles has been best friends with Connie Alexander since rooming together in college. She knew her friend's brother in passing but her sudden disappearance has now thrown them together. After being let down by more than one man in her life, Lisa isn't quick to trust. But, trusting Garren may be the only way to find her friend again.

As more people around him fall victim to the vengeance of his past mistakes, Garren has to use all the skills he possesses to keep anyone else from dying, and protect the woman who may finally be able to help him fight his demons
release date: Jun 28, 2017
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Geschichten aus der Stundenwelt (Reihe in 2 Bänden)
Aus Band 1:

Science Fantasy zum Träumen -Die Splitter-Anthologie!

***Die Gegenwart hat nur eine Zukunft, solange sich die Vergangenheit ändert.***

Elise ist eine richtige Powerfrau! Sie hat Erfolg im Beruf und ihre Kollegen vergöttern sie. In ihrer Freizeit arbeitet sie ehrenamtlich im Wahlkampfteam mit. Abends feiert sie aufregende Partys. Und auch ihr neues Auto ist der reinste Traum. Ihr Leben könnte nicht besser sein.

Doch dann geschieht etwas völlig Unerwartetes, das ihr Leben aus den Fugen geraten lässt. Auf einer Party lernt sie einen Mann kennen, der ihre Weltanschauung völlig auf den Kopf stellt ...

Begleite Elise auf ihrer Reise durch die Stundenwelt. Erfahre, wie sie ihrer Freundin Cheyenne zum ersten Mal begegnete, und erlebe, was vor dem ersten Band der Stundenweltreihe geschehen ist. 

Die Serie "Geschichten aus der Stundenwelt" umfasst eine Sammlung von zwölf  Kurzgeschichten, die sich parallel zum Geschehen in den Stundenwelt-Romanen abspielen, und kann unabhängig von diesen gelesen werden. 

"Geschichten aus der Stundenwelt - Elise" beinhaltet das erste Kapitel aus dem Roman "Die Stundenwelt - Cheyenne"

Geschichten aus der Stundenwelt, bereits erschienen:



Die Stundenwelt, bereits erschienen:



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