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release date: Sep 18, 2018
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The Chronicles of Kibblestan (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: A Fantastical Adventure, with a Patriotic Twist

When Ellis gets lost in the creepy forest behind his house, a mysterious light draws his attention. He steps into the light, bringing his anxiety-prone dachshund and followed by one very hyper mouse. Together, they find themselves trapped in the dark, ominous world of Kibblestan, a land full of bizarre canines, over-sized rats and small creatures called Petikins. It is also a land that is under attack, by grisly Snotlins who destroy everything in their path. All Ellis wants is to find a way back home, but when he meets a young Petikin who's lost his family, his offer to help sends him on a harrowing journey that will uncover many truths--truths about the Snotlins, truths about the missing family and truths that will lead Kibblestan to a revolution and force Ellis to make the most painful decision of his life.

Praise for The Chronicles of Kibblestan: Revolution

"Loved, loved, loved this book! Ms. Rand writes a fantasy brimming with humor and with heart. The themes of loyalty, bravery, and of democracy are seamlessly woven into the story, and even the fantastical characters, while endlessly entertaining, also have quite believable personalities. Fans will be eagerly awaiting the next Kibblestan adventure. Highly recommended."

Missy Brewer, school librarian

"In a society that screams 'surrender', Andrea Rand's series of stories cry 'empower'. Fun and heartwarming, the Chronicles of Kibblestan is the type of series I hope to read to my own children one day to ensure their creativity is nurtured and their love of Liberty is abundant."

Remso Martinez, host of The Remso Republic

"Andrea Rand can really write! She needs to make this into a movie!"

Remi, age 8

release date: Sep 18, 2018
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[まとめ買い] 日本思想史講義
第1回 日本思想史とは何か?

一 日本とは何か
二 思想とは何か
三 歴史とは何か

平山 洋(ひらやま よう)1961年(昭和36年)9月 ~)静岡県立大学国際関係学部国際言語文化学科助教。博士(文学)。慶應義塾福沢研究センター客員所員。福澤諭吉協会会員。思想専門は倫理学・日本思想史。
release date: Sep 18, 2018
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Law, Legislation and Liberty (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:
This volume represents the first section of F. A. Hayek's comprehensive three-part study of the relations between law and liberty. Rules and Order constructs the framework necessary for a critical analysis of prevailing theories of justice and of the conditions which a constitution securing personal liberty would have to satisfy.
release date: Sep 18, 2018
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The Political Series (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: This is a short book about madness - the madness of the world. Every person, every city, every nation, every continent, and the planet Earth itself is steadily going insane. What are the causes? Can anything be done? Can the process be arrested and even reversed?

This book concentrates on the United Kingdom as one of the most deranged countries in this Mad World, but a host of other nations would serve just as well.

The major causes of insanity are: 1) religion, 2) nationalism, 3) corporations, 4) capitalism, 5) the family.

It's time to put the world on the psychiatrist's couch and listen to its tale of fear, alienation, angst, inauthenticity, disenchantment, over-expectation, constant disappointment and thwarted dreams.

Never has so much been promised to the ordinary man and woman and so little delivered.
release date: Sep 18, 2018
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The Cambridge History of the Second World War (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: The military events of the Second World War have been the subject of historical debate from 1945 to the present. It mattered greatly who won, and fighting was the essential determinant of victory or defeat. In Volume 1 of The Cambridge History of the Second World War a team of twenty-five leading historians offer a comprehensive and authoritative new account of the war's military and strategic history. Part I examines the military cultures and strategic objectives of the eight major powers involved. Part II surveys the course of the war in its key theatres across the world, and assesses why one side or the other prevailed there. Part III considers, in a comparative way, key aspects of military activity, including planning, intelligence, and organisation of troops and matérial, as well as guerrilla fighting and treatment of prisoners of war.
release date: Sep 18, 2018
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Mike Stafford Novels (5 Book Series)
From Book 1: Commander Fred Schmidt and Chief Gunner’s Mate Mike Stafford team up in this action packed, historically based, sea-land adventure. Veterans of WW II and shipmates during the darkest days of the Korean conflict, they now face a new enemy close to home.

The Soviets are on the move with their new ally, Fidel Castro. The CIA covertly plans to topple the Castro regime by training and equipping a brigade of Cuban exiles. If they can establish a beachhead at the Bay of Pigs and declare a provisional government, the U.S. can come to their aid, militarily, and oust Fidel. A last minute decision places Schmidt’s new command, the destroyer Jaffey, in the middle of the action.

The invasion begins, but before they can implement the plan, President Kennedy cancels all U.S. military involvement. Schmidt agonizes over the decision, but follows orders and withdraws, stranding Stafford ashore with the exiles. A Soviet submarine pursues the Jaffey while Stafford and two colleagues fend for themselves. Cuban forces close in for the kill.

The exiles are defeated, and the Jaffey damaged. Schmidt faces a Board of Inquiry, and Stafford escapes the battlefield with two others. They won’t die on the beaches of Bahia de los Cochinos, but they aren’t safe anywhere on the island. Enter a beautiful Cuban woman and the anti-Castro underground. The escapees keep running, but a trail of bodies collects in their wake. Will they escape the island alive?
release date: Sep 18, 2018
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Our Bernie Sanders (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Bernie Sanders was the right candidate for the right time.

