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release date: Sep 18, 2018
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The Italian Saga (6 Book Series)
From Book 1:

1980s Italy.
A dirty mag.
On First Communion day…
How will preteen tomboy Leda confess to a Catholic priest about that?

Nico will pay!

Nico just moved north from Sicily.
Aggressive, unsettling and unsettled, he scares everyone away—except Leda.

So begins the most moving and unlikely friendship in this addictive, coming-of-age novel delving into the depths of self-discovery and Italian culture.

Teen or adult, you’ll be instantly addicted to this sassy, entertaining, and empowering read because it’s based on a true story.

Go to Italy; buy it now.

The book, which can be read as self-standing, is the first in “The Italian Saga”

release date: Sep 18, 2018
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The History of the Third Reich (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: "The clearest and most gripping account I've read of German life before and during the rise of the Nazis." —A. S Byatt, Times Literary Supplement

There is no story in twentieth-century history more important to understand than Hitler’s rise to power and the collapse of civilization in Nazi Germany. With The Coming of the Third Reich, Richard Evans, one of the world’s most distinguished historians, has written the definitive account for our time. A masterful synthesis of a vast body of scholarly work integrated with important new research and interpretations, Evans’s history restores drama and contingency to the rise to power of Hitler and the Nazis, even as it shows how ready Germany was by the early 1930s for such a takeover to occur. The Coming of the Third Reich is a masterwork of the historian’s art and the book by which all others on the subject will be judged.
release date: Sep 18, 2018
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The Trilogy of Life Itself (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Think you know someone? Then think again. This books blows stereotypes out of the window and makes you stop and analyse what you think you know about the world we live in. Racism, raving and religion, it’s all in here.

A book about self discovery, inner strength and never giving up. An inspirational journey through life which will make you laugh and cry. Sometimes shocking, but always honest, Friday Bridge is a book you will return to and recommend again and again.
release date: Sep 18, 2018
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Carbon Ideologies (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: “The most honest book about climate change yet.” —The Atlantic

The Infinite Jest of climate books.” —The Baffler

A timely, eye-opening book about climate change and energy generation that focuses on the consequences of nuclear power production, from award-winning author William T. Vollmann

In his nonfiction, William T. Vollmann has won acclaim as a singular voice tackling some of the most important issues of our age, from poverty to violence to the dark soul of American imperialism as it has played out on the U.S./Mexico border. Now, Vollmann turns to a topic that will define the generations to come--the factors and human actions that have led to global warming. Vollmann begins No Immediate Danger, the first volume of Carbon Ideologies, by examining and quantifying the many causes of climate change, from industrial manufacturing and agricultural practices to fossil fuel extraction, economic demand for electric power, and the justifiable yearning of people all over the world to live in comfort. Turning to nuclear power first, Vollmann then recounts multiple visits that he made at significant personal risk over the course of seven years to the contaminated no-go zones and sad ghost towns of Fukushima, Japan, beginning shortly after the tsunami and reactor meltdowns of 2011. Equipped first only with a dosimeter and then with a scintillation counter, he measured radiation and interviewed tsunami victims, nuclear evacuees, anti-nuclear organizers and pro-nuclear utility workers.

Featuring Vollmann's signature wide learning, sardonic wit, and encyclopedic research, No Immediate Danger, whose title co-opts the reassuring mantra of official Japanese energy experts, builds up a powerful, sobering picture of the ongoing nightmare of Fukushima.
release date: Sep 18, 2018
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Nutshell Books (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Learn all you need to know about the North Korean Government in under an hour

As a country that promotes self-reliance and independence, North Korea is not a territory that is open with its history and economic standings. This has left the truth about North Korea a mystery to many people.

Now, that mystery has been uncovered. Through years of research and studying the current regime, this book compiles information from both official and non-official reports, stories from refugees who have managed to flee the country and information from those who have successfully infiltrated the country and witnessed its truths firsthand.

In this book, you will learn all about the North Korean government and events that shaped the country. This includes ‘official history’ and truths about all three of the leaders, Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong il and Kim Jong-un, major policies implemented throughout the Kim dynasty, and the techniques and propaganda used to ensure each of them has risen to become a leader following their father’s deaths. Some other areas that we will illustrate include:

  • The Japanese Occupation

  • The Korean Civil War and Separation from South Korea

  • North Korean Economy

  • Foreign Policies

  • The North Korean Class System, Songbun

  • Political Prison Camps and the Horrors Inside Them

  • The Relationship Between North and South Korea

  • The Nuclear Weapons Program

North Korea carefully protects its history, but this book uncovers many of its secrets. By understanding the history of North Korea, you may understand how the Kims came to rise to power and control an entire country. Through isolation, execution and imprisonment, they eliminated competition and struck fear into the hearts of those who would oppose them. With this fear and the admiration and respect of the highest ranking officials, the Kim Dynasty would hold its country under total power for more than six decades—a hold that continues today.

release date: Sep 18, 2018
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Forbidden Bookshelf (27 Book Series)
From Book 1:
A look at America in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and the capitalists who changed the world—setting the stage for the most devastating global financial collapse in history—from “a diligent and perceptive reporter” (Forbes).

