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release date: Mar 05, 2015
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Solar Power Demystified: The Beginners Guide To Solar Power, Energy Independence And Lower Bills
New Internet Linked Edition to Free Solar Resources and Free Solar Calculators!
The book 'Solar Power Demystified: The Beginners Guide To Solar Power, Energy Independence And Lower Bills' introduces you to the world of solar electric panels and systems.

It reveals you the reasons why photovoltaic solar panels are continuing to gain worldwide popularity and are becoming more important as a source of renewable energy.

You can see the question "To go or not to go solar?" discussed in its practical aspects.
Furthermore you are advised what kind of solar electric system you need and how to evaluate whether your home is 'solar-ready' or not

You are also introduced to the basics of photovoltaics and to the main types of solar electric systems and their components.

The book is intended to provide basic information to everyone who makes first steps in the world of photovoltaics and needs the matter explained in an easy-to-understand and straightforward way.
The book exposes:

  • Photovoltaics in the world of renewable energy

  • Advantages of photovoltaics in a summary

  • Why are photovoltaics continuing to gain worldwide popularity?

  • Why is the cost of photovoltaics decreasing?

  • Drawbacks of photovoltaics

  • What are the main applications of solar electric systems?

  • To go or not to go solar - that is the question!

  • Some issues to consider before going solar

  • Why would you need a solar electric system?

  • Don't go solar before reading this!

  • What kind of solar electric system do you need?

  • How big solar electric system do you need?

  • How to finance the cost of your solar electric system?

  • Financial incentives

  • Is your building solar-ready?

  • How to assess your location for solar resource?

  • Why the condition of your roof does matter

  • Free solar panels

  • Solar power for business owners

  • Energy efficiency above all

  • How to improve the energy efficiency of your building

  • The basics of solar power

  • Solar electric systems

  • Grid-connected solar electric systems

  • Stand-alone (off-grid) solar electric systems

  • Advantages and drawbacks of stand-alone systems

  • Why are off-grid systems attractive?

  • Main applications of stand-alone solar electric systems

  • Selecting your solar vendor

  • What to be careful about
Grab the book and get started saving money on electricity and becoming energy independent now!
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release date: Feb 12, 2013
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The Working Chicken: Learn everything you need to know to become a backyard egg and meat producer in 30 minutes or less!
A short, sweet, and self-sufficient guide to keeping chickens as part of a rural or urban homestead.

Learn everything you need to know to get started on your poultry adventure with these quick answers to your frequently asked questions. The Working Chicken begins by helping you choose the perfect flock for your family, then explains how to feed and house your new pets. Finally, the book's permaculture twist ensures that your chickens will not only be happy and healthy, they'll also keep your family healthy too.

Now with a bonus picture book to inspire the next-generation of chicken lovers!
release date: Feb 20, 2017
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Building a Micro Wind Turbine: Go Off-Grid with the Wind Power Generator: (Wind Power, Power Generation)

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Download this book, read it to the end and see "BONUS: Your FREE Gift" chapter after the conclusion.

Building a Micro Wind Turbine

Go Off-Grid with the Wind Power Generator

If you wish to off-grid and generate electricity by harnessing the power of the wind, then you have certainly come to the right place. We have come up with a highly comprehensive guide that will let you build a well-equipped and functioning wind power generator in no time.

Wind energy is one of the most prominent renewable sources of energy and by constructing wind turbines you can harness it without any hassle. A turbine can convert the mechanical energy of the wind into electricity. Don’t worry! It is really easy.

In this informative guide, we have provided an in-depth walkthrough for constructing a highly-effective wind power generator. We know it can be a little overwhelming at first. To make things easier for you, we have also provided a small DIY tutorial on creating a mini wind turbine as well. Some of the topics that are covered in the guide are as follows:

  • Working principle of a wind turbine

  • DIY Miniature Wind Turbine

  • DIY Wind Power Generator

From basic tools and materials to creating the blades and putting the entire system together, we have focused on every part to provide a productive experience to our readers.

Understand how a wind power generator works and construct your own wind turbine by taking one step at a time with us. Our DIY tutorials will certainly make it a piece of cake for you! Don’t wait anymore and go off-grid by harnessing the power of the wind and generating electricity out of it in no time.

Download your E book "Building a Micro Wind Turbine: Go Off-Grid with the Wind Power Generator" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now with 1-Click" button!

release date: Sep 01, 2016
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Investments: The Easy Guide to Building Wealth with Agricultural Business for Beginners
***Investments: The Easy Guide to Building Wealth with Agricultural Business for Beginners***

No matter what your plan is for your agribusiness, the key to your success lies in creating a strong foundation that will support your business into the future.
Creating a profitable agricultural business not only builds wealth for you and your family. It also has the potential to build wealth for the surrounding community.
If you’re ready to leave the corporate rat-race and take the leap into being your own boss, agribusiness is an excellent option. Of course, there is some work and risk involved in getting started, but the rewards can certainly outweigh the risks.