The Our Bernie Series will highlight the voices that got it right.

As we move forward in the Trump Era, it is imperative to our future that we actually listen to those that tried to guide us in the right direction. This series is dedicated to those people.

Michael Graham, a Senior Writer for ProgressiveArmy.com, is a name you should know.

Follow Michael's personal journey through his poignant essays. He illustrates how the Black community was a natural constituency for Bernie. He also showed how the DNC and Clinton campaign were willing to do anything to stop African-Americans from seeing Bernie's record clearly.

It is a roller coaster ride. He pulls very few punches. This book has it all:

  • Joy
  • Pain
  • Anger
  • Insight
  • Shade

Buy this amazing book now. You will be glad you did.

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release date: Sep 18, 2018
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History: Fiction or Science? (22 Book Series)
From Book 1: NASA research of earth-moon mechanics of late astrophysicist Robert Newton leads Russian mathematicians to a breakthrough in the chronology of the world history that crowns 30 years of meticulous and extensive research. This research was actually an anecdotical byproduct of Russian-American competition in Moon exploration.'The The issue with Chronology' is the first volume in "History: Fiction or Science?" e-series, the fundamental oeuvre that exposes and expounds the numerous in-veracities of the traditional version of history.

The alternatives offered to classical history are stunning, unorthodox to the extent of being labeled heretical by virtually every scholar of history. In "The Issue with Chronology" we are reminded of when the contemporary chronological scale was created and by whom, with the culprits named as the XVI-XVII century clergy that was in charge of all matters historical in that age.

We also learn that the consensual model of history had prominent critics ever since its creation – among them such names as Sir Isaac Newton and Jean Hardouin, chief librarian of Louis XIV, the Sun King of France and collector of Louvre museum. The author dissects every historical age and analyzed the data from every source imaginable – Roman and Egyptian chronology take a good beating, and it goes rapidly downhill from there. Poggio Bracciolini and Petrarch take the blame for creating the legend of a mythical Classical age that never was.

The Biblical events are moved a lot closer to us historically, as well as geographically (the Biblical Jerusalem being identified with the mediaeval Constantinople, for instance). The New and the Old Testament swap their positions on the chronological scale, both exposed as referring to mediaeval events. Our perception of history begins to change dramatically even before we’re through with "The Issue with Chronology".

On one hand, Dr. Fomenko et al call everybody, historians including, to apply the Occam's razor to the world history. On the other, the scientists Dr. Fomenko et al are ready to recognize their alleged mistakes of New Chronology theory, to repent and to retract if and only if:

- radiocarbon dating methods or dendrochronology pass a rigorous anonymous 'black box' tests; - verifiable astronomic data refutes their results on solar eclipses;

- it is proven irrefutably that Robert Newton (NASA astrophysicist) was wrong calling 'ancient' Ptolemy the greatest con man in history in his 'Crime of Claudius Ptolemy';

The radiocarbon dating labs run their very costly tests only if the sample to be dated is accompanied with an idea of age pronounced by historians on basis of...subjective..mmm...gutfeeling. Radiocarbon labs happily bill for their fiddling and fine-tuning with C14 hardware to get the dates 'to order' of historians.

The first circular calibration curve was made by mid-fifties by Radiolab of Arizona Univesity with samples from 'Ancient' Egypt provided by the expedition of the same University. Circulus Vicious is perfect. Connect the dots!

PS : Prescient Saint Augustine warned: 'be wary of mathematicians, particularly when they speak the truth!'. That's why Jesuits took over control of Chronology in XVI cy when it was a part of mathematics. Now the mathematicians take it back. The New Chronology theory based on exact sciences says that all events that took place allegedly over 1300 years ago, as well as real persons who took part in them, are simply unknown to us.

Dr. Anatoly Fomenko is a Full Member (Academician) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Full Member of the International Higher Education Academy of Sciences, Doctor
release date: Sep 18, 2018
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Introducing... (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Logic is the backbone of Western civilization, holding together its systems of philosophy, science and law. Yet despite logic's widely acknowledged importance, it remains an unbroken seal for many, due to its heavy use of jargon and mathematical symbolism.This book follows the historical development of logic, explains the symbols and methods involved and explores the philosophical issues surrounding the topic in an easy-to-follow and friendly manner. It will take you through the influence of logic on scientific method and the various sciences from physics to psychology, and will show you why computers and digital technology are just another case of logic in action.
release date: Sep 18, 2018
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Sinister Forces (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:
The roots of coincidence and conspiracy in American politics, crime, and culture are examined in this first volume of a three-part set, exposing new connections between religion, political conspiracy, and occultism. Based on the premise that there is a satanic undercurrent to American affairs, this study examines the sinister forces at work throughout history, from ancient American civilizations and the mysterious mound-builder culture to the Salem witch trials, the birth of Mormonism during a ritual of ceremonial magic by Joseph Smith Jr., and Operations Paperclip and Bluebird. Not a work of speculative history, this exposé is founded on primary source material and historical documents. Fascinating details are revealed, including the bizarre world of "wandering bishops" who appear throughout the Kennedy assassinations; a CIA mind-control program run amok in the United States and Canada; a famous American spiritual leader who had ties to Lee Harvey Oswald in the weeks and months leading up to the assassination of President Kennedy; and the "Manson secret."
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