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Russell Blake is the author of Retirement Secrets of Mexico (2020).

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Retirement Secrets of Mexico

release date: Oct 30, 2020
Retirement Secrets of Mexico
Mexico. Land of enchantment and easy living? Or dangerous nightmare best avoided at all costs?Misinformation abounds about Mexico, and this practical guide debunks the myths to give you an accurate look at the country, with recommendations on locations that are unknown to most foreigners - locales that offer amazing lifestyles in safety, comfort, and with amazing value. It also lays out everything you need to know about every aspect of life in the various areas, and explains what to avoid, and what to search out, for the experience you want.Retirement Secrets of Mexico is written in an easy-to-read manner by an international bestselling author and Mexican resident of 16 years. It reveals seven of the best kept secret locations for expat living on virtually any budget, and comprehensively describes everything you''ve ever wondered about relocating but were afraid to ask. With sections covering health care, safety, culture, taxes, banking, infrastructure, driving, immigration, moving, language, renting or buying, building, starting and operating a business, working remotely, whether you can drink the water and why you''d want the time you''re done reading, you''ll be armed with everything you need to know in order to make an informed choice on whether living in Mexico part or full-time is a good option for you, and what it would be like to do so.This comprehensive guide to some of Mexico''s best hidden treasures is a must read for anyone curious about relocating south of the border, penned by a NY Times and USA Today bestseller who''s been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Russell Blake''s no-nonsense approach and straightforward style lays out all the insider info you need in an easily digestible format that''s essential for those looking for a better life in the land of mariachis.Whether mildly curious about exploring a dream, or dead serious and looking for hard info with which to take action, Retirement Secrets of Mexico is a must-read by a Mexico expert who''s done the research so you don''t have to.Don''t wait. Get your copy today!

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