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Paul Lee is the author of How to NFT (2022).

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How to NFT

release date: Jan 03, 2022
How to NFT
“This is the single best resource on NFTs I have ever seen in my life.” – Cooper Turley, Advisor at Audius “If you are new to the NFT space or want to take a deep dive into the NFT revolution we are currently experiencing, be sure to get your hands on the How to NFT book brought to you by the CoinGecko team. It’s a great resource to have at your fingertips for those who need a well-researched introduction into all things NFTs.” – Jeff Zirlin, Growth Lead and Co-Founder of Sky Mavis “This book is a great cheat sheet for investing in NFTs. It condenses 6 years’ worth of experience into one easy read.” – Benjamin Rameau, Co-founder of Jenny DAO The prolific rise of the Internet has given us many things but the one thing it lacked, was digital property rights. NFTs, however, change this. NFT is an abbreviation for Non-Fungible Token, a type of token that is built on top of the blockchain. Unlike other conventional cryptocurrencies (e.g., Bitcoin), which are fungible, NFTs are meant to record the ownership of a digital asset on the blockchain. This opens up the door to all kinds of revolutionary opportunities which was not possible before. NFTs are expected to grow exponentially in the coming years and form the foundation of the digital economy. You will learn about the different industries that NFTs have permeated, such as art, collectibles, metaverses, games, and more. NFTs have existed since 2014 but only became mainstream in 2021. Over that span of time, a lot of developments have taken place. Use this book to keep up with the scene and learn how NFTs are disrupting countless industries and even creating new ones. In this book, you will learn: - What are NFTs - The different industries which leverage NFTs - Step-by-step guides in creating and acquiring NFTs - Real-life use cases of NFTs and how you too can earn from opportunities within the space

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