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release date: Sep 04, 2017
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100 Tips for Survival in the Wild (Expanded edition): Survival in the wild mountains, forests and combat
100 Tips for Survival in the Wild (Expanded edition)
Practical tips for survival in the wild mountains, forests and combat


This expanded edition of my book on survival.
It added 3 new sections and corrected some inaccuracies.

This book is a collection of practical tips and tricks to survive in harsh conditions wilderness.

An inquisitive reader can learn from it a lot of useful information on survival in the woods, in the desert or in the fighting.

The book includes tips for survival
- In cold winter conditions
- Psychological advice
- Tips on the movement and settlement camps
- Tips on the use of personal protective equipment
- Tips on behavior in the conditions of street fighting

These important tips can also be useful to those people who are often on the nature or extreme people who like to test their strength in difficult climatic conditions.

The text books containing simple tips. They are not very suitable for the masters of survival, but they will be very useful for beginners.

I wish to thank all the people whose hard experience was the basis for the creation of this book.
Alex Lawrence

The structure of the book:
Part 1. Humans and bears
Part 2. Simple little things
Part 3. Getting the fire by chemical methods
Part 4. Surviving winter
Part 5. Survival in the jungle
Part 6. 10 rules for survival in the woods in winter
Part 7. Psychological recommendations
Part 8. 25 tips for survival, which can kill you
Part 9. Important Tips Gear
Part 10. How to behave during an attack perpetrator
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release date: May 21, 2015
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HOW I SOLD 80,000 BOOKS: Book Marketing for Authors (Self Publishing through Amazon and Other Retailers)

Discover how you too can sell 80,000 books even if you haven’t sold a single copy yet!

Warning: Reading this 2016 Readers' Favorite Book Award Winner and implementing its strategies may cause a significant income increase.

Get your copy now and discover:

  • How I sold books by the truckload and how you can do it too;

  • The truth about book marketing for authors: which book marketing tips really work and which are a waste of time;

  • What never to include in your author marketing;

  • The single most powerful strategy to get readers on Amazon;

  • Why self publishing through Amazon isn’t the only marketing strategy and how to significantly increase your book sales by pursuing paths less travelled;

  • One, often overlooked, strategy to get book reviews on Amazon;

  • Plus, kindle publishing guidelines: how to market a book before you hit publish.

Probably the best and most comprehensive one-stop guide I have seen.

Rick DeStefanis, Award-Winning Author of "The Gomorrah Principle" 

Alinka is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help authors in whatever way she can. I highly recommend this little gem of a book!

Patti Tingen, Award-Winning Inspirational Author

"How I Sold 80,000 Books" by Alinka Rutkowska covers it all from web page to social media to promotion, sales and everything in between.

Mary Adair, Award-Winning Author of Native American Romance Novels

The links included in the book are like gold dust, and you will find yourself watching/reading them over and over again as you forge your way through the publishing world. I only wish that I’d had access to this when I first started out. It would have saved me months of work. 

Lyneal Jenkins, International Award-Winning, Best-Selling Author

Scroll up to grab your copy now!

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release date: Dec 29, 2016
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Stacked: Double Your Job Interviews, Leverage Recruiters, Unlock Linkedin

Now Book Comes with Bonus Online Class & Templates!

If you are a busy professional that is seeking to get calls for jobs without applying by tapping recruiters -- then you want this book.

My Story and Why This Book is for You

I have been working in the recruiting industry as an Executive Search Consultant and Career Coach since 2004, but something happened in 2015 that completely changed how I worked, literally overnight.

A Digital Marketing Manager came to me as a client after failing to get a job. He had searched for a year and could barely get a call for a job interview. Before I started his job search campaign, I checked his profile to make sure it looked good.

His LinkedIn profile was absolutely horrifying.

The picture was a selfie that looked like a mugshot following a police interrogation. His profile had too much information that was irrelevant to his goals, his headline was meaningless, and he only had 24 connections. There was no way I could position someone that was supposed to be an expert in digital marketing with this repellent LinkedIn profile.

My client was absolutely desperate for job.

