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Linda Jones is the author of Dream Benders (2021).

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Dream Benders

release date: Jun 05, 2021
Dream Benders
Linda shares historical highlights and reflections from her Farragut School neighborhood, former students and supporters growing and learning in the 1950's and 1960's in a predominantly African-American community in St. Louis, Missouri. Their collective experiences form a foundation for personal achievement and goal attainment. She has given them the name Dream Benders, as they stretched far and wide with love and support from the village to "make it" no matter what! Lessons, techniques, and methods were revisited and given the stamp of approval from favorite teachers and Farragut School staff. Current and future generations will be inspired to become Dream Benders and excel in their chosen field and profession. This book is a tribute to first and second generation trailblazers, family members and those seeking greatness and pride in oneself and their abilities.

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