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release date: Dec 15, 2010
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Formatting of Kindle Books: a Brief Tutorial

*** Updated in April 2017 ***

This document was written for the lay audience and outlines the steps necessary for creation of a full-featured, professionally formatted electronic book for the Kindle platform. Never mind the size of this tutorial: most of it is pictures and side notes (which you can ignore). The book consists of three parts--you need to choose only one of them--

{a} for people who don't want to learn HTML
{b} for those willing to learn HTML
{c} for professional web designers

It is possible to do some changes to your Word manuscript and upload it to Kindle Direct Publishing within half an hour, but you are likely to discover later that your ebook has many annoying little problems that need fixing in HTML code. If you don't want to learn HTML, the book contains a chapter on how to format a Kindle ebook properly using a free 30-day trial of Microsoft Word. The text also describes conversion of PDF, InDesign, EPUB, Apple Pages, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Google Docs, WordPerfect, Final Draft, and QuarkXPress files.

Good formatting will take several hours to several days. Please keep in mind that the vast majority of self-published ebooks do not sell and the formatting efforts and expenses may never pay off. Readers will learn how to:
  • create a fully functional "Go to" menu (table of contents, cover, and beginning)
  • embed a high-quality image to create a full-screen, native cover of a Kindle book
  • use Word's paragraph styles to achieve consistent formatting across different Kindle devices
  • format pictures, lists, formulas, tables, or poetry using Microsoft Word (or HTML)
  • troubleshoot fonts and font sizes in your Kindle book
  • create a logical table of contents (NCX) that will enable the use of the 5-way button on a Kindle device (to skip through sections in your ebook)
  • convert your Kindle ebook to the NookBook format and put it up for sale on the Barnes & Noble website
  • and more...
In addition, the document contains an HTML template for a Kindle book.

Devices discussed: 1st generation Kindle (Kindle 1), Kindle 2, Kindle 3 (Kindle Keyboard), Kindle 4, Kindle 5, Kindle 7, Kindle DX, Kindle Touch, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Oasis, Fire Phone, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire Kids Edition, Fire HD 6, Fire HD 8, Kindle Fire HD 8.9", Fire HD 10, Fire HDX, and Fire HDX 8.9"

Software discussed: MobiPocket Creator, MobiPocket Reader, Kindle Previewer 2.5, Kindle Previewer 2.7, Kindle Previewer 2.94, Kindle Previewer for Mac, KindleGen 1.2, KindleGen 2.3, KindleGen 2.9, KindleGen 2.9 for Mac, W3C Validator, epubcheck, GIMP, IrfanView, KDP Cover Creator beta, KDP converter, Calibre, Calibre e-book viewer, Sigil, InDesign Plug-in, Notepad++, Notepad, TextCrawler, Fraise, TextWrangler, TextEdit, Clean HTML Word Macro from Toxaris,, KindleUnpack, KindleStrip, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Word 2008, Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Word 2011, Microsoft Word 2013, Microsoft Word 2016, Adobe Acrobat XI, Adobe Acrobat DC, Nitro PDF, Nitro Pro, Kindle for PC, Kindle for Windows 8/10, Kindle for Mac, Kindle for iPad, Kindle for iPhone, Kindle for Android, and Kindle Cloud Reader

Formats discussed: Kindle Format 8 (KF8, AZW3), Kindle Format 6 (KF6 or Mobi7, MOBI, PRC, AZW), MobiPocket (PRC), Smashwords MOBI, Calibre MOBI, Calibre AZW3, EPUB, fixed layout (KF8, AZW3), and Kindle for iOS (AZK)
release date: Apr 06, 2017
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Power Generation Collection: Go Off-Grid with Solar Air Heater, Micro Wind Turbine, Solar Panels and Wind Power: (Solar Power, Wind Power)

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Power Generation Collection: Go Off-Grid with Solar Air Heater, Micro Wind Turbine, Solar Panels and Wind Power

Book 1. DIY Solar Heaters with Basic Materials: Water Heater, Air Heater, Solar Oven Tutorials

Book 2. Building A Micro Wind Turbine: Go Off-grid with the Wind Power Generator

Book 3. Solar Power: Proven Methods To Build Your Own Solar Power System That You Can Afford

Book 4. Power Generation: The Ultimate Guide on Building Your Own Wind Power Generating System

Download your E book "Power Generation Collection: Go Off-Grid with Solar Air Heater, Micro Wind Turbine, Solar Panels and Wind Power" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now with 1-Click" button!