He was a nice guy and a good job candidate with a lot of related experience. I used to just give online profile tips but I knew time was of the essence and I needed to take control of his online image immediately.

I got his logins for LinkedIn and other online job boards to re-align everything.

Within 48 hours he had over 300 Linkedin connections and one job interview. By the end of the week, he had four job interviews and had hit the 500+ connection mark and …

He had not applied for a single job! Not one!

All the job interviews he got were from his online profiles. This method is now the core of my career coaching practice.

So what is the secret? It is just one phrase: Keyword-stacking.

Once you learn how to keyword-stack your profiles, you will get calls too.

What You Will Be Able to Do After This Book

• Have recruiters come straight to you for great jobs
• Get calls for jobs without applying
• Tap unadvertised jobs in the hidden job market

BONUS: You Also Get FREE access to my $200 Award-winning Class which includes

• My copyrighted ‘Core-3©’ career assessment
• Fill-in-the-blank interview preparation scripts
• Salary negotiation scripts and so much more!

Reviews from my 5-Star Online Course

"I bought this on Kindle for $3.99, and it's probably the best investment I've made in my job search." Garden Goddess

"Concise, efficient, effective. With amazingly helpful downloadable content (just copy and paste into document)…Generates results, works for every industry and all job levels.” by Kevin Massabni,

"Best-practices how-to book, and integrated video.." Paula Dee


Dr. Karen Gurney was born, raised, and lives in Cleveland Ohio with her husband, two Goldendoodles, and a Papillon. As a Clevelander, she grew up living with the decline and rebirth of a city that displaced countless professionals and families. This fostered her interest in urban economics, workforce development, and job markets resulting in her unique market-based strategies.

Karen has 20 years of combined experience in executive search consulting, career coaching, and human resources. As the Director of Strategic Development of Career IQ, she leverages a Doctorate in Economic and Workforce Development and a Masters in Business Administration. Dr. Gurney’s work has been featured on major U.S. news networks and she currently has eight online classes that teach career and business strategies in over 100 countries assisting over 8,000 students in their career pursuits.

release date: Sep 02, 2017
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Situational Survival Guide: Top 20 Survival Lessons for a Dangerous World

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, read it to the end and see "BONUS: Your FREE Gift" chapter after the conclusion.

Situational Survival Guide: (FREE Bonus Included)

Top 20 Survival Lessons for a Dangerous World

Being able to mount a defense when attacked is a natural need of nature. And unfortunately in the world that we live in today, this need for protection has not lessened in the least, instead, as the newspaper headlines bear out, it has increased. We here of mass shootings, wildfire’s, earthquakes, bombings, and murder; horrible crimes and disasters are striking people on a daily basis. These unfortunate victims often had no one there to protect them; no one was in their corner to help them, or lead them to safety.

But we shouldn’t have to rely on others for our own safety; we need to be able to mount an effective defense all on our own, no matter what the situation may be. And that is exactly what this book will teach you how to do, teaching you 20 of the best, real world, and practical means of self defense, survival and preservation in this dangerous world that we live in. Don’t be caught off guard, and learn how to protect yourself.

In this book you will learn how to:

  • Survive Natural Disasters

  • Function during Blackouts

  • Defend yourself

Download your E book "Situational Survival Guide: Top 20 Survival Lessons for a Dangerous World" by scrolling up and clicking
"Buy Now with 1-Click" button!

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release date: Jul 30, 2014
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Kindle Buffet: Find and download the best free books, magazines and newspapers for your Kindle, iPhone, iPad or Android
Free books, all you can eat!

One of the best things about Amazon's Kindle system is that many popular books are offered completely free of charge during brief promotional periods. If you manage to find and download a book while it's offered free, it's yours to keep -- forever.

It's a great way to sample a new genre, or perhaps discover an author you hadn't noticed before. The free promotions usually last only a few days, but there's a new crop every day. You'll be amazed at the wealth of great books. Usually there are several hundred freebies in virtually every category of fiction and nonfiction, every day of the year. And these aren't just the dogs that nobody wants, the selection includes bona-fide bestsellers from the most famous authors in the world. You may never have to pay for a book again!