In the decades following the Civil War, America entered an era of unprecedented corporate expansion, with ultimate financial power in the hands of a few wealthy industrialists who exploited the system for everything it was worth. The Rockefellers, Fords, Morgans, and Vanderbilts were the “lords of creation” who, along with like-minded magnates, controlled the economic destiny of the country, unrestrained by regulations or moral imperatives. Through a combination of foresight, ingenuity, ruthlessness, and greed, America’s giants of industry remolded the US economy in their own image. They established their power and authority, ensuring that they—and they alone—would control the means of production, transportation, energy, and commerce—creating the conditions for the stock market collapse of 1929 and the Great Depression that followed.

As modern society continues to be affected by wealth inequality and cycles of boom and bust, it’s as important as ever to understand the origins of financial disaster, and the policies, practices, and people who bring them on. The Lords of Creation, first published when the catastrophe of the 1930s was still painfully fresh, is a fascinating story of bankers, railroad tycoons, steel magnates, speculators, scoundrels, and robber barons. It is a tale of innovation and shocking exploitation—and a sobering reminder that history can indeed repeat itself.
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release date: Sep 18, 2018
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Public Health Ethics Analysis (4 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Ethical issues associated with public health and health policy--related, for example,  to pandemic plans and vaccination policies (c.f. SARS or pandemic influenza), preventive measures like screening (e.g. for breast cancer or dementia) or health information campaigns, social inequalities or health care rationing--are increasing in worldwide importance. Evidence-based information for valid benefit-harm assessment is often rare and hard to get for participants in public health interventions. Program implementation often disregards requirements of fair decision-making processes (like public participation, transparency, etc.). Originating from an international conference (based on a call for abstracts and external review), this volume contains contributions from a group of experts from multiple disciplines and countries.  It covers (i) conceptual foundations of public health ethics, (ii) methodological approaches and (iii) normative analyses of specific issues and cases. Bridging theoretical foundations with practical applications, this volume provides a valuable resource for researchers, practitioners and students concerned with public health practice and policy.     

release date: Sep 18, 2018
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[まとめ買い] 日本思想史講義
第1回 日本思想史とは何か?

一 日本とは何か
二 思想とは何か
三 歴史とは何か

平山 洋(ひらやま よう)1961年(昭和36年)9月 ~)静岡県立大学国際関係学部国際言語文化学科助教。博士(文学)。慶應義塾福沢研究センター客員所員。福澤諭吉協会会員。思想専門は倫理学・日本思想史。
release date: Sep 18, 2018
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Transport and Sustainability (11 Book Series)
From Book 1: This book explores the reasons for difficulties in making cycling mainstream in many cultures, despite its claims for being one of the most sustainable forms of transport. The topic is looked at from the varying perspectives of people, the environment and the economy with multi-disciplinary contributions from the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Australia, China and USA. Initially, it examines the cultural development of cycling in countries with high use and the differences in use between different sub-groups of the population. It then explores issues of urban form, and the attributes of the network and the system for appropriately accommodating cycle users. Cross-cultural issues are once again investigated through an exposition of research in developing countries and the environment in which scheme promoters and users operate. The book draws to a close with an exploration of state-of-the-art thinking on demand model.
release date: Sep 18, 2018
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Major Problems in American History Series (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Designed to encourage critical thinking about history, this reader uses a carefully selected group of primary sources and analytical essays to allow students to test the interpretations of distinguished historians and draw their own conclusions about the history of American foreign policy. This text serves as an effective educational tool for courses on U.S. foreign policy, recent U.S. history, or 20th Century U.S. history. The Seventh Edition introduces new studies on America's early foreign relations which seek to position the nation's post ""9-11"" attitudes and behaviors within historical context. Some of the new literature spotlights cultural relations, and the ways in which culturally constructed attitudes about class, gender, race, and national identity have shaped American's perceptions of the world and subsequently its overseas relationships. In this volume, almost one-half of the essays are new, including selections by Michael L. Krenn, Walter A. Hixson, Robert Kagan, John Lamberton Harper, Marie-Jeanne Rossignol, Joseph J. Ellis, John E. Lewis Jr., Piero Gleijeses, Stuart Banner, McCabe Keliher, Michael H. Hunt, Kristin L. Hoganson, Paul A. Kramer, Stanley Karnow, Robert W. Tucker, and Erez Manela.
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