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Salvador Larroca is the author of Everything Went White (2007).

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Everything Went White

release date: Jan 01, 2007
Everything Went White
Meet Zesty Tastee, flamboyant gay playboy and heir to the Tastee Corporationfortune. That''s what the world knows of him, but Zesty is also Magpie, thecorporate saboteur who fights against his father''s corrupt business practices.Zesty''s evil tycoon dad is out to destroy an entire rainforest, and he''s joinedup with a mysterious sect of ninjas to help keep ''Magpie'' from interfering.Prince Ander is the sect agent on the case and Zesty has love at first sight forthis dreamy ninja master. Zesty can''t understand why anyone as noble as Princewould ever work with his father. His mission is to find out the secret of therain forest, and win Prince''s heart in the process!

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