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History of Indian Nation : Modern India

release date: Feb 20, 2022
History of Indian Nation : Modern India
About the book History of Indian Nation India, the cradle for one of the most ancient civilizations in the world, has a long and rich history, spanning thousands of years. In fact, the history of India begins with evidence of human activity millions of years ago. The Indus Valley Civilization was the first major civilization. Vedic Civilization witnessed the rise of major polities. Almost the whole country was controlled by Mauryan Empire and it was again united under Gupta Empire. Muslim rule in the subcontinent began when the Arabs conquered Sindh and Multan. Then, several invasions from Central Asia led to the formation of Muslim empires, such as the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal Empire. Mughals conquered most of northern India and finally controlled the entire sub-continent and Afghanistan. Mughal Empire declined in the 18th century. Then, East India Company gained ascendancy over South Asia. Dissatisfaction with Company rule led to an unsuccessful revolt in 1857, after which India was directly administered by the British Crown. In the 20th century, a nationwide struggle for independence was launched by Indian National Congress. The subcontinent gained independence from Great Britain in 1947, but the country was partitioned into two dominions of India and Pakistan. After Independence, a new era began. This comprehensive book, comprising four volumes covers the entire history of the Indian Nation in a very compact manner. This book is an asset for historians, teachers, students and general readers, at par.

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