This book will introduce you to, a website and newsletter founded by author Steve Weber to showcase the best Kindle books currently offered free -- plus a multitude of other avenues toward great free content:

Pixel of Ink
The Cheap
Ereader News Today
Free Kindle Books and Tips
Kindle Nation Daily
The Kindle Daily Deal

Purchasing free books on Amazon
Exploring Project Gutenberg

The Kindle Owner’s Lending Library

Current books offered as free PDF downloads
Bundled books
Adobe Digital Editions
Library Books



Converting documents.


Borrowing Kindle books from a library.




XiiaLive Lite
Go Launcher EX
Angry Birds
Kaspersky Tablet Security
Wi-Fi Analyzer Free
Office Calculator Free







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release date: Dec 16, 2015
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Successful Self-Publishing: How to self-publish and market your book in ebook and print (Books for Writers 1)
Do you want to successfully self-publish?

There are thousands of new books being published every day, but many self-published books quickly sink to the bottom of the pile.

Many authors are frustrated because there are so many options for self-publishing, and they don't know which one to choose or what will be best for their book.

Others spend thousands of dollars to publish and end up broken-hearted with the result.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

I've spent the last seven years self-publishing bestselling fiction and non-fiction books and in 2011, I left my day job to become a full-time author entrepreneur. I've made lots of mistakes along the way, but through the process of self-publishing 17 books, I've learned the most effective way to publish and market your books. In this book, I'll share everything with you.

The book includes:
- What you need to know before you self-publish
- Why self-publishing an ebook is a good idea
- How to format an ebook
- Exclusivity and going direct
- How to self-publish an ebook
- Why self-publish a print book
- Print-on-demand will change your life
- What you need to know before you print
- How to self-publish a print book
- What to do if you want help with the publishing process
- After self-publishing
- How much does it cost to self-publish?
- How do you get paid when you self-publish?
- Book marketing principles
- How to market fiction
- How to market non-fiction

Plus, links to more useful resources.

If you're ready to successfully self-publish, then download a sample or buy now.
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release date: Sep 11, 2017
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7-Day Kindle Self Publishing Minicourse: Create Your First Bestselling Book In 7 Days Or Less
Discover How To Create Your Own Amazon Kindle Bestseller in the next 7 Days!

Does this sound too good to be true?

You can create your own best-selling Kindle e-books in the next 7 days with these 7 simple strategies and we're going to show you with this FREE E-book!

But wait, what if you don't know where to start?

Don't worry, this e-book was built for beginners and advanced writers, publishers, self-publishers, writers with no marketing experience or following or those who have zero, zilch, nothing!

Joshua Montoya and Marty Cooney are multiple-time Amazon best-selling authors, speakers and self-publishing teachers that have grown their Kindle publishing businesses to six figures in under 3 months time...

They have both traveled the world teaching their Kindle publishing strategies to students in the Caribbean of Jamaica on how to create six figure businesses through publishing e-books and South Africa holding boot camps teaching students how to create and publish e-books as well using these same strategies inside of this free e-book!

In this mini-course, we will go over 7 Kindle publishing bestseller strategies that will guarantee that you create a bestselling book that is developed and written to market:

Six Figure Book Growth Training Day 1: Modeling Bestselling Book Covers
Six Figure Book Growth Training Day 2: Why Your Book Title Matters
Six Figure Book Growth Training 3: How To Use Keywords For TRIPLE Exposure
Six Figure Book Growth Training 4: Create Easy Bestselling Descriptions
Six Figure Book Growth Training 5: Pricing Your Book & Why It Matters
Six Figure Book Growth Training: How Long Should Your Books Be?
Six Figure Book Growth Training: Creating Bestsellers with Reader Reviews

Do you want to become a bestselling Kindle author?

You might not think you have what it takes to even be a writer or start publishing e-books. We promise in the next 7 days to prove you wrong and have your book idea created and in your hands.

This is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to create Kindle e-books online!

