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release date: Aug 20, 2017
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¡Buen camino! A Reading & Listening Language Adventure in Spanish
This reading and listening program is intended for Elementary Spanish level. Most of the vocabulary has been carefully selected to match vocabulary selections and grammar tenses appropriate of introductory Spanish textbooks. An easy reading Spanish story is enhanced with the listening in the audio book version. Please note that this book will not be as effective if only reading it. Its effectiveness results from the simultaneous combination of Spanish reading and listening. The cognitive process of assimilating and comprehending the language is enhanced when the audio is played while the student reads. Very effective for new Spanish learners as well as for heritage learners that are familiar with words but don’t know how to write Spanish.
Did you know that you don't have to own a Kindle to buy and read a Kindle book? You can download free Kindle Reader apps provided by Amazon for almost any computer or smartphone. This e-book, is a fully searchable book on your desktop, a good read on your Kindle and a portable reference on your smartphone. The paperback and Kindle editions have QR codes that can be scanned using a different device to play the audio so that you can read the story simultaneously. In case you are not familiar with the scanning of QR codes, the book is also available as an audio book in Audible, facilitating the reading while listening.
The book provides readers an enjoyable option to practice the language while learning about the adventures of a student that wins a trip to Spain. It is the first book of the series “Buen Camino”.
The character in the story is a student who after winning a trip to Spain; chooses to walk “El camino de Santiago”, all the way from Roncesvalles (by the Pyrenees in the border with France) to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia and beyond to Finisterre.
This first level book starts when the character is getting ready to go to Spain, plus the first experiences. In these pages, the vocabulary which is commonly known as the objects in the classroom, will have a more practical and engaging application when reading about what the character needs to pack for the trip and to keep a journal. Being the main character a student from the United States experiencing Spain for the first time, the reader will easily get identified with the difficulties and situations the character experiences. The verbs ser, estar and other uses of tener will all be combined in a subtle way which provides an excellent opportunity to review the differences in a different context. The use of present tense regular verbs, stem-change verbs, reflexive verbs and vocabulary related to common learning objectives, are incorporated in the first little book.
These are the different sections:
1) ¡A prepararse! How much do you know about this context?
2) ¡A leer! Reading while simultaneous listening to the audiobook.
3) Personal Glossary: Readers look up unfamiliar words and write the meaning in their personal glossary.
4) ¡A analizar! Students practice the vocabulary as well as discuss ideas in the book. Check for understanding. Discuss cultural points.
5) ¡A escribir! Students write a short composition explaining why they should be selected to win a trip to Spain.
FOR SECTIONS 3-4-5-6 visit: to download the FREE activities in a PDF which is not compatible with the Kindle format and to have access to the audio of a pronunciation guide for some of the vocabulary.
The total audio book length is 54 minutes. It is advised to do a first listening/reading for the first time. Next, when repeating the content you can go chapter by chapter. Each chapter has individual audio options.
release date: Aug 20, 2017
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Improve Spanish Reading
Welcome to the IMPROVE SPANISH READING books, a fun and entertaining way to learn Spanish.
They are a series of novels in Spanish language with levels from beginner to expert. Our method is based on the natural daily dialogues and expressions. You will get your Spanish more fluent in an easy way.
With our adapted stories graded to ensure a confortable read at every level.
Each story is recorded by a native Spanish speaker. With this audio, you can learn how to pronounce Spanish words properly while reading the novel. Audio improves reading and listening skills.

You’ll find in each book:

An interesting story divided into chapters for better understanding.
Summaries of each chapter in Spanish and English.
Translated vocabulary.
Typical Spanish expressions.
Common phrases.
Lexicon and grammar summaries.
Reading Comprehension Exercises and their solutions.
Downloadable audio link and a password to access.
Enjoy your Spanish learning!
release date: Aug 20, 2017
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Batman (1940-2011) (Collections) (47 Book Series)
Born into affluence, Bruce Wayne was fundamentally changed the night his parents were murdered before his eyes. From that day on, Bruce trained his mind and body beyond peak human perfection to become Batman--a symbol of terror, striking at the hearts of criminals and villains across the globe.
release date: Aug 20, 2017
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I Survived (16 Book Series)
From Book 1: The most terrifying events in history are brought vividly to life in this New York Times bestselling series! Ten-year-old George Calder can't believe his luck -- he and his little sister, Phoebe, are on the famous Titanic, crossing the ocean with their Aunt Daisy. The ship is full of exciting places to explore, but when George ventures into the first class storage cabin, a terrible boom shakes the entire boat. Suddenly, water is everywhere, and George's life changes forever. Lauren Tarshis brings history's most exciting and terrifying events to life in this New York Times bestselling series. Readers will be transported by stories of amazing kids and how they survived!
release date: Aug 20, 2017
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Business for Breakfast (5 Book Series)
From Book 1: Until now, as a writer, all you've focused on is the Craft of writing.

However, your writing is not the same thing as your business.

This book gives you a combination of career and writer/life advice to help you take that next step, and go from being merely a writer to being a professional, from someone who has had to learn all this the hard way.

