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Michael Ledwidge is the author of Beach Murder (2022).

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Beach Murder

release date: Feb 15, 2022
Beach Murder
''Incredible wealth, beach houses, murder - how can you beat all that? Read this book!'' JAMES PATTERSON When Terry Rourke arrives at his brother''s luxurious wedding on the east coast of the USA - summer home to billionaires and Hollywood stars - his biggest worry is the best man speech. But this isn''t the first time Terry has been to the Hamptons. As the designer tuxedos are pressed and the flowers arranged along the glittering surf, Terry can'' t help but revisit an unsolved murder that scandalised the town - and tore his own family apart. He soon learns that digging up secrets can be a very dangerous activity... and quickly turn even the most beautiful beach wedding into a wake. Readers can''t get enough of Michael Ledwidge: ''Michael Ledwidge is a pro at writing pacey, in-the-moment prose . . . I was HOOKED.'' ***** Goodreads review ''You will be on the edge of your seat flipping pages as fast you can.'' ***** Goodreads review ''A non-stop adventure guaranteed to entertain.'' ***** Goodreads review ''A perfect story from start to finish.'' ***** Goodreads review ''This is one heck of a fast-paced book.'' ***** Goodreads review ''WOW, like being on a rollercoaster! If you like nonstop action, nail-biting, edge of your seat novels, this is it! Never wanted this to end.'' ***** Goodreads review

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