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Cindy Gerard is the author of His Secret To Surrender (2021).

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His Secret To Surrender

release date: Mar 12, 2021
His Secret To Surrender
TROUBLE IN THE WINDThe big city reporter was trouble. Lucas Caldwell knew it the moment Kelsey Gates, with her pretend cowboy boots and sunny smile, set foot on his ranch asking questions. He wasn''t about to let the red-haired spit-fire dig into his business and discover the secret he''d held close all of his life. Neither was he going to let her get under his skin and into his heart.FALLING HARD AND FASTKelsey suspected that getting this rugged, loner rancher to trust her, let alone open up to her, was going to be a tricky proposition. He proved her right ten ways from Sunday. What she hadn''t counted on was falling for this hard-edged man - or that her ambition for landing a blockbuster story would take second place to her unexpected feelings for him.LOVE, LIES AND LITTLE SECRETS: Three brothers denied a father''s name but given the gift of love from three special women.The authors are happy to offer their fans the chance to revisit this remastered trilogy by making it available again.Don''t miss all three books in this exciting series.Book 1 - His Secret To Surrender by Cindy GerardBook 2 - When Love Gets In The Way by Susan ConnellBook 3 - Every Move She Makes by Leanne Banks

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