Some of the topics discussed include:

Intellectual property
Self-confidence 101
The physicality of writing
What's stopping you from writing

Be sure to read the other titles in this series:
Be sure to read the other books in this series:
Volume 2: The Beginning Professional Publisher
Volume 3: The Beginning Professional Storyteller
Volume 4: The Intermediate Professional Storyteller
Volume 5: Business Plans for Professional Publishers

Leah Cutter sold her first short story back in 1997, and continues to write and sell her fiction. She currently runs three business in Seattle: her fiction writing business, a small press, and a vacation rental. She's also lived all over the world and held the requisite odd writer jobs, such as doing archaeology in England, teaching English in Taiwan, and bar-tending in Thailand.

Her fiction includes literary, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. She has a number of novels in print, plus she's been published in major magazines and anthologies.

Read more work by Leah Cutter at

Follow her blog at
release date: Aug 20, 2017
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Crush School (2 Book Series)
But... You need to know how to learn. This book will show you how.

"Crush School" is a guide to learning. In the book, Oskar uses humor, classroom examples, and life situations to explain how to help students become mindful learners. He uses brain science to explain why certain strategies work and others do not. "Crush School" feels as though the author is talking to you. Each chapter is short and straight to the point.

The book is not designed to be read from beginning to end. It is best used by skipping around to the strategies you need right now. You don't have to suffer through 200 pages of Blah before you get to the useful stuff, because this book is full of it.

Who is "Crush School" for?

TEACHERS: Use the book to teach the way mind wants to learn. Teach metacognition and learning strategies that help with understanding and memory. Great for AVID, Learning How To Learn/Study Skills courses, or in a core subject classroom.

PARENTS: Help your children become mindful, efficient, and effective students. Give them a tool that empowers them with the know how of to succeed in school.

SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS: Equip your teachers with a resource that helps their students gain success skills needed in school and beyond.

STUDENTS: Don't just study hard. Learn how to study smart. Figure out why some things you're doing don't work and what to do instead.
release date: Aug 20, 2017
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Self Love & My Own Mind Matters (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: An original collection of 111 authentic quotes of carefully selected words where the heart meets the mind. Entailing a journey of mindfully cultivated life lessons of gratitude, self-love, and sculpting a strong mind of your own to help you through significant decision-makings in life.

Make a decision to heal your body, mind, and soul today and carry with you the useful insights and wisdom that will inspire and motivate you to use it as a daily affirmation routine. It covers an overall well-being theme which is uplifting in nature that is going to serve you and help create an inner environment that is well-rounded, engineering all aspects of your life.

You can start from the first page, the last, or anywhere in the middle. The most important thing is, you got to start somewhere to make a change. Everything in this book has been simplified and summarized in its purest essence to allow you to fully utilize and read over, and over again.

Bonus Chapter Included:
The Journey To Seeking "My Truth"

View Book Trailer:


'Love Thrives When Unrestrained' (White Edition)
Paperback Available

Black & White Editions
Special 'His & Hers' Limited Edition

Paperback Available
'Needles From My Haystacks' (Black Edition)


For Advance Orders / Inquiries
Email: [email protected]
For Pre Orders of Book 3/4 Twin Series

** Official Release Sept 2017
release date: Aug 20, 2017
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Key Words Flash Card Collections (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Just 25 most commonly used words make up about one-third of all words written or spoken in English. The first 100 most frequently used words make up about one-half of all written and spoken English. These are most commonly used and most important words when it comes to understanding and creating correct sentences.

However, most of these words are not the nouns and verbs presented in most sight word collections. As well as the most commonly used nouns and verbs, they include the "glue" words without which understandable sentences cannot exist. These are words such as: "Yes", "No", "the", "not" "with", "and ", "too", "very", "all" and many others. All these and many more of the most important and most frequently used words are effectively presented in both word and sentence form in this book.
release date: Aug 20, 2017
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300 Phenomenal Facts (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: Think you know the colour of snow? You may be wrong.
Welcome to Phenomenal Facts: The Bizarre to the Brilliant. The first volume in a series of books that bring you the bizarre, best, brightest and most brilliant facts. In this volume you will discover:
What colour snow isn't
What was really found after a search for the Loch Ness Monster
The strangest listings on EBay
How an Asian and Scandinavian country are split
What popped up on a Welsh road sign
And much, much more.
This is the first volume in the Phenomenal Facts series where we explore the greatest facts we could possibly discover.
Discover more books in the following subjects:
release date: Aug 20, 2017
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From Book 1: Did you know that just 25 most commonly used words make up about one-third of all words written or spoken in English? The first 100 most frequently used words make up about one-half of all written and spoken English. By the end of the Word by Word series, children will have learned the 1,000 most frequently used words which comprise more than 95% of all written and spoken English.

The content of all Word by Word readers and Flash Cards s based on extensive, diligent research into the most frequently used English words and structures. The key words and structures are presented gradually and systematically throughout the series. For example, all new words and structures are repeated at least 15 times subsequent to their first appearance in the series. It is this very systematic control of vocabulary and structure that makes Word by Word graded readers and flash cards unique.

All the books and flash cards in the series have been extensively trialed and repeatedly improved over a period of many years and are now proven to be extremely effective in building functional literacy in children of many ages and nationalities, including the author's own children.
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