The whole point of this book is you must get a lot of small things right to form the bigger picture: Your Book.

Our concept is "modeling" which means taking what is already there and working and putting our own taste on it and delivering valuable content.

If you're ready to create your first bestselling book in less than 7 days then don't waste any more time!

Scroll back up now and Buy Now With 1-Click

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release date: Nov 02, 2015
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SHTF Prepping: 100+ Amazing Tips, Tricks, Hacks & DIY Prepper Projects, Along With 77 Items You Need In Your STHF Stockpile Now! (Off Grid Living, SHTF ... Urban Prepping & Disaster Preparedness)
If a crisis happened today would you be ready for it?

Would you and your family be able to feed and protect itself?

Do you believe in wishing for the best but preparing for the worst?

If you're anything like me and have a family or loved ones to protect, then you know that being prepared in a disaster situation can mean the difference between life and death. This book will go over not only why SHTF prepping is important, but how to go about doing it and what food and other items you'll need not only for your short term survival but for your long term survival as well.

I'll show you what skills you'll need to master, along with what weapons and tools you'll need to have on hand at all times. I'll also discuss some tips and tricks you'll want to know to keep your family safe, along with some DIY prepper projects you can implement around your home to make your space more functional and safe.

Inside you'll learn:

An Introduction to SHTF Prepping

Basic Food & Water Long Term Survival Guide

A Guide to Bugging Out and Creating the Perfect Bug Out Bag

The Art of Off Grid Living

20 Skills You'll Want To Learn and Master To Survive

100 Tips & Tricks On How to Prepare Your Family For Disaster

77 Items You Need to Have In Your SHTF Stockpile Now!

30 Things to Stockpile With a High Barter Value

Preparing Your SHTF Arsenal & Defending Your Home

20 Functional DIY Prepper Projects You Need to Try!

A Specialized Guide to Urban Prepping

1 FREE Bonus Book

Much much more!

The time to get started is now! Proper preparation takes time and careful planning. Don't let yourself become a victim of circumstance. Prepare now and benefit later!

Don't Delay Any Further and Download This Book Today!

release date: Sep 14, 2017
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The Very Authoritative and Comprehensive Guide to Planning and Implementing The Perfect Trivia Night
Learn the ins and outs of hosting your own Trivia night as a fundraiser for you charity or nonprofit organization. This is a comprehensive guide that walks you through the process step-by-step. Best-selling author and trivia expert Morris Dobbs gives you all the information and encouragement you need to plan, organize, and implement the perfect trivia night. You'll learn to avoid the pitfalls others make. You'll also learn multiple fundraising strategies to enhance your night of trivia. Whether or not you've organized a trivia night before, this is the indispensible guide to getting it right!
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release date: Sep 10, 2017
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Sympathetic Storytelling: How To Connect To Your Audience Through Shared Human Emotions And It’s Application In Everyday Life
Have you ever wondered why do people lose interest when you try to tell a story, miss the message that you hope to convey?

Sympathetic Storytelling: How to Connect to Your Audience Through Shared Human Emotions and Its Application in Everyday Life is your one-stop guide to everything that you need to know about storytelling. Learn how to tap into human emotions to connect with anyone and tell a story more effectively. This handy book will teach you:

•The basics of storytelling
•What is Sympathetic storytelling
•Using shared human emotions as bridges between you and the audiences
•Examples of how great storytellers do it so well
•Learn to use those ideas in your own stories, speeches and conversations.
•Some of the best storytelling and speaking practices
And so much more!

What’s in the book?
Chapter 1 discusses the basics of storytelling. Before you can start applying your skills as a storyteller, you must first establish a strong foundation and understanding of what sympathetic storytelling is all about.

Chapter 2 gives examples of different stories. Every story is followed by a discussion and analysis for you to understand how sympathetic storytelling is applied, as well as how you can craft a story more effectively.

Chapter 3 lays down the best practices of storytelling. Learn how to tell stories like a master storyteller who can evoke and arouse the emotions of his audience. Turn these practices into a habit, and you will be on your way to becoming a successful storyteller.
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