release date: Apr 11, 2017
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Technology: What is Technology going to Be Like in the Future and How We Can Adapt (Irresistible, How Technology Is Changing, Man and Machine, Addictive Technology, Future)

You Need This Book If You're Living in the 21st Century

How many hours of the day do you spend on technology? How many ‎hours have your kids, spouse, parents, or your peers used technology ‎combined? The number would probably be higher than you could count. ‎Have you ever gone to even think about why we use these phones, tablets, ‎or laptops? Well, there is a good reason for this. Using technology is linked ‎with using dopamine, which you might know, is linked with making us ‎happy and can cause to enjoy using them. For example, we get excited ‎when people like our photos and we sometimes brag about the number of ‎followers we have on a certain social media networks. There are a number ‎of reasons why we feel this way and there is nothing we can do to stop ‎technology from growing. One of the reasons is this amazing pleasure we ‎feel.‎
In this book, I am going to talk about “The New World” we are about ‎to witness. The world is going to change, you need to know what to expect, ‎how to prepare ourselves, and how to prepare our kids for this major ‎change. If you are a type of person who thinks technology is stopping ‎people from communicating, you should read this book. If you’re the type ‎of person who loves technology and uses your phone multiple times a day, ‎you should read this book. If you’re a person who can’t put your phone ‎down, you need this book. I think you’re getting the point. Whatever ‎situation you’re in right now, you need this book.‎
Why am I putting so much pressure on you to read this book? Like I ‎said, the world is changing we need to prepare as best we can whether you ‎want to improve your life or your kids’ life you need to know the principles ‎in this book. This book has information that everyone should know to ‎succeed in life. I am not suggesting that you will not succeed without ‎reading this book, I am only trying to communicate that it is a lot better ‎going into whatever phase of your life you’re going through, knowing the ‎principles in this book.‎

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • The Benefits of Technology
  • The Harm of Technology
  • How Kids Are Using Technology
  • How Adults Are Using Technology)
  • Why Kids Have an Advantage
  • How It Will Advance in the next Few Years
  • How to Prepare for Technology
  • Much, much

This is a must-read book

Download your copy today!
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release date: Apr 03, 2016
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Titanic: The Story Of The Unsinkable Ship

★ Titanic ★

It has been more than one hundred years since the RMS Titanic sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic ocean. The disaster has captivated history buffs and non-history buffs alike, and it is easy to see why. Some of the most illustrious people of the day were on board: some survived, and some did not. Legends abound about whether the ship’s maiden voyage was cursed. And then there is the ship itself: arguably the most luxurious vessel to ever travel oversea.

Inside you will read about...

✓ Conceiving of and Building the Titanic
✓ “The Ship of Dreams”
✓ Setting Sail
✓ The Passengers
✓ The Iceberg and the Sinking
✓ The Aftermath
✓ The Titanic Remembered and Re-Discovered

The disaster holds secrets and stories of love and bravery, cowardice and greed. Explore these and other themes that surround the sinking of the grand ship, Titanic.
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release date: Aug 22, 2016
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Hacking University: Sophomore Edition. Essential Guide to Take Your Hacking Skills to the Next Level. Hacking Mobile Devices, Tablets, Game Consoles, and ... (Hacking Freedom and Data Driven Book 2)

Are you a beginner or have a general sense of Hacking? Do you want to take your hacking skills to next level?

Hacking University: Sophomore Edition is the 2nd volume of "Hacking University" in the "Hacking Freedom and Data Driven series."

The 2nd volume of Hacking University will serve as a supplemental edition to take your hacking skills and knowledge to the next level.  However, this book will still be newbie friendly to anyone who has no hacking experience. It is also a GREAT addition to "Hacking University Freshman Edition"

In this edition, we will dive into the controversial topic of "unlocking" or "jailbreaking" certain devices.

The book itself contains actual step-by-step techniques and guides to simplify the hacking process.  Actual code will also be used but don't worry, the steps provided is very user friendly!

Hacking University Freshman Edition has had tremendous reception, and the Sophomore Edition will build upon that original success!

The following topics are discussed in this book:

·       The history and security flaws of mobile hacking
·       Unlocking your device from your carrier and various methods of securing mobile and tablet devices
·       Modding, Jailbreaking, and Rooting
·       How to unlock android and I-phone devices
·       Modding video game consoles such as Xbox and Playstation
·       What to do with a Bricked device
·       PC Emulators
·       And much more!

Hacking University: Sophomore Edition will take your hacking skills to the next leves and makes easy to build upon the skills you've learned in Freshman Edition. Purchasing this book will unleash skills and tactics you may not known you have or expand your current knowledge about hacking.

Make sure you get your copy today! Scroll up and hit the buy button to receive your edition now!

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